Yet Another Frat Initiation Story Ch. 08

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Part 8: Afternoon Awards

The Fraternity Service activities kept us busy the entire morning; there was no breakfast unless you count the multiple loads of cum that every pledge had been served. At lunch, no one talked about what they had done or how many tokens they had gotten. The award ceremony was to be right after we ate. We went down to the TV room where Mark had things set up for a real show which, of course, he was to emcee. The entire fraternity was there and Mark called us up individually in order of the number of tokens we received, those who had received the fewest first. Poor Tom had only gotten three. Mark made Tom answer a lot of questions about who he had serviced, how he had serviced them and why he earned only three tokens. Tom was clearly very uncomfortable talking about it. He had serviced five guys, but two of them had refused to give him any token at all because he had thrown up again when they came in his mouth. The other three had each given him only one because, they said, his sucking sucked.

Mark made Tom describe in detail how he felt when he had a frat member’s member in his mouth. He had to say whose cock he liked best, which he wanted to suck again, and so forth. Then, with inappropriate glee Mark said, “Let’s go to the videotaped highlights.” Tom blanched and I guess all of us squirmed. I know, I felt sick. Someone turned on the TV and VCR and suddenly there on the screen was Tom in a frat member’s room sucking him off. Mark made Tom give what he called the “blow by blow” description of what was happening. The tape was edited to be only a few minutes’ collage of Tom sucking various cocks. Tom had to say how much he loved to feel each hard cock in his mouth and how he looked forward to them cumming in his mouth. When the tape showed him retching and upchucking, he had to tell us all how much he wanted to overcome his problem so that he could service all of these guys better.

Mark said that Tom clearly needed more practice and had him stand at the side of the makeshift stage sucking on a penis-shaped dildo while the ceremonies went on. From time to time, Mark would check to see that he was doing as instructed.

The rest of the awards went similarly. The other four guys got five, seven, eight and ten tokens. The first two of these were told that they needed to improve and given dildo’s to suck on stage like Tom. The last two were announced as “Second Runner Up” and “First Runner Up” respectively. When the first runner up, Rob, was announced, I felt a moment of pleasure that I had won the contest. I was a little uneasy, though not knowing what the prize was. And I görükle escort was more than a little uneasy not knowing what would be on my “highlights” tape.

Rob had done some role-playing and some creative things like pretending to be a dog who wanted to lick and nuzzle his owner’s cock. This resulted in acts that no dog could ever do, but the “owner” didn’t seem to mind Rob falling out of character. With another “client”, Rob wasn’t allowed to touch the guy’s cock at all. He was to just kneel on the floor naked, masturbating and begging the guy to cum on his face. Rob wasn’t to shoot his load until the guy covered his face with cum. Then he was to cum as quickly as he could after that, shooting it into his hand. Rob got a big tip because, as we could all see on the videotape, almost as soon as the guy shoot cum all over his face—and I do mean all over his face—Rob started to cum in his hand. He had clearly been holding off as long as he could. Then, without being told, Rob brought his hand to his mouth and swallowed his own cum before wiping the cum from his face and sucking it off his hand. There was a spontaneous round of applause for this. Like the others, he had to describe everything, often in terms Mark offered. Mark prodded Rob to say how much he wanted to suck the cock of the guy who had spewed on his face and how he hoped he would get a chance to do that before long. Rob’s performance was pretty stiff competition and I was fortunate to have come out on top.

Rob was told to stand with the others while the “Grand Champion” was announced (as if there was any suspense). My eleven tokens received some appreciative comments from the audience and Mark made a big deal of what a great cocksucker I must be to earn so many tokens. I had to talk about my favorite parts, what I wish I had been able to do, and so on. I left out any mention of my session with Mark. And, before going to the “taped highlights”, Mark commented on that but didn’t say anything more about our encounter. I was beginning to be hopeful that it would be omitted from the tape.

As the tape began, I reflected on this morning’s activities, from making love to Terry’s cock and balls, to playing Megan for a frustrated Brad, to the routine blow jobs that the other two guys wanted and finally, to the incident with Mark. I was brought back from my private ruminations by a spontaneous cheer from the audience. When I looked at the screen, I saw it was for me, dressed as Megan, coming out of the closet. (And I noted that this was an interesting way to think of it.) People were a little surprised by how much Brad got into it and, I think, quite shocked bursa sınırsız escort when he kissed me. Brad was clearly embarrassed and the teasing began right away. I doubted it would end for long time.

