Walk of Shame

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She should have been mad. She should have thrown me out there and then. Instead my wife was disturbingly calm and reasoned. She was going to be worse than angry, she was going to get even. She was going to make sure I got what was coming to me for sleeping with that cute piece of ebony ass and that I would truly regret it.

Although we were white, we lived right on the edge of a tough black neighborhood. I’d always been fascinated by those cute, curvy black babes with big butts and big tits, so when one came onto me I did nothing to resist. Everything was great, the best sex of my life, until my wife had caught us in bed together and that was how we got here.

My wife wasn’t going to leave me for what I’d done, she was going old school, she was going to punish me, to put me on the receiving end. And here was her scheme: she was going to drive me to the tough heart of the neighboring black ghetto and leave me there, all I had to do was walk home and when I got there she’d take me back. Easy, right? Oh, just one more thing, I’d have to do it dressed like a streetwalking slut!

It wasn’t just a case of her forcing me into some ill fitting cast off clothes of hers, either. She had really prepared for this, going out specially to buy me the perfect whorish outfit to parade before the hungry horny guys of the black ghetto.

So, now I found myself stood in a rough, dirty, graffiti filled street, wearing a scarlet lace thong and matching bra that showed through my midriff bearing white vest top. My shaved legs were in a pair of black stockings with lacy tops that were visible beneath a very short black PVC miniskirt. On my feet a pair of translucent stripper heeled platforms made it difficult to walk anywhere with any speed, while the slut look was completed by lots of mascara, rouge and red painted lips with a blonde bob cut wig over my normal hair. Catching a glimpse of myself in a TV screen in a pawnshop window, I had to admit I looked like the kind of dirty slut that I myself would get aroused by.

For a while, as I tottered along the street in my ridiculous heels, I didn’t draw any more attention than a few wolf whistles and cat calls. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all, a little humiliating maybe but I could cope with that. This was just giving me a false sense of security, though, as I found when I turned down one particularly dark, narrow alley.

In a moment my view was blocked by a shape, a shadow that turned out to be a big, broad shouldered man almost a head taller than me and much tougher. He was bald with dark chocolate skin, dressed in a t shirt and low slung jeans and eyeing me up with a hungry look that made me feel uncomfortable and exposed in my tiny vest top and short shiny skirt.

“Well, what do we have here?” he smirked, “Looks like I’ve caught myself a pretty little bitch. You know what bitch’s like you do for big tough niggers like me, don’t you, slut?”

I wanted to run but the big black hunk was blocking my exit and, anyway, I could never have gotten far in my ridiculous stripper heels, so I just nodded meekly and didn’t offer too much resistance when the strange man put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees right there in the alley.

Despite my nervous fears, my eyes and mouth were both wide with a kind of impressed shock when this alley stranger pulled out his massive black dong. It wasn’t even stiff and already it was bigger than mine would be fully erect. I was impressed and appalled by its huge dark size as the big man standing over me grabbed it in his strong black fist and started jerking it, getting it bigger, harder and waving it right in my face. I knew what he wanted me to do, but I was shy about actually committing to it.

“Come on, suck it bitch,” he growled, “Dressed like that and walking through here, I know that’s just what you want!”

He slapped me across the face with his fat chocolate love muscle and it smarted. I opened my pink painted lips in spite of myself and felt that dark meat shoved between them. There was only a couple of inches of his long, dark love rod in my wet mouth, but it felt filled like it never had before. The first dick a supposedly “straight” guy like me had ever sucked and it was a big black monster, while I knelt on the dirty floor of an alleyway dressed like a hooker.

I don’t know how much of it really was me sucking his big black meat and how much was him fucking my face, simply using my pink mouth as another open wet receptacle for his throbbing massive black arousal. Either way, I just knelt there on the dirty alley floor while his enormous black dick violated my mouth again and again until it twitched, quivered and I felt some slimy sticky goo hitting the back of my throat.

Without another word, he let his now floppy black monster slip from my mouth, making me drool some cum onto my vest even as I tried to swallow the rest of the sticky mess. With my red lipstick smeared and smudged already, he wiped the rest of the cum on his massive black member across my face otele gelen escort and then walked off, leaving me still kneeling on the alley floor.

