Summer Heat Continues 02

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The Summer Heat saga continues. Heather and Nick, Jeanie and Rob have settled into a loving, giving, and sharing relationship. Each has accepted the polyamorous relationship and are open to sexual adventures whether they’re all present or not. No secrets are kept when one misses out on some action.

Summer Heat continues the story with some new wrinkles. Enjoy.


Tedium. Boredom. Fighting to stay awake.

I sat at my desk looking at the mountain of documents, files, folders, and busy work. Being the owner of my own company has its fringe benefits. I set my own schedule, take time off when I want, have others do the things I don’t want to do. Among the benefits, paperwork is not one of them. It’s the one thing I hate doing but don’t trust anyone else to do. Being the procrastinator I am, I usually let it pile up for most of the month before sorting through it and filing it away.

Today was the “once a month” day of reckoning. Today is my monthly day I can’t put off. This day springs up on the last Monday of each month. As busy as I usually am, I never allow myself to be scheduled the last Monday and Tuesday of the month. Unless it’s a fire that only I can put out, I’m stuck in my office with no respite. Lunch, delivered to my office, is my only escape.

No matter how busy I am, I never mix work and lunch. I don’t leave the office, but I do allow myself a break from the tedium to enjoy my meal. I move to my couch, lie back, close my eyes, and relax while eating a simple sandwich and down a cold soda. I give myself a full hour, from noon to one. My secretary is my watchdog. NOBODY bothers me during my paperwork lunch hour. Not even Heather, unless it’s an emergency at home.

Heather, however, knows the code. Call before noon. At 11:57, My secretary buzzed me.

“Heather, line 2.”

Busy with an invoice, I ignore the page. 30 seconds later, she repeated the page.

I look at the clock. “FUCK!” I said, almost too loud. I shook my head knowing she beat me, pushed line 2, and picked up the receiver.

“Hi, babe. What’s goin on?” I ask, letting out a long sigh.

“Hiya handsome,” she replied.

“What’s going on?” I asked, still focused on the invoice. There was no response. It took me a moment to register. I dropped the invoice and focused on the call. I realized I can hear other “voices” on the line. My attention is now fully focused on the call. Suddenly, I realized I’m not speaking to Heather.

“Wait, what? Handsome?” I responded.

“Wow, you’re quick,” comes the reply.

“Jeanie? What the hell?” I wondered. I’m suddenly aware of sexy background noises.

“You should come home,” Jeanie said.

“What’s going on?” I asked again.

“Hang on, I’ll let Heather explain,” she quipped and I heard the phone rustling. In the distance, I heard Heather. She was getting louder until the phone was in her hand.

“Mmmmm, oh right there. Yeah!” she said to somebody, obviously the phone wasn’t to her ear yet. Then her full volume voice for me, “Hi, baby,” she purrs.

“Hi, sweetie. What’s … um … going on?” I asked as I heard moaning in the background. If I’m not mistaken, that’s Rob I can hear.

“Oh, baby, I have visitors,” she replied. “Mmmmm, oh, you should come home.” My cock began to move with a mind of its own as I reached down to adjust the “furniture”.

“Visit-‘ORs’?” I asked, clearly emphasizing the final syllable.

“Mmm hmmm, yeah, baby. ‘ORS’,” She replied. “Jeanie and Rob are here.”

“Jeanie? And Rob?” I questioned.

“Well, yeah, baby, and his wonderful, thick, cock,” she cooed. “It’s just as magnificent as always. You should come home, sweetie. Jeanie wants a little piece of you … well, a long piece of you.” I heard Jeanie giggle and moan her approval in the background.

“Well, sounds like you’re enjoying yourself,” I mused.

“Mmmmm hmmm. I’m enjoying my own self, Jeanie’s self, and Rob’s self. We’re all enjoying each other’s selfs,” she said. “Hang on a second, baby.” I heard a movement then Rob let out a low, guttural moan. “Oh fuck, Heather, you’ve been practicing.” I heard him say and, in the background, heard Jeanie giggle again.

“Baby?” I asked, “what did you just do?” I could still hear Rob moaning as Jeanie giggled even more.

The phone came alive again. “Mmmmm, I just took Rob’s cock all the way to the bottom in one motion,” Heather replied. “He’s not fully hard but it’s still a fuckin mouthful. Did I mention you should come home?”

“I’d love to come home, babe, but I think I’m gonna sit here and listen to this,” I said, again readjusting my “furniture”. Realizing the “furniture” was out-growing its small apartment, I unbuckled my belt, undid my pants, and removed my growing hard-on from its confines.

“Hang on, baby,” I said, “I need to make a few … adjustments.”

I quickly pushed the “Speaker” button and placed the receiver back in the cradle. I stood, with my cock sticking out the top of my pants, and quickly moved bursa eskort over to pull the blinds. All the while, I could hear heavenly sex sounds coming from the speakerphone.

