Weekend in New Hampshire Pt. 02

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Sam woke up with the sun shining though the blinds. He felt something cool and smooth on his body. After a few seconds he remembered he was wearing his wife’s nightie. He then thought about the events of the preceding day and found himself getting an erection again. Before he could decide whether to do anything about it, Bill burst into the room.

“Come on, let’s get going, said Bill. We’re not going to get anything done with you laying in bed.”

Bill didn’t notice what Sam was wearing as he was completely under the covers. He didn’t seem to be particularly interested, either, not waiting for him to get out of bed.

Sam got up and took off his nightie. His erection had subsided. He washed the stains off the panties and hung them to dry. He quickly shaved and then got dressed in his work clothes, which had finally dried. He decided before going out that he would look for his cap, because he didn’t want to be exposed to the sun all day. He went out to the car. The cap was not immediately visible, so he lifted a small blanket they kept in the car. Underneath, he was surprised to see a suitcase identical to the one in the house. Slowly, it dawned on him that he was looking at his own suitcase. Thoughts began racing through his head. He was trying to decide whether he should bring the suitcase into the house. He looked around to see if Bill was near, and saw that he wasn’t. He quietly covered the suitcase back up, found his cap, and went to the back of the house.

Bill was already outside. He had decided that the deck needed to be stained and he was removing the deck furniture. “Grab a broom and clean under where the furniture was,” he said to Sam.

Sam quickly fell into submissive mode and did as Bill instructed. After the furniture was off, they got to work on the deck, starting at opposite ends and making sure they didn’t paint themselves into a corner.

The deck was fairly large. After one coat, they took a break for a drink, and then gave it another coat. By then, it was lunch time so they paused. Sam went in and made them sandwiches.

After lunch, Bill decided to work on clearing some brush along the path to the lake, and got to work on that. He suggested that Sam work on the plantings near the house. Sam asked whether there were any garden gloves, and Bill directed him to the cabinet off the porch, where Sam found a pair of pink garden gloves. He worked a while, carefully pulling out weeds and planting some flowers. Before he knew it, it was about 4 o’clock.

Sam had been daydreaming periodically about the events of the night before and had been thinking all afternoon about the coming evening. He said to Bill, “I have finished prepping the flower beds. I think I will go in and see about getting a start on supper.”

Bill grunted noncommittally.

Sam went into the house and into the bedroom. He peeled off his dirty clothes and prepared to throw them in the wash. He opened up his wife’s suitcase and pulled some things out of it. She had neatly packed, as usual. Despite only planning to stay for a few nights, she had packed multiple sets of lingerie, and a variety of outfits.

After rummaging through Susan’s clothes, Sam picked out a rose colored camisole of a stretchy material, with lace at the neck line and at the bottom hem, and a pair of white capris. He went into the bathroom and shaved carefully, meanwhile drawing a bath. He poured some bath salts into the tub, and hopped in. He took his time running a washcloth up and down his body, back and forth across his breasts, with special attention to his nipples. While washing around his crotch he felt his balls and decided to shave the hair off of them, which he did carefully. He shampooed his hair, and then got out and dried himself. He wrapped himself in the towel and went out of the bathroom and back to the bed where he had laid out his outfit.

Sam rummaged through the suitcase and found a pair of satiny pale lavender panties, with lace trim along the top and a little white ribbon in the center, and slid them up his legs. He then stepped into the capris and pulled them up, again marveling at how well they fit; snug but not too tight, and molding themselves nicely to his waist, thighs, and buttocks.

After tying the strings on the capris, Sam slipped the pretty camisole over his head, smoothed out the straps, and looked in the mirror. He noticed how the tight top accentuated his small breast mounds, and that his nipples were quite visible through the thin fabric. Something’s missing, he thought to himself, and took the top off. After looking back in the suitcase, he found a bra which was obviously a match with the panties, as it was also pale lavender and there was a similar white ribbon in the center between the bra cups. He put it around him with the breast cups at his back, secured the clasps, then turned it around and slid his hands through the straps. There was a very minimal amount of padding in the cups. He decided he didn’t really need any özbek escort further padding and he put the cami back on. It took a bit of work to position the bra straps so that they were not visible underneath the straps of the top, but he successfully adjusted them. He decided that the bra underneath the camisole really improved the outfit, making his chest bumps just a little bit cuter and more prominent. He found a pair of white sandals with ankle straps , with a raise of about an inch and a half on the back heel portion. He

put them on and quickly found that they were kind of fun to walk in.