I got to my feet unsteadily, both from the shock of taking a huge black cock between my scarlet lips and from being unused to standing in the high stripper heels that my wife had forced me into. Slowly trying to process what had just happened, I tottered off out of this alley and along on my way home.

On a quiet street corner I saw a couple more guys, probably no more than 19 or 20, built like huge black athletes. They were in conversation with each other, so I could only hope they hadn’t really noticed me as I walked along the street towards them. The corner was narrow enough that I would have to pass quite close to these two young thugs in order to pass by and, as I did so, I felt sure that they weren’t bothered by the slutty looking white “girl”. But then, as I walked by, I felt a hand slap against my ass in my tight, very short miniskirt and turned to see a large black hand groping me.

“Hey, bitch, what’s a slut like you doing in a neighborhood like this?” the guy with his hand on my ass said.

“Only one thing a bitch looking like this can want from guys like us,” his friend smirked, taking my hand and rubbing it over his crotch as his buddy continued to grope my ass.

“That’s right. Hungry for nigger cock are you, white bitch?” the first guy took my other hand and mirrored his friend, making it so I had two strong black hands holding my skinny little white ones to their crotches, feeling the huge girth of their manhoods even through their sweatpants.

The first guy pulled his dick out and his huge, thick ebony semi-hard boner was every bit as intimidatingly impressive as the man I’d just sucked off in the alley. He pushed his dick into my hand and I had no choice but to grasp that warm, stiffening black meat and begin to stroke it, or rather let him push his shaft through my hand, getting it stiffer and harder. As he basically fucked my hand, he used his own hand to slip under my skirt and feel up my ass in my red lace thong and tiny shiny miniskirt.

The other guy followed suit and pulled his big black beast from his sweatpants too. It was even bigger than his buddy’s, almost as thick as my wrist and already about twice the length of mine even when not yet fully hard. Without really meaning to, I had two big black dicks in my hands and was almost instinctively jacking them off. Meanwhile, as his friend groped my pale white ass beneath my tight PVC skirt, this black stud had one hand tearing my white vest top to reveal the red lace of my bra underneath, groping at my flat chested “breasts”.

His other hand was on my mouth, where the first black guy, the guy from the alley, had already shoved his manhood, smearing my red lipstick a little and making me swallow his semen. Now, this muscular young black stud began to run his fingers around my lips, before pushing one inside my mouth. Pretty soon he was basically finger fucking my mouth while I jacked him and his black buddy to stiffness.

“This slutty little white bitch has a real cocksucker’s mouth,” he said, “Let’s see how she uses it.”

“On your knees, you dirty white slut,” his buddy who had been groping my ass now grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to kneel on the dirty pavement, “Get ready for a mouthful of big ass nigger cock!”

On my knees with the two giant black dongs waving in my face and jutting out from the muscular bodies of the young thugs standing over me, they seemed even bigger, more intimidating. They made me (and the little white dick tucked beneath my skirt in its red lace thong) feel small and insignificant. I didn’t have the power to resist as the guy that had been fingering my red lips replaced his finger with his hard, erect cock.

Directed by the two young tough blacks, I grabbed both shafts at once, my little white hand scarcely big enough to wrap around either thick dark love muscle. As I stroked the two monster shafts, I opened my mouth as wide as it would go and let the big black stud above me shove the head of his ebony monster into my mouth.

A few seconds of him fucking my face left me sucking, slurping and gasping for air. I was only able to inhale for a moment, though, before I felt my head grabbed violently by his muscular stud buddy and my attention pulled to the other quivering veiny black shaft, which was then shoved unceremoniously into my mouth until I gagged on its massive size.

“Man this dirty white slut is hungry for black meat,” the one guy said, pulling my gasping mouth back onto his rock hard ebony fuck stick, “She just can’t get enough, she’s got to take two at once in her dirty slut mouth!”

