Underwear Thief Ch. 01

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I’ve always had a real thing for underwear. Nothing used to make me more excited than my girlfriend in sexy underwear.

It started with just asking my girlfriend to always wear her under wear to bed but then got far more intense. Regularly when she stayed over, the next day when she was showering I would often jerk off into her underwear or wrap them round my cock and use them to jerk off with.

It got worse when she gave me a key to her house to meet her from work, if I got round there early sometimes the urge was too great and I would go and wank off into her underwear drawer.

But the most far I pushed it was a few weeks ago.

We were set to go and watch a movie at my buddies house with him and his girlfriend.

His girlfriend is amazing and I had secretly always wanted to fuck her.

I got there and she told me my friend Dave had been held up at work and wouldn’t be long.

She said we should just get ready for when he arrived, so she started to get the DVD ready.

I just sat making polite conversation.

The DVD player had been moved into the lounge from the bedroom so needed connecting up to the TV, she started to bend right over to do it.

Her jeans were pulled skin tight across her ass and I could see black lacy underwear peeking out of the Kadıköy Esmer Escort top.

Almost immediately my cock was rock solid, I suppose I should have got up and helped but I was mesmerised.

By this time she was on all fours struggling with the leads, her ass jutting proudly in the air.

All I could think about was just ripping her jeans off and jumping her from behind, when suddenly…….RING!!!, the phone shot into life and made us both jump.

She got up and answered it. I listened idly, still with the sexy images burnt into my mind.

She hung up, seeming a little pissed off.

“Sorry, Dave has a bit of car trouble, I need to pop out. He’s only round the corner”


“Yeah, ill be gone 5 minutes max”

“You want me to come” I said

“No!, Just sit tight ill be back in 5 minutes, no longer!”

She pulled her coat on and started tying her shoes…..I was feeling a huge undercurrent of excitement but I knew I would have to be quick

“Be right back” she called from the front door.

As soon as I heard the door shut, I was up in a flash.

I ran to the stairs and started to climb, by the time I reached the top I was taking the stairs two at a time.

I got to the top and walked across the landing Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort into her room

I knew I was on very short time.

I pulled open the first drawer. It was full of brushes and hair gels….No luck

I quickly pulled open the next drawer but it just some jumpers.. Shit!

I looked around quickly and saw a little chest of drawers by the bed, I walked over and pulled open the top drawer.

Oh my God!, in it there was the most sexy assortment of underwear I had ever seen. loads of different styles all hot as fuck.

But I knew I didn’t have time to window shop!.

I looked at a couple or pairs that caught my eye.

A black lacy thong…..not bad.

A pair or red lacy knickers…better.

Then I saw a pair of lacy pink French knickers, my cock twitched as I picked them up

Visions flooded my mind of my best friends girlfriend wearing them and only them, I lifted them to my face and inhaled deeply, I was panting like an animal.

I couldn’t contain it any longer. I dropped to my knees and pulled frantically at my belt buckle, I managed to unbuckle it and yank my jeans and boxers down.

My cock sprang out, angry, red and dying for attention.

I wrapped her underwear around my cock and began Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort pumping furiously. It felt so good

I was gasping and murmuring under my breath the whole time. Little pieces of imaginary conversation kept falling from my lips. I could hear myself calling her a slut and asking her how much she wanted it

In under a minute I felt a surge in my cock, I gripped as hard as I could and fucked her knickers for all it was worth.

Then my cock exploded,

I let out a long grunt as I felt hot cum seeping into her underwear whilst I carried on fucking her now soaking wet knickers.

I was gritting my teeth so hard they started to hurt, writhing and moaning as I emptied the last of my cum.

Slowly the feeling subsided. My panting became less and my grip released.

Her now nearly unrecognisable knickers slid slowly down my cock and fell with a moist sound onto the floor.

I just sat there for a minute, half naked covered in cum

Suddenly I heard a car in the driveway.

I jumped up and pulled my jeans back up, grabbing her soaking knickers I shoved them in my back pocket, shut the drawer and bounded back down the stairs.

I jumped back on the sofa just as the door opened and they both walked in

“Hi!” Dave said

“Hey, what’s up” I replied.

“Useless damn car, Sorry to make you wait” he said before looking at the unconnected DVD player

“You could have set that thing up!” he joked

I laughed back

“Haha. Yeah sorry about that….I was busy”.

….He never found out what I meant.

The End

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