The Watcher Ch. 2

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It’s evening, several days after my Watcher was at my window. My Master, has come by my house unexpectedly. At his command, I left him for a bit to shower and prepare myself for him. He sensed something was different when he walked into my room. He noticed the tear in the screen, but really didn’t think much of it until he noticed the stain on the floor below the window. Reaching down he rubbed the substance on his finger and could smell that it was cum.

My Master has never forbidden me from having other men, in fact, he knows that as I become more submissive, I will want it more, and that other men will find me increasingly desirable. But he decided it didn’t mean that he couldn’t have a little fun with me now that he’d caught me at it.

He walks outside, going to my bedroom window to look around. Finding something laying on the ground, he reaches down and picks it up. It’s a business card. Looking at it, turning it over in his hand gives him an idea. He goes back into the house and while I am still in the shower he puts a heavy metal screw eye in one of the beams in the ceiling of my bedroom. He placed it so that it will be in plain view of the torn window.

After I’ve showered and groomed myself the way I know he loves, I go to my bedroom. He shows me the new “toy” he’s made for me. From the screw eye in the ceiling hang two chains, complete with wrist restrains and locks. “Won’t you allow me the pleasure of your company this evening little one?” “I’ve made a special place just for you.” he says. He grabs my wrists and raises my arms over my head, securing me to the restrains hung from chains in the ceiling. My towel that I’d wrapped around my wet, naked body falls to the floor. Leaving me hanging there, naked, helpless and vulnerable. Defenseless against ANYTHING he may choose to do to me.

A hard cold shiver runs over my entire body. Why is he doing this? What does he have in mind? Does he KNOW about the Watcher? I should have told him about it. I should have given him all the details of what happened. But I wanted so much to have the memory to myself. My secret lover, my mystery man, my Watcher. Such a dark, dangerous looking man. So tall and handsome, yet so frightening. And that voice, never have I heard such a compelling, enticing, erotic voice. Just thinking of it has caused me to cum several times since that night.

He looks into my eyes and says “Don’t speak, I’m not going to punish you for playing with that other man, but I will punish you if you lie to me.” Then he begins to spank me with his hand, lightly at first. One slap on my left ass cheek, one on my right. “Do you feel the rhythm? I want you to dance for me little one. Sway your pretty body in time with my hand, while you tell me what you did, you naughty, naughty girl!”

As I tell him all about the fascinating stranger and what we had done, my ass rocks up toward his hand. After awhile, I hear myself softly whisper, “harder.”

Stopping he says “You’ve been very bad, haven’t you pet?”

Without thought or hesitation I respond, “Yes, Master.”

“Good girl”! He says as he kneels behind me and buries his tongue deep inside me. Oh God, I already need bonus veren siteler to cum so badly. But He stops what he’s doing and says, “I want to hear you tease your little play friend, so that I can hear about what a bad little slut you’ve been.”

Frightened, starting to beg, I say “But I don’t know his name. Honestly, you have to believe me Master, I really don’t.”

” I know you don’t, my sweet, but I DO.” He holds up the business card. I see the name and phone number on the card. Logan DeMaglio 555-353-0069. My Watcher…Logan!

Then retrieving both of my wireless telephone headsets he places one on my head and the other on his and dials the number on the card. Then he kneels behind me and with his mouth, begins to inflict sweet, hot, wet torture to my flaming ass, and cunt.

Hanging there I listened to the phone ring. Then that deep, compelling, masculine voice I remember so well comes on and says “Hello?” When I hear “Logan’s” voice again my cunt clinches so tight on Master’s tongue that he grunts.

“Hello Logan” I whisper softly. There is a moment’s hesitation on the other end of the line and I can feel his confusion.

“Hello? Who is this?” Logan says.

“Don’t you know”? I ask.

“Ummmm, well, no, not really.” Logan says.

I’m enjoying this now, no longer as afraid. My Master is sucking and licking my cunt and ass and I am so hot and needy that I’m getting bold. And I am remembering this tall, dark, deep voiced stranger with the magnificent cock.

“I think I’m hurt Logan, after all we shared, I find you don’t even remember me.”

“Well, I am sorry sweet girl, but your voice is a bit familiar. Won’t you tell me your name little one?”

“Oh but Logan, it won’t do any good, you don’t know my name…just my body and the taste of my cum.” I can hear his indrawn breath whistle between his teeth and a long silence on the other end as he thinks about this, wondering, confused.

Then I sense the change in him, feel him pull himself up. “You WILL tell me who you are and you WILL do it now!” he roars. I’m so startled I jump and give a small shriek. My Master who is listening to every word on the other headset gives a soft laugh and rams his fingers into my cunt. Again I jump, gasp, and moan.

“Please Logan, don’t yell at me, you’re scaring me. I am known as Ima Fantasy. You don’t know me, really.”

“Then how do you know me and how did you get my number? Tell me NOW girl!” Logan roars.

“You came to me the other evening Logan. You watched me, outside my window… remember?”

Again, silence on the other end of the phone. Somehow I can feel Logan change, sense his body jump to awareness.

“Ahhhhh, so then you are my phantom woman, my illusion, my Fantasy?” Logan murmurs.

“I am the woman you Watched, I am the woman you spied upon, I am the woman you took to places I’ve never been before Logan. I am the woman who still feels your fingers, inside of me, stroking my soul thru my cervix.”

My Master is all the while stroking his fingers in and out of my cunt, thumbing my clit. His tongue sliding in and out of my ass. I’m beginning bahis to get distracted, confused, trying to keep up the conversation with Logan and at the same time control my orgasm. Master has said I am not to cum until he tells me to. But having two very dominant men demanding so much of me at once is almost too much.