None of this was true. I wasn’t hungry for black cock. I was desperate to get home and get out of this ridiculous slutty outfit my wife had forced on me. The only reason I was down on my knees jacking off two incredible, long, fat black dicks, alternating türkmen escort my wet red mouth from one to the other, is because these two guys were so much bigger, more manly, more powerful than me and there was nothing that I could do to stop them from taking whatever they wanted from me. I couldn’t tell them that, though. In fact, I couldn’t say anything but slurp and gasp around that pair of trembling dark dicks.

With the first guy I had managed to swallow down all of his sticky, salty cum. In fact, I could still taste it in my throat even as the precum glistened alongside my saliva on the two hard cocks alternating at fucking my throat. But there was no way I was going to able to swallow the spunk of two hot young studs at once. I opened my mouth wide and pulled both black dicks in until the two glistening heads were resting on my tongue right beside each other. Stroking both shafts, I began to milk those ebony monsters as both tough black youths came at once.

Two jets of slimy goo shot from the two thick black dicks at once, crossing streams in my wet mouth. I swallowed down as much as I could, but I could feel a slimy trail leaking from the sides of my lips and, anyway, after that first spurt I could no longer hold both dicks in my mouth at once. Between them the two hung black studs still had a few more spurts of sticky, white cum to shoot from the black love sticks that I pumped in my pale white hands. I could do nothing to prevent it as the two black studs spurted streams of sticky sperm over me, one hit me in the face, another in my slutty blonde wig, another across my chest.

Like the last guy, these two lost interest in me the moment they had dumped their loads over me. They put their glistening, now limp black members back in their sweatpants and turned to walk off down the street, laughing to each other and congratulating themselves on finding such a dirty slut on a street corner.

I just brushed the dirt of the street off my skirt and the knees of my stockings, which were beginning to rip, got to my feet and carried on walking home. One of the straps of my white vest was now torn, revealing the red lace of my bra strap, making me look unintentionally even more slutty. My make up and red lipstick was smudged with blowing three big black dicks and I could do nothing about the cum that was making my blonde wig hair sticky and staining my white top.

It really wasn’t far now for me to get home. I was getting away from the roughest part of the neighborhood and, although walking in these stripper heels was not so easy, I was getting used to it and figured that I could probably make it home in less than twenty minutes. I began to hope that the worst of it was over. I’d certainly been punished enough for my transgression with the curvy black babe, having to suck three monster black dicks while dressed as a hot slut.

In fact, I was so focused on getting home as quickly as possible and ending this ordeal, that I decided to take a shortcut. Ordinarily I wouldn’t cut down this dark, narrow little alley as it had a bad reputation, but it would shave five minutes off my journey in these heels, so I decided to risk it. I couldn’t see anybody in the alley, after all, so I could just hurry straight through. That, it turned out, was probably a mistake.

I was barely halfway along the alley when a door opened and out stepped a huge, muscular guy. He was black, about twice my age and probably twice my size, enormously tall, broad shouldered and strong. He took one look at me in my slightly disheveled slutty girl outfit and just grinned a big, bad looking smirk.

“Well, it looks like it’s my lucky day,” he said, grabbing me by the arm with his huge, strong, black hands, “I’d just been heading out to look for a naughty little white bitch to stick my fat black cock in and one comes walking straight up to me!”

I knew the drill by now and was about to drop to my knees without this latest strong, dominant black thug even telling me to. Apparently it had only taken three huge black cocks to teach me that’s where I was supposed to be! This guy wanted something else though. He spun me round and pushed me against some trash cans before bending me over them so my white ass was exposed in my oh so tiny shiny black miniskirt.

“I’m gonna nail that tight white whore ass,” the guy standing behind me said as he pushed my PVC skirt further up, showing not just my stocking tops but my little red thong where my little white dick was tucked, “You’d better be ready to get hammered by a big black dick, bitch!”

He pulled my little red thong aside and exposed my secret.

“Well, now there’s a surprise,” he laughed, “The little white bitch is really a man,” he grabbed my tiny white junk in his big black hand, “Well, not so much a man after all,” he laughed again, “This little thing can hardly be called a cock. Don’t worry, sissy, I’m only after your tight sissy bitch asshole anyway!”

