The Leash

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It was Friday night in Tempe. One of those glorious nights that Arizona is capable of. The temperature was just right the sky was clear, and Mill Avenue was in full swing. Every college town has what is referred to as University Row. It’s a street dedicated to separating college kids from their parents money. It contains an above average amount of bars and restaurants. One of my favorite locations was at Hooter’s. It’s a bar on the second story of a building. It’s right on the corner of Fifth and Mill. From it’s verandah, which is lined with tables, one has a commanding view of the street. My favorite table was at the back corner. Right next to the state theater. Every Friday night the state theater runs The Rocky Horror picture show. I’m kinked myself and I enjoy watching the freak show.

Tonight I was out with my buddy Dave. We were two pitchers into the evening when an apparition of loveliness appeared. Across the street we spied two females both in their late teens early twenties. Both wearing two piece leather bikinis and knee high black boots. One Brunette, one blonde. The brunette was one of those healthy girls you’d want to take home to mom. Little over weight but nicely rounded. She had a good hourglass figure, great hips and a great rack. 44 D. Her hair was swept back in a ponytail that hung to her shoulders, and the effect was just stunning. The blonde was gorgeous as well. Slim athletic figure with no extra fat. Intensity that burned from her like a light. Her hair was also swept back into a ponytail. Hers however hung to her waist. Nicely accentuating her A cup chest.

As the light changed they started crossing the street coming towards the bar. The blonde was leading the brunette, and as they passed under the street light I got a clear look at them. I hit my feet as I realized the blonde was actually leading the brunette by three feet of leash attached to a collar. WOW!

About the time I realized that, every other guy on the Verandah realized it as well. There was a mass exodus to the railing as over a hundred guys crowded up against it to get a better look. The catcalls and whistles started. They were truly an apparition to behold and we paid them due homage. As they reached our side of the street they turned down Mill and walked right under the Verandah. By leaning out over the railing you could still see them as they walked. The guy’s went wild as they passed underneath. I wasn’t quite sure why the catcalls had gone up in volume until they passed me and Dave. We were sitting in the back corner so it took them awhile to get to us. Dave and I were treated to a fantastic view of their backs as they passed. The most striking thing was that they must have had those bikini bottoms on backwards. The leather was nestled firmly between their cheeks showing all of their lovely bottoms. As they hit the light again I could see the brunette’s bottom had several stripes on it. About the same size as the leash. So she was kind of unwilling to do this. The rocky horror people had heard the ruckus and seen the pair coming. Almost as if by plan they cleared a space so that the pair could pass. One of the rocky people was also wearing a collar, and as the pair got to him he dropped to his knees in front of the blonde.

“I’ve been a bad boy, a very bad bad boy.” He pronounced this loud enough that I could easily hear him forty or fifty feet away.

The blonde was an ice queen. She didn’t even acknowledge his presence. The brunette however stopped before him and looked down. When the blonde felt resistance on her leash she stopped and looked back. When she saw the by-play between her girl and the boy her features clouded up. She jerked the leash so hard the brunette was almost taken off her feet. The blonde walked on dragging her girl. As they left our view we turned back to our drinks.

BUSTED! As we turned around their stood our waitress. Her feet spread her hands on her hips. Just like your mom when she’s mad. She was a pretty thing, as all Hooters girls are. Blonde short hair about five feet 6 inches tall. Athletic body and tanned very nicely. The Halter top and orange shorts showed off her body to good effect.

“I hope you two enjoyed the show.” She said this in a voice that would have peeled paint it was so caustic.

I glanced at Dave and he met my eye. We’d been working her pretty hard and she’d given me her number about twenty minutes ago.

“Thank you, we enjoyed it very much.” I replied

She held out her hand. “I’ll take my number back, THANK YOU.”

Well I wasn’t going to argue with her, so I pulled out the number along with a twenty.

“Will this cover our tab?” I asked as I handed it to her.

She looked at the twenty. “Yes it will.”

“Goodnight my fair lady. Dave have fun.” And I was off through the crowd.