Sam dried his hair, trying to get as much volume as possible, and finally brushed it into as feminine a style as was possible. After admiring himself in the mirror for a few minutes, he walked confidently out into the kitchen to start things for supper.

He stood in the kitchen for a minute enjoying the sensation of it being his domain. He remained conscious of the sexy top, capris, and sandals he was wearing, and finding that their tightness enhanced his domestic feelings as he moved around the kitchen. Strangely, rather than arousing him, he found that wearing the clothes was relaxing and filled him with confidence. Every once in a while he caught a view of himself in the reflection from the window while he moved around the kitchen, and found himself pausing to admire his appearance.

Sam decided to prepare the best supper he could for Bill. He fished around in the

refrigerator among the provisions they had bought on the way in, and decided that he had the makings for chicken parmagian. He found a bottle of white wine in the refrigerator which had been planned for a couples’ dinner when the ladies arrived, but he decided it could be put to good use tonight.

Before he started with the supper, he decided to do a little straightening up in the kitchen, and began organizing the pantries and drawers. While doing so he found an apron, which he realized would come in handy when he was cooking so that he didn’t get grease or stains on his outfit. There was still some time before he had to begin cooking, so he found the vacuum cleaner and gave the rugs a once over. He saw that the inside windows could stand a cleaning and quickly wiped them off. He was about to look into cleaning the bathroom when he realized it was time to start cooking. He went back into the kitchen, put the apron on, tying the bow behind his back as best he could, and then turned to the task at hand.

Sam browned the chicken and then put it in the oven, with the tomato sauce and mozzarella, and put on a pot of water to boil for the pasta. He set the table and then sat to down to read while the dinner cooked.

Bill came in, sniffed around, and said, “something smells good.” After looking at Sam for a minute, he said, “something looks good, too.”

Sam found himself blushing at the compliment and turned away to the stove. “Why don’t you take a shower while I put the finishing touches on this,” he said.

Bill went to his room. After a few minutes, Sam heard the shower running. He lit some candles, opened the wine, and dimmed the overhead lights, and began waiting nervously. He heard the shower stop. After a few minutes, Bill came out of the bedroom, wearing a clean shirt and shorts. He let out a low whistle, and said to Sam, “Wow, this looks nice.”

Sam said, “I just wanted to thank you for having me, I mean us, this weekend. Plus, you deserve something nice for all the hard work you did outside all afternoon.”

Sam had poured two glasses of wine, and brought one over to his friend who was standing near the table. The friends brought them to their lips. Bill couldn’t help but notice how full Sam’s lips were, and he thought about kissing them last night, with the result that he began sprouting an erection. It would have been pretty obvious to Sam if he had looked down, but Sam was too busy looking into Bill’s blue eyes. The two friends took another sip of their wine and found themselves slowly moving closer to each other. Just when it seemed that they were on the verge of kissing, the water boiled over and they jumped, breaking the mood. Sam quickly moved the pot off the heat, and said to Bill, “Go sit down while I put these in serving trays.”

Bill sat down and Sam brought the chicken and pasta over. He served Bill first and then took a smaller portion for himself. Bill took a mouthful of food and whistled appreciatively, saying “You’re a good cook. I could really get used to having you in the kitchen.”

Sam found himself blushing again, although it wouldn’t have been visible in the candlelight. The dinner went along smoothly, with Bill periodically complimenting Sam on the food. A couple of times, Sam noticed Bill checking out his breasts; Bill just smiled deviously.

After they finished, Sam said, “Why don’t you go relax on the couch; I’ll straighten up and bring out dessert.”

Sam quickly rinsed off the dishes azeri escort and put them into the dishwasher. He decided not to work on the pots and to just let them soak for a while. He went to the freezer and got out some vanilla ice cream, spooning some into two bowls, again with a lesser amount for himself. He put maraschino cherries on the tops and brought them out to where Bill was sitting.

Bill had turned on the television, but there was no game tonight (thanks, said Sam silently). Instead, he had put on a movie which he wasn’t really watching. Sam handed him the bowl.

“Oh good, ice cream” said Bill.

“I hope you like vanilla”, said Sam.

