Family Chastity Story Ch. 01

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I have started to keep my 20 year-old son in a chastity cage. I am a staunch feminist and do not believe males should be freely able to orgasm. Ever. I live alone with my son and milk him once a month or so -purely for health reasons. The following is how one such event took place.

Me: I almost forgot. Today is your milking day, isn’t it?

Him: Yes mommy. It’s been over a month. I was worried you forgot about-

Me: Of course not. Now why don’t you go get ready? (It had slipped my mind. Oops!)

My son always gets excited for these rare events. But who wouldn’t? He is well trained and knows what to do. He normally wears a thong or bikini bottom over his cage while he is at home -I like to keep his caged cock out of sight and out of mind. But, I watch as he quickly removes his silver lamé thong and goes upstairs. I wait awhile before following him. As I make my way into my bedroom, a wonderful sight awaits me. My gimp son has strapped himself to the milking bench with each of his arms and legs tied down to the legs of the bench. He rests on his stomach with his chastity cage dangling over the edge with his ass exposed at about waist level. He also is wearing a black, latex mask with built-in blindfolds. I approach the bench and fasten his reminding free hand to the built-in restraints at the base of one of the bench legs. Confident that he is fully tied down, I stand back up and stare down at his bobbing, masked head.

Me: Are you ready to be milked dear?

Him: Yes mommy!

Me: And how long has it been this time?

Him: 2 months…I think…

Me: You think? I bet you know down to the minute.

Him: It’s been 2 months and 6 days.

Truth is…I have been growing weary of these releases. He might suspect something too, since they have been becoming less and less frequent. I think he can go much longer. And I think he’s being spoiled -he gets way too much pleasure from these milkings.

Normally, once he is tied down, I strap a vibrator to his cage -near the base of his chastity device- beylikdüzü escort and he quickly ejaculates, or rather leaks, through the cage. He gets some pleasure but the metal cage never comes off. It only comes off for supervised cleanings and shavings.

Today, these milkings change.

Me: I have a surprise for you today.

Him: What is it mommy?

Me: I think you are being spoiled with these milkings. I have something to add to the mix. I think you will like it.

Him: Anything for you mommy! (He seems ready to please but I sense some fear in his voice.)

Me: Great! Wait one sec, you are about to feel something.

With that, I begin to strap an icepack to his cage, pressing it firmly against his balls. I use Velcro straps to secure it in place.

Him: Mommy that’s cold!

Me: I know. It should stay nice and cold for a while.

Him: Everything down there is going numb. I can’t feel anything.

Me: That is the idea my sweet son…no more feeling, no more pleasure. These milkings are for health reasons only. I can’t have you enjoying them.

Him: But mommy…please…

Me: Quiet!

He knows better than to fight this. I watch him squirm a bit against his restraints as the icepack numbs his balls and caged cock. After a few minutes pass, I grab my personal wand vibrator and start the normal milking procedure.

Me: Ready to be milked or should we wait another 2 months?

Him: Milk me please mommy! Milk me! (I love the desperation in his voice.)

Suppressing a laugh, I place a condom over his tiny cage and then begin rubbing the vibrator up and down his caged cock. I can see his cock swell against the cage in a natural reaction to this new stimulant. I notice precum is already leaking out and filing the tip of condom.

Me: How does it feel my little gimp?

Him: I can barely feel anything mommy.

Me: Good. This is how milkings will take place from now on. Remember to ask permission before you cum!

Him: Yes mommy!

He bolu escort never forgets. He is a good boy. I can’t help but laugh at his pathetic situation. Tied up, getting milked by his dominatrix mother -now with very little sensation to enjoy. Before long, I notice his cock start to swell, and his balls begin to clench up closer to his body -even with ice pack firmly attached. I know what is about to happen.

Him: Mommy I think I’m gonna cum. May I please cum? May I?

Me: Yes you may sweetie.

Him: Thank you mommy.

I continue massaging him with my vibrator, and glance down at his chastity cage hanging over the edge of the milking bench. It should happen soon…

Him: I’m…I’m…I’m cumming!

And with only a slight grunt, my son starts to ejaculate through his cage into the condom. His load is large, having waited over 2 months for release. I can tell he did not get much enjoyment out of it. I smack his ass a few times to get out the last drops. That seems to do the trick. I carefully peel off the condom, leaving the icepack in place. I move to the front of the bench and raise my son’s masked head.

Me: Now, you know what to do. Dispose of your filth. (I empty the condom into his open, gaping mouth.)

Him: Thank you for milking me. (He says this with a mouthful of his own cum.)

Me: You’re welcome dear. I have a few more surprises for you son. And to be truthful, honey, you may not like them at first. But with time, I think you will learn to love them.

But before he has a chance to reply, I stuff my soaking wet thong into his mouth. I’m tired of his voice.

Me: First, my sweet son, these monthly milkings are at an end. I spoil you. I think once or twice a year is more than enough. (I can hear my son begin to protest through his gag.) Starting today, no more monthly milkings! Aren’t you excited!? (More grunting and moaning.) I think your next release should be on your birthday. It will be a nice birthday present, and only seven months from now! (Louder grunts from bursa escort my son.)

At this point I have had enough, so I spank his ass. Hard. He goes quiet.

Me: That’s better. But wait, I have another surprise. (I quickly remove his blindfold.)

I have been saving this surprise for a while. Last month, I bought the tiniest chastity cage I could find. It is a metal cage device -less than an inch long. My son wearing this would be a dream come true. I pull the tiny metal cage out my dresser and reveal it before his face.

Me: A new chastity cage! Made just for big boys like you!

Him: Mmmphh…mmmmpph!

Me: Oh I’m sorry…you have something to say? (I pull my thong out of his mouth.)

Him: But mommy, it’s so small! I don’t think I’ll will fit!

Me: Don’t you worry sweetie. It’ll fit. And once it’s on, it will only come off for the occasional cleaning. Never during milkings. Never again.

Him: What!? But mommy-

Me: No buts. You should be grateful. I could have your cock pierced or put you in a cage with spikes. How would you like that? In fact, I want you to beg me to put this on you. Yes…beg me!

Him: Mommy…(hesitation in his voice)…please can you put this new cage on me…

Me: A little louder… Do you want to wear this?

Him: I want to wear this chastity cage! I want to wear it!

Me: That’s a good boy! And why do you want to wear it?

Him: My cock is tiny! I need a tiny cage!

I pat him on his ass and move back to his cock. I remove the icepack. It has done wonders, everything has shrunken. I take the key from around my neck and remove his old cage. His numb, shrunken cock and balls fall right out with ease. Side by side, the new cage is absolutely miniscule compared to his old chastity cage. I take the new cage and stuff his cock in it, then I put the new ring around his balls. It takes some effort to connect the two pieces -this is going to be tight! There is a nice metallic click when the chastity cage comes together. I pull the key out of the built-in lock and place it around my neck.

Me: Now what do you say?

Him: Thank you mommy. Thank you for keeping me in chastity.

Me: That’s a good boy.

I bend down and give him a kiss on his shiny new chastity cage.

End of Chapter 1

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