The Double Date That Didn’t End Ch. 07

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EPILOGUE: Every Day is Christmas




Luckily, my boss’s insurance covered the tree that fell through the cabin wall. A part of me was worried that he’d somehow blame me for the damage, but the opposite turned out to be true:

“Can you imagine how much worse the damage would have been if no one was home?!” he asked. “There would have been a month’s-worth of snow and frost filling the place before we even realized. I’m damn lucky you and Ria were there!”

But, nice as he was, I was anxious about finally coming back to work on New Year’s Eve. Stepping back into my cubicle felt like stepping onto an alien planet. Every drab moment passed by in excruciating slow motion. The bustle of the office sounded distant and muted. Every meeting, every memo, every “urgent” office emergency-it all felt so silly and small.

After the week-long emotional maelstrom of sex in the mountains, returning to real life was about as exciting as a bowl of shredded wheat. It didn’t help much that Tracy was sitting beside me, looking gorgeous as ever in a red silk blouse. How was I supposed to focus on my work when I couldn’t stop flashing back to memories of her marshmallow-soft lips around my cock and her cantaloupe-sized tits in my mouth?

Throughout the day, she would occasionally glance over at my cubicle, throwing me a slantwise grin-and I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

So far, nobody at the office suspected that Tracy and I were more than friends, nor that we’d made tentative plans for her to move in with me and my wife-but that wouldn’t last forever. Somehow, sooner or later, we’d be outed, and the gossip about Shane and Tracy’s “weird, poly-whateverous-relationship” would spread like wildfire.

Or maybe not. What did I know? Maybe I was just being paranoid.

As the clock on the wall counted down the final few minutes of the day, I glanced over at my voluptuous coworker one final time and asked, “You sure you can’t come by to say hi tonight?”

“Is that really all you want me to do? Say hi?”

“No, but if I told you what I really wanted, I’d get shitcanned for sexual harassment.”

She shook her head and laughed. “Sorry, wish I could. I already promised a girlfriend I’d spend New Year’s with her.”

“And Connor’s working the graveyard shift tonight. It’s gonna be so weird, celebrating without either of you.”

“You and Ria have any special plans for tonight?” she asked.

“Nah. Home on the couch, sipping champagne and watching pre-recorded Ryan Seacrest talk about how cold it is in Manhattan or whatever.”

“While Taylor Swift sings that stupid ‘Shake Shake’ song,” Tracy nodded sympathetically.

“Ria said she wants a night to finally relax.”

“Sounds wild.”

“Domestic bliss,” I grinned.

Truth be told, I was a little let down by the prospect of finishing the year on such a lame note. But my incredible wife had more than earned an evening’s rest after a week of non-stop, ravenous fucking. She phoned me when I was five minutes from home and asked, “Could you detour to the store to pick up a bottle of champagne? I know I said I’d do it, but I forgot.”

“Honey, I’m almost home!” I rolled my eyes. I’d just made it through over an hour of New Year’s traffic.

“Don’t whine, it’s unbecoming of such a sexy man. Besides, I’ve got a surprise waiting for you at home that will more than make up for it.”

That piqued my interest. “I do like surprises,” I sighed.

I swung by the grocery store, battled the crowds for a bottle of bubbly, waited in line for a geological epoch, and then finally made it home to my wife-

Who greeted at the front door wearing a skin-tight, orange and white Hooters uniform. Without a bra.

“Whoa,” I blinked.

Ever since our first double date, when I learned that Tracy and Ria had both worked at Hooters during college, I’d fantasized about how the two of them must have looked in those slutty outfits. But Ria had left that job on a bad note-meaning she’d burned the uniform and deleted all photos of her wearing it. I never actually thought I’d get the chance to see her as a “Hooters Girl.”

Until to tonight.

“Don’t just stand there with your mouth hanging open,” she teased. “Come in.”

She turned on her heel and walked inside, giving me an eyeful of her juicy butt stretching out those microscopic orange shorts. I followed her into the living room like an obedient puppy, where Ria sat me down on the sofa and spoke in her absolute perkiest voice:

“Welcome to Hooters! My name’s Maria, and I’ll be your servant tonight.”

“Don’t you mean ‘server?'”

“Whichever,” she shrugged, giving her hair an exaggerated, valley girl flip. Then she leaned down to pour me a pint of beer, oodles of cleavage spilling out of her low-cut white tank top.

I whistled appreciatively, “Man, you weren’t kidding when you told me I’d like the surprise.”

“Oh sweetie, this is only HALF the surprise.”.

I quirked an eyebrow. bedava bahis “Half?”

