The Inheritance Problem Pt. 02

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**This is part 2 of a series. But in brief: Three rich sisters have to spend a month in a cabin that lacks toiletries save for one outhouse. Also they all have a scat kink, and a fairly big messy kink. Guess how this will end. Don’t read if girls getting off on being smelly, gross, and having bowel movements isn’t your thing. You won’t like this.**

The three Valentine sisters were up for breakfast, Liz, Pat, and Mary oldest-to-youngest in that order. Also the order the awoke in.

Liz was up early and first made breakfast for herself, still in the same skirt and short cut top (as well as muddy socks and shoes) that she had been wearing the day before. Pat awoke in some somewhat sweaty pajama’s. Liz prepared breakfast for her, Eggs and bacon, with a glass of milk.

The milk did get Pat to ask, “You know I’m lactose intolerant… Aren’t you too?” (Liz had a glass of milk handy).

“Nope.” Liz said with a wet fart, she was on her second glass. “Also we only have milk, and soda. No water for now. No working water here, ‘member?”

Pat sighed and drank her milk quietly excited for her bowel issues later.

Last came Mary, unchanged from last night, she arrived. Still muddy from her ankles down she smelled of sex, like her siblings. All three of them did. They might have spent the last night masturbating intensely all three turned on by their scenario, their scenario being stuck in a house with effectively zero plumbing for a whole month. And what plumbing they had? A single kitchen sink and dishwasher? No running water. Their toilet was just an outhouse. And all three sisters loved that thought, even if they wouldn’t outright say it.

Well… Two of them might not outright say it. One sister did.

Liz got up as she began to make breakfast for Mary. As she was standing at the stove a wet dirty fart blasted out, her skirt hiking up from the wind she passed. “Mmm.” She hummed. “Morning Mary, sleep well?”

Mary sniffed the air. That fart had been very, very wet. She sat down. “Y-yeah.” She said with a stretch.

Pat quietly drank her milk a bit faster. Silently turned on by Mary’s fart, not that she’d say anytime soon.

Liz hummed as she kept cooking. Another fart ripping from her. Liz was thrilled by this. Dairy gave her intense disgusting farts, and some wet sloppy diarhhea. Which, if she didn’t release, would fuse together into wet sloppy farts in her underwear. Something she knew from infrequent experience mostly on the bi-annual ice-cream binges, and a little bit too much cheese now and again. Pat had almost the same issue, which she was keenly aware of, especially as she got her second glass of milk. Liz sat down and moved a plate across the table to Mary’s spot. Sitting a drinking her milk while Pat got her second glass.

Walking past Liz Pat, unintentionally, let a blast of gas out right by Liz’s head. Liz jumped a bit in surprise. Pat said nothing as she filled her glass up again. And Liz had a smile on her lips before she began to drink, letting another fart rip. Her fart was very, very wet. In fact… She was positive if she looked she’d have gotten more than a little mud into her underwear. She didn’t care. She was fine with this.

Pat was excited too as she smelled the potent stench. Her sister was such a nasty slut. God. She wasn’t gay, but fuck she was turned on. Walking back she held back some gas to release it by Liz’s head on purpose. It was foul smelling just like her sisters and Liz was turned on by it.

Mary was quiet. She liked this and all, but it was odd. Everyone was so silent… Well, they weren’t talking. “So… Any plans for today?” She asked. Mary wasn’t lactose intolerant. So she wasn’t going to sound (or smell) like her sisters.

“I was gonna see if we can get some water running.” Liz said as she, surprisingly for her, let out a silent but deadly fart. It stewed around her and was her worst smelling one yet. The only thing was only she could smell it. Not that this bothered her, her nipples poking up some in arousal.

“Speaking of running water, I remember a stream nearby-ish to here. I know its raining on and off all day, but if we have no tubs and showers we can go there.” Pat said before letting out a very, very wet fart herself. Hers was louder than Liz’s. Pat felt something wet hit her dirty underwear from yesterday. And bit her lip. She loved it, and had to hide it.

“Alright.” Mary said as she finished her breakfast. “You two say… Wanna go to the bathroom.”

“I mean, nah.” Liz said before another very wet fart came out and Liz did somewhat mess herself, just able to hold it in. “Ya know what… Changin m’mind.” She said getting up.

“I’m fine. I can wait until Liz is done.” PAt chuckled as she let out another wet fart, not too much leaked out from her.

