In the Parking Lot

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Another big thank you to Findingmyvoice, who was very helpful in getting another story ready to post! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

We walk out of the theater and I can feel you growing tense as we head to the back of the parking lot. It’s dark out, and our car is the only one this far back. You see my expression is dead serious. You start to ask if I am mad, but I interrupt you by pulling you to me and kissing you hard, possessively. I give your ass a firm squeeze. Then I step back. You take a look around to see if the other people coming out of the theater saw us.

“So now you’re worried about being caught?” I practically growl.

I’m behind you now and you can feel me pressing against you. It’s just dark enough here, we aren’t easily seen. That doesn’t mean, however, that we cannot be heard. The second this occurs to you, you glance around anxiously, as I lift you and set you on the trunk. I pull you forward and kiss your lips, your jaw and your neck. All while my hand roams from your knee, tracing light and firm touches.

As my fingers brush the edge of your panties, I whisper, “I’m going to make you cum for me in front of all these people. I’m going to take my naughty little angel right now, and she is going to take it until I fill her hot, tight, little pussy with cum, all while knowing these people could turn and see or hear her.”

You sneak a peek over my head to double check to make sure we haven’t been spotted. Your eyes close as I touch your inner thigh, moving your panties out of the way so I can lightly brush your pussy lips. They görükle escort confirm my suspicion. You’re soaking wet knowing we could be caught at any moment. You gasp when I shove a finger inside of you, touching everywhere. You moan when a second finger joins the first. I begin roughly shoving my fingers in and out of my naughty angel’s tight, wet pussy.

You moan again and see me lower my head and lift your dress until you can’t see what I am doing. You don’t have to wait long to find out. I move your panties farther aside as I slowly run my tongue over your clit, still thrusting my fingers in and out of you. You look and see more people coming out of the theater. But that doesn’t matter as you get closer. You try to stifle your moan as I attack your clit with my tongue. Your pussy squeezes my fingers and I moan, causing vibrations.

I feel you cum as your body contracts against my mouth; you try to stifle your groans by placing a hand over your mouth. I continue licking and finger fucking you as you cum for me. As your breathing slows, I pull my fingers, slick with your delicious juices, out of you and then pull your panties down. I put them in my pocket and pull you down off the car. As soon as your feet touch the ground I spin you around and bend you over the car. We’re facing the theater. I reach around and shove my hand down the top of your dress and feel your hard nipple against my palm.

I step away. You try to stand up and turn around but I push you back down and lift the back of your dress. I can see goose bumps on your skin as the cool night bursa sınırsız escort air brushes on your bare ass. Then I spank you. The smack is loud, but not terribly painful. I can tell you are excited and want more.

“So you like being a naughty girl and sucking sirs’ cock in public?” I spank you again.

“Yes sir,” you moan.

“Well, I’m about to shove this rock hard cock into your tight, wet, little pussy right in front of all these people. I bet if you keep moaning like that, they’re going to see you getting your pussy stuffed. What do you think of that?”

You’re brain is jumbled. You can’t think straight.

“Please,” you beg.

You hear me unzip my pants and your knees go weak with relief. I’m going to give you what you want. You flinch as I spank you again, and then moan when I place my cock right between your pussy lips. Not quite inside. I grab my cock and rub it up and down your pussy, getting it wet with your juices. You try to move your ass and push back, attempting to force me inside, but I pull away and give you another smack across your sexy ass.

“I’m going to give it to you when and how I want, understand?”

“Yes, sir,” you reply.

I can feel you freeze and a shiver of panic runs down your spine when I press a little against your ass. But, before you have the chance to protest, I slide back down and shove my cock balls deep into your pussy in one rough thrust. My hands grip your hips as I claim you. I begin thrusting hard, shoving my cock in and out of your little nilüfer escort pussy. All you can do is put your hands on the car and push back against me. But no, that isn’t enough for me.

“Who does this pussy belong to?” I growl.

You whimper but don’t respond, it seems your pride has temporarily taking over. My face is suddenly next to yours. I’m all the way inside you but no longer thrusting.

“I said, who does this naughty, wet, tight, dirty little pussy belong to?” I whisper, in a dangerous voice. Still you refuse to answer. I suddenly grab your arms and pull them back using them to help me thrust even harder into you. My cock is slamming into your pussy. You can’t keep quiet anymore.

“Yours! This pussy belongs to you, sir!” You don’t care if anyone heard you.

I am fucking you with everything I have. All that matters is my fat cock is stretching and filling you over and over.

“That’s my good girl,” I whisper. I start thrusting into you faster and harder.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I tell you. “I’m going to fill your pussy with my hot cum, and you’re going to stand here and take it.”

“Oh yes sir, please cum for your naughty angel. Please fill her tight pussy with your cum,” you moan. You’re so close. “I’m going to use you for my enjoyment, fucking you, cumming in you in front of all these people”

With that you cum. Hard. You scream as my cock fills you and your orgasm intensifies. I feel your pussy grip my cock as I thrust even harder into you. I moan as I explode in your pussy, filling you with my cum. Mmmmm…

When we come to our senses I whisper in your ear, “You just wait until we get home.” As people begin to look our way, obviously curious about the screams, I pull your dress back down, give you a kiss and open the car door for you. We head home with matching grins. I love date nights.

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