Suddenly, a burst of girlish laughter came from the bedroom. Ria rolled her eyes, “Aw, Trace! You spoiled the big reveal I was building up to.”

“Sorry!” Tracy called out.

My pulse quickened at the sound of Tracy’s voice.

Ria shook her head and laughed, “It’s too late for sorries! I guess you may as well come out and let him see you.”

A moment later, Tracy stepped into view, smiling proudly in a Hooters costume of her own: white trainers, high socks, orange spanx, and a microscopic white tank top. The laws of physics drew my attention immediately to her chest, where the girl’s stupendous bust was stretching out that cartoon owl on all directions.

“Hi Shane,” she said with a wave.

Goddammit, she wasn’t wearing a bra, either.

“I thought you had plans with a girlfriend,” I stammered, watching her stride across the apartment towards me.

“And Ria’s the best girlfriend I’ve ever had,” she winked, playfully patting my wife on the butt as she said it.

The two women sat down on either side of me, cozying up with their soft bodies. Tracy teasingly stroked my chest. Ria dropped her hand to my thigh and squeezed: “Welcome to Hooters, handsome. Can we get you started with something?”

“I dunno, what do you recommend?” I laughed.

“Well, that depends on whether you want something spicy…” Ria began-

“Or sweet,” Tracy finished.

I smiled, my eyes ricocheting back and forth from one woman to the other.

“What if I want both?”

“Ooh, so you want the combo platter,” Tracy cooed.

“The two-for-one deal,” Ria nodded.

Then time stood still for a moment as both gorgeous women leaned in and started licking my neck. Feminine hands settled on my lap, gently massaging through my pants.

“Is this how you two treated all your customers, back in the day?” I asked.

“Only if they were cute. Or if we were really, super horny.” Tracy answered, deftly unzipping my fly. Then she grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face into the cushion of her breasts.

I groaned, licking and sucking at the huge, soft globes-wetting Tracy’s erect nipples through the fabric her shirt. It would be a cold day in hell before I got tired of sucking on those tits.

“Just think,” Ria whispered, sneaking her hand up under my shirt, “once she moves in, you’ll get to come home to this every day.”

“EVERY day,” Tracy repeated happily.

When Ria finally pulled my face away, I saw that Tracy’s shirt had turned completely transparent where I’d been licking-giving me a clear view of the buxom blonde’s big pink nipples.

“My turn!” Ria exclaimed, thrusting her own substantial chest towards me. I pounced on my wife, pinning her to the couch as I squeezed and licked her tits, thrilled to feel her nipples hardening at my touch.

“Ooh, you’re a VERY good customer…” Ria said coyly.

“You ready, Ria?” Tracy asked.

My wife nodded, her dark eyes sparkling with arousal. She pushed me back onto the couch and busied herself with opening my shirt.

Tracy, meanwhile, lowered her head to my lap and nibbled me through my slacks, gently grazing her teeth along my rapidly stiffening shaft. Then there was a quiet rustle of fabric as she tugged my pants down around me knees, and the cool air enveloped my naked cock as it sprung into view.

The two women slunk down to the floor, kneeling on either side of my penis-each of them resting the full weight of their breasts on my thighs. Ria leaned in and kissed my crown. Tracy leaned in and licked my shaft. And then they both leaned in and kissed each other, bringing their mouths together for a scorching hot lesbian lip lock-with my erection trapped in the middle.

I really was the luckiest son of a bitch in the world.

Still wearing those ridiculously tight Hooters tank tops, Tracy and Ria brought their braless bosoms together above my lap, crushing my granite hardness within the paradise of four big, plump breasts.

“Oh, fuck…” I moaned.

They were both clearly amused by my reaction. Ria grabbed the bottom hem of Tracy’s tank top and rolled it up-and up, and up, and up-until the bottom halves of her breasts were exposed.

“Fuck him with your tits,” Ria commanded.

The rolled up hem of Tracy’s shirt squeezed tightly around her chest, mashing her cleavage together. As she lowered her massive boobs onto my lap-and my erection speared up between them-the abundance of smooth flesh hugged me like a vice. I watched as the dome of my cock poked out through the top of Tracy’s cleavage, visibly stretching out the fabric of her shirt.

With Tracy busy down below, Ria climbed up onto the sofa and straddled my face-rubbing the crotch of her bright orange hot pants against my mouth. All I could do was moan and play along, groping my wife’s tight ass and licking away while Tracy’s bodacious tits continued bouncing on my lap.

Growing impatient, casino siteleri Ria tugged aside the elastic crotch of her shorts to give my tongue direct access to her cunt.

“Mmm, yeah honey, just like that,” she purred.

