Susan in Control Ch. 02

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This story can be read by itself, but it will be more enjoyable if you read Ch. 1, ‘Susan Moves In’ first.


Of course, Tom remembered Susan’s telling him about her seeing other men. That didn’t happen for a while, and he went back and forth between thinking Susan had changed her mind, and dreading that since it had been some time since she’d moved in, she must be thinking of stepping out soon. He got himself in quite a state of nerves about her seeing someone else, and thought maybe he should ask Susan about it. But then he thought his asking might make her feel that she had to go and do it or he’d think she was a liar. So, he kept silent. But he thought about it so much that it was almost as if Susan were going out on him all the time.

Finally, a Friday night came when Susan told him that she was going to go to a singles bar and if she were successful, she would be getting laid with another guy. She did not want to risk going to a stranger’s place, so this was the deal. If she did find a suitable man, she would be bringing him back to their place. Most men would be turned off or frightened if another man were present, and they would likely just leave. So Tom would have to go somewhere else. In that case, she would call him and tell him that he had to go. He was not to think of going out himself otherwise; in fact, she had arranged with a friend of hers for him to go and wait at her place. Susan would call both him and also the friend, to let her know he was coming. She added that her friend was a lesbian, so there would be no chance of Tom’s getting anything from her. When she and her man were finished, she would call her friend and she’d let Tom know he could come back.

If she didn’t find someone in an hour or two, she would come back. What would happen then depended on her mood. She might be angry; in that case, Tom would have to submit to stripping completely naked and letting himself be spanked until her mood was improved. Or, she might be just horny and they’d have a good fuck. Or she might just give him a blow job. He was welcome to play with himself while she was out, but in that case, he might miss out on real sex later. Or, he might not.

Susan told Tom that she really did like him and assured him that tomorrow they would be doing what they usually did on a Saturday. They had been sitting on a couch when she told Tom what was going to happen, and when she’d finished, she yalova escort put her arms around his neck and kissed him very warmly. Then she got up and went to change into some sexier clothes.

Tom knew that he could end the whole thing right now. But while Susan was changing, he realized that he was terrifically aroused. He was sure that if he stayed in the relationship on Susan’s terms, he would get to fuck her again, probably tomorrow, and he decided that even though he wanted her right now, and would be disappointed tonight, he would go along with what she had told him.

When Susan had changed she looked delicious, just as she had when they had first met. It was not that her outfit exposed an unusual amount of skin, or was particularly dressy. Just casual stuff, but well put together. Her top had a V neck, and she’d chosen a bra that exposed just the right amount of her cleavage. This was very hard on Tom – all he could think of was how much he would want to go home with her if he were able to be the guy she was trying to pick up in the bar she was going to.

Susan gave Tom a little kiss just before she left, and Tom was left with her scent and an empty apartment. He tried watching TV, but all he could think of was Susan and how fetching she looked. He would get all hard thinking about that, and then he’d think about how he was not getting any tonight, and how there would be someone else in his place, and that brought him down. Then he’d think that maybe she wouldn’t find anyone tonight, and that got him aroused again.

Then he’d remember about maybe being spanked. He could see how Susan might take not finding a suitable man to be a failure, and she’d have to spank him so as not to end up being humiliated herself. He thought maybe it wouldn’t hurt all that much, and maybe afterward, if Susan’s disappointment were over, they might end up having sex after all. When he imagined that happening, he’d get all aroused again, but then he’d think that it was not likely that Susan would fail to find someone, and he’d go cold again.

Tom went round and round with this tension. At one point he thought that at least he could get rid of his hard on by masturbating. But then he thought that if Susan did come back without having found anyone, he’d like to be feeling extra horny. So he kept his dick in his pants and tried to distract himself.

Then escort yalova the phone rang, and Tom knew his pleasant hopes were not going to be realized. Susan told him it was time to go to her friend, Karen’s house, and made sure that Tom remembered the address.

