The Truth in Goon

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I had a slight cold and a blocked nose. Not my idea of a romantic first time with a girl, but what can you do? I was insistent on never following female stereotypes anyway — about how we all have at least one lesbian encounter in our early twenties, or even high school years. I was adamant that I knew who I was, and I’d never slobber all over another girl. I was straight, and happy, and I’d never flash my tits to a chick for the attention of a guy. I was so sure of that, so I didn’t care for my cold. But once I got a few cups of goon in me, the tune I sung to myself changed real quick.

Even with my nose clogged I could still smell her. The scent was so potent, musky almost, but more sweet than savory; such is the case with men. Yet it didn’t put me off like I was so sure it would. It reminded me of my weird habit of sniffing my armpits and kind of enjoying it.

I touched her wet spot and heard her gasp softly. Man, she was sensitive. A lot more sensitive than I was. The damp area was cold, but at my touch, she gushed again, coating her panties in a new, warm layer of juice. The fact it was cold to begin with intrigued me; it meant she’d been turned on for a while now. So she was turned on when I was talking to her, all drunken, sloppy and uninhibited, with my arm around her shoulders and playing with her cropped hair. Yup, she’d been creaming herself when I was backing up into one of the guest rooms of her house as the party raged on downstairs. She’d been wet and ready for me, as she closed the door behind her, locked it with a little ‘click’ and gave me that hungry look up through her dark eyelashes. I blushed at the indirect compliment her body was flattering me with.

I wasn’t brave enough to slip her undies off yet. I was worried the sight of a cunt right in my face might just make me bolt out of the room. Hell I was having trouble even thinking the word xslot ‘cunt’. So instead, I tentatively pressed my tongue into the dark patch on her grey lace, until I felt my mouth-muscle go between her labia. Her thighs squeezed my head briefly, as I poked and prodded my tongue at her cunt through the fabric.

“Oh!…Oh, that feels good, Roxy. You’re doing good, babe…!” She purred.

I almost laughed when she said my fake name, but I was able to stop myself. It helped that my mouth was busy.

She didn’t have a particularly strong taste, maybe a little musky. A bit gamey. Though that may be purely the taste of her underwear. I suddenly realised she’d been walking around in these all day. Soaking them with sweat and juices, and now I was lapping at her most private area through such a filthy bit of cloth.

Man, I must be really messed up to be getting off on this, but I am. My own pussy was opening up. It felt so hot, I could feel a bass thumping heart-beat in my groin. Despite my rush of confidence and sexiness, I was still a bit self-conscious. I didn’t know if what I was doing was right or not — didn’t know if she was really feeling it or if she was just pretending to make me feel better about myself…

As we both got increasingly more horny, however, I started rubbing my clit through the fabric of my own underwear. That really prickled my senses, and squelched down some of my insecurities. It also brought me halfway to a bright idea.

I started mimicking the movement of my tongue to the fingers on myself. It might not be the most fail-safe maneuver, but it at least gave me an idea of what my technique felt like.

By her whining moans and the way she was quivering, I could only assume she was enjoying it as much as I was. I freely moaned against her cunt, maybe a little dramatically, but I figured the vibrations would have an xslot Giriş effect on her. And they did.

“Ooh, I like it when you moan on me, bub…”

I moaned again just as she said that, putting on a purr, a little bass, feeling my vocal cords vibrate through my lips as I tongue her clit.

She suddenly gave a little whimper, “Stop teasing me, babe…slip ’em off…”

I felt my heart stutter in panic, but I managed not to loose face. I took my sweet time as I pulled my face away from her crotch. I wiped my runny nose on my shoulder as subtly as I could, before sighing. I could do this.

I slowly, teasingly, slipped her undies down her waist. I saw the peak of some spars hairs — dark blonde and stringy — and kept going.

Eventually, her most private place was bare, and her smell sledgehammered into me. My cold barricaded most of it, and the fog of drunkness stopped me from thinking too hard about it, but it wasn’t enough. It was one of those smells that you could taste on the air; thick and heavy and sweet. It was a surprise…because my mouth salivated at it.

And she looked…well, not entirely pleasant down there, but then again, I’ve always thought private parts on any gender looked a bit weird. As far as weird body parts go, hers were as close to beautiful as they could be.

She was tight, that much was apparent. Even wet and eager, her folds seemed pressed firmly together, a little puffy in the outer folds which enclosed her hot pink flaps so only her clit poked out from the top. I could tell from the sparseness of her hair that she was usually shaven bare as a prepubescent girl, but now she had a five o’clock shadow around her downstairs lips. She probably felt a little embarrassed about that, but to me, it was perfect.

I didn’t hesitate in diving back in to taste her. She almost squeaked.

My god…the xslot Güncel Giriş texture. Her sounds. Her taste was surprisingly mild, she must wash herself religiously, it was mostly her smell that contributed to her flavour. Still, it was a gamy meal.

I was enthralled by her and the task I was given to pleasure her most private area. Drunk on it, really. So drunk, that it got to the point I was basically fucking her with my tongue, sticking it in her like an anteater.

That seemed to drive her crazy, though I couldn’t keep it up forever. Every time I stuck my wet muscle so deep into her, my two bottom teeth would scrape on the frenulum.

I stopped when it nearly snagged between the gaps. She seemed like she was a little disappointed, but I quickly corrected that as I started paying attention to her clit again. I’d slipped my fingers inside my own panties, slicking my juices on my fingers and rubbing the hood over my clit just right. Still echoing my movements to my tongue…

Her head was thrown back, her tiny perked nipples pointed to the sky as she gave a sudden squeal, “O-oh ROX-EEEEH…!”

Then an explosion came flooding into my mouth. I rubbed myself frantically, making a mess in my own panties as I watched her lose control. When I was tipped over the edge, flooding my own pants and catapulted into the skies, lost to my orgasm, I bit into her soft thigh like a rabid thing. I was quieter than her when I came, but I was more animalistic and twitchy in my climax.

She squealed again in a much higher pitch, but her eyes were wild and hungry as she took in little ol’ me, sucking on the spot I’d just sunk my teeth into in the height of the moment. Her manicured nails were in my floppy brown hair, tearing at the strands as she coiled up like a spring, her face frozen in a silent scream, before she crashed back down on the bed with a sigh. I detached my mouth from her skin, and rested my forehead on her abdomen, letting out a sigh of my own.

Then like a maple seed, I fluttered down back to Earth.

Down, down, down…

…and I realised what the fuck I’d just done.

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