Tommy and Amy

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Tommy joined the army after he graduated from high school, not sure of what he wanted to do with his life. He discovered that he liked the military life and put in twenty years, retiring as a Chief Master Sergeant.

He went to college on the G. I. Bill and became a certified teacher of history. The best paying jobs were in high schools and he took one. It was difficult for him because he felt drawn to teen pussy, but he resisted his impulses and put in twenty years.

Tommy was still a relatively young man when he finished his career as a high school teacher. A life of leisure seemed too boring and so he enrolled in a junior college, taking courses that led to being certified as a legal assistant. His interest in teen pussy continued to be serious, some might call it obsessive. It frightened him but he was unable to control it completely. It was like an addiction.

As a young enlisted man it was not difficult to pick up teen girls; at USO clubs, church events [He found that churches were a prime source of pickups], and malls. He was very careful to check out their ages before he pursued them for sex. To his great delight, few girls turned him down.

As Tommy grew older, he discovered that picking up teen girls was more and more difficult. They treated him as if he were a dirty old man. And, he had to admit to himself, he was. He loved the feel of teen pussy under his lips, their aroma, the texture of teen pussy, and the taste compared to that of older women.

He graduated at the top of his class as a legal assistant and had the pick of several top law firms that were bidding for his services. He chose a medium-sized firm that did everything from trial work to estate planning. He felt that this would give him experience in many areas, if he chose to go on to law school.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, his interest in teen pussy did not go away. Tommy knew he was courting trouble when he took a day off to cruise past high schools at the time school let out, but he could not help himself.

His desire for teen pussy was now taking hold of his psyche. His body trembled uncontrollably as he drove along the roads where the teens walked home from high school, or waited for their buses. His eyes focused on the lithe bodies of the teen girls as they swung their hips and asses in which to him seemed to be a seductive invitation for him to pick them up. Sometimes he was right.

High school girls, he finally realized, were too dangerous. He could get in serious trouble if he picked up an underage girl. He decided to cruise the junior college from which he had graduated.

One day he cruised by the junior college just as Amy Frasier and Nancy Riordan walked hand in hand down the ramp leading to the street corner where a bus would pull up shortly. “Take a quick look around, Amy but don’t stare. I see the same car we saw yesterday,” Nancy whispered.

Amy looked around casually and made note of the odd looking silver car. It was big and boxy looking, not at all modern. Yet it had a certain charm about it. She caught a glimpse of the driver, an older man with hair to match the color of the car.

She smiled at her friend as she whispered to her, “Looks like he’s trolling for a pickup. I think we have a dirty old man here Nancy.” She giggled as she continued. “I’ve never met one. Have you?”

Nancy shook her head. “No. I haven’t. What do you think? Should we let him pick us up? We are together and I don’t see that he could do anything to us.” She smiled broadly, continuing “Unless we want him to, that is.”

Amy’s eyes widened as she looked at her friend. They had often talked about dirty old men and the cautionary advice their parents had been giving them since they were old enough to walk across the street. She and Nancy had masturbated together many a night as they created imaginary scenarios of old men picking them up and eating their pussies.

She made up her mind quickly. “Let’s Nancy. Hell. We’re of age. We can do what we want. We’ll let him take us to my house and you can get a ride home from mom when she gets home from work.” As she finished talking she led Nancy to the corner across from the junior college and looked idly up and down the street.

A couple of minutes later the same silver car came around the corner and stopped at the stop sign. A nice looking older man looked at the girls, a smile on his face.

Amy, the more daring of the two, went over to the car and leaned her head through the open window. Looking inside and then at the man, she said, “Wow. This is some car.” She meant it. The car had a huge backseat and a bench seat in front. She had never seen a car like it before.

“What’s it called? She asked.

“It’s a Checker Marathon, a 1973 model; the last one with chrome bumpers. Would you and your friend like to give it a try? I’ll be glad to take you home.”

Amy looked at Nancy as she concealed the excitement she felt. “What do you think, Nancy? Should we take a chance? He seems safe enough.”

