The Subaru

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During a break at the office Mal and I were in the lobby of our building having a smoke as we were not allowed to smoke in the office. Mal is an engineer in our firm and he is black. He is very good looking, well dressed, polite and very sexy. I am single, white, never married and horny. I really love and crave black cock and Mal had a real nice one, it has been in my pussy and my mouth frequently and I wanted it their right now, I was really horny.

As we smoked and talked all I could think about was his cock pounding my cunt relentlessly until he dropped a load of his cum in me. As I always do I would go down on him as soon as he pulled his magnificent black cock out of my cunt. I love to clean his cum and my juices from his cock with my mouth and I have cum doing it.

I was wet, really very wet and almost out of control horny. I would really like, no, I really needed to fuck or suck his wonderful big cock but it was only 10:30 am and I would not be getting out of work until 4:00 pm. There is no place around here that we could go that he could slip his cock in me without being missed so I guess I will have to put up with a wet pussy all day and hope we can connect after work someplace. We talked about it and decided we would try to hook up later.

As we got on the elevator to go back up to the ninth floor we were alone and I reached out and cupped his cock and balls in my hand and told him I wanted it in my cunt right there on the elevator. He chuckled and I got a little upset. I would show him, I reached inside the waistband of my slacks and slid my hand down to my wet cunt and fingered my clit as I told him how wet I was. Just before we reached our floor I took my hand out of my slacks and showed him my wet finger. I then put it in my mouth like it was his cock and sucked my finger clean like I do to his cock after he fucks me. That got his attention and I could see his cock pulsing inside his pants.

We parted to go to our offices and I sat in my chair and could almost hear my pussy squish as I sat on it. I loved having a wet pussy and I think I get more work done when I am horny. I moved my pussy around on the chair, it was almost like masturbating, and I smiled because it felt so good.

I tried to work the rest of the day and block Mal out of my mind but that was like trying to block the airplane out of your mind in the middle of a transatlantic flight, no way. I sent him an e-mail to see if we could have lunch together but he was already scheduled to have a working lunch with a client. I ate a bowl of soup at my desk as I wiggled and skid around on my chair on my wet pussy.

As four o’clock approached I started to get restless, anxious, and more horny and a whole lot wetter. I had to put a panty liner on because I was worried about soaking through my slacks. I did not want to call Mal because I wanted him to call me, it seems that I was always chasing him and he did not or would not be the one to initiate the plans or even say he wanted to see me.

It was 4:30 when I finally gave in and called him. He was not as anxious as I was to meet, it seems that he wants me to beg and plead and I have come very close to that on a few occasions. We agreed to meet at my car in the garage at 5:15 and would go to his favorite bar for a drink or two.

I arrived at the car at 5:05 and of course he was late and came casually walking up at 5:30. By then I was ready to tear his clothes off and fuck him right in the middle of the garage but he casually kissed me on the cheek and got in the car. I was so frustrated I could have cried right there Escort bayan but I bit my lip and got in the cat to drive to the bar.

We talked on the way to the bar, I reached over to play with his cock through his pants and asked him to take it out but he refused. He told me he had about an hour or so to have a drink and then he had to go meet a friend. I had hoped he would come back to my house for a night of sex but he was going to leave me frustrated again.

We arrived at Tim’s, found a parking place and went into the bar. Tim’s is in the middle of a rough black neigh-borhood and all of the patrons are black except for a few white women like me. We found a booth and I made sure we were sitting on the same side of the booth because I wanted to make sure he got very horny. We ordered our drinks and I started to run my hands all over him and I know he had a hardon because I could feel it. I tried to unzip his fly but he would not let me and kept pulling my hand from his cock.

We talked, about sex, and I was getting down and dirty. I told him how I wanted him to come to my house and stay the night. I wanted him to fuck me when we went to bed, I wanted to wake up in the middle of the night and suck his cock and I wanted him to fuck me in the shower in the morning. I told him he could do whatever he wanted or have me do anything to him as long as I had his cock in my mouth or cunt at some time.

He was firm and told me he could not do it tonight but he would stay the night someday soon. I believed him although I had no real reason to think he ever would. I told him I had to go to the ladies room and excused myself. When I got there I had to pee and I took note of the fact that my pubic hair was as wet as if I were in the shower. My cunt lips were swollen and my clit was a very hard little nub, more so than I can ever remember. I was just outrageously horny and in need of a brutal fucking but I did not think I was going to get it tonight.

I decided to take my panties off and I put them in my purse and headed back to the booth. It felt good to have no panties on but I could feel my juices running down my leg and getting my slacks real wet. When I reached the booth he was talking to another black guy who left as soon as I arrived. I sat next to him and started to talk sex to him again. I tried to grab his cock but he pushed my hands away again so I opened my purse and showed him my panties and told him I had taken them off for him.

He took them out of my purse and held them up to look at them but he held them out so that anyone in the bar could also see them. He told me he thought they were sexy and he commented on how wet they were and asking me how it felt without them on. He placed them in the middle of the table and left them there as we talked about sex. It was mostly me talking but he did participate some.

He waived for the waitress to come over and put his hand on my panties so I could not remove them from the table. The waitress noticed them immediately and Mal held them up for her to see. I was totally embarrassed and tried to take them from Mal but he firmly told me that they were now his because I had given them to him. The waitress, who was black, looked at me and said that white women like me think it is something special to go without panties but she did it all the time. She turned around and called to the bartender across the room to look at my panties. He looked and so did everyone else in the bar. I wanted to crawl under the table but I just sat there and got very red and of course it made me hornier and my Bayan escort cunt just open its flood gates and flowed like a rogue wave washing ashore.

