Vacation in Humiliation Ch. 10 – A Spa Moment

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Missy and I rush over to the wall in the showers again so we don’t get sprayed by the cold water. We wait there for a moment before they eventually turn it on. I reach my hand down to my pussy and feel how slimy all of the men’s cum made me. It’s all over my crotch, and I can feel it deep inside as I walk around. So disgusting!

When the water finally turns on, it takes a moment to warm up. As soon as it’s bearable, Missy and I walk out under the shower heads to rinse off the sweat and semen. I spread my legs and try to coax some water to go up my hole and wash it out, but I don’t have much luck. I try sticking my finger up my pussy, and I realize while trying to get it out, that I’ve never done that before… I was always so scared to stick my finger up there, and now I just did it for the first time without even thinking. What is happening to me? Is this more normal? Is this better than the way I used to be?

I glance over at Missy who is facing away from me. She is rinsing off, and occasionally rubbing her pussy, trying not to look too conspicuous about it. She notices my glance after a few seconds.

“Katie, can you look away? I have to pee” she says.

“I do too.” I reply.

We walk over to opposite corners of the room, I squat down and start to pee. It feels less awkward without Hank in the room, but still strange to pee while squatting. I stand up again and wait a moment when I’m done before walking back over to Missy. I feel slightly less gross, but I can still feel the goopy liquid in my ass and cunt. I don’t really know what to do about it with Kadıköy Yabancı Escort Missy in the room. If I was by myself maybe I would try some things. But I would be way too embarrassed to do them with Missy here.

“I feel so gross.” I say to Missy.

“I do too.” she replies.

I pause for a moment before asking “What are we gonna do?”

“We will get out of here Katie. No way we will end up like those Russian girls.”

I sit down on the ground in front of one of the shower heads so the water hits my left side. It doesn’t look like anyone is coming in any time soon. The ground is hard concrete, but it’s warm from the hot water. I pull my legs up, and wrap my arms around my knees.

“I hadn’t even thought about that. They actually live like this because they LIKE it?” I say, appalled.

“I can’t imagine how someone would actually like living here… How long did it take for them to get that screwed up? Or do you think they were like that before they came here?”

“I can’t imagine anyone who would like being treated like this coming from the outside world.” I reply to Missy. A silence falls over the room, and Missy sits down behind me facing the opposite direction. She leans back, and when I feel her back on mine, I do the same so we are holding each other up.

Is it really just a matter of time then before you start to actually like it here? I don’t believe that… I have dreams of graduating college, becoming an important scientist, and someday changing the world. None of that will happen if I spend my whole life with this “show”. How could someone like me give up their whole life, their family, and Kadıköy Yeni Escort friends to spend the rest of their days shitting on a stage for these disgusting men?

Then a horrible thought hits me. Can I ever really be taken as a serious scientist now that there are these disgusting videos of me? Can you really look at someone in the eye who is supposed to be your peer, while always wondering if they have seen the video of you being fucked in the ass on a stage? I start to cry softly to myself. My future is ruined…

We wait in silence for at least another ten minutes. I try to put these thoughts out of my head, and focus on the here and now. Despite how disgusting I feel, the air in the room starts to feel warm. I close my eyes and try to pretend I’m in a spa. The sound of the water hitting the floor, the warm concrete, and my cousin Missy there, all help me to relax. I rub my sore muscles and wrists and ankles whereby I am constantly being tied.

The door suddenly swings open, and a cold, shocking blast of air knocks me out of my fantasy. The Russians have finally finished their part of the show, and now walk happily into the shower with us. They aren’t shy, not even embarrassed by what they do. As they walk in, they look over our bodies sitting on the floor together. We cover ourselves, and they smile at each other. As the stageman closes the door behind them, I can see him grinning at us.

The Russians walk over to the other side of the room where the Chinese girls were yesterday and rinse off for a moment in the warm water. They rub their bodies sensually, trying to look sexy for each other. Finally, one bends over, Kadıköy Masaj Salonu and sticks her ass out to her sister. She reaches her hands behind her and opens her ass hole so it gapes wide. I watch in horror as a white goopy mess oozes out of her.

Then the other one sticks almost her whole hand down into her sister’s pussy while she is bent over, and milks her for what must have been just ten seconds before she grunts loudly and squirts a ton of cum out of her cunt. I feel Missy turn around, just in time for them both to switch positions, and do it all over again with the other sister.

Missy and I look at each other with disgusted looks. How can you do that with your twin sister? Shouldn’t they be ashamed? Shouldn’t they be afraid of hurting each other like that at the very least?

A stagehand appears at the door and looks over at me and Missy. He motions to the one outside to shut the water off, and then he walks over towards us. We both stand up, and cover our privates so he and the Russians can’t see. He grabs Missy by her arm and pulls her along with him. I start to follow them, but before we reach the door he stops, and pushes me back.

When he starts walking with her again, I try to go again, but he pushes me back again. It’s clear he just wants her. He pushes me back into the shower room with the Russians, and the second stagehand shuts the door behind them.

“NO! I want to go with her!” I shout at the door, but as usual, they don’t understand or care, and the door won’t budge.

This is the first time Missy and I have been separated. What are they going to do to her? I feel so alone…

I then feel hands lightly touching my shoulders. I look behind me, and the two Russian sisters are there, holding me by the shoulder.

“Don’t worry. Your friend is going to private session. You be with her soon.” One of them says in a thick Russian accent. “Master tells us to get you ready for private session too.”

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