The Dinner Party Ch. 05

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For a start it was another man, the cock was larger and tasted differently and she was feeling hornier than she had ever felt in her life . She was ready.

She looked with great lust at what she had in front of her. This time this marvellously designed tool was going in her mouth – next time it was going inside her willing vagina. It was so beautiful! Now that she had started down the swinging road, she definitely wanted to see and play with more of these marvellous machines, which she knew were going to bring inordinate joy to her body. Her mouth opened and she took the penile head inside – her mouth closed around it and her tongue took over – licking and sucking, sucking and licking, tasting that amazing taste, sucking like a lollipop, licking like a gob stopper sweet!

Martin sat next to Angela; it was as if he was petrified. He looked at his darling wife as if he could not believe what he saw. Rosemary was kneeling between Roger’s legs, her hands resting on his thighs and her mouth firmly clamped around the top of his cock. From the movement of her lips, Martin knew that she was sucking Roger’s cockhead and from the ecstatic look on Roger’s face, it could be seen that he was enjoying the experience. Rosemary had occasionally given Martin pleasure that way, but he was convinced that Rosemary had never shown the same enthusiasm and enjoyment as she was showing now.

He looked with increasing pleasure at his wife’s naked body – from the dark hair resting on her creamy white shoulders, down the length of her flowing form to the raised and proud shape of her arse. If he looked closely enough, he could see the shape of her pussy – what he would not give to walk across now and plunge his rampant cock into her pussy and fuck her doggy style whilst Roger fucked her face.

He knew, however, that if he were to do that he would be unable to push his cock into the sweet, juicy love canal of the woman who sat but a few feet from him, the look on her face as lustful and demanding as any face he had seen for many a long year.

In fact Angela could not move her eyes away from the smooth, white buttocks, which Rosemary presented to her whilst sucking Roger. They were so attractive – they wanted spanking and Angela was going to be the person who introduced Rosemary to the world of feminine bondage. She was going to tie Rosemary down, face down, on Angela’s bed and she was going to use a paddle or a whip (or both for she had both in many varieties) until Rosemary screamed for more and begged Angela to fuck her! She felt herself getting wetter and wetter at the thought – Roger would have no trouble at all in penetrating her sometime in the near future.

Roger sat there with his eyes closed and felt those soft, warm lips encircle his cock and knew that when he blew his seed, there was going to be a never ending stream – or at least that is what it would feel like to Rosemary. He could now feel her hands start to caress the length of his tool; very slowly and very softly bonus veren siteler her hands masturbated him at the same time as she sucked and licked. Had he indeed gone to heaven? He felt one of the soft hands start to caress his balls – squeeze gently and release, squeeze and release, just as if she were milking a cow except that she was milking a man of his warm, creamy milk – the very life of his being.

Rosemary could feel Roger’s balls start to tighten and she knew that very soon she would be the recipient of his semen. Would she swallow? Now was the crunch. It was about to happen; she had to make that decision. Yes! She would swallow, every last drop and she would enjoy the smell and the taste. From now on she would learn how to compare men’s semen and she would become an expert at rating it. From now… the warm liquid hit the back of her throat and she stopped thinking about the future, rather concentrating on the perfect present! Roger’s cum shot down her throat – it was warm and creamy and sooo delicious. Long, thick strands filling her very being – the last few ropes resting in her mouth ready for Angela and Martin to taste. Still sucking on his cock, extracting every last gram from his balls. She truly had died and gone to heaven!

Very, very carefully Rosemary pulled her mouth from Roger’s cock and standing up, went across to Angela. Holding out her arms, Rosemary took Angela in her embrace and for the very first time felt the naked body of another woman touch her skin – so smooth like satin, so warm, so sexual! They kissed and Rosemary opened her lips and allowed Roger’s sperm to pass to his wife’s mouth. Their tongues played with each other and Rosemary could feel Angela’s hands running like feathers up and down her back; she could feel their bodies pressing against each other and their breastsalmost conjoined at the nipples. All she could think of was the fantasy of their bodies lying side by side on her bed – but it need not be a fantasy. She could get Angela’s phone number and call her tomorrow to arrange an assignation during the week – that is what she would do!

Reluctantly she parted from Angela and moved across to Martin, took him in her arms and kissed him passionately; this was the man she loved, would always love and would encourage to fuck other women because he deserved the pleasure of different women’s bodies.

Martin tasted Roger’s sperm inside Rosemary’ mouth – he had never tasted another man’s sperm before; he had never tasted another man’s cock – now was the time to start thinking about it but before he did he had a delightful duty to perform – he had to fuck Angela.

