Mrs. Sutton is Blackmailed: Final Photo

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Rod Cochran, slumped in his car seat with eyes peering over the dashboard, watched a dark-haired

woman come through the tall bronze and silver doors of the Essential Insurance Building.

“Here comes your competition, Mrs. Sutton,” he said to himself.

Rod appraised the woman as she crossed the parking lot. She was a couple of inches taller than Mrs. Sutton even without the three inch heels. She was leggier than Mrs. Sutton, but her stride had more bounce than sex in it.

“She doesn’t move like you do, Mrs. Sutton,” he said aloud

The woman was dressed in a black suit and white blouse which she wore as if it were a uniform. Power suit, Rod thought. Her rich chestnut hair flounced on her padded shoulders, softening her otherwise haughty, no-nonsense appearance.

“You look like you mean business, sweetheart. And I know what business you mean. “

She was The Woman, the woman Charlie Sutton, the top mover and shaker at Essential, was fucking. Foolishly fucking, Rod thought, for Charlie had the beautiful and insatiable Toni Sutton at home. Rod knew just how beautiful and insatiable because he had recently arranged several encounters with the gorgeous mature blond, one of which he shared with his nerdy college classmate, Tim Griffin. Those encounters had been helped along by three photos Rod had taken while watching Mrs. Sutton and Tim fuck each other crazy one afternoon in the bath house by the Sutton’s pool. The pictures had initiated Rod’s brief career as a blackmailer, a role he now wanted to shed And he hoped the woman now walking to her car was going to unwittingly help him accomplish that very thing.

Rod had a few contacts inside the corridors of Essential thanks to the fact that Rod’s father, Stacey

Cochran, was a partner in the law firm that represented the insurance company. He had found out that the woman’s name was Margo Mulhauser, twenty-six, previously married with no children, with an undergraduate degree in accounting and now studying for her CPA. Rod learned from a jealous secretary that Margo had her eye on a top position with Essential, and what better way to reach her goal than fucking Charlie Sutton.

Fucking your way to the top, eh, sweetheart? But not for long, not with Charlie Sutton anyway, Rod thought hopefully.

On the heels of that thought Sutton emerged from the building. Rod had heard plenty of stories from his parents about Charlie’s years as a football star at Clearmont College. Rod smiled as he watched the older man aggressively move through the parking lot as if heading for the goal post with a football tucked under his arm. He was still in pretty good shape, Rod observed, with broad, heavy shoulders and only a hint of a stomach.

Just as Sutton reached his Jaguar, Margo pulled out of the lot in her little red convertible, heading north on LeBlond Avenue. Rod came up in his seat and watched Charlie follow in Margo’s wake.

He started his car, sat there a moment and took a deep breath. He didn’t need to be in a hurry. He knew

where they were going and he would soon be there himself. He reached for his phone.

“Dink? It’s Rod. It’s all systems go, man. “

A voice on the other end wailed,” Cochran, I can’t believe we’re doing this. You gotta be out of your fuckin’ mind, man.”

“I am. I’ve been outta my fuckin’ mind for weeks. But I’m about to get it back. See you in a couple minutes.”

“Well, here goes nothin’, man, ” Dink said.

Rod thought, you could be right about that, Dink.

By the time Rod reached the Melish Hotel in the older part of Ravensfield, the convertible and the

Jaguar were parked side by side. They’ re certainly not concerned about being caught together, Rod thought as he pulled into a spot behind one wing of the hotel. Dink had unlocked the back security door for Rod and he raced up the steps to room 369 where he used the key card Dink had given him. Inside, in the middle of the room, Dink Melish sat before several decks of knobs and switches, watching a monitor, head-phones around his neck. Rod eased the door shut.

“Anything interesting happening yet? ” he whispered.

Dink made an impatient gesture toward the screen. ” See for yourself, man. They still got their clothes on. “

Rod glanced at the grainy, indistinct images on the screen and listened to the hollow sounding

voices of Sutton and Margo.

“Is this the best you can do? “

“Listen, man. I had to steal this stuff from security. It ain’t exactly state of the fuckin’ art, you know. And by the way, where’s my three hundred bucks? ”

Rod reached into a pocket and handed Dink a small wad of fifties. The tall blond-headed young man shoved the money into his jeans saying, ” This ain’t enough. I should’ve held you up for three thousand. If my old man ever gets wind of what I’m doing, it’s goodbye to my beautiful fuckin’ career.”

Dink was a former classmate of both Rod and Tim at Clearmont College, but dropped out after a semester to go into the family businesses, one of which was the hotel.

“You have any idea of how many laws we’re breaking by doing this shit? ” Dink complained.

