Constant State of Arousal Ch. 02

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Robyn had continued on with her assignments for what seemed like forever, but in actuality was only a week. The sensations that her body had to deal with almost made her disobey, and have orgasm after orgasm. She knew that He would not be pleased if she did so, and put up with the agony her body was in now. Hopefully this torture wouldn’t last much longer. Then she received another call from Him.

“Slut, you are to be showered, completely shaved and dressed accordingly tonight, as we are going to have company. There is a person who is very special to me, and I want the two of you to finally meet. Whatever happens tonight, know that I love you, and will not put you in a position that would make you uncomfortable”.

Robyn’s mind started spinning. Who was the person that He was referring to? It must be someone important, for Him to put this much emphasis on her appearance.

“Yes Sir, I understand. I will make you proud”

He then told her to be to His house at 7 sharp, wearing her play collar, and no undergarments. Robyn listened to His instructions and said goodbye, anxious to get ready for this surprise.

She took very special care with her shower, making sure that her body was totally shaved, and her pussy was already wet in anticipation. She smiled to herself, wondering what the evening held in store for her. She was curious about this other person. Sir had not mentioned anyone to her, but then He was a very private person, and it was probably just something that did not concern her, until now. When she got out of the shower, she massaged scented lotion all over her body, making her skin smooth to the touch. She sprayed on a light fragrance, and went to her closet to find what He wanted her to wear.

She shuffled through the garments hanging there, and finally found what she was looking for; He had told her to wear her short skirt that fell just below her ass cheeks, which would be very distracting to her, considering the fact that she was very wet, and the blouse that emphasized her cleavage. Robyn had very large breasts and her Sir loved to play with them, and show them off. She slipped on her favorite pumps, applied light makeup to her face, and looked in the mirror. She ran her fingers lightly through her long curls and decided that she wouldn’t do anything with her hair. She had to admit that she looked pretty good tonight, and hoped that Sir would be pleased. As she walked down the stairs to leave, the phone rang. It was Sir.

“On the way over pet, I want you to stop and get a bag of ice from the gas station. While in there, I want you give the clerk a show. Do you understand my orders?”

Robyn’s heart started beating erratically. She knew just the gas station that she was going to stop in. There was clerk there that had always given her looks, and tonight she would give him something to look at.

“Yes Sir, thank you and I understand completely. I will do what you expect.”

She knew what was expected of her. She was to tease a man, until he got hard, then leave. This is something that Sir had her do before, while grocery shopping, and Robyn loved it.

Robyn got in her car and drove to the gas station. She was a little nervous, but knew that no matter what; she would do this for Him. She walked into the small store, took a quick look around, and saw the clerk stocking some items. She walked over to the ice freezer, grabbed a bag, and held it against her chest, causing her nipples to peak into hardness. She could feel the clerk’s eyes on her, and felt an instant moistness between her legs. He was in eyeshot of her, so she “accidentally” dropped her keys, bending over to pick them up and giving him a very clear shot of her pussy. She heard something drop in the background, but didn’t turn around. Her cheeks felt so hot that she knew she was blushing. She continued to hold the ice against her nipples, all the way to the counter. She heard the clerk come up behind her, then brush against her as he went behind the counter. He was stammering something about her needing anything else, and she smiled knowingly.

“Why yes, I do, It seems this ice was colder than I thought, and I could really use some help warming up my nipples. They have become rock hard from the ice pressing against them. Would you mind?”

The poor guy had a priceless look on his face, not knowing what to do. Robyn reached over the counter, grabbed Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort his hands, and placed them over her breasts. He seemed to be in a trance as he looked at where his hands lay.

“Well, it might help if you moved them around a bit” she said with a half smirk on her face.

He slowly started to move them in circles, and Robyn could feel the blood rushing back into her nipples, causing her a sweet pain. She looked over the counter, and down the front of his pants, and saw a tent poking out at her. Mission accomplished. She smiled at him, thanked him for his help, and walked out the door. She did manage to steal a look back and he still held that same astonished look on his face.

She got back in her car and drove to Sir’s house. She was very wet from having teased that poor boy back in the gas station, but even more so from thinking about the night ahead. She knocked on Sir’s door at precisely 7pm, and He answered the door with a warm smile and took the ice from her to put away in the kitchen. He returned to the hallway with a woman following Him.

“Precious pet, I want to introduce you to Miss Staci. She will be joining us tonight, and you are to follow her instructions, as well as mine. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir, I understand. I am very pleased to meet you Miss Staci.”

Robyn immediately dropped to her knees and took one of Miss Staci’s hands and brushed a light kiss across the back of it. She looked up at Miss Staci and gave her a warm smile. She was very pretty, and had an aura about her, that made Robyn instantly at ease. She knew that Sir would not put her in any kind of position that would harm her, and she trusted Him implicitly.