As Liz got up and walked out, able to control her steps fairly well, her skirt would fluff up and reveal how brown her ass was. Mary let out a gulp of arousal. Pat looked and had to bite her lip again. Both women loved istanbul escort the view, especially as Liz bent over to adjust her shoes, and fart again. She quickly gave up and ran outside.

When she stepped out the door to the outside she sunk right into the mud outside. Liz had forgotten how messy just using the outhouse was, and that was if you weren’t threatening… Or well actively having a code-brown. Speaking of she farted again, wet and sloppy, her panties getting even browner. “Mmm… Fuck.” She hummed as she squelched her shoes into the mud. “Thanks dad. This is great.” She hummed as fingers went down the front of her panties. She was aiming to use the outhouse… Eventually. For now though? Masturbation. “Fuck… I’m gonna cum so much in this place. No showers? No toilets. One shitty outhouse?” Another wet fart leaked out. Shit bubbled out of her underwear going down her thighs some. And she was thrilled by that the stink getting stronger.

Inside Pat waited a bit, slowly drinking her milk. She was on glass number three. And… Had about as much bowel control as Liz had when she was on glass two. And it was going to get worse. Mary clearly didn’t care if she farted, and even Pat had to admit that, well, farting was odd, but as long as it wasn’t deliberately fetishized she didn’t care. But after a lot of farts, which were getting wetter and wetter, she finally had to ask. “What’s taking my slut sister so long?”

“Your slut?” Mary asked without missing a beat. “Well, your husband will be disappointed to find that out.” She was kidding.

“You… You know what I mean!” She huffed standing up. As she did her bowels released and gave up. Wet stinky sticky diarrhea leaving her ass. “Ok! I don’t care! I’m going out now.” She said as she walked off hand to her bottom.

Mary quietly watched her go, seeing her leave behind brown splats on the ground, while noticing slightly drier ones from Liz. “This place is never gonna be clean.” She muttered to herself.

Pat went out into the mud outside the door. She stepped into it with a panicked squelch. “D-dammit..” She said as she ripped out a wet fart again. Stepping back in she put on her shoes by the door, ripping another wet fart out, then going back outside and trudging through the mud. Her underwear was filthy, and she was stupid turned on by this, but she couldn’t be seen getting off in dirty underwear. Partly why she was waiting for Liz to come back. Maybe some alone time in the outhouse would be nice.

Facing the outhouse she Pat saw Liz only just going in, a hand down her pants. She turned to face Pat as she waded through the mud, shit running down both of their thighs, but much more visible on Liz’s thighs. “You gotta shit too?” She asked.

“Lactose intolerant.” Pat huffed.

Liz opened the door as she let out wet dirty farts waiting for Pat.

Entering the girls sat next to each other. Liz got the seat with the pile of shit closer to the top, while Pat got the other. And both girls let loose, having pulled their pants (and underwear). They both had to go terribly bad, and shit leaked out of them. Sitting there Liz soon felt shit poking her ass from below. Looking up to look in, her ass sprayed Pat.

“Oh! D-dammit!” Pat huffed as shit sprayed on her. “I know you like gross crap but can you not get it on me!” Pat grumbled.

Liz snorted. “Yeah, you got enough on you, why do you care?”

Pat paused and lifted her rear explosive farts spraying her sister. “Stop it!”

“No!” Liz said as her ass lifted up a bit more, spraying more shit on Pat.

Pat responded in kind, inwardly stupid turned on like her sister was spraying her sister in shit like hell.

Meanwhile Mary looked at the spots on the floor. She walked over to the closest one and sniffed it. It stank, like shit. What a big surprise. She liked it… Putting her hand in the smear she felt the sticky soft muck on her hand. Taking a moment she put her hand onto her breast. “Mmm.” She said quietly enjoying this. Looking at the next one she walked over to it… And put her foot in it. Sticky, smelly… She loved it.

She got on all fours and crawled over to the next splat, and then put her chest to the ground letting it smear on her clothes. This was disgusting… And she was thrilled by her. Her pussy was hot, her abdomen heating up. Putting her dirty fingers to her crotch she rubbed herself through her fabric, as she moved to another pile and pushed her hair into it, cumming as she did so. It was hard to say who was the most depraved of all three sisters, but Mary certainly was making her case right now.

Meanwhile Pat and Liz panted. Their violent shits were now sprayed onto each other and they stank. They also were tired because this wasn’t a healthy way to operate. “F-fuck…” Pat let out.

“I-I mean if you want I can…” Liz retorted.

“N-no…” Pat said swallowing for a moment to stabilize her breathing. “We’re disgusting and filthy like this.”

