The Girl at the Spa

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The past month has been absolutely insane. I’ve been running around from one meeting to another, busting my ass. Hustling every day to increase my sales.

Honestly, when I went into sales, I didn’t assume that it would be easy, but I sure as hell did not expect it to be this hard either. I have to be on my toes every single day, ready to pitch my next idea and having comebacks rolling over my tongue.

And I have to admit that there’s been a couple of investors who really stammered me into my seat, which made me realise that I need to up my game.

So last Friday, I decided to treat myself to a break over the weekend. Just to get a clear mind and then I’ll get my shit back together on Monday morning.

I looked up the closest decent hotel and booked a room for two nights. I mean, there’s nothing better than having room service, chilling at the spa and sipping mojitos by the pool all day.

But despite my best efforts to finish work early on Friday, I ended up arriving super late to the hotel. And all I did was order room service and sleep. Not that I’m complaining cause the bed felt like heavenly clouds, but you know?

Anyway, the next morning I woke up pretty early, so I went down to the pool, ordered a coffee and sat there smoking my breakfast cigarette. I wasn’t really a smoker, but lately, it has turned into a morning ritual.

Every day I’d start off with a cup of black coffee and a cigarette, inhaling each breath deep into my lungs, and slowly pushing it out through my lips. Somehow it felt like every exhale was pulling all the stress out of my system, and leaving me a little bit more at peace.

I took a walk around the pool area and made my way into the spa, where I was greeted by a stunning girl. She had pale white skin which contrasted so vividly against her tattoos. Her eyes were a light shade of blue, and her hair was a silvery-white colour. But what stood out the most were her rose coloured lips, they looked so passionately plump, and they moved softly as she spoke.

“So.. yeah those are the treatments that we have available at our spa. Would you like to schedule an appointment?”

“Excuse me, sorry. I uhm was thinking about something else for a moment. I’m looking to get a full body massage, I’ve been really stressed lately, and I want something that will help me ease up a bit.”

“Well then I recommend that you choose the holistic full body massage, its 90 minutes long and I’ll make sure to get all your sore spots. Does that sound good?”

“Yeah, that sounds perfect. When is your first available slot?”

“I don’t have any clients at the moment, so we can either do it now or perhaps tomorrow afternoon?”

“Now is perfect. I don’t really have anything else to do.”

“Ok great, just follow me then.”

She closed the door, put up a sign and started walking down a corridor. I was a bit confused. Usually, spas have more than one staff member working at a time, but I didn’t think much about it because I was mesmerised by her walk.

How she swayed her hips from side to side, giving me the perfect view of her thick ass. Her voice was delicate, but her appearance told a whole other story. Her body had a hypnotic tone, and her innocent eyes just looked like trouble.

We made it into a room, and she stepped out to give me time to undress and climb onto the massaging bench. I took off all my clothes, left my thong on and climbed face down onto the bench with the little towel covering my butt cheeks.

Shortly after I heard the door opening and her soft voice telling me to relax as she put on some calming music. She poured oil down my back and started rubbing my shoulders. Her grip was firm, and it gave me goosebumps with every push.

She rubbed her hands down the side of my back, lightly grazing the sides of my breasts. Sending my thoughts into a whole new world, wishing that her hands could go down just an extra inch.

I felt her caressing my lower back, pressing lustfully into the upper part of my ass and the side of my hips. But she stopped there.

She walked down to my legs, poured some more oil onto me and worked her way up. From my feet all the way to my thighs.

Her hands moved in figures of eight, always getting a little bit closer to where I wanted them to land. But all she did was tease me, relentlessly. Pushing her fingers across my inner thigh, faintly lingering over my thong.

Then I felt the towel move up, and her hands planting over my ass. Massaging every possible part of it.

“You can turn to face me now,” she said.

I shifted my body onto my back and looked at her as she scanned me with her eyes. Looking so lustfully at my swollen nipples, biting her lips like she was trying to keep herself away from them.

She poured oil onto my chest and began to massage the upper part of my breasts. Making her way to the sides, and the middle avoiding my aching nipples that were crying for attention. Teasing me with the idea that she could just so easily pinch them, but she won’t.

Then finally, she ran her hands over my nipples and gasped with excitement. She lowered her hands to my sides and leaned down to kiss my nipples. Her luscious lips tickled my nipples as she gently bit onto them.

Without saying a word, she walked down to my legs again and started rubbing her hands from my feet up to my thighs. But this time, she didn’t stop at my inner thighs. Instead, she pressed her fingers over my lips and started to circle my clit.

“Are you enjoying this?” She asked, “Would you like me to stop?”

“Oh, no! Please don’t stop. I love the way you touch me.”

She winked at me and sucked onto my nipple again while she kept circling my clit. She teased my vagina, putting in one finger at a time. Like she was trying to see which one fit best.

Then she pushed in her index and middle finger. Curled them up towards my belly to find my g-spot and clenched her lips onto my clit. Her back was arched, and her ass was sticking out as she stroked my clit with her tongue, and fingered me so passionately.

I couldn’t help myself but moan and ask for more.

She kept going, sucking relentlessly. Bringing me to new heights of pleasure. While her fingers played around, stimulating my most sensitive spot without any release. She had no intention of stopping before I climaxed.

My body was starting to edge towards an orgasm. I felt my vagina contracting asking for more. For deeper strokes and harder pressure. My bead was swollen, craving greater attention.

Sweat was dripping down the side of my body, and my hands were squeezing my breasts, moving the heat across my chest. I couldn’t stop thinking about how seductive she looked as she ate my pussy, sucking my flesh with a raw sensual passion.

I couldn’t take the build-up anymore, and I collapsed into an erotic aura. Clasping my knees together, barely giving her space to leave. I sat up on the edge of the bench, wrapped my legs around her waist and pulled her close to me. My hands gently grasped the back of her neck as I tasted myself on her lips.

Kissing without any sense of time, like the world had just stopped spinning for us. Until we slowly drifted our faces apart…

“Let me return the favour” I whispered.

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