Nancy looked kırklareli escort into the car and at the man, who seemed a bit nervous, but otherwise harmless. He’s probably scared, she thought; probably nervous about picking up young women. All this ran through her mind in just a second. Pretending to hesitate, she looked at the man closely. She was getting excited sexually by this scene. “Sure. Why not, Amy. The bus is late and I’d like to get to your house so we can play that new computer game your mom bought you.”

Tommy pulled the door release buttons to the back and front doors and the two young women clambered into the car, Amy in the front seat. Amy looked at the seatbelt arrangement and realized she had no idea how it worked. “This belt is something new to me,” she said as she looked at Tommy. “You’ll have to show me how it works.”

Tommy licked his dry lips as he looked at the svelte body of the young woman seated next to the passenger side door. He smiled as he reached across her body to get the strap that went from the right shoulder to the left waist of the passenger, his arm grazing her pert tits encased in a tight sweater. Let me show you how it works.” He told her.

His hands trembled a bit as he pulled the strap across Amy’s breasts and down to the left side of her waist. Fumbling with the sexual tension that was building inside him, he reached across her and pulled on the belt that now went across Amy’s thighs to her waist, where it joined with the other belt.

Amy pretended not to notice how much he was touching her. This was sort of fun, she thought. And he is nervous; his hands are shaking he’s so excited and I think I can see a hardon tenting his pants.

“These two parts go together and then they click into this holder by your left side.” He told her as he fastened the belt. His hands, though they did so briefly, touched her thighs and her waist, sending another little thrill of sexual excitement through his body. It had been years since he had touched a young woman’s body and even this brief contact excited him greatly.

Amy was a little amused and also excited as she felt Tommy’s hands touching her breasts, thighs, and waist briefly as he fastened the belt. He’s not feeling me up, she thought, but he is definitely getting a feel. She looked at him and saw the tension in his face. She smiled at him when he had finished. “Thanks. I would never have figured that out.” She told him.

Nancy strapped the lap belt provided for back seat passengers in this car and looked around. This is some lover’s car, she thought. I could stretch out and have sex right in this back seat. There is room for a man to get on his knees and put his head in my lap. She flushed as the thoughts of having sex in this car flashed through her mind. “Look at this back seat, Amy,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Amy twisted around to get a look into the back seat. As she did so her legs opened slightly and her tight, short skirt rose up her thighs. She caught a glimpse of Tommy staring at her thighs out of the corner of her eye as she faced the rear of the car. Oh. Oh, she thought. I didn’t mean to, but I bet I’ve given him a good look up my skirt all the way to my panties.

This thought made her excited and she held the pose as she looked around the back seat. “It is something else, Nancy,” she said, letting her legs part even more. I’ll give him a good look just in case he missed anything, she told herself.

Tommy’s cock stiffened further and definitely tented his pants as he stared up the skirt of this sexy looking young woman. He licked his lips as the thin band covering her pussy came into view. And stayed in view. Taking his eyes from her crotch, he looked momentarily at Amy’s face. She doesn’t look as if she means to be flashing me, he thought, his eyes going back to her graceful thighs and sexy panties.

Amy turned around quickly and faced the front, looking into Tommy’s face as she did. Tommy jerked his eyes from her crotch. His face flushed when their eyes met. She knows I was peeping up her skirt, he thought, but she seems unconcerned. His sexual, excitement increased as he contemplated this thought. She is cute, he thought, and though her tits are small, they look very nice: nice legs too.

“Where to, girls?” He asked. “My name, by the way, is Tommy.”

Amy put out her hand. “I’m Amy and that is Nancy in the back.”

Tommy took her hand and shook it and waved to Nancy who waved back.

Amy directed Tommy to her street. She chatted Tommy up as they drove, telling him she and Nancy were freshmen at the junior college; that they were both undecided as to what they wanted to do for a major, and both were army brats

He explained that he was a legal assistant and was taking some time off after several difficult cases that had taken a lot of his time. “I graduated from that junior college and I like to drive by it from time to time to see how it is.” He told the girls.

Nancy winked at Amy in the big mirror that ran all the way across the car above the windshield, as if to say, “I’ll bet he is just driving around. Like several times around the block where the junior college is located.”

Nancy’s house was at the end of a curved and secluded driveway that made a circle at the front of the house. Tommy took note that the house was concealed from the street by the curving driveway.

