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Oh, I just can’t believe it! I’m an airline stewardess and have a layover in New Orleans and all the others of the flight crew only wanted stay at the Hotel and get a good night sleep. So here I am at a strip club, by myself, thinking that maybe I could get a little girl action, but that stripper was just using me as another customer! Maybe it’s the drinks, but looking at her, all I wanted to do was feel her skin against mine. I wanted to feel her lips against mine. Not that I’m usually like that or anything, I don’t know, there was just something about her that turned me on.

Oh well, guess I’ll use the ladies room and head back to my hotel room. Alone!

Oh my god, I can’t believe it. Here’s my stripper in the lady’s room putting on her make-up. This is my chance. I feel like a little school girl with a crush. My god look at those legs. And the way she’s leaning over the counter to look in the mirror, what a nice butt. Look at those nice lips and those eyes!

“Hi, I like your dancing.”

“Oh Hi, yeah weren’t you sitting at the bar when I was performing.”

She recognizes me! “Yup, that was me.” I need to say something or she will just walk out. “So, can I buy you a drink?”

She looks around for a moment but says, “Not really! Look I have plans for tonight already. So, have a good night and maybe I’ll see you in here again sometime. Bye, Bye, honey.”

She turns and walked out the door.

I was disappointed, but I was pissed. She blew me off without getting to know me! I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. That’s when I heard one of the toilets flush. In the mirror, I could see that from out of one of the stalls walked this beautiful brunette, with dark brown eyes. I’m thinking she might be a stripper too. She actually walks over behind me.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s a bitch anyway. I was hitting on her one night and she just played me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I could tell the way you were talking to her that you were hoping for a little bit more than just to watch her dance tonight. Am I right?”

“Well no, I was just being friendly.”

“Look Honey, No one comes to a stripper bar “just to be friendly”. But no offense. You were acting like you were waiting for her to pick you up! If you know what you want. You must show her that you want her. You have to send her a message.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Well if you’re like me, although you love the feel of a man, you’re tired of guys who are either done way to early or they have no idea how to pleasure a woman. And so, you thought that a woman could provide a new pleasure to your life. Am I right?”

I could see her in the mirror and this girl was beautiful. She had that “almond” shaped face with those deep dark eyes, outstanding red lipstick framed a sensual mouth. Just beautiful skin and tone. She was wearing a skin-tight, black evening dress that accented all of her body. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and if she had any panties on, that dress would have shown the lines. Is this goddess trying to pick me up?

“Well? Am I right?”

Shyly I managed, “Your right!”

She moved closer to me and started running her fingers through my hair. “You’re very pretty. I love the color of your hair?”

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Natasha. And don’t even tell me your name, I’ll just call you Sunshine, because of the way you smile and your eyes sparkle.”

She now spoke more in a soft tone, with just a bit of a Russian accent and sensual, “Oh Sunshine, I understand you honey, you just hate it when you go back to some guy’s hotel room and he gets you all excited and before you know it he’s rolling over and going to sleep and you’re in the bathroom masturbating!”

“You got that right.”

She sings, “Wham bam thank you mam.”

We both laugh, and now her hands are gently rubbing my shoulders (actually, more of a caress)

“So, listen to me, if you’re going to try to pick up a woman, you’re the seducer! What does a guy say or do that makes you want him? If he just walks up to you and says, “Want to go have sex?” or “Can I buy you a drink?” You would tell him to get lost. But look at how I’m seducing you. I giving you compliments and görükle escort getting to know you and I’m already running my hands through your hair and touching you and we’re laughing? And with each moment I’m getting closer to that delicious body of yours.”

“Seducing me! What!”

“Oh Sunshine, let’s be adults here. I see you checking my body out in the mirror. You can just tell that I want you from my touch and from the way I look at you.”

She took my ear in between her lips and sucked on my ear! I could feel her tongue licking my ear as she sucked. She whispered, “You’ve been wondering just how sweet a woman is and just how much better a woman can please you! I’m going to show you how to please a woman and then you can please me! You just stand here and let me please you.” and with that, she dropped her hands down and I could feel here fingernails following my legs up the back and to my butt cheeks. She then put her whole mouth around my ear and used her tongue to fuck my ear with her tongue!”

“So Sunshine, you’ll just stand here and respond to my touch.”

I couldn’t believe my luck! This beautiful girl was going to teach me by eating my pussy!

“Oh… yes!” was all I could manage to moan. I was so turned on. I’m watching myself in the mirror being taken by this beautiful woman. She was right. I couldn’t wait to find out just how sweet a woman was. She turned me around and put a long slender finger to my lips. I closed my eyes as she tenderly traced my lips.

“Suck my finger babe.” and as I did as I was told, “Suck my finger the way you’re going to suck my nipples, the way you’re going to suck my clit, the way I’m going to suck your lovely tits, the way I’m going to suck your love button. Oh… my virgin honey pie, press your leg between my legs like I’m doing to you.”