I let out a gasp that almost turned to a scream when evi olan escort the enormous black muscle man behind me pulled open my smooth white ass cheeks and stuck his fat black finger inside my hole. This stud’s finger was about as thick and long as my puny white dick and my tight ass clenched around it until it filled me up and left me short of breath. I felt stretched by just the thick black finger, as he added a second and began to finger fuck my fragile puckered pink hole I began to think that I might just be able to take a little white dick like my own, but how could I ever manage a huge black snake like this guy was sure to have?

Still bent over the garbage can with my exposed ass in the air, being finger fucked by two big black fingers, I turned back to the towering black stud standing over me with a begging expression on my face. There were tears in my eyes at the feeling of being violated by this stranger’s fingers and the knowledge of something much longer and thicker to come and this was making my mascara run, making me look even more disheveled than before. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to speak, the fingering of my virgin hole had left me so breathless, so all the big black hunk could see in my pleading face was a desire for more.

“Don’t worry, sissy little white bitch,” he said, “We’re getting to the main event. I’ll tear that white bitch ass in two with my monster nigger cock in no time!”

As I looked over my shoulder, he pulled his two fat fingers out of my tight ass and unzipped his pants, whipping out an already erect cock of such a huge girth and length that my eyes widened in amazement. He spat on his hand and used his saliva to lube up his massive beast and then stuck his saliva coated fingers back up inside me, wetting my tight hole in preparation for the fucking I was about to receive. It never even occurred to me, bent over a trash can, with my skirt pushed up and my thong pushed aside, to try an run (not that these stripper heels would let me get very far). I was resigned to my fate, resigned to taking that monster cock.

I let out an effeminate squeal loud enough that the whole alley must have heard (hell, my wife back home a few blocks away might even have caught it) as the big black stud behind me pulled my ass open and thrust his hips forward, pushing that enormous fat ebony dick up inside me, penetrating me properly for the first time. I couldn’t believe I was actually being fucked, a man, much bigger and stronger than me, was bending me over and screwing my ass like I really was a streetwalking whore.

Even with just the head and a couple of inches of his much longer black shaft inside me, I felt painfully filled, completely impaled and utterly in his power. All I could do was bend over, spread my stockinged legs and take it as this big tough black guy started pumping in and out of my virgin white hole. I was gasping, yelping and there were tears running through my mascara and down my cum soaked cheek as he really started pulling out and thrusting deeper and deeper into me. Soon my whole dolled up girly body was being slammed and rocked against the dirty alley garbage can.

“Wow, your sissy bitch ass is tight,” the big black stud dominating my ass grunted, “It’s been ages since my massive black dick has been buried in white meat this tight. You’d better be ready for a pretty massive load!”

And then I felt it, my ass not only filled up and stretched out by a monster black dick that was so long it couldn’t bury it’s whole length inside me, but also by the sticky, slimy juices shooting from it. He didn’t stop shafting me as he moaned and grunted and shot his sticky spunk right up inside me, until he finally pulled out and shot one final stream over my ass and my black skirt for good measure.

Leaving me bent over the trashcan, with my legs spread, my panties pulled aside and my pale white ass filled with cum and exposed to the world, the complete stranger who’d just taken my anal virginity simply turned his back on me and walked back up the alley and through the door that he had come out of.

I was looking really like a well used slut now, with my neat blonde bob wig now in a mess (not helped by some of it being sticky with cum), my vest torn, my vest and skirt with cum stains, my mascara running, my lipstick smudged, cum on my face and even more leaking from my asshole, running down my thighs and onto my stocking tops. Still, I was a few blocks from home and my ordeal was surely nearly over, even if the combination of stripper heels and a just fucked formerly virgin asshole made walking straight and fast a little trickier than usual.

Out of the alley, I turned onto a much busier street. Here I wasn’t the target of horny muscular black hunks who wanted to use me, I was safe at least from that. What I wasn’t safe from was the glances and giggles of everybody I walked past who could see the state I was in and knew just what had been happening. They didn’t know I was a good, straight man being punished by his wife. To them I was a shameless slut who wanted to suck all those black cocks and get their tight ass pounded. To them the cum in my hair and running stickily down my thighs was a badge of honor rather than something that made me feel deep shame and humiliation every time a group of passers by whispered and giggled to each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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