Daniel’s Cabin

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He had lost last week’s poker game. I was the winner and we were driving up to Daniel’s cabin, his zipper was open and his cock was out and lusciously dripping precum. I was snapping pictures while he drove.

“Honey,” he protested. “I’m not sure this is safe.”

“Slow down then.” I said unhelpfully.

I will share that the road was deserted on this sunny summer day. It was a perfect 75 degree day, the normal humidity of the green of the eastern mountains had lifted, and the clear mountain air and late summer yellow grass covered hills and tall green trees created a beautiful back setting as we drove and I mischievously enjoyed my husband’s unsettledness. He drove as I admired his beautiful cock, licking my lips and teasing him with honesty about the wetness in my shorts. It was time to relieve him of his misery.

“Ok. I’ll drive.” I offered. We switched seats, with him flopping outside on the way over to the passenger’s side. I hopped the gear shift and while he slipped into the passenger’s side and I slipped out of my top…on his side only, giving him a view of my right breast.

We drove quietly for a few miles while I negotiated turns around the mountain. We slipped into the cool shade of trees as we climbed. I did need to concentrate on driving, and I saw that his erection was slipping down. I sighed.

“OK.” I said, “Your turn.”

I was graciously giving him a chance to order the day. His loss meant I was the one setting the agenda’s for our weekend. But I had given him three opportunities to run things. That was in my benefit because he has really hot ideas.

“Top off.” He said.

“Honey, this is public.” I protested.

“We have not seen anybody in an hour.” He said. “Top off.”

“Honey. I am driving!” I emphasized.

I could not remove my top and drive, and as I pointed out the curving mountain roads provided no place to pull off and stop.

“OK forfeit till we get there.”

Rules of strip poker are very rigid, I have found. No room for playing around. But fair is fair, I thought.

“OK, you have your forfeit.”

He just smiled quietly. The next turn led us to the cabin. It sat quietly in a clearing. The driveway ran up almost to the cabin and there was enough of a clearing to see the stars at night. The woods came up about 20 feet to the small log structure. Wildflowers danced in the cool breeze as the heat of the day shifted into the cool mountain evening.

As I slipped out from behind the wheel, I lifted up my arms to stretch and he moved behind me. Putting his arms around me, he said, “Ok here’s the forfeit. Strip now. Here . By the car.”

I looked around. No one was here. “Can you just make sure no one is in the cabin?” I asked.

He nodded and ran up to the cabin, looking carefully inside. Then he quickly perused the back of the cabin, while I slipped out of my shorts. He gave me the all clear and I slipped my blouse over my head, unhooked by bra, releasing my c-cup titties. Then closing the car door, I bent over and slipped off my panties.

Just then we both heard a whistle. I froze as uniformed man stepped off the path that led to the woods toward the rear of the cabin. He was young, but he had no expression on his face. My face was flushed red and I just stood there in the altogether. My sweet husband stepped up and held out his hand.

“I’m Henry, friend of the Campbells who own this cabin. They are letting us use it for the week.” He said.

The park ranger looked seriously at me, but I could see his eyes were twinkling.

“Forget something?” He asked and then broke into a huge grin.

“Daniel is definitely not this much fun. ”

He added “I am the local ranger, Tom Dennis. When I heard your car drive up, I thought I would give you my number in case you needed something or ran into trouble. Daniel emailed me that you were coming, so I would not be concerned. You are right near the ranger mom porn station here.”

He looked at me with a kind of dazed look, taking in my nakedness, my tits and my brown bush. I thought if he could have asked me to twirl around, he would have. But he just stood there with a funny grin, looking at me and spoke.

“Got anything to write it down with?”

Henry chortled and I bent over into the car while the men watched, took a pencil and my black note book out of my purse and said, “Shoot.”

It was a tough front but secretly I felt a little shaky.

Ranger Tom dictated the number, smiling the whole time while I stood there pretending this was completely normal.

Henry noted his interest and said, “Feel free to stop by for a beer later on.”

I made plans in my head to add clothes, but I noted the ranger’s pants were stretched over a bulge in the front. Curiously enough, so were Henry’s.

The ranger nodded and thanked us.

“I’ll be back tonight around sundown.” He said and walked back into the trail and disappeared. Henry stood next to me.

“You were pretty cool, looking really great, and are you alright?”

I exhaled, realizing how tense I had been. I may have looked cool, but inside I was very tense. Henry put his arms around me. He kissed my neck and slid his hands down my back across my bottom and then around to my pussy. It was sopping wet.

He leaned back and smiled at me and said, “This forfeit is going to last a lot longer than you thought.”