She took her finger out of my mouth and for a moment just looked me in the eyes, her hands were on my ass and so I dropped my hands down to the perfect mounds of her butt. Oh my god. Her ass was so firm and tight. I started massaging her butt softly at first, but it didn’t take me long until I was in a rhythm of squeezing her butt cheeks and grinding my leg in between her. I could feel the heat from her wet pussy on my leg. I was breathing passionately and hard. Every time I pumped my leg into her she closed her eyes and gave a slight moan. Those long slender fingers were digging into my butt and if we kept this up I was thinking I would orgasm just doing this.

She abruptly stopped and looking deep into my soul said, “I want you… I want you so bad!”

I wanted her. I wanted her mouth on my pussy more than anything I wanted before. I wanted her to ravage me, rip off my clothes and eat my pussy right now.

But, as if in slow motion, she brought her face closer to mine until our lips touched, it was magical, her lips were so soft, so pleasing, she gently moved her lips over my lips and kissed me and teased me with her tongue.

“And I want you… I want you to lick me and please me.”

With that, she broke from my embrace and started walking away, started walking toward the door. My mind was racing, my heart was aching, my blood was boiling, my pussy was soaked! She can’t be leaving me here, not now!

She reached for the door and twisted the lock. And shut off some of the lights. Then she turned around and start walking back to me.

“I’m going to please you more than you’ve ever been pleased before., I want to hear how much I’m pleasing you! So, describe everything I do so I know you’re enjoying it.”

I wasn’t even thinking about myself at this point, I was looking at those long slender legs and I wanted to be licking her! Pleasing her! Tasting her! Just looking at how beautiful she was, those eyes, those lips, that firm body, that succulent ass.

“I love the way you’re looking at me Sunshine, I can see you want me. but I’m going to please you first so you’ll know the way to please me like only a woman can! I love the color of your hair and the smell of you, I can’t wait to unbutton your shirt and suck on your breast. I can’t wait to rip off your pants and put my face between your legs and lick your love box and taste your sweetness!”

By the time she was standing in front of me bursa escort bayan I had my shirt unbuttoned and with one move she had both hands on my tits and passionately kissed me, deep and hard. Our tongues were dancing, we were sucking on each other’s tongues. She kept one hand on my breast and dropped the other between my legs to massage my awaiting pussy. I grabbed at her breast like a horny teenager. Her tit was so firm and the nipple was so big and hard. My other hand reached her hair and I ran my fingers all over her hair pulling her face and lips further into mine.

My hands explored her body, I ran my fingers down her back to her awaiting butt. I placed my hands on her fabulous hips, it was such a turn on to be just touching her.

I wanted her to rip off my pants and finger me deep and hard. I was so wet, wetter than I had been in a long time.

Our lips stayed locked and we kept sucking each other tongues as she took off my pants.

“Finger me deep and hard!” I pleaded.

“No babe, I’m going to tease you and make you even wetter and have you build up a nice… big… strong… flowing… orgasm for me to lick up! Don’t forget, describe everything I do so I know you’re enjoying it.”

And with that she dropped to her knees, licking my tits on the way down, and licked the lips of my pussy. Her tongue was so soft and warm. She licked again opening my pussy lips to get at my love button! What a feeling, I was getting even more turned on.

“Oh Sunshine, you smell so good and taste even better! It’s going to be heaven licking up your cum!”

And then she went down on me. She was totally correct. By describing everything she was doing it intensified the sensations. It heighten my sexual energy.

“Oh, Natasha, I love the way you’re using your tongue to gently lick my clit, it feels so wonderful!”

“And now you’re running your warm tongue over my clit and kissing it with your soft lips! Your lips are so wonderfully soft and your mouth is so sexual.”

“Oh babe, I love you sucking on my clit with soft lips while you use your thumb to gentle make small circles to the entrance of my love tunnel.”

“My pussy is on fire for you Natasha! I’m so turned on! So Hot!”

“I loved the feel of your lips. I can’t wait to suck you!”

“Each time you lick my clit, I swear my pussy starts to drip!”

“I want to push my pussy into your mouth but babe you resist and only tease me with her gentle tongue.”

“My head is spinning. Each time your soft gentle tongue licks me, I gasp for air.”

“I can feel my orgasm building, oh… your tongue feels so good and your lips are driving me mad!”

“That’s it. That’s what I need! Tongue fuck me! Oh… Yes… Use that wonderful long tongue to go deep in my love tunnel and then pull out my pussy juice, you’re fuckin driving me mad!”

“I can hear you sucking my love juices down!”

“Oh babe, do I taste good? Do you like eating my pussy?”

“Yes, tongue fuck me, yes suck my pussy!”

“I love the feel of your soft tongue and you digging your tongue further into my hole to get more of my pussy juice!”

“Oh lover, can you feel my body starting to shake.”