Impatient for some stimulation of her own, Tracy jumped to her feet, yanked off her pants, and dropped her steaming hot cunt down onto my desperate penis.

“Ohh, much better,” she groaned.

“So much better,” Ria agreed, thrusting her slick pussy against my mouth.

“Fuck it, these shorts have got to come off!” Ria exclaimed, hopping off of me and quickly sliding out of her orange spanx. With my wife momentarily occupied, I re-focused all of my attention onto Tracy-powerfully pounding my hips up into her dripping snatch.

“Oh yes! Fuck me!” she growled.

I don’t know what came over me, but before I even realized what I was doing, I had grabbed hold of Tracy’s white Hooters shirt with both hands and-


The fabric tore, finally unleashing Tracy’s gloriously ripe breasts into the open air.

“Holy shit honey!” Ria laughed. “Remind me never to get in between you and Tracy’s big boobs.”

“Mm-hmm,” Tracy agreed, proudly rubbing my face between her now-naked tits.

Ria moved to climb back up onto my face, but Tracy held out a hand to stop her:

“Let me do it? I wanna taste you while he fucks me.”

Ria answered by kissing the other woman, their naked breasts clapping together from the sudden movement.

Not withdrawing from her body, I rolled Tracy onto her back and repositioned her supple legs onto my shoulders-then I held my breath and watched the unbelievable sight as my wife dropped her slippery, engorged labia down onto Tracy’s mouth.

Ria pulled me in for a long, steamy kiss that exploded in my mouth like fireworks. Then-a mischievous smile on her face-she dropped her fingers down to Tracy’s clit and started teasing.

“Oh fuck!” Tracy shouted, overwhelmed by the combined stimuli of my thrusting and Ria’s fingers.

I picked up the pace, dropping my gaze from Ria to enjoy the way Tracy’s massive melons were bouncing with every impact of my hips.

“Ohh,” she moaned. “Ohh!”

Feminine honey poured out of her, coating my thighs. Ria’s hand became a blur on the other girl’s crotch, and I went for broke, fucking hard-

“Yesss!!” Tracy spasmed, her fingernails digging into Ria’s legs. Her back arched-hips thrusting up in the air and seizing in rigid pleasure-and then all at once she relaxed into a puddle of post-orgazmic bliss.

My wife lifted a leg to climb off the other girl’s face-but Tracy greedily reached out and pulled her right back down.

“Oh no you don’t, sweetie. Not until I make you come!”

Ria obediently re-straddled her friend’s mouth, this time facing away from me so that she could brace herself against the arm of the sofa. She continued grinding herself on Tracy’s face, and I watched-practically drooling with desire-as Ria’s perfectly-formed buttocks clenched again and again with every movement.

I pulled out of Tracy’s still spasming cunt and scooted myself forward, dragging my balls across her belly. I finally came to a stop with my legs straddling her chest and my painfully erect cock pointing eagerly between the twin mounds of her breasts. Tracy braced her tiny hands against the sides of those silky smooth pillows of flesh, and squeezed them together around my shaft.

My penis practically disappeared.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned.

My eyes and hands travelled equally between Tracy’s tits and Ria’s ass. In our new position, every time my cockhead speared out the top of Tracy’s cleavage, it pushed up into the crack of my wife’s butt-brushing up against her anus. Ria whipped her head around to look at me, eyes on fire-then she threw her weight backwards into my arms, kissing me passionately on the lips while I fucked her friend’s cleavage. Ria reached down and spread her buttocks to give my thrusting cockhead unobstructed access to her asshole-

“Mmm! Oh god!” Ria whimpered. “Don’t stop!”

Tracy redoubled her oral efforts, I twisted and tugged at Ria’s nipples-

“Oh yes! Yes! Aahhh!!” she screamed, shaking in my arms and gushing all over her friend’s beautiful face.

“Shane?” Ria looked at me, her sanity finally returning to her. “You still haven’t come?”

“Been trying to make the moment last,” I panted.

“But… Don’t you get it? There is no ‘moment,’ anymore. This is your life now. We’ve got all night, and then the next night, and then the next. You get to have this whenever you want.”

I nodded, letting her words sink in. A lifetime’s worth of horny fantasies played out in my head.

Tracy rolled out from beneath me and rose to her feet. She and Ria circled the couch and bent over the arm-side-by-side-mashing their big breasts down onto the cushions vaulting their naked butts up into air.

“Who would our lucky customer like to come in tonight?” Ria asked.

I got bahis siteleri to my feet and circled around behind them, taking a moment to appreciate the two gorgeous asses being presented to me.