I sat down in my big La-Z-Boy, slid my pants and boxers past my feet, grabbed my cock and said, “Tell me everything. Tell me what you’re all doing to each other.”

“Baby, are you jerking off?” she asks me.

“My pants are gone and my cock is in hand,” I replied.

“Mmmmm, I want your hard cock in me, but I guess this thick meat in front of me will have to do … for now,” she said softly.

“Hey, I heard that,” Rob responded.

“Shush, you. Lay back and enjoy the attention,” Heather scolded.

I could hear some kissing and slurping sounds. I could only use my imagination to know what was going on. In my mind, I could see Heather sucking Rob’s cock as he laid back enjoying her attention. I had no idea what Jeanie may be doing at the moment. In my mind, I pictured her eating Heather’s pussy.

“Heather?” I said. No reply. “HEATHER!” I nearly shouted, not wanting my secretary to hear me. I heard a pop and figured Heather released Rob’s cock from her mouth. Confirming my suspicions, I heard her take a deep breath, followed be several others.

“Heather!” I called again.

“What, baby?” she asked, panting.

“I need you to describe what’s going on.” I urged. “All I have here is my imagination. It’s not doing too badly but I’d rather know what to imagine.”

“Kinda hard … hee hee … when my mouth is full of cock, babe, but I’ll try,” she replied. “Well, Rob is on the couch, his pants are down to his ankles. Jeanie is sitting in the recliner. She’s wearing a sexy yellow and green sundress that’s showing off her awesome titties. Her hand is buried under her dress and moving quite quickly. From all appearances, she’s not wearing any underwear. At all. And she sounds JUICY!”

“That’s right, sister.” I heard Jeanie answer. “I’m full commando and dripping wet.”

My cock grew bigger in my hand as I thought about my wife sucking Rob’s fat meat while Jeanie, from across the room, was jilling off watching.

“How are you dressed, baby?” I asked.

“Well, I was cleaning the kitchen in my jammies. I was … WAS wearing my little ‘Tweety Bird’ night shirt and my pajama bottoms. Rob took care of Tweety. He’s in a corner somewhere,” she said with emphasis. “My panties are somewhat still attached around my legs and my bottoms are … well, somewhere close. My pussy is exposed and Rob has a finger …”

“Two fingers,” I heard Rob correct her.

“… make that two fingers inside me. Hang on, baby. I’m going down again.”

I listened intently as Rob, again, made a groaning sound and muttered, ‘Oh fuck’. I heard Heather making a few gagging sounds then slurping and catching her breath.

“I’m getting good at this deep throating thing, baby,” Heather panted. “His cock is stretching my mouth to the limits but it’s getting easier. I’ll be taking yours all the way pretty damn soon, I’m betting.”

“I’ll take that bet,” I replied as I stroked my throbbing member.

“Move over Heather,” I heard Jeanie say. “My turn.”

“Well, that’s it for me. Jeanie is moving between Rob’s legs. She’s gonna ‘show me how it’s done’,” Heather said in snarky sarcasm. “She’s licking his balls and slobbering all over them. She’s licking to the top of his head and back down to his balls. She’s pretty fuckin good!”

I could still hear Rob moaning his approval of everything he was being subjected to.

“I’m pulling my panties off, baby, and I’m going to sit on Rob’s face,” Heather announced.

“Sit that muff down on my lips,” Rob replied in the background. “I’ll take good care of it.”

“Nicky, baby, you should come home,” Heather repeated again.

“I’m enjoying this, baby doll,” I replied. “You just keep telling me what’s happening.”

“Well, I’m naked,” she said. “Rob is getting a good, slimy blowjob from Jeanie, and I’m lowering my pussy onto Rob’s unshaved face. WOW! Jeanie just swallowed his entire cock. OH! Rob just licked my clit and is now licking me from clit to asshole. OH FUCK, YEAH! EAT ME, ROB!”

I began stroking my cock with gusto as I pictured Jeanie sucking Rob, taking his girth in her mouth, and thinking of my wife perched on his face. My cock throbbed at the image in my mind.

“You ready baby,” I heard Jeanie say.

“Mmfff nnnbmmm,” was Rob’s reply as Heather’s pussy covered his face.

“Oh, baby, Rob is eating me,” Heather moaned, “and Jeanie is lifting her dress to sit on his fat cock. Mmmm, my good lord, this feels so good. I’m watching Rob’s cock slowly slide into Jeanie’s pussy. She’s so wet. Mmmmm, yes! Right there, Rob. Suck my clit.”

I know how much Heather loves her clit sucked on. I was stroking my cock, wishing I was there for Heather to suck on it … or Jeanie … at the moment.

