Co-ed Correction Ch. 03: The Long Week

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That night I went home and looked over the checklist.

To Purchase:


-One Vibrator

-One Butt Plug

-One Dildo

-Ball Gag

-One Silk Tie

– One Paddle or Flogger

-One Crop

– Clothespins or Nipple Clams




-A Blindfold

-BDSM or School Girl Pornography

-School Girl Outfit


-Other Plugs or Dildos

-Vibrating Panties

-Toys that interest you

I thought about all these toys. I’d heard of them all, seen some of them used in porn, but the most adventurous I’d ever been was with a cheap vibrator a college roommate gave me as a gag gift. I wondered what a prod was, and upon googling it said out loud “uh- maybe some other time.” I was glad the flat I was renting was fairly private and quiet, as my musings and interjections would have definitely disturbed a roommate or a neighbor through a thinner wall. Some of this stuff was new, but I was excited to try it. And I really wanted to do well on my assignment for Prof. Wagner.

I ordered everything I was assigned from Amazon, shipped Prime, including the panties and garter set. The prepaid card Prof. Wagner gave me covered what seemed like quality, but not too expensive, toys. And I figured Amazon packaging would be the most discreet and easy to explain if my parents chanced to drop by. Then I chose cuffs, a blindfold, istanbul escort a school girl outfit, rope and vibrating panties and added those to my order. I was so turned on by my shopping spree that I was tempted to touch myself again, but didn’t dare to in case I came. I took a screenshot of the order confirmation and emailed it to the professor through his private account. He sent back a reply fifteen minutes later:

“Well done. I’m sure we will both enjoy your new toys, pet.- JW”

Then there was the book. It was a descriptive guide of a healthy D/S relationship, which I found very helpful and comforting. It was clear that he wanted me to be fully informed and safe, and I found his mix of risky mid-day encounters at school and his concern for my health and happiness to be a funny, but very positive, contrast.

All week I’d stare at the packages arriving in my mailbox and wonder what he was going to do with them. I went to bed, touched myself for him, tossed and turned with frustration, excitement and nervousness, and finally fell asleep late into the night.

I did well at first, completing my assignment each night and texting him

“18 minutes Sir. I was thinking about being blindfolded as your tongue explored me. I did not come. Feeling so horny, so frustrated. Being a good girl for you.”

“17 minutes Sir. I imagined you spanking me with the riding crop and filling my mouth with escort bayan your hard cock while my hands are cuffed. I did not come. I need you so bad. Being as obedient as possible.”

“15 minutes Sir… I imagined you tying me down and fucking my pussy so hard the bed breaks while digging your fingers into my neck. Please. I need you. I did not come.”

On the fifth night, I touched myself for 20 minutes. My legs were shaking, and I could feel sweat running down my back as I rubbed my clit and slid my fingers up and down my hole. I was hungry for his big hard dick, for his hands smacking my breasts and ass, for his voice commanding me. I wanted to feel my body stinging and straining, to feel the cuffs chafe against my wrist. I wanted him to order me to cum all over while he filled every hole with toys, occasionally switching them out for his cock, fingers or tongue. I kept touching myself, not thinking about the consequence, and I came, squirting all over my white sheets. I came again and again, as if I didn’t have any control, until finally my hands stopped moving and I could catch my breath.

It was 9:50, later than I usually texted, and when I calmed down and looked over at my phone on the bedside table there was a message. I opened it with dread.

“Pet? I’m waiting for my report.”

I had to come clean. I felt so ashamed, and scared now that I was definitely going to be punished. And what’s Kadıköy escort worse, I didn’t feel satisfied the way I normally did after touching myself. I was still horny, still hungry for his rough treatment.

“Sir, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. Thinking about what you might do to me with all these toys, I touched myself for 20 minutes… and I came.”

I sent the text and sighed. His response came a few minutes later.

“Disappointed. You will be punished. Take a shower. Do not touch your pussy for the rest of the week. You are not allowed to, you have to earn that privilege back. You will place an ice pack in your panties, send me a picture, and go to bed with it melting between your legs. You may remove it at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. Not a minute earlier.”

I got out of bed and flipped on the lights. I walked to the shower and took a quick one, rubbing the soap over my breasts, under my arms and around my pussy quickly to get the sweat without arousing myself again. I rinsed out my hair, dried off and slid on new panties and a big t-shirt. In the kitchen I hesitated a little as I dropped ice cubes into a Ziploc bag, knowing I had an uncomfortable night ahead of me. But fearing what the punishment would be, I did as I was told and sent the picture, the ice tingling against my still pulsing pussy.

“Better. 2 days Pet. The ice will teach you to better control yourself. Good night.”

That night was intense. My pussy was numb and my already soaked sheets were cold and uncomfortable. I didn’t fall asleep until close to 4, as the cold pack finally softened.

I knew I deserved every minute for my disobedience. And that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

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