“I do, but I don’t really care for cherries.”

“Oh, sorry, I just thought it would be a nice touch.”

“Here, you have my cherry,” said Bill.

With that, he took the cherry by the stem and pushed it towards Sam’s lips. Sam went to open his mouth, but Bill said, “No, close your mouth.”

Sam looked questioningly at Bill, but did as he was told. Bill took the cherry and, while looking right into Sam’s eyes, smeared the ice cream that was on the cherry onto Sam’s lips. After that, he told Sam to open his mouth, use his tongue to lick the cream off his lips, but not to swallow it, and to then to stick his tongue out for the cherry. After Sam had licked his lips, Bill put the cherry on Sam’s outstretched tongue, which was now coated with cream, and told him to swallow both the cherry and the cream. Sam swirled it in his mouth for a few seconds, and then swallowed the load.

“Very nicely done,” said Bill. You look good swallowing cream.”

Bill then went back to finish his ice cream, and after a bit, Sam did the same. Sam then took the empty dishes out to the kitchen. When he came back, he sat down on the couch about a foot away from Bill. Bill patted the couch next to him and said, “Come on now, don’t be shy; come sit next to me. Besides, it’s a cool night, so we should stay together for warmth.”

Sam moved over. Meanwhile, Bill had put his arm on the back of the couch, and when Sam got close, he lowered a bit so it rested lightly on his shoulders.

Bill went back to his strategy of the day before, lightly feeling the straps of Sam’s top, and complimenting him on the cute lace. Before long, he was again running his hands over Sam’s breast mounds and lightly scraping his tits. He even lowered his hands below the lace trim on the bottom of the top, and let his hands wander up to Sam’s bra. He found that Sam’s bra cups made a nice handful.

“This outfit looks really cute on you,” whispered Bill into Sam’s ear, “the top, the sexy pants; even the sandals look nice.”

“Thank you,” said Sam.

“I’ll tell you what, though,” said Bill, “I’d like to see what’s underneath. I can feel that you have a nice bra on. Let’s have a look at it.”

Sam didn’t say anything, but when Bill pushed his top up towards his shoulders, he sighed and lifted his arms up. Bill quickly got the top off and tossed it towards the end of the couch. Sam was now sitting on the couch with the pretty violet bra holding his little tits fully exposed.

“Yes, very nice, said Bill. He began allowing his hands to roam all over Sam’s bra cups, and began softly kissing the side of his cheek.

“So, what else do you have underneath?” Bill asked.

“Um, a pair of panties” said Sam.

“Well, let’s have a look, said Bill.

He undid the knot holding the capri pants tight.

“Lift your butt up,” said Bill.

Sam complied, and Bill yanked his capris down and off. In a few seconds, they had joined the camisole top at the end of the couch. One of Sam’s sandals had come off during the procedure, and he went to take off the other one.

“No,” said Bill, “put the other sandal back on; they do look cute on you.”

Sam put the sandal back on and sat back down. He was now sitting on the couch clad in matching satin lavender bra and panties, with white sandals on his feet. Strangely, he didn’t feel at all cold.

“Now, this is nice,” said Bill. He quickly went back to feeling Sam up, but was now also letting his hands occasionally drift south to the top of Sam’s panties, and would run his hand along the lacy top,occasionally letting one of his fingers dip in between the elastic band and Sam’s soft skin underneath.

“Wait a minute,” said Bill. “I’ve got to get comfortable too.”

With that, he yanked off his shirt, pulled off his shorts, and threw them in a pile on the floor. The friends were now both sitting in their underwear on the couch.

Bill went back to kissing Sam’s cheek while feeling up his tits through the bra, and playing with his satin panties. Bill had long since sprouted a full blown hard on; feeling a bit constrained, he decided it was time to lose his underwear.

“Sam,” he said, “pull off my underwear.” He lifted his bottom up off of the chair, and Sam gently tugged his underpants down. He let kazank escort out an involuntary gasp when he got them low enough for Bill’s cock to emerge. He knew from the night before that it was big, but he hadn’t really gotten a good look at it underwater. Although the lights were low, he could see that it was about eight inches long and very thick, with an enormous purple head and several visible veins running along the length of the shaft.

Bill chuckled at Sam’s gasp. After Sam got the briefs off and tossed them on the floor, his gaze returned quickly to Bill’s cock.