“No. “

“Well I don’t either, but there’s probably a bunch, all federal. And three hundred bucks ain’t

gonna begin to pay for a fuckin’ lawyer. “

“You sound just like Tim. Always complaining. “

“Yeah? Timmy Griffin might be nerdy and all that, but betcha’ he’s too fuckin’ smart to get involved

in something like this. “

Rod had to smile. He wanted to tell Dink just how much Tim was already involved, but the less

Dink knew about the background to Rod’s scheme the better at this point. Rod took a seat on the edge

of the bed and turned his attention to the monitor.

“Can’t you make the picture any better, man? “

Dink fiddled with a couple of switches and made the picture marginally clearer. A shadowy Sutton was unbuttoning Margo’s blouse, then bringing his lips to her cleavage. She held his head between her breasts for some time, running her fingers through his graying, but still thick hair.

“Who are they anyway? The broad is a babe. I don’t recognize the old guy.”

“You should. He’s had a lease on that room for about a month. “

“I could look it up. Probably paid cash and didn’t use his real name. “

“It’s better you don’t know, Dink. “

Dink nodded and said, ” Right. When it comes to the shit you get into, Cochran, ignorance is fuckin’ bliss.”

“Say, they can’t hear us, can they? “

“Not unless you want to start screamin’ your head off.”

“Turn it up a little, will you?”

“Here. Use these. ” Dink handed the head-phones to Rod and he clapped them on.

The droning voice of Margo Muhlhauser was saying, ” You know, Mr. Sutton, I’ve been thinking about the Endicott casualty, and how Essential could limit its loss. “

Sutton brought his face up from her breasts and pulled her closer. ” I’m about to fuck you during lunch and all you can think about is business. You’re something alright, baby.”

“Any time’s a good time to discuss business, Mr. Sutton. “

“Not while I’m fucking you, baby. And I told you, cut out the ‘Mr. Sutton’. “

Sutton turned Margo around and pulled the jacket from her shoulders, then pulled her blouse off and tossed it on a chair.

“I just had that dry-cleaned. Let me hang it up. “

Sutton was impatient. He whipped her bra off, pulled Margo to himself, playing with her tits. She wasn’t as well endowed as Mrs. Sutton, and Margo’s tits disappeared into Sutton’s large hands. Margo remained impassive during Sutton’s fondling. She’s just going through the motions, Rod thought, and Charlie doesn’t seem to know — or care.

“Turn around, baby.”

Sutton cupped Margo’s breasts, bringing each nipple to his wide sucking mouth. She giggled.

“Your mustache tickles my boobs, Mr. Sut . . . er, Charlie. “

Charlie knelt and brought Margo’s skirt down her long legs. He pushed her on the bed, went to his knees, pulling off her high heels and panty hose.

“Can’t you take your time, Charlie? I’m not even ready.”

“Got an appointment at two. I’ll get you ready, baby.”

He opened her legs and cupped the cheeks of her ass, bringing Margo’s dark pussy to his face. Margo reacted immediately. She threw her head back, tossing back and forth. She opened her legs wider and brought her hands to the back of Sutton’s head. Her hips took on an undulation as if fucking

Sutton’s face.

“Oh, god, Charlie. Yes, yes. Fuck me with your mouth. Just like that. Stick your fingers up my ass. Make me cum. Make me cum. “

Sutton apparently was an obedient lover. Rod could just make out the quick movement of his hands, which brought Margo’s hips up higher, their motion faster and harder. She bent her knees and

dug her heels into the edge of the mattress, chanting, ” Make me cum, make me cum. ” If she’s pretending now, Rod thought, she’s putting on a damn good show. .

Dink leaned forward into the monitor and once again fooled with the controls The figures suddenly became sharper. Dink then cocked his chair back and laced his fingers behind his head. Rod noticed

the tightening bulge below Dink’s belt buckle, then glanced down at his own.

“Just like a porn flick, huh? No, better than a porn flick. It’s live, right next door, ” Dink grinned.

“What about all those laws we’re breaking? “

Dink shrugged. ” Hey, I think it’s going to be worth it. You get anymore fuckin’ ideas like this one, keep me in mind for next time. Okay? “

With any luck, there won’t be a next-time for Margo and Sutton, Rod thought, not if I can help it.

Margo suddenly halted her fucking motion and held her hips above the bed. Her legs started to shudder, then her whole body. Her hands fiercely gripped the back of Sutton’s head as if she would never let go. And then a long, almost unearthly sigh of release escaped from Margo’s tightened lips.