Tommy brought the car to a halt and turned to face Amy. “Here you are, safe and sound,” he told her, a smile on his face.

Nancy unbelted herself, opened her door and stepped out, calling a thank you to Tommy as she did.

Amy leaned over and gave Tommy a peck on the cheek, then put her mouth close to his ear, fanning his ear with her warm breath, she told him. “I’ll be at the same corner tomorrow if you want to bring me home and Nancy will not be with me.” Her left hand squeezed his thigh as she finished speaking. She unbelted herself quickly, opened the door and jumped out of the car.

Tommy swallowed as he stared at the girls, now waving goodbye to him, Amy’s mouth forming a kiss. He waved goodbye and drove home slowly, his mind in turmoil. His hands were shaking when he parked the car in his garage. He went into his bedroom and quickly undressed. He stroked his cock as he replayed every second of this encounter with Amy and Nancy.

Amy giggled as she told Nancy what she had said and done. “Nancy. It is time I had a mouth on my pussy,” she told her friend. “All the men we know are only interested in getting a blow job. Not one who has asked me to suck his dick has offered to eat me out. This is my best chance to get eaten out and I’m sure Tommy is up to it.”

Nancy stared at her friend. “Be careful, Amy. I want to talk with you often tomorrow. If you don’t answer your cell when I call I’m going to call the police. I made a note of his license plate number and his car is easy to spot.”

The two young women agreed that Nancy would call Amy every ten minutes on her cell phone and if Amy did not answer she would call the police. They giggled as they plotted how Amy would seduce Tommy.

Tommy was at the corner the next day, a bit early. He circled the block when Amy did not show, his hands moist, his heart fluttering as the tension mounted. Amy watched him from a concealed spot and when he came around the block for the third time she ran toward him, waving as she did.

She was excited when she got to the corner and opened the car door, especially when she saw the strain on Tommy’s face. She ran her tongue over her lips as she smiled at him. “I’m sorry I was a late, Tommy, but I had to get rid of Nancy.” She reached for the seatbelt by her shoulder, a puzzled look on her face.

Tommy smiled at her weakly as he took in her shapely body. “That’s OK, Amy. I’m glad to see you late or not.

Amy, holding the end of the seatbelt sighed, her shapely tits rising and falling as she did. She looked at Tommy. “You’ll have to show me how this works again,” she told him, a smile on her lips.

Tommy reached across her breasts, letting his arm caress them gently, slowly, as he pulled the belt to her waist. Holding it with his right hand, which was resting lightly on her left thigh, he reached across her waist with his left hand to get the other part of the belt. His hand grazed along her waist and thighs as he did so. He looked into her face as he snapped the parts together.

“That should do it,” he told her, patting the coupling, his hand resting lightly on Amy’s thigh.

Amy smiled at him. “Thanks, Tommy.” She shook her head. “It is so complicated; I may never get the hang of it.”

Tommy looked into her face. Is she telling me she wants to see me again? Does she want me to touch her each time she gets into the car? He licked his lips as he pulled away from the stop sign; his mind racing, pulse pounding.

Amy drew Tommy out as they drove toward her house, discovering he had been in the Army and had taught high school students. Just then her cell phone rang. She answered it immediately. It was Nancy, checking in. She chatted with her briefly and told her, in the code they had worked out that everything was OK.

There was a gas station/convenience store on the way to her house and Amy asked Tommy if he would buy her an ice cream. She loved ice cream sandwiches, she told him, and just had to have one. Tommy pulled into the station and bought the ice cream. They chatted as they ate their ice cream.

When they finished Tommy opened the door for Amy to get into the car. Amy looked at the seat belt arrangement, a look of exasperation on her face. She sighed and looked at Tommy. “I don’t think I’m stupid, Tommy, but will you do the belt for me again?”

Tommy did so, this time his hands and arms lingered longer as he pulled the parts together. He looked into Nancy’s face as he fastened the seatbelt pieces together, looking for any sign of rejection on Amy’s part of the way he was touching her more and more each time he fastened the seat belt. He saw none and this excited him greatly.

He let his hand linger on her thigh as he fastened the last piece together, squeezing it gently. “I don’t mind doing this, Amy. I’m glad to fasten you in every time you get into the car. And I hope that is often.”