Unfortunately, the tape appeared to be largely unedited. Some of the preliminaries with Mark were cut out, but I was soon on the floor, blindfolded, stroking my cock with two of my fingers sliding in and out of my asshole. On the tape, I saw how quickly I sprayed my cum on the floor and how I hesitated when Mark commanded me to lick it up. Now, watching this happen in front of the whole fraternity, my heart was pounding again, my lips were dry and my ears burned. Suddenly, as my tongue was lapping up a string of cum from the floor, Mark was behind me, holding my hips and thrusting into my asshole. My ass still hurt from his intrusion and I could feel my sphincter tighten at the memory of his assault. As I could tell from the tape, though, it wasn’t long before I was accepting him, and then cooperating with his thrusting. As he came in me on the tape, I remembered how good that had felt and how close to an orgasm it had brought me. I was sure that if I hadn’t just shot my wad on the floor, I would have with his final thrust into me. I realized that my cock was hard now, watching the tape, and I was pretty sure that it was obvious through these karate suits.

“So, Allen. When you told us about how you got your eleven tokens, you didn’t mention anything about this. Why not?”

I realized that this was just a prelude to getting me to talk about how much I liked his cock in my ass. I decided to do something a little ballsy. “Well, I didn’t think that I had done very well because you only gave me one token.”

Ah, just the reaction I hoped for. The other frat guys booed and jeered Mark. Now Mark was clearly embarrassed. He tried to recover saying something like he thought that I liked his cock in my asshole enough that I didn’t need any other reward, and he began his typical prodding to say how much I loved it. But the audience told him to shut up and for me to be let off the hook.

Mark relented and said that it was time for the winner and the losers to get their just deserts. I was to just stand where I was and Tom was told to come forward leaving the dildo behind. Mark whispered some instructions to Tom and then Tom got on his knees before me.

“I’m not worthy to suck your cock, but I need practice and I beg you to let me fondle your cock and balls, lick your scrotum and kiss your balls, and suck your beautiful cock in my mouth.” Tom repeated his line verbatim, nilüfer escort I suspected.

I simply nodded and Tom reached up to untie my pants. They dropped to the ground to show my cock, which had softened since watching the videotape of me with Mark, beginning to harden in anticipation of Tom’s attentions. Now Tom had sucked me off all on his own twice. Sleeping together for the last two (was it only two?) nights, we had gotten pretty friendly. This seemed to be a very different thing. First, there was the tension of being watched by everyone. But, more than that, there was something about standing up and watching him on his knees sliding on and off my hard cock that really excited me.

It didn’t take long before I was nearing an orgasm. But Mark stopped things, reminding Tom that he really wasn’t worthy of having my cum in his mouth. I actually thought it would be just fine. But Tom was escorted away and Jeff, who had gotten the next fewest tokens, was call forth to continue with my cock., which was, by now, limping along in need of some attention. Jeff had to do some sort of “I’m not worthy” routine, too, but soon he was showing the frat guys how well he could suck cock. (which was pretty well, actually). Again, when I got near an orgasm, Mark stopped things and we moved on to the next pledge.

So it went until we got to Rob, who had a different spiel he had to give. He described himself as a worthy opponent who was, nevertheless, soundly defeated by a superior competitor and asked if he could show his respect and honor me by allowing him the honor of sucking me off. I liked the “off” part at this point. He fell to his knees and began honoring me with real zeal. Knowing that I was finally going to get to finish, I actually held off a little on my own. But, at last the urge to cum overcame me and I grabbed the back of his head, forcing my cock down his throat, and spurted five or six times in his throat. When I had softened, he slid his lips from my spent cock and pressed his lips against my balls for a second before pulling up my pants and tying them.

I was then allowed to sit down, which was a very good thing since my knees were very weak at that point. Rob was told to stand up and poor Tom, once again, came forth with the “I’m not worthy” speech which he had to repeat five times that afternoon. Rob got sucked first by Tom, then the others, ending up spewing his load in the second runner-up’s mouth. After we had run through all the contestants, Tom was told that he was to masturbate in front of everyone repeatedly saying that he didn’t even deserve to be allowed to do that. Then, when it looked like Tom was ready to cum, Mark cut him off, telling Tom that he was right and he would just have to be frustrated until he managed to perform better. Tom’s frustration was palpable. I felt really sorry for him and I promised myself that I would take care of him tonight.

(To be continued …)

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