Mal noticed my dilemma and told me that we could leave and I put two twenties on the table, it seems that Mal never and any money. Mal told me that I had to walk out the door with my panties in my hand for everyone to see. I got up and tried to walk out without showing any effects from my rampaging hormones but it was useless as everyone was commenting as we passed them. One guy even grabbed my panties and put them to his nose to smell them and told everyone that I had a very sweet smelling pussy. I stopped and held on the bar because I was cumming, not a big one but I was cumming none the less.

We continued out of the bar and into the darkness of early evening. We got in the car and I leaned over to kiss Mal. He let me kiss him and even shoved his tongue in my mouth for a few seconds but broke if off much too soon.

He told me to drive him to the trolley station and we pulled out of the parking spot for the 5 minute drive to the station. I could not stand it any longer and I begged him to do something. Fuck me, play with my cunt but do something please.

He directed me to drive down a side street and park the car right there on the street. He asked me if I wanted to give him a blowjob and I almost screamed yes. He told me that he thought that I should cum first and told me to take my slacks off. I did not argue and started to unbutton and unzip them. If you had ever tried to take your pants off in a small Subaru’s driver seat you would know my problems. It took a while but I managed to get them off and I was now nude from the waist down.

He made me push the seat all the way back and recline the back halfway. He then told me to spread my legs and play with me cunt. He did not have to tell me twice as I had my legs as wide apart as the car would allow and I was digging at my cunt with both hands. Mal reached over and played with my clit a bit and I let out a moan that almost shook the car. I took my fingers covered with cunt juice and licked them and went back to my clit. I was going to cum soon; it was building fast and was going to be a big one.

A few more flicks of my clit and a couple of fingers in my cunt and my orgasm started. I continued to rub my clit and finger fuck myself and my orgasm was here. My ass came up off the seat to seek out my fingers and pumped furiously while I had the orgasm of my life. My cunt juice came in a flood and was all over my hands, legs and a lot fell on the floor. I fell back on the seat finally but only temporarily satisfied. I licked my fingers and hands clean of all my juices and scooped it off my legs to eat that also

I turned my head and thanked Mal for making me play with myself. I told him I wanted to give him a blowjob but he did not answer me right away. He looked me in the eye and asked me if I wanted to suck his black cock and I saw where this was going, he wanted me to beg for it. I wanted to suck his cock and eat his cum so bad I would beg or do about anything to get it.

I looked at him and said, “Please let me suck your big black cock, let me put it in my white mouth and you can fuck my white face and fuck my white throat and cum so I can taste it and swallow it, please let me swallow the whole thing, I will deep throat you, I will take it all the way in my mouth and throat. Please, please let me have your black cock in my mouth, I really love your black cock and love to eat your cum”.

Mal told me he would let me Escort suck his cock if I would give him my slacks and drive home naked from the waist down. I grabbed my slacks and handed them to him, I did not care what he wanted, I wanted his cock and cum more. He took his pants down to free his cock and balls and turned in the seat to face me as much as he could.

I dove at his cock and put the head in my mouth. If you really want to be a good or great cocksucker there are things you must know and do. You take the head in your mouth first. This is where the most taste is, the resi- dual urine and sweat is. I love to put just the head in my mouth and swirl my tongue that is very wet around the head to pick up all the taste and flavor. I savor this for maybe 30 seconds before I slowly slide my mouth down the length of it until my nose is nestled in his course pubic hair. I can then inhale the man scent of his sweaty balls. This erotic aroma brings me to another level of desire and I use my throat muscles to massage the head of his tasty cock.

He reacted by putting his hand on the back of my head and pushing down as the thrust his hips and cock up jamming another inch or two down my throat. I stuck my tongue out on the underside of his cock and licked his balls furiously, they were salty and pungent. He then started to fuck my throat fast and furious and I knew he was going to cum.

He pushed his ass up to my face and let go with a load of cum like I have never had before. I swallowed as fast as I could but a lot leaked out around his cock to his balls and on the seat. I continued to suck, lick and swallow until he began to go soft and I let it plop out of my mouth. I took his cock in my hand and lifted it so I could lick the cum from his balls and a little on his leg.

After I made sure it was all cleaned up I sat back in my chair and thanked him for letting me suck his cock and for giving me such a huge load of cum to swallow. Mal pulled his pants up, zipped and buckled his belt and was about to leave when I asked for a kiss. He kissed my cheek but said he was not going to kiss my mouth that still had cum in it. He opened the door and got out with my slacks and panties and I started to wonder if I should have agreed to go home nude from the waist down.

When he was on the sidewalk I noticed that on the seat was a puddle of his cum about the size of a quarter. I pointed it out to Mal and he told me to wipe it up and turned and walked away without looking back. I just watched him walk away for a couple of seconds and then looked at the cum on the seat. I decided to not let it go to waste so I bent over and scooped it up with my tongue, swished it around my mouth and swallowed it. I was a little turned on by such a slutty act even if I was the one doing it.

It was now about 9:30 and I pulled away from the curb to go home. I was trying to remember if I had left the outside light on, if I did my ass and cunt would be visible to the entire neighborhood while I stood on the back porch trying to unlock the door.

The seat on my bare ass and cunt felt good and the seat was getting very wet and it made me tingle. It took me about 20 minutes to get home and as I pulled in the driveway I could see the light was out and I could be pretty sure that I was safe getting in the house unseen.

It felt nasty and really slutty walking to the house up the stairs and standing on the porch naked from the waist down with my bare ass and very wet cunt exposed to the night air.

My ass and cunt and legs were very wet and I could feel the light breeze and it was really erotic and making me very horny as I looked around to see if anyone was looking before I went through the door. It made my cunt tingle and the thought pass through my mind about playing with myself in bed a little later.

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