“Ah — h — h -h, Yes-s-s-s. “

Margo released konya escort her grip and let her legs slide over the edge of the bed.

“That was great, Charlie. Do we have time for another one? “

“It’s my turn now. “

Sutton stood up while forcing Margo to her knees.

“Take it out, baby. Put your lovely lips around my cock.”

“Aren’t you even going to take your clothes off, Charlie? “

“Haven’t got time. Just do it. “

Margo pulled the zipper down and brought out Sutton’s hard and ready cock, letting it rest in the palm of one hand.

‘”You’re all sticky and gooey, Charlie. Let me wipe it off.”

Without hesitation, Sutton grabbed a handful of Margo’s thick, dark hair, and almost brutally, yanked her mouth to his cock. With his other hand, he guided his cock past her lips. Then with both

hands buried in her hair, he forced Margo’s mouth swiftly over his cock and held her head in place

while he glided his thick meat back and forth, in and almost out of her mouth with hard, intense strokes.

“That’s it. Suck me, baby. Your mouth is a cunt. You like it like that? “

Watching her being used, Rod almost felt sorry for Margo. Almost. After all, she was letting herself be used for what she hoped would be an advancement of her career. But Rod was surprised by Sutton’s treatment of this woman. Was it rough sex that he wanted from Mrs. Sutton? Was it power over women during sex that turned Sutton on? If so . . . Rod filed that thought away for now.

“Open your eyes. Look at me. I want to see you looking at me while I fuck your face, “

Sutton demanded.

Then he let go of Margo and thrust himself deeper into her mouth, crying, ” Oh, yeah! “

Margo was making a sound of protest, gagging on the older man’s cock. She pushed him away, but not

before Sutton’s cock erupted in her face. He pulled her head closer with one hand, and with the other

stroked himself, forcing a second eruption on Margo’s nose and mouth.

“Lick it, ” Sutton ordered. ” Lick it clean. “

“No, ” she sobbed. ” You can’t make me. “

Margo was down on her hands and knees, spitting Sutton’s cum out over the carpet. He backed away, still stroking himself.

“All right. Go in the bathroom and clean yourself up. And bring a towel with you. “

Margo got to her feet and cupped her hands over her mouth as if she were about to be sick. She hurried to the bathroom crying, ” Jesus, Charlie. “

“Now you know you enjoyed that, ” Sutton called after her.

“Fuck you! ” Margo called from the bathroom. She soon emerged telling him, ” Goddammit, Charlie. You ruined my make-up. “

“If you won’t lick me off, come over here and clean me off. “

She threw the towel at him saying, ” Clean yourself off. “

“Do it, Margo. If you expect to see that bonus in your next paycheck, you’ll do what I tell you. “

Margo went to her knees and wiped Sutton’s thick cock not too vigorously.

“Now put it back in my pants and zip me up.”

Rod got off the bed and yanked the headphones off., telling Dink, ” All right. I’ve seen enough. “

“Hey, man. It’s not over ’til it’s over. “

“Turn off the tape and rewind it a little. “

Once again on the screen Margo went to her knees before Sutton.

“That’s enough, ” Rod said. “Rewind it to the beginning and give me the tape.”

“How ’bout I make a copy. “

“No copies. “

“How ’bout loaning it to me when you’re finished with it.”

Rod shook his head. ” No, it gets destroyed. ”

“Aw, man. What a fuckin’ waste. “

“Complaining again. You enjoyed the show, didn’t you? You should be paying me three hundred bucks. ” Rod went to the door. He wanted to be out of the hotel before Sutton and Margo left.

“I think I got it figured out what you’re gonna do with that tape. ” Dink said. ” You’re gonna use it to make that broad go down on you.”

Rod opened the door, turned and smiled. ” Dink, I trust they’re not paying you to think around here. See ‘ya.”


“Well, you’re quite the enterprising young man, aren’t you, Rod? “

Rod could hardly hear Sutton through the pounding in his chest and ears. It was an effort to control his breathing. Rod was sitting across from Charlie Sutton in Sutton’s immense corner office, complete with chandelier and panoramic view of the City of Ravensfield. They had just watched less than a minute of Sutton’s taped encounter with Margo Mulhauser at the Melish Hotel.

“I’m sure your father would be proud. I bet you’re proud of yourself, too, aren’t you? “

Rod was quite prepared for anger and retaliatory threats. But Sutton’s voice was cool and controlled and his hard chiseled face gave nothing away. Sutton’s only concession to stress was a right-handed fist he held rigidly on his desk between them. Well, Rod thought, Sutton didn’t climb to the top of Essential Insurance by losing his cool at any time; I’ve got to stay cool myself.

