Cum On Me Daddy!

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Big Tits

Writer’s block! The curse of all authors had descended on Roger. He mused idly that it made little difference whether the story centred on the pulling on of socks or the pulling off of cocks, when it descended it was a heartless and unforgiving bitch.

Roger was an exponent of the latter genre and was vainly seeking fresh ways to stimulate his growing band of readers. He’d had cocks large and small exploring every conceivable orifice of all genders.

He’d described pussies and anal passageways getting stuffed with virtually everything other than the kitchen sink (he pondered at this possibility but quickly dismissed it) and his incest tales had included just about every relationship combination that was possible.

He therefore decided to seek inspiration from among his fellow Literotica writers and after logging in he chose a story at random.

First impression was that he had unwittingly selected a bog standard ‘Daddy does Daughter’ effort but as he continued he became more and more intrigued as the plot unfolded.

Roger paused part way through the reading as he had this sudden urge to find out a little more about the author.

A number of points struck him as he read the ‘bio’ of what turned out to be a very sexy young lady living in Canada. First were her görükle escort declared fetishes as he read; ‘Daddy/Daughter, Brother/Sister, pretty much anything in the family, and cum. There’s got to be lots and lots of cum.’

Secondly her somewhat unbelievable claim that she was purely a fantasist and would not now or ever do anything in real life that she’d written about. Stating that she was just a shy girl with a slightly dirty mind. (Methinks that she doth protest too much!) But the item that really had Roger reaching for his now burgeoning cock was her photo.

What a stunner! Her innocent yet sexy face framed by long chestnut brown tresses, cascading over soft naked shoulders and terminating just short of the upper swell of shapely breasts held a promise of forbidden rituals to come.

Her dark seductive eyes that reflected the secret rather than the stated passion and desires of her heart and the wide generous mouth that hinted of the pleasure that it could induce for those so desirous set Roger’s ancient pulses racing as he finally freed his cock in anticipation of the story’s continuation and conclusion.

Neither he nor his favourite appendage was to be disappointed. The Canadian charmer continued to captivate and arouse them both as her unbounded bursa escort bayan love for facials consisting of copious gobbets of cum became apparent.

Roger read on and as our heroine’s Daddy sprayed his profuse seed on his daughter’s lovely innocent and unsuspecting face, sending her into totally uncharted sexual territory, so also did Roger, albeit in virtual reality format although it must be noted that daddy’s bountiful ejaculation could in no way possibly eclipse Roger’s in terms of either velocity or volume.

Wave after wave of his hot sticky cum struck the PC screen, which had erstwhile displayed her flawless features until it was now completely covered with the greyish white product of his hard pumping testicles.

So viscous was the semen that it took what appeared to be an intolerable amount of time before it slowly trickled downwards to reveal her doe-like eyes, which Roger swore had now taken on a somewhat surprised appearance, while at the same time were full of approval at the heroic act.

It was not to be the first time that Roger’s seed would be liberated that fateful day as he faithfully downloaded her picture; enlarged it before printing off a life-sized copy which he lovingly protected in plastic prior to positioning it, cock-high, bursa escort on his bedroom wall.

The following days were spent in writing hundreds of words of brilliant sex-filled material coupled with regular visits to ‘that picture’, which he remorselessly sprayed with his seemingly boundless amounts of cum whenever the dreaded ‘block’ attempted to materialize.

But now, his one overriding craving was to meet the creature of his desires to indulge in further intercourse (now now dear reader, remember Honi soit qui mal y pense!). He sensed that there was a strong affinity between them as they obviously shared sexual preferences — she apparently yearned to receive lashings of cum and he was a past master at ‘express delivery’.

Pleasant as such a tactile relationship would be in reality, Roger; above anything else was a pragmatist. He couldn’t in all reality envisage a twenty-something year old beauty accepting a face full of cum from a septuagenarian with joyful delight.

However, what he could visualize was the combining of twin talents in order to produce a veritable Magnum Opus of erotic literature. He decided there and then to contact the Canadian beauty with a view to such a literary liaison.

And who can tell — although she is an obvious sucker for ‘Daddy’s Cum’ as an overture, she could just be totally blown away when grand pop takes centre stage with his experienced baton!

Well! Did Roger achieve his goal? Did the Canadian beauty accept the invitation? Where ALL Roger’s dreams fulfilled?

Watch this space to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32