“You seem pretty fascinated by my cock. What do you think?” asked Bill.

“I think it’s huge,” said Sam; “I can’t believe those veins.”

“Put your hand around it so you can feel how big it is,” said Bill, and Sam did as he was told.

Sam began gripping it lightly but firmly. After a few seconds, instinct kicked in, and he began moving his hand up and down the shaft.

“It’s so warm; it’s like it’s soft and hard at the same time.”

“Glad you’re enjoying it,” said Bill. “Start feeling my balls too.”

Sam took his other hand and began hefting Bill’s balls, first the whole sack, and then individually. He couldn’t help but notice how big and heavy they were. He fondled the balls gently, softly manipulating them within their hairy sack.

“What do you think of my balls”? asked Bill.

“They’re so big and heavy,” said Sam. “There’s so much hair on them.”

“Yes, I’m pretty proud of them,” said Bill.

Bill returned to playing with Sam’s bra and panties, while Sam kept stroking Bill’s shaft and playing with his balls. Bill periodically let his hand slip under Sam’s bra, and pinched and twisted his nipples. Sam had been gazing spellbound down at Bill’s cock. Bill lifted Sam’s chin, turned his face toward him, and leaned in for a kiss. He pushed Sam’s lips open and slid his tongue between them. Their tongues met and began sloppily playing together.

After a few minutes, Bill broke the sexy kiss. Whispering into Sam’s ear, he said “You’re a really good kisser. Since I can tell you’re in love with my cock, I think you should give it a kiss too.”

He put his hand on the back of Sam’s head and began gently pressuring it down towards his lap. Sam didn’t really resist; he found himself mesmerized by Bill’s huge cock. Bill didn’t really need to put any pressure on him. Sam paused, however, when he found Bill’s cock just an inch or so in front of his mouth. Despite Bill’s having just showered, Sam could sniff pungent aromas emanating from Bill’s cock and balls. Moving forward, he gave the side of his shaft a soft little kiss.

“That’s nice, now stick that tongue out, and lick my cock,” said Bill.

“I’ve never done that before,” stammered Sam.

“You know you want to, though, and there’s no time like the present to start,” returned Bill. “You’ve been teasing me all night in your sexy outfit, and now you’re sitting here in panties and a bra, letting me kiss and feel you up. It’s payoff time. And I don’t want just a hand job tonight.”

Sam hesitated for a second, but then, grabbing the base of Bill’s shaft for leverage, tentatively stuck his tongue out and flicked it across the tip, which had become slick with precum due to his manipulations. After a few more swipes of the tip, he slid his tongue into Bill’s piss slit and licked up the viscous fluid. Sam then put his lips over the head of Bill’s cock, opened them slightly, and let about an inch of Bill’s cock slide into he mouth. He began swabbing the sensitive area under the head with his tongue. Bill groaned appreciatively, took his hand off of the back of Sam’s head, repositioning it on his ass. While Sam was working on Bill’s cock, Bill began kneading the soft globes of his ass through his satin panties.

Sam soon discovered that he was a natural at cocksucking. He quickly learned to slide his mouth up and down Bill’s cock with just the right amount of pressure, swabbing it with his tongue, making sure not to let his teeth scrape anything. Periodically, he would pull the cock out of his mouth and tongue the shaft, but not too long, since he knew the best part was the tongue on the underside of the head. He decided that he was going to give Bill the best blowjob he possibly could. While sliding his mouth up and down the shaft, he deftly manipulated Bill’s heavy balls, and couldn’t help but wonder how much come was in them. He decided to give them a quick lick periodically, and even found that he didn’t mind the hair on them at all.

Bill had been continuing to play with Sam’s ass while Sam worked on his cock, and had even gone on from squeezing his globes through the panties to sliding his hand underneath them, and allowing his finger to penetrate into the crack between the globes and lightly graze Sam’s pucker. Sam appeared to react positively to that, whimpering softly when able to, and moving his ass back and forth seemingly in response to Sam’s maneuvers.

Inevitably, Sam’s ministrations had Bill building towards release. Bill whispered to Sam, “I’m about ready to blow my load. I want it all in your mouth, and I want you to swallow every drop.”

Sam lifted his head off Bill’s cock, turned towards him smilingly, and said, “Well, I do like cream.”

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