“No way!” I said. But his mouth closed over mine. And we started to giggle and laugh. I turned and ran for the cabin with him close behind me. We barely made it to the bedroom when we collapsed on the bed.

I took off his shorts and he was very hard and I kissed his beautiful cock and licked it until it stood straight up and dripped. Then he licked my pussy lips sucking one side and then the other and when he moved to my clit, I sighed and moaned. Suddenly I lifted up my head.

“Is the ranger nearby?” I asked.

Henry looked taken aback , “Why.”

“Honey, I am going to scream this orgasm.”

Well, I didn’t exactly scream, but when his cock slid inside me it was like electricity all over. I had an itch only he could scratch and his movements in and out pushed me further and further until I felt like I was my clit alive and full of pleasure.

“Fuck me hard.” I begged and we both exploded together. As we relaxed and laughed, I remembered the ranger, half afraid he was right outside.

I made Henry look but no one was there.

“He probably has a telescope.” I said.

“You wish.” He said.

“Let’s unload the car—and my turn.” I said.

Henry unloaded the car in his sneakers and nothing else.

I played with his cock till it was hard. And then took pictures of him around the cabin. It was hot seeing him outside. Before sundown, though, I relented and he got dressed.

The beer was in the fridge and the sun was quickly disappearing when Ranger Tom returned. A naked woman walked behind him.

“Fair is fair.” He said to Henry. “She lost at strip poker.”

“I brought the beer.” She said winking at me.

I said. “Henry, I think you should make our guests comfortable.”

Henry quickly did, his eyes glued to Tom’s guest. “I’m Lucy.” She said. “Are you ok by our coming here like this?” She asked.

“Tom said you were naked earlier and I said fair was fair.”

“Tom and I have done this before, and Daniel said you guys were good friends, and when you arrived naked, we thought, well maybe you wouldn’t mind if we joined you like this….”

“You are so welcome. ” I said. “Did you really lose at strip poker?”

“Yes I did.” She laughed.

I filled her in on Henry, me being in charge and the three forfeits, now two.

“And.” Henry said. “Here is number two….you lose your clothes. Again.”

Now the women mobil porno were naked and the men were dressed. I looked at them with one eyebrow raised and Henry smiled back.

“I am perfectly comfortable.”

“You will be even more comfortable if you pay up your bet. Lose your clothes.”

Slowly Henry took off his shirt, showing his muscled arms, strong chest. Then he unbuckled his belt, dropped his shorts. I leaned down and took them off as he lifted his feet. His cock was pointing out of his shorts. Thoughtfully, I released it, relieving him of the last of his clothes.

“Lucy. I think you should pour a little beer on Henry. He looks hot. Then maybe you should clean it up.”

Lucy smiled and took out a beer, handed one to everyone else and then poured it right on Henry’s growing cock. She then licked it clean. I looked over at Tom who was still dressed, not in his uniform but in jeans and a shirt. He shook his head no and me and smiled teasingly. Suddenly I felt my nakedness and my pussy clenched. I looked over at my husband.

“Henry.” I said “I am feeling a little hot too”. He smiled and came over. He took the table cloth from the kitchen table and laid it on the sofa, and then beckoned me with his finger. He helped me sit back, spreading my legs. He dripped a few drops of beer onto my pussy and licked. Then he poured more onto my tits. Then he rubbed his cock over them and brought it to my mouth.

“Thirsty too?”

I licked and licked. It was so good.

Lucy and I walked over to Tom and in a few minutes he was naked. I poured beer on his cock while Lucy licked. I asked if I could take pictures and they both smiled and nodded. While I snapped the pictures, Lucy licked his long thin cock till it bobbed and dripped.

She said “mmmm…. precum mixed with beer, salty and sweet.”

It looked so hot, I was massaging and rubbing Henry’s cock when Lucy beckoned me over. I tasted Tom’s cock and licked its length , pulling it into my mouth. I grabbed the beer and headed for Henry and took him by the hand and brought him next to Tom. Lucy licked his cock while I licked Tom’s. Then we switched. And switched again.

The men were breathing fast. I could feel my pussy tingling. But I didn’t want it to stop. Tom looked at Henry and motioned to the table. Henry smiled and nodded.

Tom said to Lucy, “I want you to lean over the table so we can see your beautiful pussy. “

And looking at me he said, “I would love to see yours as well…again. It was so hot this afternoon. I told Lucy you had a beautiful pussy, like hers and I would love to see both of you side by side.”

How could I refuse?

I leaned over the table as well. Both of us side by side. I felt the beer being poured over my bottom, and a hand rubbing me with it, then a tongue licking it off. It was so hot.

