Girls Night Out Ch. 02

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Even though John and Amy’s relationship is rolling right along. Every now and then the issue of trust pops into his mind. She is being a model wife and nothing has come up to make him suspicious. The have sex three or four times a week and the sex is good.

One afternoon they are at the mall sitting in Cinnabon waiting for their order. A black guy walks in and places his order. He glances around, makes eye contact with Amy and smiles. John quickly glances at Amy. She returns the black guys smile.

All the old tapes suddenly run through his mind. Is she over her attraction to black men? Seeing another man smile at his wife is nothing new because it happens all the time. She is very attractive and keeps herself up. But now the trust thing is back in his mind. He doesn’t say anything because maybe she is just being polite.

He thinks back over all the time since they got back together. She has never placed herself in a position to be tempted. She has stopped going out with the girls. He doesn’t know if during the three months they were separated she fucked any black guys or not. He needs to do something to set his mind at ease. Over the next few days he comes up with a plan. He will put her feet to the fire.



I’m so happy since we got back together. I’m doing everything I can to make him happy. My aim is to rebuild the trust that I broke. We are having wonderful sex and everything is so good. I love him and he is showing his love to me.

We are walking Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort through the mall. I like showing off my handsome hunk to all the women. Let them eat their hearts out.

We walk into Cinnabon and place our order. We sit and wait. I notice a black man walk in. I watch him. He looks so much like Brian. He makes eye contact with me and smiles. I smile back at him. Fear strikes my heart as my nipples perk up and my pussy twitches. I see John look at me.

‘Oh god, no. I thought I was over this black white thing. God help me with this. I don’t want to lose my John. Life has been so good since we got back together. I quickly break eye contact. We get our order and leave.

We go home and I fix his favorite meal. I hope he didn’t think anything about me smiling at that guy. Everything is fine for the next few days. Wednesday morning while we are having morning coffee. John looks at me.

“I need to talk to you about something. Every now and then I think about how well we are doing. I know you are trying really hard to rebuild the trust, but it’s still in the back of my mind. I want it resolved for good.”

“I don’t understand, baby. We have been so good together. I’m so happy with how we are doing now.”

“I am too, but I need closure on this. I have an idea how we can do it.”

“What is your idea?”

“I want you to get dressed up real nice and go back to The Club. If you can resist black guys hitting on you it will give me total closure.”

“I Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort don’t know what to say. Can’t you trust me without doing this.”

“I don’t know. I do know I don’t want to live the rest of my life with this doubt in the back of my mind. I want it over and done with.”

“OK, I’ll do it. If this will give that to you I’m all for it. How do you want to do it?”

“I’ll drop you off there Friday night. You can go in alone and sit at the bar. I want you to have a couple of drinks and dance with some black guys. I know they will ask you to dance and hit on you. I’ll come back in about two hours to pick you up. I’ll text you that I’m outside”

Amy’s mind is racing. She remember the reaction she had at Cinnabon. She knows the thrill will hit her. She hopes she is strong enough to get through this. She will have to decide. Is it John or black cock.

Friday morning John leaves for work. He kisses Amy goodbye. She immediately calls in sick. She is way to anxious about tonight. She tries to make a plan on how she will handle the advances the guys will make on her. Then all of a sudden Brian comes to mind. She remember the amazing orgasms she had with him. He nipples perk up and her pussy gets wet. She starts crying.

After a while she cries herself out. She gets busy cleaning house. She tries to get her mind off of tonight. She manages to keep busy till John comes home. She greets him with the usual kiss and a hug. She fixes Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort dinner and it’s time for her to get ready. She showers, gets dressed and walks into the living room. John looks at her and approves of her outfit. He can see she is nervous. They go out and get in the car.



John pulls up in front of The Club. He leans over and kisses Amy.

“I’ll see you in about two hours. Keep your phone handy for my text.”

“OK, baby. See you then.”

She gets out and walks in. John drives away. He goes home and plops in front of the TV. He is as anxious as Amy. He wonders if she can resist. He hopes he can, but he is prepared for the worst. Since they got back together things have been great. He wants it to continue.

He checks his watch. It’s been an hour and fifteen minutes since he dropped her off. He gets in the car and drives to The Club. His plan is to go in and watch her. He will know immediately what’s going to happen.

He walks up to the door, stops and takes a deep breath. He pushes the door open and walks in. He quickly moves to a corner and looks around. He sees Amy dancing with a black guy. It’s a slow song and he is holding her close. She has both arms around his neck and he is holding her ass cheeks. His heart sinks. He watches till the song ends. The walk back to a booth holding hands. He knows she is out of his life. He waits a few minutes. He sees her put both arms around the guy’s neck and they kiss.

He takes out his phone and waits till the kiss ends. He sends her a text.

“I’m outside.”

He watches her look at her purse. She picks up her phone and looks at it. She drops the phone back in her purse. She puts her arms around the guys neck and kisses him again. He walks out, gets in his car and drives off into the night.

The end.

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