The Train Ride

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The train station is full, combined heat from the days sunshine and all the body heat being generated by each person is torturous.

Its Thursday, I finished late and its still packed and hot.

I push my way into the train car just like I have done every day for 2 years.

I look for a seat but because I was late leaving work all are taken, so I will have to stand which is no big deal cause the people usually pack in so tight you can actually sleep standing up if you are so inclined.

I grab one of the Handles and take my place within the society which is packed like sardines into each train car.

Its so Damn hot sweat is beading on my forehead and chest, I feel a droplet run down my spine and into the crack of my firm and into my lace panties.

Large and small bodies pressed together like bread on a sandwich, everyone is taller than I so I am engulfed in a mass of hot flesh and pressed so hard I have difficulty breathing

My left arm is pinned down against my side as the walls close in on me.

The Train jerks Violently, lurching from a dead stop into high speed, I guess the operator must be trying to keep a schedule again, its common to be late because of all the people cramming themselves into the cars in an attempt to make it home.

I am so tired, I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the people around me, the train as it skips across the rails hurtling down the track.

I feel packed in and crushed, I try to meditate in an attempt to ignore the heat being emitted from all the other bodies around me, sweat is now pouring down my back and into the crack of my Ass and into my panties, the cleavage of my firm tits is full of salty water and a large wet spot has begun to form on my upper stomach area.

My back video porno is so wet now, I feel a huge mass behind me I can only Assume from the size it is a rather large man, his crotch is pressed tightly against the firmness of my Ass, I can feel the creases of his pants thru the material of my skirt.

The train rocks the car from side to side, and everyone in it as well, I can feel a large bulge pressing into my hard Ass as It slips across the crack of it skipping, and then landing on the other side.

I gasp!

No fucking way is this guy doing this on purpose?

The bulge is growing now, I look from left to right by slightly turning my neck but all I can see is directly to my front and either side, we are so tightly packed in I can’t even turn my upper torso to look and scowl at this Asshole.

I feel his Groin now Fully grinding hard against my Ass

I am so upset, I close my eyes and try to ignore him, but the Large Protrusion is pressing deep into my ass.

Suddenly I feel my skirt in the back lifting as I am pushed forward from both the motion of the train and this large person behind me pushing me.

I feel the hot air rush upward and melt the sweat evaporating it into the atmosphere of the inner car.

I clench my eyes tightly as I feel his Massive hand press against my Right Ass Cheek and squeeze.

I gasp, and shudder simutainiously against his touch, my body becomes ridged as he probes deep into the crack of my ass sliding my laced panties aside to explore.

I stand still and try to not acknowledge his touch or presence, His fingers slide easily along the gash of my Ass due to the wetness from my perspiration.

His Fingers Brush against my Tight little Asshole which makes me suck air in thru sex izle my lips quickly and clench my Ass hole even tighter.

He by passes my little rosebud and slides along the crease of my sopping wet Pussy.

I can feel wetness running down the insides now on both thighs, as he pushes his fingers hard against my swelling flesh

I squeeze my Cunt as tight as I can but without effect as I feel huge massive fingers push past the muscles and deep into my dripping gash.

I can’t breath now, I freeze and tighten my body even more as He slips all the way in, My eyes are clenched now and I feel my instincts taking over, I start to rhythmically clench and loosen my Pussy to feel the full effect of his invasion.

Pussy Juice runs freely down the insides of my legs and drips onto the dirty floor of the car.

I feel him slide a second finger into me causing me to have to catch my breath as I almost cum all over myself from the sudden rush.

Fuck this was so fucking hot, He digs deeper as if he were mining for gold in the bowels of my womanhood.

Suddenly I was pushed forward and I feel him dip downward and then A massive feeling of A huge fleshy object is pressed hard into me sliding all the way and bottoming out against my uterus.

I have to bite my bottom lip to keep from screaming, this guys Cock is so fucking huge it nearly splits me in two.

I feel the massive head swelling even larger inside the bowels of my gaping gash as Pussy juice freely drips and runs onto the floor between my legs.

Through eyes aslit, I check the surroundings, no one knows what is happening to me, no one cares, everyone is in a daze, eyes forward or closed.

I push backwards hard, meeting him full on jamming his thick cock deep into bedava porno me, feeling the swollen head as it slams into the inner wall at the bottom of my pussy as he tries to slide the rest of it in but can’t cause IM not deep enough to take all of his massive meat.

His Huge Dick slides out and in very slowly as to not arouse the attention of any neighbors within the car around us, My fucking cunt is running now, I can feel it splashing against my ass as he slides his cock home banging into the bowels of my gash splashing juice all over the fucking place.

Sweat pours off me, dripping onto the floor around me and onto the people near me, I feel him quicken his thrusts long and hard, deeper with every stroke of his Massive mushroom shaped tool.

I clench my eyes hard as I shoot Cum all over the front of his pants, I hear it splashing onto the filthy floor beneath me, this sudden wetness makes him stiffen and I feel his cock Shudder and grow larger as I suddenly feel thick hot torrents of Cum splash against the walls at the bottom of my cunt.

He stops, as Cum mixed with mine runs out onto the flesh of my Ass and the front of his pants, I feel him pull out of me ad my skirt drops down like nothing happened.

I just stand there wondering, I close my eyes and wait for my stop, the sound of the car as it clangs along, the heat of the bodies around me, Cum runs down my legs like I pissed myself, I feel his Man goo thicken and harden on my inner thighs.

I feel the train slowing, Then a sudden rush of fresh air and I am swept along and outward onto the landing outside, so many people I don’t even look, I just walk onward as though nothing has happened.

I make it home late, its dark by the time I slide the key into the lock of my front door.

I slip inside and walk immediately to the bath room and draw a cool bath.

I climb in and close my eyes as I wash the sticky filth from my body.

I climb into bed, and drift off to sleep as though this happens everyday and it is just a part of life in the big city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32