Sir attached a leash to her collar, and the two of them led her into the bedroom, where there were candles lit to make a soft glow. Sir ordered Robyn up onto the bed, on her hands and knees, facing the foot of the bed. The leash remained attached to her, and a bolt of excitement went through her. The thought of servicing both of them was making her very wet. She could feel the juices start to trickle down her legs, and was ashamed when Sir reached under her to feel her pussy.

“Precious pet, what has gotten you so worked up already? We haven’t even done anything yet, but your juices are flowing like a river.”

“Sir, I am anticipating what is to come. I want to make you both proud of me by doing my best to please you.”

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear pet. For being a good girl, I think I will give you a little treat. Miss Staci, I think pet has earned a chance to suck on your nipples. But make sure that she remembers her manners.”

Miss Staci moved over in front of Robyn, pulled her top up, letting loose two beautiful breasts, topped with perky pink nipples. She leaned into Robyn, but still out of range and waited. Robyn tried getting closer, so she could taste Miss Staci’s hard nubs, but remembered Sir’s words.

“Miss Staci, May I please taste your nipples since I was a good girl?”

Miss Staci grabbed the leash attached to her neck and pulled Robyn’s face forward to brush her nipples against Robyn’s soft lips. It seemed that their breathless moans came at the same time. Obviously both were enjoying the small tease, and knowing that Sir was watching them made it even more erotic. Robyn poked a wet tongue out of her mouth to circle the very hard nubs that greeted her. Her mouth closed around it of its own volition and sucked softly. She heard an even louder moan come from Miss Staci’s mouth.

“Ok pet that’s enough for now, from watching you do that, it seems that I am having an issue over here, and need your help.”

Robyn pulled her head grudgingly away and looked over at Sir, noticing a definite bulge in His pants.

“Yes, thank you Sir. Thank you Miss Staci for allowing me to taste your breasts.”

He moved in front of Robyn’s face and lowered His zipper. His wonderful black cock sprang from His pants, and He shoved her mouth down onto it, while telling Miss Staci to move behind her and give her spankings as she sucked on Him.

“Pet loves spankings, don’t you? She loves getting her ass reddened by being spanked hard. Don’t go easy on her Hon, she knows her safe words and can use them at any time.”

Robyn made a throaty sound in agreement with what Sir had said. She was lovingly stroking her mouth Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort up and down His cock when she felt the first smack on her ass. Her eyes widened, because the feel was different from when He used His hands. Hers delivered a sharper pain, and it caused Robyn’s eyes to water. Miss Staci gave a few more blows before moving away for a moment. It gave Robyn time to recover from the pain her ass was feeling. Before she knew it though, Miss Stacy was back, and the next sensation that Robyn felt was an even more sharp, more focused pain. It caused her to rear her head back, and let out a small cry.

“What’s the matter, pet? You don’t like the wooden spoon? I think you will become quite fond of it before the night is over. And, did I tell you that you could take your mouth off my cock so soon? Just for that, you are done for now. I need to be sucked, and you obviously don’t want to suck your Sir’s cock, so I will let Miss Staci do it instead.”

With that, He moved away from her, motioning her to the floor on her knees next to Him. She watched as Miss Staci lowered to her knees also, right in front of Him. Robyn was feeling ashamed of herself, for reacting the way she did. It cost her one of her favorite things, and she did not want Sir to be upset with her. Robyn started to avert her eyes, when she heard a sharp intake of breath from Him.

“You will not look down, I want you to look into her eyes the whole time she has my cock in her mouth. I want you to see what you are missing. Mmmm, do you know how good her mouth feels on me pet? It’s so warm and wet, and I think I may cum in her mouth very soon. Don’t you wish it was your mouth I was going to explode in?”

Robyn was so excited right now, watching Miss Staci slowly sucking Sir’s cock that she could have cum right then if He told her to. The two women’s eyes were locked, and the energy flowing between them was unmistakable. Sir started to move His cock faster and faster between her lips, and Robyn’s own mouth was watering, knowing how good His cock tasted. He pulled away from her face and asked her to get up on the bed, facing away from Him.

“Pet, you stay right where you are. I want you to have a good view of this. I’m going to fuck her pussy good and hard, and I don’t want you to miss a second of it.”

Miss Staci did as He asked, and soon He was sliding His rock hard cock between the lips of her pussy. She let out a very deep and low moan, causing Robyn herself to moan. How she wanted to feel His cock piercing her pussy. Sir grabbed Miss Staci by the hips and started to pound His cock into her, causing the bed to bounce. Robyn was totally enthralled in watching them. He fucked her pussy until she let out many screams, that she was cumming then Sir withdrew. Robyn’s heart started racing, wondering if it was her turn to feel Him inside her. He turned toward her, His dick right at her mouth.

“I want you to clean her cum off my cock, then you are to clean her pussy. You may only do this with your mouth. Make sure her pussy is nice and clean and you may get a treat, pet.”

