No Escape

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She had lost everything but her looks. Sitting in the boat, she kicked herself as she went over the last few weeks in her mind. She had taken a so called friends advice, sold her house and depleted her bank account for a get rich quick scheme. It couldn’t fail He said. But there was no scheme and her ‘friend’ had disappeared with everything she had.

And now she had this one hope. She had responded to an advert for a private secretary. There was the promise of world travel, her own apartment and a contract for one year with an unbelievable bonus.

Without interview, she had been accepted. All she had done was send a CV and a full length picture.

Now she was almost at the island it certainly was remote. The boat drew level with the small jetty and she carefully stepped onto dry land.

In the distance she saw the glimmer of a light and she began walking toward it. A small suitcase was all she carried. She had nothing. The little money she had was spent on the train fare.

At least she was starting a new life she smiled and wondered what was to become of her.

He stands and watches as she walks towards him and thought that the picture she had sent did not do her justice. He had parked his car up in the hotel car park as he had wanted to see her arrive.

Heading for the light of the hotel she felt someone or thing was watching her and glanced around but could not see anyone or thing. Moving more quickly she passes close by to where he stood her heart pounding as she looks ahead at the hotel and wondering what lies ahead for her.

Entering the hotel she stands for a few seconds and looks around. The ceilings were high with oak beams, the décor was fairly modern and so was the furniture. Noting the reception desk she walks over and presses the bell on the counter top and waits.

An hour later she had unpacked and had showered, redressed in a knee length black skirt, white blouse, black stockings and 4 inch high shoes. Leaving her hair down loose she heads for the reception to where her new boss had said he would meet her. Looking round she spots a türkçe alt yazılı porno couple of men but all look to young so she moves over to the bar. Ordering a drink she nervously watches the door for her new boss.

He sits in a chair a short distance away from the bar and watches as she sips her drink. Mulling over in his mind the plan of action he had made since her application came. Standing he takes hold of his drink and heads over towards her.

“Olivia” He stands behind her “Shall we head of to the office” Turning quickly she catches her breath, looking at him she nods and places her drink down on the bar. She did not even ask him who he was but instead just follows him outside into the cool night air.

Moving at a steady pace he knows she is following behind him. Neither spoke a word on the twenty minute journey to the office building. It was a single storey building in the middle of a deserted looking part of the island. The nearest building was at least ten minutes away.

Looking round as he unlocks the door she notices the sun is setting and a beautiful orange glow sets about the few trees scattered about. Hearing the creak of the door opening she turns back and follows him inside. He switches on a light and carries on walking down a long corridor. He unlocks another door and opens it for her to enter.

On entering the brightly lit room she gasps, her eyes widen and her jaw drops slightly. She gazes her eyes over the walls of the room. Each wall was covered with items she had only seen in adult films. Whips, paddles, canes, floggers to name but a few items were on two of the walls. On another there was an assortment of masks, gags of various kinds and other leather items. On the wall containing the door they had entered was hooks and on each hook was an item she could on imagine was to spread certain body limbs.

He brushes past her and heads for a desk that is placed in the middle of the office. Sitting he watches her face as she takes in all the items on the office walls. She slowly walks towards the desk eyes darting doeda porno to the walls. Questions running through her mind as she stands in front of him.

“Like what you see” He asks with a snicker. She looks for another chair but none are anywhere to be seen.

“Unusual to say the least” was all she could reply.

He opens a drawer on the desk and pulls out a sheathed knife he removes its cover, she watches as the steel glints in the light. A strange feeling surges through her body, one she’s not felt in a long time. Shifting slightly she watches as he slides the blade over his palm. He catches her watching him as he glides the knife tip over his palm.

He stands and walks behind her, taking the knife he presses the tip over her thin cotton blouse. Standing perfectly still as she feels his breath on her neck, the tip of the knife as it moves over her back. Letting out a soft moan her body starts to tremble, not knowing why her body is reacting in such a way but liking it all the same.

Hearing her moan he moves the knife tip down over her covered ass cheeks and back up to between her shoulder blades. Watching as her body reacts to the touch of the knife, her back arching slightly and her shoulders moving up as her breath becomes heavier.

“Hmmmmm now lets see if you like this” He moves away from her, her eyes follow him to the wall covered in crops and whips. Her mind racing wondering what sort of job she had applied for, what had he install for her, wondering why her body was reacting in such a way but try as she might she could not speak.

Moving back behind her she feels a tapping sensation on her ass, without warning he bends her over the front of his desk. Lifting her skirt up to reveal her white panties he taps her ass cheeks again, five times on each she quickly realises he has a cane. Her pussy starts to quiver a sensation she has never felt before, her panties were getting very wet.

He lifts the cane up and bringing it down with a ‘SNAP’ onto her covered ass cheeks. She screams out at the burning sensation ripping through her ass. He rubs his hand over her ass as a red welt appears. He trails the cane tip over her ass as he watched her reaction.

She finally managed to catch her breath and speak, turning her head she looks back at him.

“Is this p p p part of the job?” she asked as she reached back to touch her marked ass.

“Yes it is, here we try out all our products. We are the biggest retailer in our business.” He slides the cane down her ass cheeks to the tops of her thighs, tapping each thigh top. Lifting his arm up again he brings the cane down on the backs of her thighs. Hearing her screams only brings a snicker to his face, watching as the tears trickle down her cheeks.

The sensation she was feeling surprised her and excited her at the same time. The tears stream down her cheeks but they were not of sorrow but of excitement. Looking back at him she sees he has moved away from her. Quickly she pulls her skirt down over her red ass. Standing up straight she turns to face him. Her ass and thighs stinging and burning as the welts rise.

He stands back behind his desk and looks at her, watching as she rubbed gently over her ass and thighs.

“There are just a couple of basic rules for a happy office life.” he sits and re-sheathes the knife putting it back in his drawer. “At all times you will call me Sir. When moving from your office to mine you will crawl, knock at the door and wait till I tell you to enter you will then crawl in and kneel at my feet. When kneeling your thighs will be parted, hands clasped behind your straight back, head held high but eyes lowered. “He waited for her response.

Looking at him she gasped and wondered at first if he was being serious, noting that his facial expression never changed she realised he was.

“Yes Sir “Was all she could reply, her head spinning, thoughts racing through it. Biggest question was ‘why had her body reacted in such a way earlier’ and another was ‘why was she agreeing to his rules shouldn’t she just turn and leave? ‘ .

“You will dress at all times as you are now.” He added.

Dropping to her knees she spreads her thighs slightly with her hands clasped behind her back.

” Yes Sir” she replies.

Leaning back in his chair he knew he had finally found someone to train to his way of thinking, to his way of doing things.

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