The Teacher Gets An ‘A’ Ch. 5

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After her ordeal, it became hard for Gia to look students in the eye when she walked the halls, she couldn’t recognize the football players that had shared her and she just avoided gazes. She still wanted Buck, even though she felt betrayed, and she would often dream of his big, black cock when she daydreamed. She had gotten to the point where she checked out the hallway before entering it, not that she didn’t mind all the cocks anymore, but she did have a career to worry about, word of this getting out could end it.

It was lunchtime and she was headed for the lounge, as she walked down the corridor to the lunch room, a hand reached out and pulled her into the boy’s bathroom, “Hey Teach, you’re looking rather horny today,” it was Robert and inside were a couple of other students she didn’t recognize, “Robert, I have to go!” she said abruptly as she turned to walk out, but he grabbed her arm again and dragged her to the far stall. “Y’all boys want some white pussy? This bitch is pretty good,” and he tore open her blouse and pulled her bra cups off of her tits as he manhandled them, “Tits ain’t much, good pussy though,” and he jerked her slacks down as she fought to get out of the stall, “No way Teach, we got three big, black cocks here needs attention,” and he grasped her panties and ripped them off as she looked to see the three black cocks staring at her. “Now that your clothes ain’t gonna let you run, get out here on your hands and knees, we needs attention,” and she was pulled from the stall and pushed down on her hands and knees as Robert’s cock was shoved in her face, “Suck me baby, you know you want it,” and she took him between her lips, her mouth quite comfortable with their sizes now as she sucked on him.

“Yo, Tyrone, have some of that white pussy man, she’s pretty good,” and she felt a cock probe at her pussy and then work it’s way inside as she felt her familiar feelings of need overtake her once more. They were just kids and their techniques left a lot to be desired, but their cocks were magnificent and she just couldn’t seem to get enough anymore as they used her body once again and she lost herself in her body’s feeding. She found herself thrusting back to meet the big cock in her pussy and then thrusting forward to consume the one in her mouth as their cocks pounded her, bahis siteleri and she felt as if she were in another world and not on the boy’s bathroom floor. Anyone could have walked in on them, but her body took over now, as she felt herself cum, her violent thrashing bringing their young cocks off as they filled both ends of her at the same time.

“Yo, Victor, your turn man, which one you want?” and she watched him survey her as she licked her lips of the cum that had dribbled out, “I been checking out that ass man, I wants some of that, besides, I don’t like no sloppy seconds,” and she felt his cock as it entered her pussy to lube up before he assaulted her ass. Her ass had not yet grown accustomed to the larger cocks and he had a little difficulty in gaining entrance, but finally he just shoved it all in and she yelped at his size. Her head was hung as she coped with her anal intruder, but soon, it didn’t hurt near as much and she found herself getting into her groove once more as she began to thrust back to meet his thrusts, “Told you she’d like it,” and she looked up to see Robert and Tyrone’s cocks being waved in her face and they fucked her mouth alternately as their friend pummeled her ass.

This time all three of them came at once, her ass and mouth filled and the third shooting off all over her face and she could feel it dribble down her chin, then they all put their cocks away and left, “Catch you later baby,” and she dragged herself to the sink to try to clean up. She pulled her slacks back up and closed her blouse and set about cleaning the cum off of her face, they had done a job on her. She had a tough time dislodging the white cum from her eyebrows and her hair, but she finally finished and started for the door, two students passed her on her way out, “Remember, no smoking in here,” she said, hoping that would explain her presence there.

She saw Buck working just up ahead and she turned down an adjacent hallway to avoid him, not wanting him to know that she had just been used again, after all, she was not craving sex right at this moment and Buck would have caused her to change her mind, just talking to him. She felt ashamed for having become such a slut, but her body enjoyed it, she loved all the attention, although one good black man like canlı bahis siteleri Buck would have been enough. She had no appetite for lunch now, so she just went to the lounge and enjoyed a Diet Coke while she read a magazine.

She had gotten uncomfortable just sitting there, her pussy began to ooze its contents and she went into the bathroom to clean up. She lowered her slacks and sat down as she felt the cum slide out of her and into the toilet, she was upset that her panties had been destroyed, she would have to make sure she kept extras in her locker from now on. She heard the bathroom door open and she froze, not knowing who it could be, and then she looked under the stall to see shoes and stockings and she knew it was a female so she relaxed.

She cleaned herself and got up, pulling her slacks up and went out and washed her hands and then left, heading to the career wing to check on some projects that she had submitted for their approval. As she passed the auto shop, Julius grabbed her arm and pulled her inside, “Hey Gia, where you off to in such a hurry baby?” he asked as he continued to hold onto her arm, “Julius, I have some things I need to take care of,” and she watched him survey her, “Yeah, you sure do bitch!” and he dragged her over into the paint room. He pushed her down to her knees and she watched as he pulled his thick cock out, “And right here’s one of them,” and she felt him grab her head and pull it towards his cock. She opened her mouth and accepted it, he had the best cock of them all, except Buck of course and she hungrily sucked on him as he thrust into her mouth.

She loved how his cock completely filled her mouth as he thrust in and she could feel herself getting wet from it as his pace increased, but just then she heard a voice and he stopped, “What the..” was all they said and she turned to see a fireman with his clipboard. “What are you doing?” the voice asked and then Julius went back to pumping her mouth full of his cock, “What’s it look like Homey? Join in, this bitch would love it,” and she tried to look at him as Julius kept filling her mouth, he was white, not too bad looking and she could tell by his bulge that he was definitely interested. “Fuck her in the ass man, she loves it,” and she heard the clipboard hit the floor güvenilir bahis as the fireman took up a position behind her and pulled her up on her knees. His hands rubbed her ass and then peeled her slacks down, “Damn, she must love it, she’s got no drawers on!” and he popped out his hard cock and rubbed it over her ass and pussy.

His cock was not as big as she was used to, although it was big for a white man and she felt it probe her pussy before sliding into her ass. Because of it’s smaller size, it had no problem getting her very excited very quickly as he pumped it in and out of her willing ass and she felt herself building towards yet another orgasm as they used her body on the floor of the paint room, Julius grabbed her head and his thrusts got violent as she felt him cum, bathing her throat yet again today as she swallowed it down. She continued sucking him as the fireman fucked her ass and she felt his balls on her pussy as he sped up until he too unloaded in her as his moans filled the small room.

He pulled out and Julius made her lick him clean and he pulled his pants up, “Hey thanks man,” and he waved to Julius as he left, “Anytime Homey, this slut just loves to fuck and suck, even white cocks,” and he laughed and looked down at Gia like some street whore, “I bet you never thought you’d ever be such a slut, did you Teach?” and she hung her head, he was right. “Get your ass out of here before I bring in the rest of the auto shop class to use you, of course, you might like that,” and he laughed as he put his flaccid cock away and left. She pulled her pants up and wiped off her mouth and went to the office.

“I’m sick, I need to take the rest of the day off,” she told the secretary and headed for her car, several good stiff drinks would help her now. She headed to the bar and sat at a table in the corner, no one needed to see her here. She had several drinks and soon began to cope with what she had become, everyone at school had used her, they had found out her secret desire and now she couldn’t seem to get enough. As she made her way home, all she could think about was Buck’s cock, she needed him so bad.

When she got home, she looked for his number in the staff directory and paused before she picked up the phone and dialed. She couldn’t let him know about the boys, they had warned her, although she had successfully taken on most of the football team already, she didn’t want to face them again. She got his answering machine and left him a message to come over right away and hung up the phone. She passed out on the sofa, dreaming of her Buck.

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