Angela was still mentally reeling from her skin-to-skin contact with Rosemary. Rosemary’s body was so smooth, so touchable, and so kissable. She could picture the soft and pliant body under hers, their breasts squeezing against each other, their pudendas rubbing flesh to flesh, their lips setting their entire bodies alive with electric force. bahis She came awake, her eyes resting on the naked form of Martin – his beautifully formed cock standing at attention, so hard that the foreskin was pulled back to allow his helmet in all its magnificence to seek access to her body. She must not keep him waiting.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?” she asked Martin,” Then Rosemary and Roger can come and sit in the armchairs there and watch us fuck.” Martin nodded his head; without more ado Angela took him by the hand and led him through the house and up the stairs to the master bedroom with Rosemary and Roger following on behind also hand in hand.

Once in the bedroom Angela led Martin across to the king size bed, which dominated the room. The covers were already rolled to the bottom as though awaiting the performance, which was so shortly to take place there. On either side of the bed were sofas, each slightly raised above the carpet on a dais, so that anyone sitting there could look down on the bed. At the bottom of the bed, also slightly raised above the level of the surrounding area, was a settee.

“Where do you wish to sit, my lovely lady?” Roger asked Rosemary. She opted for the sofa and once seated Roger put his arm around her shoulder and let his hand fall onto her breast, where he began to caress her nipple. Rosemary felt the juices start to flow from her vagina within a very short period of time.

Meanwhile Angela had taken Martin in her arms and was pressing his body against hers. She could feel his rampant penis sticking into her abdomen and her right hand dropped until she could grasp the cock in her hand and start to rub it. Slowly she dropped down Martin’s body kissing him all the way until she reached his cock by which time she was on her knees. Holding his cock firmly, she led it to her lips, opened her mouth and guided it in its warmth. There her tongue began to suck and lick this rock hard pole, her teeth started to graze their way from bottom to top – gently but enough to make Martin aware of the fact that she controlled the situation.

Then she raised herself to a standing position and sat on the side of the bed. She opened her legs wide revealing to Martin the snow white, baby smooth, suckable pussy – glistening as the juices rolled. Martin by now was down on his knees with his head between Angela’s legs, his tongue out and voraciously licking that pussy, tasting those juices, finding the delectable clitoris on which he wished to feed. He licked, he sucked, he kissed – Angela leant back on the bed, her arms stretched behind her and in a position to keep her body held backwards at forty five degrees which in turn pushed her breasts forward and made her nipples poke out hard. She felt Martin’s tongue lapping her cunt, twisting and turning to gain maximum cover. She felt his tongue push its way into her vagina – soft and warm and inviting. She felt her juices increase their flow, passing ‘like a never ending stream’ into deneme bonusu his mouth, his lips glistening with the liquid.

Sitting on the sofa and observing her husband orally fuck the wife of the man sitting next to her, Rosemary was so horny that without really knowing it she was fingering herself with increasing passion. She felt Roger’s breath on her neck and his fingers caressing harder her nipple. He gently turned her towards him and his mouth sank down to her other nipple and began to suck it. At the same time his hand descended on her fingers, which were smoothing her cunt. He moved her fingers away and replaced them with his own. She felt two fingers slide inside her vagina and begin to finger fuck her. She could not stop the moan coming from her throat. Below her she could see her husband with his mouth buried in Angela’s pussy – she wished that her head were also lapping at that sweet pussy!

Angela allowed her body to fall back on the bed; Martin lifted his head and moved up between her legs. From where she was sitting Rosemary could see Martin move his cock up and down Angela’s glistening slit and the next minute his cockhead had disappeared in one flowing movement into Angela’s cunt – right up to the hilt with his balls slapping against her body. The bed began to move as he built up his piston movement until all that could be heard was the squelching sound of cock sinking into vagina and Angela screaming in ecstasy.

Roger let his fingers pusher deeper and deeper into Rosemary’s vagina also setting up a delicious squelching sound as her juices flowed freely all over his hand. Rosemary wanted more – she wanted Roger inside her.

“Fuck me!” she cried out to Roger, “Fuck me now!”

“Bend over the end of the sofa,” he commanded Rosemary, which she immediately did, giving open access to her sopping wet pussy. Roger stood behind her and with one tremendous push sank his long, thick cock deep into her body. She felt him touch her womb – she had never been taken like this before. Her juices flowed from her pussy and ran down her thighs. Roger was banging her like she had never been banged before. This was one step removed from heaven. Even as her orgasm built, she looked across and saw her husband still penis deep inside Angela – he was going to do the same to her tonight when they got home. Suddenly she felt a warm sensation inside of her as Roger shot his semen deep into her body – this was a magnificent feeling – warm, filling seed inside her.

Angela came like an express train roaring through the countryside scattering all before her and releasing her pent up passion in the sound of her voice as she screamed at the top of her voice. She returned every thrust of Martin’s with one of equal proportion herself and she came at least three times before Martin ejected his hot creamy cum into her pussy. He pulled out with a squelch and immediately buried his mouth in Angela’s cunt and sucked and sucked and sucked again until Angela let out yet another scream as she came for the fourth and final time. Both bodies came to a rest side by side on the bed, the sheets wet from their juices and totally tangled from their cavortings.

Rosemary and Martin were on their way to Swingland!

To be continued…

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