The Date

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Pamela was so excited, she had a date with her lover, James, they had planned a fantasy for the evening and she couldn’t wait…

She wore a light periwinkle blue, jersey dress, spaghetti straps, low cut so her nipples were barely covered and a form fit so ever curve was accentuated. It had buttons in the front that came to just below her pubic area.. and remained unattached for the duration of the hemline just below her knees.. She wore only stockings beneath, no underwear or bra and was so excited her nipples were standing out and you could see every detail.. she wondered how it would look if she got wet and smiled…

Her long hair blew in the breeze as she walked toward the small tavern.. she was to pretend she didn’t know him and go straight to the bar. She looked shy when she first walked in, she had never entered a bar or tavern alone before. She was a little leery but continued as planned. She didn’t see James anywhere as she looked around.

She slowly made her way to the bar, she had to squeeze in between men to get there, all of them looking at her and smiling, as they tried to brush against her ample breasts as she walked past. Several asked if they could buy her a drink and she accepted just as she was supposed to. She found a stool and sat down as men surrounded her. It made her feel very sexy.. so as she sat on the stool, she let her skirt begin to part revealing more and more with each small movement… until her legs and stockings began to show but not quite able to see her wet swollen pussy beneath.. she was so horny, her breast were Escort bayan swollen, and her nipples still detailed under her top. The buttons were tight and close to popping open.

She ordered a Capt Morgan and Coke. She began to sip it and the sweat from her glass dripped down her chest and onto her top.. the bar tender “accidently” shot a stream of water her way, which made her more excited and obvious because the water soaked her top and now her nipples were so vivid they were almost nude…through the fabric and very inviting. One of the men brushed very close to her and stole a feel, popping one of her buttons off to reveal more of her breasts… she rubbed back which popped another button. The game was on and it felt so good.

She was so hot and horny she had almost forgotten about her lover when he came around the corner, smiling.. She smiled back as he made his way toward her.. having to nudge men and women out of the way to get to her..

James looked at her, he was so handsome, his shirt unbuttoned to the waist.. She wanted him so badly. Her pussy was so wet and throbbing… when he finally got to her, she turned in her stool toward him and his cock immediately grew at the sight of her. He moved in closer, parting her legs so her pussy peeked out from beneath her skirt.. the men around them started to cheer for more.. He buried his face in her chest and kissed her skin while unbuttoning more buttons. He rubbed his chest against her… as he kissed her and she rubbed back revealing the swollen breasts and waiting nipples Bayan escort brushing against him and when they parted, all could see.. her dress completely open in the front.. men and women were now gathering around, many had their cocks out masterbating.. women playing with themselves as well..

She wanted his cock so badly.. she couldn’t hold back any longer, she unzipped his pants and took his hard cock in her hand… She kneeled down and took his cock in her mouth as he gently guided her head, sticking his cock deeper and deeper in her mouth with each stroke.. he wanted her so much.. he’d never seen her so sexy and hot in public before…

He pulled her up and leaned her back on the stool, she put her arms back and leaned on the bar so her whole body was available for everyone to see…. She moaned as he started sticking his tongue in her pussy, one of the men beside them twisted her nipples then leaned down and took it in his mouth.. another took the other nipple and sucked on it until they stuck out at attention for everyone to play. She was so wet and hungry for cock..

Several men were beating their cocks against her bare body and covering her with cum, as James began to suck her clit and fist her pussy.. women and men alike were all horny now and fucking one another.. Pamela was so excited she began to cum and squirted everywhere.. James got so excited he stood up and pumped his cock on her pussy… thrusting deep and hard.. They both came at the same time… smiling at one another..

One of the men came up and Escort asked if he could fuck Pamela, she and James looked at one another and both shook their heads yes at the same time… the man’s cock was really big and hard as he sat on a chair across from her, he signaled for her to come over and when she got there, he started fingering her pussy, another man came up from behind and lifted her skirt, then he licked her ass.. she turned and carefully sat on the man in the chair’s cock… slowly taking it all in her ass… facing outward many were watching, a woman came up and went down on her, Pamela was so excited she squirted again and this sent everyone into a cheer. The man in the chair lifted her legs and rested them on his while a line of men formed to take their turn inside her waiting pussy.

James watched as she came over and over again.. he took one of the women and thrust his cock in her mouth and fucked her hard.. as he watched. Pamela was watching him too and smiled as the last man had his way with her..

She strolled over to James as he was having his cock sucked by yet another woman, Pamela kissed him and he pulled his cock out of the woman’s mouth and bent Pamela over the stool, he pumped her while another woman ate her.. and played with James’ ass. He couldn’t hold on any longer and came with such force, it mixed with her fluids and they both squirted everywhere…

Things started slowing down some, as people finished fucking and cumming on every surface.. James buttoned what few buttons were left on Pamela’s dress and pulled himself together. They had a drink and James got that look on his face.. it was time to go home and play some more.. they were both still excited from their evening out, they made mad passionate love the rest of the nite, then slept in each others arms… content..

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