Logan asks “So, tell me little one, how did you get my number?”

“You dropped your business card outside my window Logan. My Master saw my torn screen. He noticed how swollen and used my body was. He went outside and found the card lying there. He figured out what happened.”

“Your Master? What do you mean girl? Explain yourself?” ” Logan again demands.

“I am a submissive Logan. I have a Master or Dom. I am his property; my mind, body, and spirit belong to him, to do with as he pleases. It is my purpose to do his every bidding, to fulfill his every whim.”

“You are OWNED? You are someone’s PROPERTY?” Logan shouts.

“Yes Logan, I have a Master or Dom.” I whisper.

“So, tell me girl…have you been collared? Marked? Branded?” Logan wants to know.

At this I hesitate, even more confused. How does he know of such things? Could it be? Is Logan a Dom? A Master? My head is reeling, my body thrashing, jerking. Oh no, oh NOO, I can’t cum, I’ll be punished! But Master is increasing his efforts on my body. He’s now behind me, spreading my ass cheeks, sliding his bulging cock between my cunt lips. Slowly stroking it back and forth. Not yet entering me, just torturing me to distraction.

I whimper “Logan, how do you know of such things? Are you…do you know…Who are you Logan?”

Logan laughs a deep full laugh. And behind me Master also gives a soft throaty laugh as he rams his engorged cock to the hilt into my sopping cunt. Oh God, oh God! Did he know of Logan? Do They know each other? What is going on here? Am I being played with? Is this a game? What is happening to me? Noooo, I can’t cum!

“Logan, do you know my Master? Are you a Dom?” I wail.

“Yes little one, I am also a Dom, a Master! But I had no idea you were a sub. If I HAD known, things might have been somewhat different the other evening. And no, I do not know of your Master. Although, now that I know that you are owned, I will have to meet him.”

Master reaches around and taking my breasts into his hands he pinches my nipples…HARD as he rams his cock HARD and DEEP into my pussy. I gasp and moan deeply, unable to control myself.

“What are you doing little one? What is happening there? You are excited, you are stimulated…WHY?” Logan demands.

Before I can get my breath and speak, Master who is still ramming deep into my cunt says “She is busy being well fucked my friend. She is on the verge of squirting her sweet, hot, thick cum all over my cock. Which is ramming into her tight sweet pussy. Logan, You do remember how forceful and plentiful her ejaculations are, don’t you?” I hear Logan’s indrawn breath with Master’s first words.

Then Logan says “Ummmm, yes, yes I certainly DO remember her my Friend! How could I forget one such as she? Is she to be punished for what happened? In her deneme bonusu defense, she did not intend to do wrong. I came upon her; she was alone, simply pleasuring herself with her toy. You can imagine my delight at finding such a sight; I could not resist the temptation. And she was very vulnerable, deep into her need and unable to resist my commands.”

“No Logan, I do not intend to punish her. I have not forbidden her contact with other men. Her needs are too great; it would be asking her to do the imposable. This was simply a test, to see if she would be totally honest with me…and she was! I’m very proud of her. She is a most pleasing, obedient submissive.” Master says.

All thru this exchange Master has been pounding his stiff cock hard into me. Squeezing and pinching my nipples. Fingering my clit. My need to cum is so great tears are pouring down my face with my effort not to cum till commanded to. I am moaning and grunting with the violent thrusts of Master’s huge cock.

I hear myself speaking “Please Master, oh God pleeeeeease, I need to cum so bad…it hurts soooo much. Please let me cum now Master. God…please!”

Master says, “What do YOU think Logan, does she deserve to cum at all? Should I make her hold it or let her gush?”

I hear Logan’s soft deep laugh “What about it little one? Do you deserve to cum now? Have you earned that right? Tell me little one, how badly do you want to cum for your Master?”

“Oh God Logan, I NEED to cum now, I can’t stand it any more. It hurts sooooo much; my pussy muscles are knotted so tight. Please Logan, pleeeeeease tell Master to let me cum. I’ll do anything you want, I’ll do anything Master wants…just please God, let me cum!”

Logan asks, “Is this true, friend? Does she contract that hard when she needs to cum?”

“Oh yes Logan, she will lock down on my cock to the point I can’t even pull it out sometimes. Both when she needs to cum and as she is cumming she will milk my cock with her pussy as well as she does with her mouth and throat. Would you care to find out Logan? I know you don’t live far, would you like to come over and join us?”

Then, not believing what I’m hearing, Logan says to me, “Little one, you are not to cum now. DO NOT CUM! Do you hear me? I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Don’t you dare cum or we will both punish you, won’t we Master?”

“Ohhhh yes Logan, We will. Did you hear Logan? little one, do you understand the command?”

But I am no longer able to hear anything. I CANNOT hold myself back, it’s far too late for me. Master has not stopped or slowed his assault on my body. He is torturing my body till I no longer have any control of myself. Throwing my head back against Master’s shoulder, ramming my cunt hard against his pounding cock, I open my mouth and release a long, tortured scream. My cum gushing from me so powerfully that it spatters over the floor.

My cunt gripping his cock so tightly he grunts hard and growls into the phone “Logan, it seems she is not so obedient after all. I think you need to hurry, we are definitely going to have to punish her severely.” and with that he grabs my breasts in his hands, squeezing my nipples hard, shoves his cock deeply into my cunt and I feel his cum spurting hard against my pussy walls and cervix. “Hurry Logan, hurry!” He growls into the phone.

“I’m on my way! Wait for me!” Logan shouts. And with that Logan hangs up and rushes from his house.

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