I didn’t think that the Mistress, slave couple was all that good a relationship. I was going to see if I could catch them and maybe catch one of them as well. I disdained the elevator as being to slow and flew down the stairs and out into the night. I exited Hooters on 5th Ave. bursa escort and headed for Mill. I rounded the corner at a high rate of speed nearly knocking several guy’s over. I tried to keep my pace to a fast walk as proceeded back under the verandah and threaded my way through the Rocky Horror people. As I got to 4th street, the next corner. I checked both directions and sure enough there they were about a hundred yards down just standing there. I started in their direction giving myself time to cool down a little and get myself a little more in order by the time I got to them.

It didn’t take me the full hundred yards to realize that they weren’t just standing there, they were arguing. At first all I could make out was the tone of their voices. But as I got closer I could hear the argument.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t interested, I saw you look at him.” The blonde hissed.

“All I did was stop and look Becky, surely there is no harm in that.” The brunette argued.

The blonde, I now new was Becky, looked exasperated. “It’s not just that you were looking at some one else Jeri, it was a man. I don’t want you looking at any men.”

“But Becky, I like men I like their touch, their taste their feel…” Jeri was still talking as Becky’s palm lashed out catching her full on the cheek.

“Ok that’s it that’s more than I can take. If you want a man then I do not want you!”

Jeri looked down and still holding her face said. “I know.”

“This was our first night out together. Do you know how much I spent on these outfits? Why couldn’t you have told me earlier?”

“I thought it would all work out.” Jeri replied.

Which is about the time they noticed me. I was still thirty feet away or so.

Becky shot me a look that would curdled milk. “What do you want pal.”

It wasn’t really a question but I answered anyway.

“I’d like to buy that leash from you.” I gave her my best grin.

Her eyebrows went up at this. “How much?”

I had to grin she was interested in spite of herself.

“I was thinking a C-note would do.”

“A hundred bucks for a leash?” She couldn’t believe it. And it showed in her stance and her voice.

“Well.” I amended “The leash and what it’s attached to.”

I notice a wave of fear run across Jeri’s face. Followed by a real look of interest at me.

Becky on the other hand had cast a very appraising eye at Jeri.

“You owe me for the outfits.” Becky told Jeri

This whipped Jeri’s head around. “I owe you?”

“Yeah if you’d told me earlier that you weren’t into this I wouldn’t have bought them.” Becky seemed quite calm.

“So if I agree to be bought I’m even?” Jeri asked thoughtfully.

“No you still owe me for your outfit. A hundred bucks only covers mine.” Becky said determinedly.

Jeri looked crestfallen at this..

“May I make a suggestion?” I interjected.

They both looked at me and Becky nodded.

“I’ll pay the hundred for the leash and you keep her outfit.”

“What good would the her outfit do me?” Becky countered.

“You get to keep it as a souvenir of your revenge.”

“How so” Becky demanded.

“You mean how do you get your revenge?” I asked amiably.

Becky nodded furiously.

“Simple, you’ll take the outfit with you…NOW.” I turned on my best winning smile.

The reactions were great to watch. The dawning look of satisfaction on Becky’s face, and the horror on Jeri’s.

“Where are you parked?” Becky asked me quizzically.

“I’m parked by the railroad tracks. What is that five blocks maybe 6 from here.” I furrowed my brow trying to think about the distance.

“No.” whispered Jeri “Please no.”

I think that was what tipped Becky over the edge.

“And she walks the whole way to your car naked. You won’t come and get her.” Beck asked.

“If you require her to walk to my car naked as part of the deal it will be done. However…” I stopped Becky’s grin with that. “That means that she owes you nothing, you break clean here. No loans, no bills, nothing. Anything else she owes you, you eat..”

Becky didn’t hesitate. “Done.”

I reached into my wallet and pulled out the hundred dollars. Giving it to Becky I accepted the leash in return. Jeri just stood there like she was numb.

Becky looked over at her ex-girl. “I want my clothing Jeri.”

“Hmm?” Jeri looked up like she was preoccupied.

“She said strip girl.” I interjected before Becky could get mad.

I was close enough to hear Jeri whisper to herself. “It’s worth it.”

And Jeri pulled off her leather Bikini and her boots. She looked good naked as well. Her mistress took care of her property. White alabaster skin, nipples about the size of a dime. And already hardened and sticking out. And best of all her Mistress kept her shaved.

Becky accepted the clothing and grinned. “I’m going to enjoy this, it seems you got what you wanted . I hope you enjoy yourself.”

