Under Her

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Foreword: This story is a sequel to CO-ED TANDEM BEER PISSING CONTEST.


Tameka leaned forward at her word processor, trying to overcome the writer’s block which had hit her earlier in the day. She had been sitting there for nearly eight hours straight without once moving away from her desk. She leaned over and poured her umpteenth cup of coffee from her Coffee Glutton automatic coffee maker, took a sip, then began to idly tap her fingernail on the desk.

She took a sip of coffee when a snork came from under her crotch, momentarily breaking her concentration. She looked down at his pasty white chin and neck between her coal black thighs. She rocked back, lifting her pussy up off from Jack’s mouth, to let him take a breath, then rocked forward again pressing her cunt tightly on his mouth. His nose was inserted slightly up her asshole, and she occasionally pinched his nostrils with her sphincter muscle, not that it made any difference in his ability to breathe through his nose.

So far, she had written 2000 words, half of her column. She started a new paragraph and had just written two more sentences when she sighed and bore down on Jack’s face, forcing his jaw open with her crotch, and emptied her bladder into his mouth once again.

Writing Bondage in the City for the City Screamer was an easy job, but she tended to procrastinate, putting off writing the column until the weekend.

However, this weekend was different. Last night, she had gone to Edge Play to be a spectator at one of the club’s infamous weekly co-ed tandem beer pissing contests. In such a contest, the bottom lies on his back with a tube over his cock and dangling into a small pitcher, and where the top sits on his face and chugs beer as she pees into his mouth.

She was in the audience when one of the contest judges announced that there was a single guy who needed a top and asked for a volunteer from the audience. She was hesitant at first, but he was cute and she thought, “What the hell!” and raised her hand to volunteer.

They even came in second place!

After the contest, she had invited him to come home with her to be her toilet slave. Lucky for him, she was so drunk when they got to her place that she shackled him to the sofa and let him sleep in relative comfort until morning, and she went straight to bed.

Of course, Tameka put Jack under her ass as soon as she got up and started writing her column. It was great to be able to sit on his face at her computer and drink cup after cup of coffee without having to get up to go to the toilet. Though, she imagined, his adult diaper must be soaked by now!

She had only ordered Jack to change his diaper once so far since she started work on the column this morning. She also felt the urge to take a dump coming on, and she needed to let a fart out. She rocked back to let him exhale, but immediately pressed her pussy onto his mouth before he could inhale again. She relaxed her sphincter muscle and let the gas slowly blow out her ass as he slowly inhaled.

“I suppose it’s time for a break,” she muttered to herself after he had inhaled her fart.

She stood, stretching her arms over her head, and then swung her leg over Jack to stand along side him. She pulled the wheeled, padded workout bench, on which Jack was bound, out from under her desk, and unbelted his wrists and ankles.

“Go change your diaper, slave. And be quick about it! I need you back in service so I can take a dump.”

“A dump, Mistress?” Jack asked.

“Yes, slave. A dump. A shit. I hope you’re hungry.”

“You’re joking, right, Mistress?”

Losing her patience with her inexperienced newbie slave, she shackled his wrists and ankles again and then turned her back to his head and sat back down. His diaper can wait. She adjusted herself, positioning her asshole over his mouth. She wiggled once more as his nose slid into the opening of her pussy.

She felt the sensation building in her bowels of having to shit — that woozy feeling in her intestines — that pressure pushing at her asshole from inside. She inhaled, relaxed her sphincter, and pressed. She grimaced as she felt that pleasant sensation of a lump of shit sliding slowly out her anus. A moment later, she let another lump ooze out her asshole into her slave’s mouth.

Tameka has had numerous toilet slaves at her service, and knew the horror that this one was experiencing in having a woman shit directly into his mouth Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort for the first time. The full weight of her body pressed her asshole to his lips with such force that there was no way he could spit any out. His nose up her pussy meant that he would have to hold his breath until she finished her shit.

Tameka grunted and slowly pushed another log out her ass. Then one more. She remained seated for a few seconds more until she was sure that she was done.

She stood as Jack let out an explosive breath, brown liquid dribbling out the corners of his mouth and down his cheeks.

“Slave!” Tameka shouted. “Swallow my shit and lick up the drips going down your cheeks before they stain my bench!”

Jack sat up a little and started chewing. He swallowed once, twice, and three times before he stuck his tongue out and licked the corners of his mouth.

“I feel sick, Mistress,” Jack moaned.

“Get used to it, slave. Lie back down.”

Jack lied back down on the bench and Tameka sat back down with her ass over his mouth. “Now lick me clean, slave.”

Jack licked the drippy shit from around her asshole.

“There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?” she asked.

“No, mistress.”

“Good. Now that you’ve had your lunch, it’s time for mine.”

Tameka unshackled Jack again commanding, “While I have dinner, go change your diaper, and then return to your place.”