“I mean..” Liz looked Escort Anadolu Yakası at herself and Pat. “Ok… You are right.” She said as her breathing settled back to mostly normal.

“We need a wash.” She said.

“Subjective… But I sorta agree.” Liz let out. “But no showers.”

“Yes… But we do have a nearby stream. You remember, we played in it as kids.” Pat said. “We can at least get a rinse off.”

Liz paused. “Alright… You remember where it is?”

“S-sorta.” Pat said. “When we get back we can check our phones and get a map.”

Walking back even Pat didn’t care as she waded through the eternal mud puddle. Opening the door they saw Mary there smeared in shit.

Pat was quiet. “We’re finding that stream now.” She said. “Right now.”

Mary blinked. “Stream?” She asked.

Liz nodded as she got her sibling and pulled her out of the door into the mud with a splat. “Yep. C’mon.” She said as she moved her sister outdoors. “We’re cleaning up some.”

Pat had been planning on getting her phone, but her and Liz both had a decent memory of where the stream was. More or less. And with how filthy all three sisters were… Well she could trust her memory.

Off they went, going downhill. Pat was most excited to wash up, the filth getting her excited, but she was ready to clean up. Mary was ok with washing up, liking the dirt, but ok with being clean, and Liz was mildly miffed. But she could get dirty again… And couldn’t wash her clothes anyways. So what was a little running water.

They went deep into the forest, finding a relative flat land. “IT was near here.” Pat said.

Liz glanced. “Some reeds?” She asked spotting them and walking towards them. As she did so her feet broke through some mossy green earth into some mud. “Oooh… Well… There’ll be water near here buuut~” She chuckled happy to find the mud.

It seemed there was a swampland here now. Mary walked in after Liz. With a sigh, and a look at her muddy shit smeared shoes, socks, and pants, Pat walked in as well.

“I think you’re close though.” Liz added on. “For real I remember this kinda flat and some reeds. And a bit of mud… Not this much.” She muttered as her shoes sank in deep into a soft creamy spot. “Hah. Might even leave dirtier than we showed up!” She laughed. She said as her leg pulled out of thigh deep mud thickly painted brown.

The three sisters waded to the reeds to find a small stream of water only a few inches deep. Pat sighed and sniffed. “Oh… Dammit.” She said as she waded in, the soft earth under the water catching her and sinking her deep.

“C’mon sis.” Liz said with a grope of Pat’s rear. “How bad is it? You’re a bit cleaner now.”

Mary paused. “I remember we had a swing near a pool of water. We can head that way.”

Pat sighed and looked around. “Well girls… Up or downstream?” She asked.

The looked at each other. After some debate they chose to go downstream, eventually, in a long time, they’d hit a lake. They doubted they’d go that far, but hey.

The girls kept on wading through, finding soft mud everywhere, their shoes soaked. After a bit they ended up in a deeper spot of water. The swamp drained into a mostly clear pool. “There!” Mary said pointing up. From a tree hanging over the pool there was a rope.

“Yeah. Damn.” Liz said. “Don’t remember the walls being this high.” She muttered. There were a few feet of nearly vertical walls around the round pool. More than any of the girls could climb up. Save for their approach through the mud.

“look, at least we found a deeper pool.” The water was muddy and somewhat stagnant. Not awful, but hardly the clean pools of their youth. Mary was already stripping off throwing her dirty clothes into the mud.

Liz too stripped, and with a sigh Pat did the same. All girls stripping naked. After a little wading into the mud they went into the fairly deep water. The water wasn’t incredibly clean. Rather scummy and gritty, but still they were getting relatively clean. As they floated Liz hummed as she moved to Pat and groped her sister, giving her a nice handy groping and fondling. “Mmm, Sis, you are quite the cute woman.”

Pat gasped. “Can you not! I am both related and not at all gay!” She said in shock.

“C’mon. We’ve shared a filthy outhouse together.” She hummed. “And Mary and I have had some fun~” She whispered not *too* quietly.

Mary blushed and turned away.

“We’re here for a month. Lets get intimate and personal. Mary, come and feel your sisters tits.”

Mary paused and swam over, groping Pat under the water.

“I’m married!” Pat let out as she was groped by both of her sisters.

“And your husband can feel free to fantasize over you domming the shit out of both of us… Or us domming you, whichever her prefers.” Liz hummed. “Don’t tell me he wouldn’t like that really gay threesome.”