“Let’s say I’m working my way through college, Mr. Sutton. “

“Let’s say you’re blackmailing your way through college. Let’s get to the point. What do want? Money? A job here? A date with Margo? What? “

“I want to see you in room 369 of the Melish Hotel at a time and date of my choosing with a thousand bucks in hand. “

“And what happens then? Another taping? “

Rod shook his head. ” No more tape. That’s the only copy, and you have my assurance it’ll be

destroyed after we meet at the hotel. “

Sutton leaned back a little. His fist opened and his freshly manicured fingers began a tiny drum beat.

“And only a thousand bucks, ” he said in his best controlled board-meeting voice. ” That’s not going to get you very far at Clearmont. “

“As you say. I’m enterprising. And I’m getting my new enterprise off the ground. “

“Well, I’ve got to admit, it’s unique. I suppose it beats selling drugs or gambling. And I’m your first john. Lucky me. What happens with Margo in all of this? “

“The thing between you and Margo is over. “

“I don’t think so. I don’t see what’s between Margo and me should be any concern of yours. Besides Margo’s grown rather fond of me. “

“You’re kidding yourself, Charl . . . er, Mr. Sutton. She’s just using you. “

Sutton looked away and became engrossed in his fourteenth – floor view.

“Maybe I already know that, ” he said sullenly. ” What am I supposed to tell her? ” .

“Leave Margo to me. “

“I see. You’re going to use your tape on her. Your little blackmailing scheme seems to be spreading.”

You don’t know the half of it, Charlie, Rod thought.

“I think you already know that I can be pretty persuasive, Mr. Sutton. ”

“I call it coercion. And I suppose part of your plan is that Mrs. Sutton doesn’t find out about Margo and me, and that I don’t have an embarrassing situation come up here at Essential. “

“And that begs the question: why fuck a woman half your age when you’ve got a beautiful wife

at home who looks only half her own age? “

“That falls under the heading of none of your goddamned business. “

“Still it’s an interesting question. “

“You’ll understand these things when you get a little older and have a wife of your own. A husband doesn’t always get what he wants or needs. “

“But he could If he approached his wife the right way. “

“Do me a favor, will you? Stop trying to advise me on something you know nothing about. You’re just my blackmailer, not my marriage counselor. “

I know more than you think I know, Charlie, Rod thought; but he held his tongue. Sutton got up from his heavy desk, shoved his hands in his pockets and turned his back to Rod.

“All right. I’ll go along with your little scheme. For now. I have no choice. But I always like to know what I’m dealing with. What else are you going to want? “

“It ends at the Melish. For a thousand bucks I destroy the tape. “

“I see. What have you done? Teamed up with one of your college girl-friends who’s also working her way through college? “

“Like you just said. That falls under the heading of none of your business. “

“Well, I suppose there’s all sorts of ways of working your way through college. But becoming a pimp is a new one on me.”

Sutton sat back down and leaned back in his leather throne. He offered Rod a smile, but it looked forced and disappeared in an instant.

“You know, Rod. In some ways you remind me of me at your age. And I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Now take your goddamned tape and get the hell out of my office. “

The pounding in Rod’s chest did not stop until he had left the Essential Building.


The Cricket was dark and quiet and not crowded. The murmur of the few patrons blended into the

sound of the jazz piano trio playing ” The Girl From Ipanema. ” Rod smiled to himself as he took a seat in a back booth. He was recalling that it was that tune that the Clearmont Marching Band was practicing when he caught up with Tim the other week. And then again he had heard the tune while he was enjoying Mrs. Sutton on board the “Steal Away” at the Flamingo Marina. That song is following me around, Rod thought, must be my personal soundtrack.

Rod ordered a beer, leaned back into a corner of the booth and watched a young professional

type in a three piece suit walk around the curve of the bar to where Margo Mulhauser was sitting.

You’re not her type, buddy, Rod thought. You’re not high enough on the corporate food chain, and you don’t have enough money in the bank.

When three-piece was sent on his way, Rod approached the bar, his stomach queasy with butterflies, the same feeling he had in his first meeting with Mrs. Sutton in the shopping mall parking lot. How long ago was that?

“Well, that didn’t take long.”

Margo was startled. “W- What?”

“The brush-off. That guy must have been here all of twenty seconds. “

Margo turned away and picked up her drink. ” I wasn’t interested. “

Rod took the stool next to Margo, leaned over and kept his voice low.. ” Yeah. I noticed. Well, here’s contestant number two. I’m Rod Cochran. And you’re Margo Mulhauser.”

Rod tried not to smile watching Margo make an effort not to look surprised. ” How do you know my name? “

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