“Oh, baby,” Heather continued, “yes, right there. You’re gonna make me cum. Lick me, görükle escort Rob. Suck my clit. Eat me. Make me cum.”

As I listened to Heather moan her ecstasy, I heard kissing sounds.

“What was that baby,” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Mmmm, Jeanie is playing with my tits and kissing me,” she answered. “Time to get rid of this thing. Hang on baby.”

I heard the phone rustle as Heather put it down. I could hear sloppy licking sounds, as well as slapping sounds as Jeanie’s ass pounded down on Rob’s hips. I heard Jeanie and Heather giggling and more kissing sounds before the phone rustled again, and Heather’s voice came back on the line.

“I had to remove Jeanie’s dress,” she said. “What a beautiful body. I could play with you all day.”

“It’s all yours, bestie,” Jeanie replied. “Mmmm, yes, suck my tits. OW! Oh, you wanna play rough, eh?” Heather giggled.

“I just nibbled her nipple a little too hard, I guess,” Heather told me. “OW! HAHA. She just pinched mine. Damn, I’m gonna cum. Rob, I’m gonna cream your face. I’M CUMMING! OH YEAH, SUCK MY TITS, JEANIE! EAT ME! SUCK MY CLIT! OHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK!”

The phone rustled again, and this time, Jeanie was on the line.

“You. Should. Come. Home. Stud,” Jeanie said in staccato fashion, obviously bouncing on Rob’s cock. I could hear the slap of her ass on his hips between words. I could hear Heather cumming in the background.

“I’m stroking my cock thinking about fucking you,” I replied.

“I. Want. Your. Cock. Inside. Me,” she replied to the beat of bouncing on Rob’s cock.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, “that sounds wonderful. I’d love your sweet pussy wrapped around my cock. How’s Heather?”

“She’s. Still. Cumming,” Jeanie replied. “She. Looks. Great. On. Rob’s. Face.”


I could feel my balls filling with cream as I continue stroking my cock and listening to the sounds of erotic sex coming through the phone.

“OH! FUCK!” Jeanie gasped. “I’m. CUMMING! OH, YES!”

The phone began rustling again. Heather came back on the line. “Jeanie is cumming, baby,” she said. “I’m grinding my drenched pussy on Rob’s mouth and playing with Jeanie’s tits. Hang on, I’m gonna suck and bite her titties.”

I heard sucking and slurping sounds. Heather was sucking Jeanie’s tits and lavishing them with kisses.


That was all I needed. I shot a stream of cum up and over my head. Part of it landed in my hair, on my face, and covered my shirt. Then a second stream shot over my already stained shirt and hit me in the chin. Two more blasts and I was covered in my own cum.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed.

“What happened, baby,” Heather asked me.

“I just shot a load of come over my head. I’m drenched,” I replied.

“OH YES!” I heard Jeanie still yelling. “OH FUCK, Rob! That was a massive amount of cum. I’m full.”

“Rob emptied his balls in Jeanie, and she squirted all over him,” Heather said. “Our couch needs a cleaning,” she laughed.

“Yeah, so does mine,” I replied. “Good thing I keep an extra shirt here at the office.”

“Oh, baby,” I heard Jeanie in the background. “You’re still hard. Heather, you want a ride?”

“Fuck yeah,” Heather replied. “Nicky, I’m gonna ride this cock. You wanna listen?”

“Of course, I do,” I replied.

“Jeanie, get the fuck outta the way,” I heard Heather say with a sarcastic giggle.

“Yes ma’am, bossy pants,” Jeanie replied with a giggle.

I heard rustling as Heather moved into position to fuck Rob.

“I’m lowering myself onto Rob’s thick meat, baby,” Heather said. “God, it’s so fuckin thick! I. Love. This. Fuckin. Cock. So. Fuckin. Thick,” she said in broken words. I could hear the ecstasy in her voice as she lowered herself on Rob’s thick cock.

I felt intoxicated with the images running in my mind. On the speaker phone was my wife. She had just had an orgasm on Rob’s face while playing with Jeanie, who was fucking Rob, all the while describing the entire scenario to me. Now she was fucking Rob herself. My softened cock was leaking cum and getting harder. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I continued stroking myself.

As I stroked my cock and listened to her and Rob moan with the sound of their bodies colliding together, I was suddenly jarred back to reality with a new sensation. A soft, cold hand was enclosing my cock. I jerked my eyes open and saw …

Part 2 – A New Pair of Hands

As I stroked my cock and listened to her and Rob moan with the sound of their bodies colliding together, I was suddenly jarred back to reality with a new sensation. A soft, cold hand was enclosing my cock. I jerked my eyes open and saw my secretary standing over me, blouse half unbuttoned, showing off her lacy bra while her bursa escort bayan other hand was stroking her pussy under her hiked up skirt.