When Tom got to Karen’s place, she pleasantly invited him in, offered him food and got him a drink. They sat down in the living room, and Karen asked him what was up. Apparently, Susan had told her only that Tom needed a place to hang out, but hadn’t told her why. Tom managed to change the subject for a while, but Karen’s curiosity made her come back to the reason he was at her place. She speculated that maybe Susan was having a meeting of some women’s group – but then said she didn’t see why Tom would have to leave just for that. Then came the worst part of the whole night, when Karen said what Tom could not forget. “Oh wait – Oh, you poor boy. She’s kicked you out, hasn’t she, so the coast will be clear for her to have another guy in to fuck her.”

Tom was not in the habit of making up lies, and he couldn’t think of anything to say. It wouldn’t have done any good anyway, because Tom was blushing, and it was obvious that Karen had put her finger on the truth.

There was a long silence. After a while, Karen turned on the TV and they found something to watch. Tom didn’t remember what because all he could think about was that someone else was getting what he wanted, and Susan’s friend would always know that he had agreed to let that happen.

At last, Karen’s phone rang. There was a long conversation, and by the way Karen looked at him, he knew it was Susan, and that she was telling Karen about her evening. But all Karen said when the call ended was that he could go home now.

When he got there, Susan was in bed and just about asleep. When Tom climbed in with her, she greeted him with a loving kiss. But she made it clear that as far as sex went, she was worn out. She gently patted Tom’s cock and told him she would be back to her regular self tomorrow.

On Saturday morning, Susan, as usual, was up before Tom was awake, and they both did the usual Saturday morning things. After lunch, Susan took a shower, and when she came out, she put on just a terrycloth robe. Tom was sitting on the couch, and she sat beside him, kissed him, and cuddled up against him. Tom put his arm around her yalova escort bayan and pulled her close. He slipped a hand into her robe and fondled her bare breasts.

They made out for a while, and then Susan placed her hand on Tom’s cock. It was very hard, and Tom moaned with pleasure. Susan slipped down to kneel on the floor, and undid Tom’s belt. She pulled his pants down and helped Tom get them completely off. She leaned forward and gave his member a little peck on its underside. She rubbed it against her cheek a little, and then she held it firmly by the base as she lightly stroked Tom’s balls. She kissed it again, this time up and down its length.

Tom was going wild with anticipation, when Susan finally decided it was time to take Tom between her lips. Holding him in one hand, she enclosed his cock within her mouth, and very slowly slid it in as far as she could take it. Then, slowly and teasingly, she slid it back out and looked up at Tom. She didn’t wait long before putting it back in; and then she began to pump back and forth in a steady rhythm.

Tom knew that Susan did not especially like him to come in her mouth, and so when he was almost cumming he told her so. But Susan didn’t stop. She made a “unh-hunh” sound that Tom thought meant “ok”. She kept Tom in her mouth, moved her head a little faster, pressed her tongue more firmly against him and stroked his balls. It was too much. Tom erupted into Susan’s mouth and squirted his spunk into her throat time after time.

That night, Susan hurried a little as they got ready for bed. By the time Tom had brushed his teeth and relieved himself, Susan was on the bed, naked. Her legs were spread wide, and she had a finger in her pussy. She gave Tom a sultry look and held out her hand to invite him to take his pleasure with her body.

Tom was not slow to respond. He picked up one of Susan’s feet and kissed her toes, her arch, her heel. Slowly he moved from her ankle to her knee, gently kissing all the way. He climbed onto the bed and continued up Susan’s thigh. When he was almost to her pussy, he paused to enjoy the scent that lingered on her hairy quim. Then he eagerly sought out her tender petals with his tongue, and licked up and down her slit, running his tongue over her clit, down and back up her nether lips, and again over the seat of her pleasure.

Susan panted and sighed, and at last urgently pleaded with Tom to come inside her. He moved up to position his cock right above her glistening opening, then drove it home. He pounded Susan furiously, and grunted with unrestrained lust as her little cries grew louder and louder. He felt his sperm rising into his cock and as Susan yelled in ecstasy, he swelled up and expelled his load into her hot pussy.

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