Tracy’s: soft and full. Ria’s: tight and perky. Both of them: utterly dripping with arousal.

“I think tonight, I’ll take them both,” I quipped.

Then I pushed my penis deep inside of Ria.

“Oh yeah…” Ria purred.

But after a few minutes, I pulled out and switched women, driving into Tracy and using my fingers to please Ria.

“Oh god, uhh!” Tracy moaned.

I gave both asses a few good spankings while I fucked Tracy, then I pulled out again and slid back into Ria.

“Are you enjoying yourself, sweetie?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah,” I grunted, pounding into her pussy.

I pulled out again and switched back to Tracy, scooping up her boobs in my hands while I fucked her over the arm of the sofa.

“Getting close?” Tracy teased.

“Jesus Christ,” I moaned.

“Don’t stop fucking her until you come,” Ria whispered, then she knelt beside where my cock was sliding in and out of her friend and started licking.

“Oh god!” Tracy moaned, already ramping up to another orgasm. “I can’t stop it if-not if both of you-oh fuck!”

“Come for me, Tracy,” I moaned, squeezing the flesh of her tits. “You sound so sexy when you come.”

“Oh Shane! Oh Ria!”

Ria sucked my thumb into her mouth, then guided the slick digit up Tracy’s scalding-hot asshole.

“Ahhh!” Tracy screamed in rapturous, shocking pleasure. Her dyed blonde hair went wild in all directions.

I felt my own release charging forwards like an angry Rhino-unstoppable, thundering, shaking the earth beneath my feet-

Tracy screamed with animal intensity, convulsing in climax. “Fuck me Shane! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck!!”

I roared, the dam finally bursting. The first several spurts filled Tracy to the core, then I pulled out and ejaculated all over her supple ass. Somehow still coming, I turned my attention to my wife and let the final few shots decorate her beautiful, smiling face.




After a frantic few weeks of apartment hunting, the four of us all finally moved in together. We didn’t even wait to unpack before christening the new space with our first orgy, fucking in a sweaty, tangled mess on living room floor.

Later that same night, when we were all sitting down for a nice, relaxing meal together, Tracy looked up from her food and asked:

“How are we gonna spend Valentine’s Day?”

“I take it you’re not asking about which restaurant we’re going to?” I asked.

She shook her head, “You know what I mean. I mean-who’s gonna do what with who? The way I see it, we’ve got three options: One, we do what we’ve always done-me and Connor, Ria and Shane. Two, we go out as a group-”

Ria turned up her nose at that. “Much as I like having two cute guys to play around with at home, that doesn’t sound very romantic.”

“Or option three,” Tracy continued, “we go untraditional. Me with Shane, Ria with Connor.”

I felt a frown crease my face: “So basically what you’re saying is, you want to spend Valentine’s Day with Shane this year. Not me.”

“That’s not what-”

“No, I get it. He’s hands down the more ‘romantic’ guy, between the two of us.” I blurted it out before I’d even had a second to think about what I was saying. The moment the words left my mouth I knew they sounded childish.

Tracy crossed her arms, hurt. Without saying another word, she got up from the table and went into the other room. I mentally kicked myself.

“What was that about?” Shane asked me.

“Sorry, long day at work,” I sighed. Then, feeling like a royal idiot, I put down my fork and followed after Tracy.

“I don’t wanna talk to you,” she snapped as I entered the bedroom.

“Tracy, I need to apologize,” I said, sitting down on the bed beside her.

“What the hell, Connor?! You spend a month and a half fucking Ria whenever you feel like it, and now all of a sudden you’re jealous that I even suggest the possibility of us spending Valentine’s day apart? I didn’t say anything wrong. I was just asking a question that needed to be asked.”

“I know! And I shouldn’t have gotten jealous, but I did. There’s this part of me that just can’t stop worrying that I’m not good enough for you now that you get to be with Shane whenever you want. I mean, you fantasized about him for so long-how am I supposed to compete with that? He’s-I mean, let’s face it-he’s husband material.”

Tracy sighed and shook her head. “He’s husband material for Ria. Listen, I’m not gonna lie-sleeping with Shane is really exciting right now. But that’s partly because it’s still brand new, and because, yes, it was a really long time in the making. BUT-” she angrily grabbed me by the shoulders, “-you’re an idiot if you think I’ll ever lose you again. I’m keeping you, regardless of who we spend the night with on Valentine’s Day.”

I leaned in and kissed her-surprising the girl at first-but after just a moment, Tracy melted into my embrace.

“I’m still mad at you for snapping at me,” she said, scooting away from me on the bed. “But I suppose you deserve a chance to make up for it.”

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