Robyn eagerly took His cock into her mouth, loving the taste of Miss Staci’s juices that still clung to it. When she had Him clean, she crawled over to where Miss Staci still knelt, and used her tongue to clean her up. She took her time when she got to her clit, as it was still rock hard. Robyn played with it a bit, causing Miss Staci to wiggle around. Then she pushed her tongue into Miss Staci’s pussy, and slowly fucked her with it, making sure she got every drop. When she moved away, she felt the cum stuck to the area around her lips, and used her tongue to lick it up. She didn’t want to waste any of it.

“Very good precious pet. You did very well. Now you will get a treat, while Miss Staci rests. Get up on the bed next to her, on your knees. You are to look into her eyes the whole time I give you your treat, understood?”

Robyn was so happy that she had pleased Him, that she hurriedly got up on the bed in the position ordered, and nodded her acknowledgement. She heard Him leave the room and heard movements in the kitchen. She looked into Miss Staci’s eyes, and saw pure ecstasy there. Hearing her labored breathing was causing Robyn to get even more excited. She heard Sir reenter the room, and heard Him in the toy bag.

“Ok, you did not like this the first time, but we Kadıköy İranlı Escort will try it again. Only this time, you will have something to distract you.”

She heard Him lubing something up, then felt pressure against her asshole. She opened her legs further, to allow the plug entrance. Once the plug passed her sphincter, she felt a wondrous fullness. Her breath caught in her throat, and she hoped she could hold out from cumming. All of a sudden, she felt the familiar smack on her ass, once, twice, three times, in rapid succession. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. Then she felt something cold being applied to the pain. Ahhh, the ice that He had her bring. He rubbed it across her cheeks then she felt Him moving it down her crack to her pussy. The slice that was left was pushed inside her, and she welcomed the cold into her hot snatch. Again, 3 hard swats with the wooden spoon, followed by the ice. This time when He pushed the ice inside her, she couldn’t help but push back against His fingers, wanting to feel Him inside her. That got her 5 hard blows with the spoon.

“Pet, you know better than to try to control my actions. If I wanted to fuck your pussy, I would do so. You will take whatever I give you, and be happy with it, is that understood?”

Robyn nodded her head, and kept looking in Miss Staci’s eyes. She was moaning quietly, and Robyn realized that she was masturbating while listening to what Sir was doing to her. The fact that their play was turning Miss Staci on was exciting in itself.

“Let’s show Miss Staci what a pain slut you are, shall we?” Robyn heard an evil laugh behind her, before feeling the weight of His belt slapping across her ass. “Count them, slut.”

Robyn counted out the whippings, but would get sidetracked with pleasure, and forget. When that happened, Sir would begin again. Finally, when she successfully counted to 20, He stopped and put the belt away. By this time, both Robyn and Miss Staci were moaning loudly, and Robyn felt the paddle rip across her reddened ass.

“Please Sir, may your pain slut cum, please?”

“Do not speak again, or I will send you home right now. You know better than to ask.”

Robyn flushed, because yes, she did know better, but she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. With each swat, she felt the plug in her ass moving, which was causing a sweet agony. She heard Miss Staci’s moans getting louder, and she knew that she was close to cumming also.

“Flip over onto your back, slut. NOW! I want you to take this big, thick black dildo and fuck yourself as I fuck Miss Staci again. I think she’s needing my cock inside her to cum. I want you to go in rhythm with me, and do NOT cum!”

He climbed up on the bed with them, and this time told her to keep her eyes on Him, so that she could see how much He enjoyed fucking Miss Staci’s sweet pussy. Robyn pushed the dildo in her pussy, just as He entered Miss Staci. He started out very slow again, teasing Miss Staci, and also Robyn. He knew that Robyn couldn’t handle the slow motion, and He kept it up for a long time. Finally, He started pumping into her hard, which allowed Robyn to do the same with the dildo. Robyn could tell He was getting close, His breathing very labored. All of a sudden, she heard a scream from Miss Staci, and a growl from Sir as He said “CUM pet, CUM with us now!!!” Those words are all it took, as Robyn exploded with them in a huge, glorious orgasm.

They were all exhausted, but Robyn knew that there was cleanup to be done. After He pulled out of Miss Staci, she cleaned Him off first, then her, like before. She also was to clean her toys, by sucking the dildo clean, washing the plug, and sterilizing it. Sir had one more task for Robyn to do, after she was done with cleanup. He told her to kneel on the floor in front of Him, and open her mouth, because He had to urinate. Robyn opened her mouth wide, to accommodate His size, and gratefully accepted His urine. While doing so, she stole a look over at Miss Staci, because she was watching with intensity, not distaste, as Robyn would have expected. Robyn swallowed every drop of Sir’s pee, and then was told to make her bed on the floor. He wanted her nearby, in case he got the urge again.

“Thank you Sir, for allowing me to cum, and drink your urine. You know how much your slut loves doing that for you. And thank you both for a very special night.”

Robyn was totally exhausted, but satiated. She lay on the floor at His feet, thinking about what the night had brought. She had pleased her Sir, and met a wonderful lady named Miss Staci. She had a feeling this was the beginning of something fantastic, and couldn’t wait to learn more.

The End…..

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