Jeri didn’t say a word but looked at me. I was surprised I hadn’t thought she was that much bursa türbanlı escort of a sub.

“You may answer girl.” I stated

“I will Mistress, kindly go fuck yourself.” My new pet answered with complete honesty.

I was moving before conscious thought had crossed my mind. Using my left hand I turned away from me as my right hand descended with a loud crack across her bottom. She let out a little yip of surprise and pain.

“No swearing, not now not ever. You are mine now, not some gutter snipe. Understood.” I dictated.

She was rubbing her backside with both hands and her eye’s were looking at my feet..

“Yes Master I won’t unintentionally let it happen again.”

Interesting wording that.

“Have a great day.” I said to Becky as I turned and walked up the street. I cheated on her though. Instead of going back the exact way we’d come. I detoured around the Rocky horror people. I lead her around the back of the bars so all we would have to do is cross under the verandah on 5th St. and walk back across Mill and we’d be out of the most populated area’s. Becky started to follow us. I stopped and told her she could watch from a hundred feet back or so, but I didn’t want her walking with me. She dropped back but continued to follow us.

I felt Jeri hesitate a couple of times but, but each time a slow tug on the leash would start her moving again. As we walked under the verandah, I kept he between me and the wall. So that anyone looking would have a tough time seeing her. Just before we hit the corner I stopped and looked at her.

“Jeri.” I said to get her attention

She looked at me “Yes Sir?”

“From here to my truck do not stop walking. No matter what happens keep walking. Don’t run, don’t stop just walk.” I said worriedly

She noticed the tension in my voice. “Yes sir. Why not run?”

“Just as with any animal If you show fear they are all over you.”

She nodded at this. I met her eye’s nodded once and turned to the street. Mill Ave. is the most heavily policed street in Arizona. They average 15 separate police officers and over fifty T.E.A.M. people. T.E.A.M. is a private security company that has radios to contact the police. The next eighty feet were going to be interesting.

I stepped out into the streetlight and I felt the leash go taught. I was a little exasperated here. So tugged a little harder than I should have. And Jeri stumbled out into the street behind me. I caught her so she wouldn’t fall and we started walking. Sure enough we weren’t even fifteen feet out into the street when the catcalls started from the bar. There are really two types of dogs. The kind that when taken for a walk dawdle behind you, and the kind that are always in the lead trying to pull you along.. Jeri had been the first kind holding back and needing to be tugged, but now with the cat calls she became the first kind and surged ahead of me. She reached the end of her leash and began trying to pull me faster. Conscious of our audience I maintained my pace and held her in check. We managed to cross the street without any real problems.

As we walked the next five blocks to the car we met 15 people or so. But I wasn’t really worried. The hard part was over. The people we did meet gave us a wide berth. In one case a lady even crossed the street in order to be as far from us as possible. Jeri remained the impatient dog. Pulling at the leash until we reached the parking lot.

She wasn’t sure which car was mine. I led her over to my Firebird.

I stopped and turned to look at her fully. She noticed the look and bowed her head. I was going to enjoy this.

“Jeri, I’m going to give you a choice. Do you want to be my slave? Or shall I merely take you home. Or if you live with Becky, I’ll keep you as a house guest until you can get on your feet..” I was trying really hard not to take advantage of the situation.

“Master.” She started.

I reached out my hand and tilted her head up. I wanted her to look at me as we had this conversation.

“Master I knew a year ago that I needed to be owned. My Dad treated me more like a slave than a girl. I love the lifestyle. Please take me as yours..” She was very earnest as she said this.

I didn’t have to think it over for to long.

“Jeri, when we left Becky, I knew you were hesitant and I didn’t mind having to tug you along. But when we reached Hooters I told you not to hesitate as we walked across the street, and not to run. You did both.” I said this in almost a monotone.

Jeri immediately tried to kneel. But I held her upright by the leash.

“Please forgive me Master. I remember and you are right. Please punish me for my disobedience.”

“Turn around girl.” She did so quickly.

“Now spread your legs, bend over and grab your ankles.

Again she complied. The effect was incredible.

“Wider.” I said

She spread her legs as wide as she could. I unclipped the leash from the collar and doubled it up. I tapped her bottom with it to measure the distance. The kestel escort first time you punish a slave is always the most interesting. You have to make it just hard enough so that you know she gets the message, and soft enough to make her want you to do it again. I swatted her 10 times with the leash very hard. She kind of whimpered but didn’t break position.