A soft tongue played with my pussy lips, teasing them and slipping in between and then licking all over my ass. I felt more beer poured over my ass, and more delicious licking. The room grew dark as the sun disappeared quickly behind the mountain. The moon rose as quickly and the front yard was bathed in moonlight.

It felt delicious and wild.

Just like the inside of the cabin.

I stood up.

And turned around. I grabbed the camera and Henry and gestured.

“Come on out. We have to catch all this in the moonlight.”

I snapped picture after picture. Lucy bent over light and dark accentuating the sexy private crevices of her pussy. Tom’s cock against her ass. Henry’s cock against her ass. Tom’s cock in between her breasts.

Me licking his cock between her breasts while Henry took pictures. Tom’s cock in her mouth, Henry between her legs, his cock and balls dangling shadowing down from his ass.

It was all so hot. So wild. Henry lay back on the grass while I snapped the picture. Tom had Lucy sit on his cock. She slipped down slowly pulling xnxx porno his cock deep inside and pulling out. Henry’s hands guided her up and down while I snapped pictures of his face, her face, his cock slipping into her pussy. Tom disappeared into the cabin and returned with cream and he rubbed it on her ass moving it into her crack.

I thought I had never dripped this much pussy juice. I took pictures as he slid into her ass. I put the movie function on as she was being moved between Henry’s cock in her pussy to Tom’s cock in her ass.

The movie captured her moans as well as the men’s moans.

All Lucy said was, “Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.”

It was a prayer of deep ecstasy- of deep thankfulness of fullness. In explosion of light and sound, they all came together, Tom’s hands covering her breasts, pinching her nipples as Henry shuddered inside her pussy and Tom in her ass.

I captured it all on film. I was dripping. It was the hottest scene I have ever witnessed.

I felt the calm coming, but my pussy was humming. I put down the camera quietly, as they became quiet.

Tom stood up, and Lucy slipped away from Henry.

Henry sat up with a grin. It was obvious that they were all spent.

“That was so hot.” I said.

Henry said, “Third forfeit honey.”

And he came over and lifted me up from my lounging position. He laid me back on the grass and began drinking my juices. He seemed like he was cleaning me up, and I was half falling from ecstasy and half in it, when I noticed Lucy above me with the camera in her hand, and Tom sitting next to me tenderly kissing me.

“Your turn.” He whispered.

He began licking my breasts, biting the nipples as Tom licked my wet wet cunt. He began to nibble my clit.

Lucy said, “Slip three fingers into that pussy, she is very, very hot.”

Henry obliged, two fingers in my pussy, his teeth on my clit biting and releasing.

I felt my leg being lifted and spread wide and realized that Lucy was filming this movie as well.

“Rub juice into her ass.” She said. By then Tom and Henry were hard again.

Tom lay down and I sank onto his long cock. I was a little worried, as I had not yet had Henry’s cock in my ass. It was very thick, which I loved, but it felt so hot to try.

I felt soft fingers pushing cream into my ass.

“Go really slowly,” Lucy coached Henry.

I guess she figured this was new for me. I felt Henry’s cock at my opening and he whispered “just relax”. I opened up to him and felt him move slowly in and out while Tom moved in and out beneath me. It was excruciatingly lovely and spasms moved through me as I felt Henry move completely inside me.

I was stuffed. I could feel everything inside me.

I could hear Tom moaning and Henry moaning above me. It was like being between two mountains. I began to wail as I felt myself being pushed into together. It seemed like forever and I was like a rock in a stream as they exploded nearly together.

I was shaking as though I couldn’t stop, shaking with sheer pleasure, and tremors from deep inside my pussy.

I yelled as they yelled. And then it quieted.

We stopped.

Slowly we all slipped apart.

After resting a bit, we slipped into the cabin and fell asleep in the bed. With the beer, we all slept well, curled together warm against the mountain’s cool night.

When the birds woke us the next morning to coffee and fresh bread and butter, we sat outside naked on the picnic table. Content in our nakedness, in the joy of being together, in the kindness we felt toward one another. I touched Henry’s hand and he pressed back. I kissed him as his arm slid around mine.

Tom and Lucy gathered their things. We hugged all around and they left.

Tom and I just sat and lounged. A couple of hours later, Tom stopped by in his ranger uniform.

“Hey. Did Daniel tell you about the creek that is over and around the bend?” He asked. “We are alone up on the mountain…and it is fairly slow and safe this time of year. Have fun!”

And he took off on his ranger work, smiling to us as he left.

Henry and I sauntered over there. Ready for some quiet lounging and some very sweet sex.

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