“You’re using your beautiful fingernails to flick my clit as you tongue fuck me, I love it. So passionate, yet so gentle!”

“I can feel my climax building. Can you feel my ass tightening? I can’t wait to cum and have you lick it all up!”

“Oh my god, … I’m… going… to cum… lick me… lick me… suck me… Let me pump my pussy into your face! Tongue fuck me deeper! Suck up my pussy juice, Suck …augh…augh!”

“Oh my luv, I’m…I’m cumming… yes, babe… lick up all my cum!”

“Can you taste my cum in your mouth, oh lick all my cum up, gently I’m so sensitive, god you know what to do!”

“I’m so sensitive you should stop now… but your tongue is driving me wild!”

“Oh. your tongue on my clit is going to making me have another orgasm”.

“Oh… Oh… Babe… Lick me… Lick me… Augh… I’m cumming again!”

“Oh, babe… can you taste my fresh cum…Suck my pussy juice. That’s it. Lick all my cum up and lick it off my legs too!”

She finally got done licking up all my cum, stood up bursa escort and we locked in a fabulous long kiss. Her hands exploring my body and my hands all over her.

She finally spoke, “I can’t believe how sweet your pussy taste! I’ve never had anything like it. You taste so good Sunshine. I couldn’t get enough of your cum. I was actually hoping you had more cum for me to lick up! Has anyone ever told you that? That your pussy is so… sweet tasting! Do you know you have a great tasting pussy!”

“Well, now it’s my turn to find out what you taste like.” I said as I looked into her eyes.

“Not tonight. I have to get home to my husband. If he found out he would divorce me! Here, write your name on this paper.”

By the time I wrote my name, she was dressed. Gave me a deep parting kiss and she was gone!


The alarm clock woke me, and although I didn’t get much sleep. I was wide awake thinking about the night before. What a great orgasm! A woman licking my pussy was so gentle, such a turn on! Oh, I wish I had gotten to taste her! Even though my pussy wanted more of her tongue, I felt great!

I heard a knock at the door and Charlene, the other flight attendant, said, “See you downstairs for the shuttle and a little breakfast?”

When I got downstairs, the captain and co-pilot and a male flight attendant, were all taking about something. I grabbed a much-needed coffee and joined them. Apparently, they were all taking about some TV program they saw last night.

Charlene filled me in, “I guess one of the bell-hoops told Jimmy about this club here in New Orleans that has pay per view live TV shows, usually of the stripper, but every now and then they have one of the strippers seduce the other stripper in the lady’s room. Well, they forgot to lock the door and this girl from the club came in and interrupted the show. So, the customer who came in got seduced by this gorgeous woman named Natasha. Even I watched a little of the show! I think the entire thing was a setup. There was only one camera and too bad, it was pointed low so you could see Natasha do her work, (if you know what I mean), so when they were standing you couldn’t see their faces. And the customer described everything like a play-by-play announcer for a football game!”

My fucking head went spinning! Are you fucking kidding me! My heart felt broken! I felt pissed off! I felt betrayed. I thought I was going to cry! What a fool I had been! Why didn’t I see that I was being used? Her voice echoed in my head!

…And don’t even tell me your name, I’ll just call you Sunshine

…So Sunshine, you’ll just stand here and respond to my touch

… describe everything I do so I know you’re enjoying it

Jim, being funny said, “Hey Joanne, you weren’t around last night, I might think that the customer was you only the girl Natasha was doing had a nicer butt. And if this Natasha ever met me, why I’ll do her and she would never want a woman again!”

“Fuck you Jimmy!” was all I could manger to say.

“See, Joanne is no Sunshine.”

All the guys were talking about how sexy Natasha was and how they would like to do her. Natasha eyes and body. And Natasha tits, what a sexy voice, those legs and Natasha this and that…, one of them using a fake voice said, “Oh you’re so sweet tasting.” And the other asshole shot back, “I can wait to find out what you taste like.”

Charlene whispered to me, “You know Joanne, I have a lovely husband and great kids, but even I at times have thought about a woman loving me! In the show last night, it was beautiful! You’re a little on the wild side, have you ever…?”

One of the guys heard this and commented, “No, Joanne likes what a man is packing. Right Joanne?”

The shuttle got to the hotel and we were just getting on when the desk clerk from the hotel ran over to the shuttle carrying one rose. “Joanne?” he asked, “This was just delivered for you with this note!”

I took the rose and before I could take the note Jimmy grabbed it. As the shuttle drove away everyone took turns reading it and finally they gave it to me.

You’re the sweetest I’ve ever had!

Call me the next time you’re in town!

Please…! Please…!

Luv Natasha

The guys didn’t say too much after that.

Jimmy smiled.

I wanted to say, “Guess I do have a nice butt after all asshole!” But I knew I didn’t have to.

But I did run my fingers through Charlene’s hair and say, “You’re very pretty. I love the color of your hair.”

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