The Stakeout

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When the sergeant told me I was getting a new partner, I figured it would be a guy. So when Ingrid came walking into the room, my jaw nearly dropped. She was a plain looking woman, but she was tall, maybe an inch over six feet, with short, blond hair and a hard body that curved in all the right places. I knew I was going to have a tough time keeping my mind on the job and an even harder time keeping my cock from giving away the impact this German woman was having on me.

After a month of working together, I had quickly learned that Ingrid was a tough, no-nonsense woman, and a good cop. But that didn’t mean I still didn’t want her body like crazy, if fact it had only increased my desires. Often after our shift, I’d find the nearest private spot and beat off, thinking about having Ingrid in bed with me. I didn’t want to make a move because we worked together, but damn I wanted her bad.

We were on a stakeout, holed up in a hotel room for three days. I was going crazy having her so close for so long, and not wanting to be “unprofessional” by trying to do something about it…. that is until Ingrid took the matter into her hands on the second day. She was having a shower to freshen up and surprised me by coming out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her hard muscular body, I was absolutely stunned when she deliberately let the big fluff towel drop to the floor. As she strode over to me, her body still glistening with water Escort bayan and her large tits mesmerizing me as they swayed in time with her steps……. She forcefully pushed me onto the bed and then straddled me…..

“I’m tired of working,” she said. “We’re taking a break.” And then, just like that, she leaned down and kissed me. I moaned and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her down firmly to feel those wonderful tits against my body, to feel her large erect nipples…. My cock began to throb against the constraints of my clothes. Her body was warm against mine, and she humped her hips up and down over my cock, making it pulse even more urgently.

Ingrid ripped off my clothes and when I tried to get up she savagely pushed me back onto the bed. She climbed up over my face and pushed her wide open and shaven cunt over my face. Without stopping to think, I opened my mouth and began to hungrily suck, and lick her large fleshy pussy lips. Her clit was like a miniature cock and it was flushed red and beckoning me like a beacon. I had to…… I sucked it into my mouth and gently bit it… She loved it, she began shouting in German, her pleasure obvious and she began bucking her hips, forcing her pussy to open wider against my face. Soon I was swirling my tongue around her wide open slit, slurping greedily from her puckering anus to her “little dick” and pushing my tongue right inside, making it stiff and fucking her generous Bayan escort pussy… Her juices were gushing over my cheeks, my heart and my dick were both pounding, and I was in heaven.

Or at least I thought I was until she suddenly stood up and with a huge grin on her face swung round and sank down guiding my rock hard dick deep into her welcoming pussy. The heat and wetness was intense, I’d never felt my 10” cock enter a women so easily, yet she was effortlessly able to squeeze and hold my throbbing cock with her vaginal muscles. God I was so glad that earlier that day I had snuck into the bathroom to beat off or I would have lost it and spurted within the first 60 seconds.

Ingrid began to slide very slowly up and down my stick, moaning all the while, lost in her own world of pleasure. Every time I attempted to move my hands to her tits she slapped them away…. She was using me…… and it was clear I was to lay back and let her set the pace. I could feel my dick and balls were now completely coated with her juices, and the combination her very slow movement and total control of what I was able to do was generating intense sensations. My cock felt bigger and harder than it had ever been in my entire life.

After what seemed like an eternity Ingrid grabbed me and then rolled over, pulling me on top of her, my dick still embedded deeply in her quivering cunt. She pulled her legs back and put them over my shoulders, Escort allowing my cock to penetrate even deeper inside her welcoming pussy. Ingrid fucked back against me as quickly as I thrust into her, she was urging me to fuck harder and faster, she was thrashing her head about as I began panting and sweating with my efforts, and I could feel my climax beginning to boil. Soon I would be spurting my cum deep into this German fucking machine. Ingrid was moaning loudly and she began repeating over and over “Give me your cum,”

Hearing my sexy partner say these words was the last straw, it drove me over the edge, and my cock spurted what seemed like gallons of my hot seed into her clenching pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through me and as this began to subside I could see (and feel) that Ingrid was having a huge climax….

I rolled off her and closed my eyes to savor what had just happened and the wonderful after feeling…. But Ingrid hadn’t finished…. First I felt her lips encompass my flaccid and cum soaked cock… and then she straddled me… her distended pussy flaps dripping our juices all over my face… smothering me… inviting me to lick, to suck…. and to clean her….. simultaneously I was disgusted and excited, my sexual lust boiled to the surface. I could feel my cock rapidly hardening as I ravenously licked and sucked… as I did so I developed an overwhelming urge to take back control and get really “nasty” with this blond white woman.

As we 69’ed each other I wet my fingers with her juices and slowly began inserting them into her puckering brown hole…. My plan was clear…….. her ass was going to be mine…. I was going to fuck this white woman’s ass with my 10” black cock…

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