Jack went into the bathroom as she went into the kitchen to nuke a microwave dinner. After the dinner was hot, she ate it at her dining table for the next twenty minutes or so.

Upon finishing dinner, she returned to her desk where Jack was dutifully waiting for her. She shackled him again, rolled him back under her desk, and took her seat on his face.

About a half-hour later, the phone rang. Tameka reached next to her PC and answered it, “Hello.”

“Hi Edris! What’s happenin’ girl?”

“Really? Congratulations! They pay pro rates?”

“Twenty five cents a word! Whooeee! You’s in the big time now girl!”



“Okay, the Greenwich Sistah Critique Group is meeting Wednesday night at Charity’s place. Got it! See you there.”

“Bye now!”

Tameka resumed working on her column, diligently working into the wee hours of the night.

At one slow moment during the night, she poked her finger into her navel and started digging the crud out of it. She rolled it between two fingers as she dug a little more, adding that to the blob. She continued until she nearly got her navel raw from digging into it and got all the crud that she could get out. She rocked back and dropped the blob of navel crud into Jack’s mouth and then rocked forward again sealing his mouth with her cunt.

She continued writing until she wrapped up her column around two in the morning. Then she e-mailed the manuscript to her editor so that he would have it first thing Monday morning. Finally, she stood and stretched again and told Jack to change his diaper and wait in her bedroom.

Tameka went to her bedroom closet and changed into her nightgown. Jack walked in a few moments later.

“Slave, before I go to bed, I need to give you a lesson.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered.

She pointed to a large doggy mat on the floor and said, “You will sleep on that tonight. But first I want you to come here over by my bed and kneel backwards onto your hands facing the ceiling.”

He did so. Then she straddled his head facing the top of his head and squatted slightly, pressing her pussy against his mouth. A moment later, she emptied her bladder into his mouth once again.

“Now clean me,” she commanded. he licked her pussy clean.

She climbed off him and said next, “You will take that position immediately whenever I say ‘toilet’ during the night.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Then after you cleaned me, you can go back to your bed.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now, get in your doggy bed, slave — until I need you.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He curled up in the dog bed to sleep.

Tameka got in her bed and closed the light, saying, “Good night, slave.”

“Good night, Mistress,” he answered.

Tameka did use Jack once or twice during the night. With the command, ‘toilet,’ he dutifully positioned himself by her bedside in the moonlight and she squatted over his sleepy face Kadıköy Çıtır Escort to empty her bladder into his mouth. He cleaned her as instructed and she returned to bed and back to sleep.

Tameka slept late the following morning. Around ten or so, she called out to Jack when she woke, “Good morning, slave.”

“Good morning, Mistress.”

“You were very good yesterday and last night.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Today, your service to me will be more pleasant for you. I want you to go and take a shower. I’ve laid out a towel, washcloth, a fresh bar of soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash in the bathroom for you. Take your time. Enjoy your shower.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you. You’re very kind.”

“Return to me here when you’re done with your shower.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Tameka rolled over and went back to sleep while Jack showered.

About a half-hour later — Tameka didn’t watch the minutes — Jack returned to her side.

“You look nice and clean, slave. Very good.”

She stepped out of bed and pulled the blankets up, smoothing them out. Then she lied back down on the bed on her back.

“Slave, give me a tongue bath. I want you to do every spot of flesh that is accessible to your tongue. I’ll roll over when it’s time for you to do my back.”

Jack started with her forehead, working his way around her face. When Jack got to her mouth, she puckered her lips and drew his tongue into her mouth, bringing their lips together. Tameka held the kiss for several seconds as their tongues caressed each others’. Finally, she released his tongue and allowed him to resume his task. She nearly giggled when he got to her nose and inserted his rolled-up tongue up each of her nostrils.

This boy’s thorough she thought to herself.

He worked his way down each of her arms, first one then the other. He dallied on each finger, giving each finger a thorough sucking.

Then he returned to her torso, covering the expanse of skin that covered her chest and abdomen. It delighted her when he lingered a little longer than necessary on each of her nipples. He even dug into her navel with his tongue to get any crud that she may have missed the previous night.

Of course, he eventually reached her crotch. He sucked on her pubic hair, swirling the hairs with his tongue before progressing to her most intimate spot. She spread her legs to allow him to fit his head in and he started licking the skin around the outside of her pussy.

“Don’t miss any flesh that you can get to with your tongue,” she reminded him.

On that cue, he moved directly into her pussy and started licking it all around.

“Make me come, slave.”

Jack attacked her pussy in earnest at that order. He licked the perimeter inside her pussy up and around above her clit and back down again, then up the center past her hole and over her clit, then back down the center again. Then up around the perimeter. Then up and down the center. His teasing was driving Tameka nuts, but she loved it. For a white boy, he sure knew how to work a pussy with his tongue! And then — and then he started sucking on her clit — hard! In and out and in and out he sucked it. Tameka had never come so quickly in her life! Nor so powerfully! She was rocking and shaking and quivering like mad. And he was still sucking her clit like a lollypop as she came.