When I was done I reached out and caressed her bottom. She rocked back into my hand. As she did this my hand brushed her pussy and I could already feel the wetness there.

I heard something off to my right and that spurred me. I unlocked the door and with a smack to her bottom told Jeri to get in. I looked around and I didn’t see anything and that worried me more. If they were planning to jump me they’d stay out of my sight. Very few guy’s will meet you like John Wayne, head on. I walked around the back of the car, and Jeri opened the door. I climbed in and started the engine. I saw two guy’s stand up they’d been waiting for me to come around the front of the car. I flipped them off as I pulled out.

I rent part of a quad just down the street. It’s on Westfall. Westfall is about 400 yards long and is the most policed street in Tempe. They’ve had as many as 43 calls in one day just for that street. It’s filled with hard cases. I didn’t know that when I signed the lease and I can’t afford to break the lease. I also don’t park anywhere I can’t get a shot at from my window.

I pulled up in front of my place. I told Jeri to stay. And getting out walked around the car.

As I opened the door I held out my hand for the leash. “Okay girl from now until I tell you different you are my dog. You will eat and drink from a bowl, crawl everywhere your going and only answer with barks. I will even take you for walks. Any questions.”

I really expected her to ask me something stupid but she realized I’d punish her for not acting like a dog. She climbed out of the car and knelt down on all fours. Her D cup breasts swayed very close to the ground. It was extremely enticing. She started up the sidewalk pulling me along. I stopped as we got up to the house and dragged her over to a grassy spot. She cocked her head and looked at me.

“I told you I’d take you walkies. Now we stay here until you piddle like a good dog. I don’t want you soiling my carpet. I waited 5 minutes and was actually starting to tap the leash in my hand when she sidled up to a bush and cut loose. The streetlight provided just enough illumination, I could tell she was embarrassed, most of her body turned red.

When she was done I walked her into my apartment. It’s hard to look around when you’re crawling on all fours, buy she tried. I kept moving and tugging the leash I got her into the bathroom. Tying her leash to the door handle I started running a bath. A very hot one of course. I turned around and saw her looking at me. I grinned and patting her head told her to stay.

I just happen to have a couple dog bowls. I’d purchased them the day before to give to a friend on his birth-day. I decided right then and there I’d have to get him a couple more. I filled one bowl with water and placed it on the floor. The other bowl I filled with recees pieces. That would be good for now. I headed back to the bathroom.

Walking into the bathroom I could see she’d stayed where I left her. I patted her head, and telling her she was a good girl I scratched behind her ear. She actually purred at this. I finished scratching her and unclipped the leash. Putting a finger underneath her collar I pulled her over to the tub.

“In my little pet.” I commanded

She stuck a few fingers in the water and whined at me.

“In.” I commanded. Punctuating this with a sharp slap to her bottom.

She whined again but dutifully crawled into the tub. She tried to sit back in the tub, but that wasn’t how a dog would sit.

“No girl.” I said grabbing her ear and hauling her forward. “Stay on all fours.”

“Hold your breath.” I warned her just before I dunked her head completely under the water and rubbed her head.

I let her come up for air and running some shampoo into my hand I started to wash her hair. I cleaned it very thoroughly and dunked her again to wash it off. Then picking up the Ivory soap I began to wash the rest of her. I washed her arms and her upper body. As I prepared to wash her clit she firmly pressed her legs together. When my hands were soapy enough I reached down and washed her bottom and her Anus. She gasped and opened her legs enough to let me finish washing her. After I was done I made it a point to go back and wash behind her ears.

When we were done I let her crawl out of the tub as I drained it. I then grabbed a towel and dried her. Drying your slave can be a very pleasant experience and this was. When I was done a playful slap to the rump got her crawling out of the room.

When I was done in the bathroom I came out to find her in the kitchen lapping up water like a dog and then eating the recies pieces straight from the bowl. I got a few mini candy bars out of the closet and headed for the living room. When she was done eating and drinking she crawled out to the living room. I showed her the candy bars and was rewarded with her immediate interest. I’m guessing her old owner was probably trying to slim her down and kept her on a strict diet.

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