Amy patted his hand resting on her thigh. “That’s sweet of you, Tommy. You are so thoughtful. I like that about you.” Her cell phone rang again. Once again she let Nancy know all was well.

Tommy smiled at her weakly. “Checking up on you?”

Amy smiled sweetly as she replied. “Yes, Tommy. We don’t know you and it is best not to take any chances with strangers.”

Tommy nodded his head. “I don’t blame you, Amy. It is better to be safe than sorry.” His face was honestly sincere when he went on to tell her. “I would never harm you or your friend, Amy. I like you both and want only good things to come to you.”

Amy patted his thigh as they arrived at her house. “I felt that way about you Tommy, but it is better to be careful. Do you want to see my driver’s license? I don’t want you to worry about me being underage.”

Tommy flushed and licked his lips. “Thank you, Amy. I would like to do that. It is better for me to be safe also. I don’t want either of us to be sorry that we know each other.”

Amy took her license out of her purse and showed it to Tommy, who saw that Amy was eighteen, barely, but eighteen. He let out a deep breath, relieved to have this issue out of the way.

Amy smiled at him as she put her wallet back in her purse and let Tommy unfasten her seatbelt, though they both knew she could do it herself. After all, she had the previous day. When he finished, again letting his hands and arms loiter longer than necessary on her breasts, thighs, and waist, Amy leaned toward him and let her lips brush against his.

She jumped out of the car almost before Tommy knew what she had done. As she closed the door, she thanked him for the ride and the ice cream and said she would see him again the next afternoon.

Tommy jacked off as soon as he got home, reliving every moment of the afternoon encounter with Amy. She knows what she is doing, he told himself. God. I hope I know what I am doing, but he knew he could not help himself at this point. He was hooked.

“You are so patient with me, so considerate and gentle” she told him the next afternoon after he had finished fastening her seat belt after she got into his car the next day. She put her hand over his as he rested it on her thigh. “I hope you are always this gentle with me.”

Tommy stared at her a moment before he left the stop sign. What is she telling me? She knows I am feeling her up when I fasten the seat belt. How far can I go? Can I put my hand between her thighs the next time? What does she mean by being this gentle with her always? He was almost dizzy with sexual tension as he drove.

He had again fondled her thigh as he drove and became even more daring. His hand slid up to her knee and then back toward her crotch. Slowly his hand moved up and down her inner thigh, caressing her warm, smooth, firm skin, letting the feel of her fill his being. Little sexual thrills ran over his body as he his fingers caressed her warm, smooth, taut skin.

Amy was very satisfied with the way things were progressing. She liked the feel of his hand on he thigh. Chatting about her classes and professors, pretending his hand was not coming closer and closer to her crotch each time his hand moved up and down her thigh, she let her thighs open when she turned her body to face Tommy.

Tommy glanced at her, then took a double when he saw that her thighs were open wide enough so he could get a good look at the tiny black band of her bikini panties. She knows I can see her panties, he thought. She lets me feel her up.

Tommy’s inattention to the road caused the car to move toward the curb. Amy put a hand on his thigh, squeezing it, telling him, a little giggle in her voice, “Better keep an eye on the road, Tommy. We don’t want to have an accident.”

Tommy’s face flushed as he tried to do as she said, but it was difficult, knowing a pretty girl seated just inches away from him was flashing him.

“Tommy,” Amy said to him, her left hand squeezing his thigh. “My parents are going to be late coming home. Would you take me to a movie?”

Tommy agreed and they went to the theater Amy chose. She lifted the arm rest that divided the seats when they sat down, reaching for and taking Tommy’s hand. She whispered to him, her breath fanning his ear. “I always hold hands in the theater. I hope you don’t mind.”

Tommy did not mind in the least. The back of his hand rested on her warm thigh as they watched the movie. His cock jerked in his pants, sending little drops of precum fluid into his shorts. Amy had her cell phone on buzzer and when it rang she whispered to Nancy she would call her when the movie let out, giving her the time.

Amy called Nancy while Tommy went through the ritual of fastening her seat belt. When he finished, he let his hand clasp her thigh, fingers on the inside of her thigh. Amy turned her body toward him, letting his hand remain on her thigh as she opened her legs so that he could see her panties.

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