Pat mumbled some as she had to admit… Her husband had openly fantasized similar scenarios. Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort And she’d be a bit more ashamed to admit he had told her about scenarios where she dominated her sisters, and scenarios where her sisters had dominated her. And she’d be even more ashamed that they had, with mixed success, played out those types of scenario’s. And most ashamed that now… She kinda liked it.

“What was that?” Liz asked humming.

“Can you stop trying to fondle me in the pond?” She asked. “Cause its rather distracting. I can’t feel the bottom.”

Mary paused. “We should… I think her drowning would be bad.”

Liz sighed. “You’re both boring. But fine then.” She muttered as she pulled away. Spinning to face her backside to her sisters, bubbles coming up from under the water. The smell of a fart was clear.

After a few minutes with the worst of the grime Liz stepped out, followed by Mary, and eventually Pat.

As Pat stepped out into the mud, her feet sinking in Liz hummed as she put on her filthy clothes. “Well, its not quite what we remembered but hey.” She shrugged as she made sure to stamp into the mud with a splatter, almost sinking up to her knees in the mud with shock. “Ah! B-bit stuck.” She muttered as she waded into the muck.

Pat smirked, even as her own feet sank into the mud, putting her dirty shoes on. She didn’t rush to help her sister. Thankful that her dripping wet body, which soon was covered in muddy, dirty clothes, was soaking wet to hide her arousal.

When she was dressed Pat began to walk back sinking ankle deep in mud with a few sighs. She wasn’t gonna get that clean, feeling her filthy shit smeared clothes rub her skin, she got excited. Her pussy getting damp. She liked this more than she could admit to her siblings… Right.

Mary, and eventually Liz, walked along. Liz flirting with Mary some as they walked back, playing in the mud a bit more than Pat was, but Liz let Pat walk back. The mud itself enough to keep her entertained. Her outfit was filthy and dirty, stinking like hell, all three girls having come here still in their dirty clothes.

Eventually they returned, all three girls tired, mud up to their knees, whether they liked it or not, Their clothes filthy, and them still smelling fairly bad. But they were a bit cleaner overall, although not much.

Liz stretched. “I’m gonna eat then pass the fuck out.” She said. “Any objections?” It was a bit early, but they had skipped lunch.

“None here.” Mary muttered as she sat down.

“Nothing I can think of.” Pat muttered.

Looking around Liz noted that their only plates left were dirty, she said nothing, enjoying any chance for grossness, and chose to make their meals without telling her sisters that little fact, not that they could do much, given they had exactly zero running water. She hummed as she set out a dairy rich meal.

Pat looked at the cheese and glass of milk, and just downed it. She had given up. And at least her husband would have something fun to listen too. After eating she too went to her room, before she did so letting a wet fart rip.

Mary felt let down, her sisters were gonna have all the gross fun, and she wasn’t. She’d make her own fun she guessed. Looking at their plates as she cleaned the table she noted the old food, and the stuff in the trash. That… That could be fun.

As Liz walked off to her bedroom her ass was ripping with wet and dirty farts. Her filthy underwear only getting dirtier. And… She was going to keep things getting grosser for herself.

Pat retired to her room and set up her phone call. “Honey.” She said when her husband picked up. “I almost got a bath.” She set up a camera angle where her lower legs were still caked in mud was all he could see.

“I don’t believe you.” Her husband said. “You still look filthy.”

“I said bath not clean clothes.” She said kicking off her shoes and socks revealing her filthy feet.”

“Again, doubting. Not complaining though. You look sexy all filthy like that.”

Pat smirked as she stripped. “My sisters had quite the grab on me today. Kinda liked it.” She muttered as she sat down in front of the laptop her clean underwear hiding a wet rippling fart as her lactose intolerance kicked in.

“Hot, you decided to enjoy it?”

“N-no.” She muttered. “Its incestuous and gay, and I’m not gay… I think.”

“Honey, I’m not worried about losing you to your own sisters. You can be gay with them. Or bi… Pansexual. Questioning. All of that is good.”

Pat grunted as she spread her legs, showing her rear to her husband via webcam. “Honey lets not think about that now, I just want to have a little… Accident before I get rid of this pair.” She would be down one more pair of panties. She wouldn’t have too many left. Sooner or later she couldn’t change them out like this.

Mary hummed as she got a few bits of food left over and slid it down into her bra. Slimy and sticky she liked it. Lying in her bed she loved the feeling against her still grimy skin. It was sticky and sloppy and… She had to have it between her legs. Getting a toy out she looked at the nearby toy. Taking a moment she slid her hands over it, finding some syrup and letting that glide it into her pussy. It wasn’t great, but it felt unique. She loved it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32