After coming for nearly ten minutes straight, she didn’t want him to stop, but it was starting to hurt. So she commanded him to resume his task.

He continued down one leg to her foot, then down the other leg to the other foot. He was even thorough with her toes, sucking each toe thoroughly, then working his tongue into the spaces between toes.

Having completed every possible spot that he could reach with her lying supine on her back, she rolled over prone onto her chest. He started from the top again, working his tongue into her scalp between her braided hair. He progressed down the back of her neck, down her spine and surrounding flesh. He licked one ass-cheek clean, then the other. Then he went down the middle, thoroughly licking her ass crack lower and lower. She considered telling him to skip her asshole, not just for his sake, but she wasn’t sure if she would enjoy having him stick his tongue deep up her asshole. Yet after giving it some thought, she knew that she couldn’t let him off that part of the task — it was his duty Kadıköy Elit Escort as a slave to do every spot on her body, even if she didn’t really enjoy it. But he surprised her — he didn’t just jab his tongue painfully up her rectum. He licked it, and around it, and probed gently into it, taking his time with it, but without forcing his tongue in too deep. The way he was doing it was actually pleasurable. She had never really enjoyed being rimmed before.

He finally got past her as and started his way down the back of her legs, first one, then the other.

Finally, he did the soles of her feet, and he was done.

“Good job, slave! Excellent!”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Come into the kitchen with me. As a reward for your talented tongue, I’m going to let you have brunch with me.”

“That’s very kind of you, Mistress.”

“How do grits and hash browns sound?”

“I’ve never had grits, but I’m sure they’re good.”

“Then follow me.”

Tameka and Jack went into the kitchen, and Tameka started preparing the meal. I didn’t take long and she set two plates on the table in her dining nook.

“Dig in!” she said.

They ate and talked the rest of the afternoon. Tameka asked him how he got into the scene, and told him how she loved being a domme.

“Don’t tell anyone I said this,” she said, “but I think it’s totally outrageous for a black woman to have a white guy for a slave! Even if it’s just for a weekend.”

Jack said, “That’ll be our secret, Mistress,” and they both laughed.

After a time, Tameka looked at her watch and said, “Lord! Look at the time! I gots to get you back to Edge Play before they send out the posse!”

“But you didn’t buy me in a slave auction, Mistress. You just invited me home after the contest. So I don’t think you got to get me back to the club. But I would appreciate a ride back to Penn Station from here.”

“Sure! No problem. But first, follow me,” she said with a sly grin.

She walked to the bedroom with Jack following her. She lied on the bed and looked up at jack, licking her lips.

“Do you want another tongue bath, Mistress.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Mistress?” Jack looked astonished.

“Mount me and fuck me, slave. Now!”

Jack climbed on Tameka’s supine body, placing his legs between hers. He lowered his head down and kissed her. She eagerly took his kiss and groped inside each others’ mouths with their tongues for several minutes. Tameka knew how wet she was, and she could feel his hard-on poking her pussy, so she reached up and pulled his ass down, as if giving him the final go-ahead. She felt him poking, trying to get it into the hole, and then he slid into her. She had a talent of her own — she squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles so tight that he let out a “yelp” of pleasure. She continued milking his cock with her pussy and it didn’t take long for him to explode into her. She was a little disappointed that he came so fast, but he was such an obedient and talented slave — letting her sit on his face non-stop all day yesterday while drinking a near constant flow of piss and shit from her and then serving as her bedpan last night — that he deserved his reward. And it wasn’t like she wasn’t enjoying it either, of course. She would have done this with him if he wasn’t cute and didn’t turn her on.

Jack had spent himself and Tameka let him lie on top of her while she stroked his back with one hand and ran the other through his hair. That’s one thing she’ll give white guys, she thought, their hair is always so soft and fluffy, and feels so good to run her fingers through.

They nearly fell asleep in their embrace with Jack on top of her when she looked over at her clock on the nightstand by her bed.

“Oh crap, look at the time!” Tameka said.

“Huh?” Jack answered sleepily.

“C’mon, slave. It’s time for you to go. I’ll give you a ride to the train like I promised.”

Tameka and Jack both got dressed and they took the elevator down to the parking garage under her apartment building. She drove out onto the streets of Brooklyn, down to the Battery Tunnel, up into Manhattan, past the ruins of Ground Zero, and up to 34th street to Penn Station.

She stopped in the underpass between the Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.

Just before Jack exited the car, Tameka said, “You’ll be my slave again, Jack, right?”

“Sure, Mistress.”

“Hey, now that it’s over, I’m Tameka, er, Tammy. And only special friends get to call me that.”

“Yeah, I definitely want to be your slave again, Tammy!”

“Gimme a kiss before you go,” she said.

Jack and Tameka kissed once again, their tongues wrestling briefly before they parted ways.

– END –

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