Toys, White Satin, and a Story

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Nanci, I know I wasn’t supposed to tell you this.

There is this sachet I keep with me, which will be part of the day when I’ll finally meet you.

I saw it being used in a movie and I plan to introduce it on the first day you’ll give yourself to me.

I will hide it, away from you prying eyes… on that particular day, I’ll make sure we have all the time in the world, the phones will be off, the hotel room door locked, with that “Do not disturb” sign by the handle… alone, just you and me.

I will gallantly offer you a long and soothing bubble bath and massage; I know I won’t fool you; you will suspect immediately about my sinister ideas but you’ll rightly assume, better get something extra by following the game… Little you know.

We’ll have a nice Jacuzzi tub in our in-suite bathroom, so I will fill it up with very warm water, add bath salts to help with relaxation; add bubbles; fill a glass with your favorite red wine, maybe place the book I saw you reading on our first date beside the tub and I’ll invite you to enjoy the calmness and soothing music I’ll put on the bedroom stereo.

All the while you will be enjoying the undivided attention, smiling in wonder to what I have in my mind. I will leave you alone reading while I go out to the bedroom to do the finishing touches of my sinister plan.

I requested for the sheets to be of a crisp clean white so they could be immaculate and soft; don’t want any other sensation to interrupt my plans.

I will remove the covers; leaving only the bottom sheet and the extra pillows from the closet

I will bring, and place on the bed one of my 9 ½ week style of white satin chemise with matching white charmeuse satin string bikinis that I adore so much. I pulled my sachet from its hiding place and place its content under the pillows on my side of the bed.

I will put on my night table a bottle of Nivea cream and massage oil… From my sachet will take one of my many white satin belts that I often use to blindfold my lovers to tie our hands and feet to the bed when feeling kinky.

I know that my own excitement will be evident by this time. I’ll check to make sure the batteries on the toys are new and will test it to make sure everything is in order. Bostancı Yabancı Escort It will be.

After a good twenty minutes I’ll invited you to come out, which you would shyly, wrapped in the freshly clean white towels that I had strategically left beside the tub… I will notice by then, your growing nervousness at such an extreme and unusual show of care in my part; wondering perhaps what were you exposing yourself to.

Gently I’ll help you dry yourself and put on the chemise and kneeling I will help you slide on those lovely panties… I will tell you to relax and innocently will show you the substances that I promised are going to do wonders on you… you’ll smile at me with a hint of what inevitably be the look of restrained fear.

Lovingly I will grab your hand and I’ll lead you to my side of the bed; sit you at the edge, ask you to sit farther back so the back of your knees will be directly over the edge of the bed… I promised you that nothing is going to happen that you would someday regret; I just ask you to just trust me.

You will nod and let out a long sight, forcing away any fears. I will tell you that I am going to give you a foot massage with the Nivea cream but that in order for you to properly enjoy it, I have to limit your sensory inputs; so I will pull the satin belt and asked you to not remove it under any circumstances…. You’ll agree with signs of a returning nervousness.

I will tie the soft belt, like I have done it many times before; making sure there was no way for you to peek under the soft fabric.

You’ll be told to lay back and enjoy the soft music and my gentle massage. Let your arms dangle over your head and surrender yourself to my machinations.

I would have placed a small plastic, but sturdy, closet step at the side of the bed; will sit on it, right between your legs.

I will put a bit of cream on my hands and I’ll get a hold of one of your feet and I will start giving you a very competent massage; I’ll know when you are enjoy it enormously when I heard your sighting and moaning when I go over a stiff spot… I will go over it for at least ten minutes before switching to the other feet; will repeat the experience until the expected and Bostancı Yeni Escort pleasant result of when you start to softly moan clearly getting aroused by the experience.

Once done with you feet, I’ll now put the massage oil in my hands, rub it vigorously until it gets very warm and I’ll grab your ankle and place your feet against my chest while standing, I will place my hot and oil drenched hands on your thighs and you’ll let out a soft cry of pleasure.

I’ll proceed to massage the whole length of you leg, getting dangerously close to your groin; focusing specially on the back of your thighs, massaging vigorously to allow the muscles to relax, I will do this for a while, alternating between the two legs, focusing on relaxing any hard sport in your muscles, and by now I know you’ll be thoroughly enjoying it, your fears obviously forgotten. I see your body starting to move, side to side, your hips gently thrusting upwards, you’re moaning increasingly, obviously in ecstasy.

My excitement would have increased enormously at seeing all this movement and reactions. But you cannot tell as yet.

I will grab your hips and brought you very close to the edge of the bed, until your buttocks sit pretty much halfway at the edge. I’ll sit again in the little step, gently spread you legs even further and I will then plant a long kiss on your warm and already moist pubis right on top of the delicious white satin panties… Now you will let out a louder moan.

Sinking my whole face between your legs, smelling your highly aroused pussy… I just love so much the smell of a hot, and wet, shaved pussy (When possible, I love to sleep with used, but still clean, panties by my face as that sweet smell clings to the soft fabric).

I will start sinking my teeth on your warm softness, softly nibbling about, with you in full ecstasy, moaning and wriggling your hips in desperation.

I will slide my arms under your bum, raising you hips, bringing you even closer to me; effectively preventing any attempt to escape from your part.

I’ll slide the edge of the panties, exposing your pinkish and blood engorged love box and lick you furiously until reaching an equally furious and violent orgasm… you’ll quickly Bostancı Masaj Salonu began to squirt, drenching the sides of my face and my chin.

At some point I will put you down… Obviously you’ll be expecting me to penetrate you with my hard rod, but no; I will take one of my favorite toys from under the pillow, putting generous quantities of lubricant and I will ram it violently into your pulsing flesh… this will be a sensation that you would not expect and you’ll hold your breath for a moment.

By then I’ll continue to stab you with the toy still off, the multiple surface variables of it creating an unbelievable friction; your now openly squirting pussy will clench and try to fight the stranger without success… I will push all the way in, now the little clitoral stimulator pressing firmly against your fully exposed clit; then I will turn the machine on… I’ll see you jump!!

My toy has some interesting features; the top half wiggles stimulating the farthest reaches of the vagina; the beads at the center rotate under the transparent soft plastic, massaging the most sensible part of the vagina; the entrance and the inner lips, while the funny looking twin pronged part vibrates wildly against the clitoris… a full treatment I can say.

My babe, you will go wild with it and it will be impossible to avoid the unstoppable flurry of orgasms that will take control of your body… when you, in sheer desperation, try to escape, I will jump on top, straddling your legs with my legs, while keeping the toy inside and pushing it to the maximum… your juices will be flowing unimpeded, freely staining the beds and the floor; your moans becoming louder and I could not wait any longer, throwing the toy aside, I’ll jump off the bed…

Putting your legs on my shoulders I will fuck you like an animal, sinking my hard shaft deep inside of you, thrusting furiously, making you come a couple times before my own brutal orgasm reaches me, sending my senses into oblivion.. Perfectly in sync with one of yours…

I feel now my pumping juices overflowing you while your own spasms increase the pressure over my aching penis.

Sated and exhausted, I will lay on top of you panting, my face between your heaving chest, nested lovingly between your soft breast.

Air will manage to return to our bodies and rolling off to the side, I’ll spoon your body, bringing it as close as possible to mine, enveloping you… and surrendering ourselves to the well deserved sleep.

Very nice planning and good investment if you ask me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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