“DIANE?” I whispered, not wanting Heather to hear. “What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy?”

She didn’t answer other than to wink at me, remove her hand from my cock, and place a finger over her lips to shush me. She again reached down, pulled my hand off, grabbed my cock, and began stroking me with her cold hand.

“Oh GOD!” Heather could be heard over the speaker phone. “Rob is so fuckin hard, Nicky. I could fuck this cock all day, every day. Would you like to watch, baby? Would you like to watch me ride this cock or are you satisfied just listening?”

I started to answer when Diane, to my shock, spoke first. “I think he loves listening to you, Heather. Would you like to hear him fuck me while you fuck … what’s his name, Rob?”

Heather went silent for a moment. Rob’s thrusts could still be heard through the phone. He didn’t miss a beat.

“Diane? Is that you?” Heather asked with surprise.

“It’s me,” Diane replied.

“What the FUCK, Diane,” Heather exclaimed.

“Well, I heard something strange outside the door and opened it up a skosh to see what was going on. I saw Nick sitting here jacking off and could hear you describing your … um …” she smiled at me, “fun to him. Made me fuckin horny as hell. God, I’ve seen the bulge in Nick’s pants before but had no idea how long his cock would be. Since you’re there, wherever you are, with whomever you’re with, and Nick’s here alone, do you mind if I help him, so to speak?”

Diane stroked me as she was talking, I could hear Rob pounding away at Heather’s sweet pussy. The tell-tale smacking sound as her ass met his pelvis was obvious. Rob had no intention of letting up as Heather listened to Diane’s proposal. Heather was also moaning her approval. This seemed the perfect time for Diane to ask what she was asking. I held my breath and waited for the answer.

“Well, Diane,” she started with labored breathing, “to be honest, Jeanie and I had many serious conversations about seducing Rob and Nick. Nick and I have never discussed adding anyone else to the mix, especially one of his employees, and particularly not his personal assistant,” she replied. My heart sank. “I think I would have to leave it up to Nick.” She paused, then asked, “Baby, do you want to fuck Diane?”

Diane, now sitting next to me, still stroking my cock and her pussy, looked at me with a “WELL?” look on her face. Her dress was now up around her waist and I could see her pink, lacy panties with a big wet spot in the crotch.

“Um, well,” I stammered, “are you okay with me fucking Diane?”

Heather’s breathing was heavy and fast as she answered. We could still hear her ass slapping against Rob’s hips but the speed had increased. Rob was really pounding her.

“God. Nick! I. Have. Rob’s. HUGE. Cock. In. Me. Sweetie! Who. Am. I. To. Tell. You. No?” she said, each word in staccato in perfect rhythm to the slaps we were hearing.

Diane heard what she wanted to hear and immediately stood to undress fully. I wasn’t so convinced.

“Heather, you’re in the middle of fucking Rob’s thick cock. Are you sure you’re thinking clearly?” I asked as Diane’s bra came loose revealing her sweet, full breasts.

“I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. Babe,” she replied. “Fuck. Her. Raw. Fuck. Her. GOOD! Let. Her. Feel. Your. Fuckin. Cock. All. The. Way. To. Her. Throat!” she answered as Diane’s skirt and panties hit the floor.

Before Heather could finish, Diane stood before me in her birthday suit. HOLY SHIT! God had been good to her. Her streaked brunette hair was not too long, cascading down just below her shoulders and above the rise of her breasts, with just the right amount of curl. Her breasts were just a bit larger than Heather’s but not as big as Jeanie’s, with small nipples that jutted out perfectly. Her stomach was flat and her bush was trimmed in a neat, small triangle. Her hips were a bit wider than Heather’s and flowed perfectly to her smooth, long legs.

“Waddayathink?” she asked me as she ran her hands from her hips, up over her breasts, stopping to squeeze them and play with her nipples.

I looked down at my hardened cock then back at Diane. I pointed to my cock and said, “We both think you’re fuckin perfect,” I replied. “Heather, you should see this. Diane is fuckin gorgeous with a perfect body. Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Diane?” Heather panted.

“Yes,” Diane replied.

“Fuck. My. Man!” Heather demanded. “Prepare. For. Heaven. As. You. Sit. Down. On. His. Long. Hard Cock! It’s. The. Most. Amazing. Cock. You’ll. Ever. Fuck!”

“HEY!” Rob protested in the background, the sounds of her ass slapping his hips came to a halt.

“Rob’s is a very close second,” she giggled, consoling Rob, “but you’ll never feel as full when Nicky’s long cock pushes up against your cervix, over and over again.”

I had already grabbed Diane’s hips and started moving her into position to mount me.

“WAIT!” Diane cried. She moved away, went to the door and made sure it was locked. “You didn’t lock the door before,” she told me. I was quite sure I had, but her being in my office was evidence otherwise.

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