Ms. Dollie’s Random Stories Ch. 09

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We hadn’t planned on spending the summer vacation of 1979 in Pennsylvania. But most of our vacations were only loosely planned anyway. Many times we pointed our vehicle in a direction and let impulses decide from there. Other years we had our vacation plans and a destination, only to change our course and discover something else even more interesting.

Street rod and antique car shows, museums, restored villages, and more were destinations that we sometimes never reached after planning them through out the winter. Just a small sign along the road, another camper telling of an unknown place of interest, often caused me to turn the wheels, sending us to a totally different location. After all, we can play boob games anywhere!

So it was this year well made plans were changed. I can’t remember where Gas City is. I believe in north western Pennsylvania. I do know we went there that year because we wanted to see antique gas pumps, Mack trucks, and other memorabilia. Possibly that was the impulse that drew us into Pennsylvania after a disappointing meeting with our very first picture taking pen pals.

We’d already driven 300 miles in a motorhome getting under ten miles to the gallon. It made sense to see and do some regular vacation things while so far away. Who needed GPS’s. You’re missing all the fun. Dollie never cared where we went as long as I took her along.

I remember looking at my trusty car insurance free Atlas and seeing both Boobville and Boob-burg in that same general location. We had to get tittie pictures of Dollie standing next to Boob town signs! After that, we’d stay in State Parks, take in the scenery, and enjoy some of those famous fast moving streams.

We discovered natural stone bridges, covered bedava bahis bridges, swinging bridges, and nature in all it’s beauty in Pennsylvania. Even a chocolate factory, long before Willie Wonka!

About getting caught with her boobs down, yes it happened in Boobville, Pa. We waited till there was no traffic or no one nearby and got a few tittie pictures in front of the city limit sign. A piece of cake, in that tiny village. In the mood for more boob pictures, we began looking around.

We saw a small white police department-city hall with the Boobville sign proudly hanging above the door. Again, no one around. Got all lined up for my professionally positioned photographs as Dollie opened up her blouse for a few booby shots.

There they were, a policeman in uniform and the Mayor in his suit, stepping out the front door! We got caught– sort of. I did get a picture, just before Dollie slipped her boobies back in. The two men said they think they knew what had just happened but really hadn’t seen anything. Therefore they would just warn us and ask us to please leave their respectable little town.

Actually both men were very nice about the situation. As we talked and confessed, we also explained that our last name is Boob.

(No, not our real last name but those signs had our last name as part of the town names.)

The man in the suit was first to tell the police officer that we did need a souvenir booby picture of their fine City Hall. Since this was a crime they should not see it being committed. Therefore they could not arrest us. Their plan, not ours.

One man stood on either side of Dollie, arm around her, with the building behind. The little white city office building sat alone in a small park like area away casino siteleri from the main village. Still there was no one else was around.

We were both instructed on what to do. The coast was clear, they would look at me, rather than at Dollie, as she exposed her breasts quickly for a photo or two. They lied! But we got our pictures and didn’t get arrested.

How’d they lie? They both turned and stared at Dollie’s titties as I took a few pictures with my 35 MM camera. Taking the situation into their own hands, each man grabbed one of Dollie’s titties and began playing with them as I took more photos and pretended to take even more. Dollie stood there just posing pretty and smiling.

What could we do? It was their town and they were the law? After some small talk Dollie slipped her boobs back in her top. We thanked both men and headed out of town. Again, we got caught but it was fun, although nerve wracking at the time.

I wandered down south in our motor home to Boob-burg, Pennsylvania. There I got a few more booby pictures of Dollie, as we stopped at the city limits sign. I don’t know about now, but when we passed through then it appeared that no one was home. Still, after our last experience, we didn’t take chances getting any other sign pictures in Boob-burg.

The rest of our Pennsylvania vacation was uneventful. We took tittie pictures everyplace we had a chance that was scenic and there were many of those in western Pennsylvania. Since Dollie usually wore hot pants and a tube top or halter top, taking more tit pictures around each canpground was a must. We always met happy campers and most happy campers love having their picture taken with topless women. This made for some fun evenings around the campfire sharing stories bahis siteleri like this one.

We even stopped back at the old gas pump museum. With the encouragement of museum employees, I got lots of pictures with Dollie’s boobs exposed next to those very old Mack trucks again, antique gas pumps, old signs, and many other museum items. Surprisingly since this was a week day very few other museum visiters saw our tittie photo sessions.

Of course Dollie flashed to tourists and locals just for fun while at many other places along the way when we found more signs, statues, and other points of interest for memories later in life.

We roamed from State Park to park, camping for a few nights, as the days were spent checking out nature. We didn’t know much about N.W. Pennsylvania at the time so each new day out riding around was spent discovering amazing things. Since we were in a class “A” motor home I had to stick to the main roads and larger parking lots. No problem since we loved to walk and hike through the woods.

All of the tit games we played and all of the interesting things we saw, made the early disappointing part of our vacation with the pen pals soon forgotten. I lost track of all of the places Dollie went topless and posed for boob showing photos.

We tell our family and friends that the USA has so many places to discover that we don’t need to travel to exotic islands on vacations. We’ll never see what’s in front of our faces in a lifetime.

We’ve had a great time playing our booby games, met many friendly people, law abiding and law enforcing types. Again you saw how we jump into shit and come out smelling like a rose. Getting caught so far has been interesting.

We enjoy so many things together we can always find something entertaining. Just a weekend along a muddy river bank while camping can end up with us meeting new tit loving friends and taking still more booby pictures.

Pennsylvania license plates had the slogan “You have a friend in Pennsylvania.” For a short time we did.

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