Suburban Shenanigans

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Booty Shake

There was a routine to her day and she hated the constraint of it. This was what her life had become and she had dreaded it at twenty and now she had meekly acquiesced. A compliance made more bitter by the trappings of middle class respectability that bound her to a narrow social claustrophobia. There had been many attempts to break out, flirtations with freedom but the kids and her husband’s emotional blackmail held her back.

She was bored and frustrated and needed to exercise, get this nonsense out of her system she thought. After everyone had got up and headed to work and college she changed into her gym gear. Her lycra tops and shorts enhanced her figure, and that was OK, cheered her a little. getting in her Audi she looked across the street and the couple opposite were saying their usual passionate goodbyes. For some reason that irritated her. It was common knowledge in the street that while he was at work, she had men round. He wondered if she should tell him and dismissed it immediately.

Arriving at the gym she warmed up on the treadmill and did a circuit and looking in the mirror she was pleased that despite her age she could still cut it in the gym. The door of the gym opened and her neighbour from across the street walked through. There was almost a gasp of surprise as she had come in with another man who she didn’t know who playfully patted her neighbour on the arse. This show of affection disturbed her and she angrily dismissed it blaming her middle class pretensions. She upped her exercise rate while chiding herself for being judgmental. Her neighbour Jenny waved in recognition when their eyes met and it was clear that she was unaffected by any embarrassment.

She finished her circuit and decided to swim and a sauna. The heat of it was fantastic and she could feel the cleansing of her pores in the shower afterwards. A trip to the gym always made her feel great. Taking her towel she headed back into the main body of the changing room where Jenny had appeared. They both smiled and engaged in some small talk. Jenny had been in the shower also and was gently toweling herself dry making no attempt to cover her nakedness and almost making a display of it as she talked.

As jenny talked on an on, it was almost as if she was coming on to her, especially the way that she caressed her breasts, rubbed them. She tried not to stare but compared to her breasts Jenny was large and despite her own trim figure she had always liked the idea of having bigger tits.

Jenny seemed to like drying herself and she when she had finished that, her underwear was put on. It was sexy and seemed to reflect the woman it adorned. She was jealous of her and the memory of her supposed lover patting her arse increased that feeling.

When the two women had finished Jenny said. “Are you going straight home? Only I could do with a lift, Todd’s going straight erzurum escort on to work.”

She could scarcely refuse her request even though she wanted to. They left the gym together and she got in the Audi as Jenny gave Todd a peck on the cheek and joined her a few seconds later. The journey was short and was punctuated with small talk and an invitation to Jenny’s for coffee. Unable to think of an excuse she consented and she went with Jenny after she parked the car in her drive.

The house was tidy and well-furnished and reflected a modern suburban style. Taking in her surroundings she followed Jenny to her large kitchen and chit chatted away. Suddenly Jenny blurted out “Todd’s nice isn’t he? He fancied you I could tell.” She was unable to speak and blushing she mumbled something, and finished that off with a question.

“How do you know him?”

“He’s an ex workmate, he’s more of a fuck buddy actually” The next sound was an exasperated splutter as she try to contain the shock. It was hard made worse by the next sentence out of Jenny’s mouth. “My husband knows, he has his little affairs and I have mine. We’re very open like that.” Again her response was a few Ers and Ahs, as she could think of nothing intelligent to say. Jenny took this as invitation to discuss her domestic arrangements. Her and husband had met at college, become lovers and experimented wildly, group sex swinging everything. She felt appalled and shocked as Jenny announced the scale of her sexual exploits but there was something else too gathering in her mind too. A feeling of jealousy that woman was loved and had been loved by lots of men. Jenny ploughed on and she listened with a growing sense of excitement about their lovers and adventures, which began strangely to arouse her. Jenny got up suddenly and the phone rang necessitating a change of direction. She bumped into her and in doing so her hand grazed her breast and she coloured red as Jenny quickly picked up the phone.

“Hi Todd” she answered and began a conversation and it was clear that she was speaking louder than normal as if to make her feel included. “Yes my neighbour, the one from the gym, she’s here, yes the one with the nice arse you want to massage you dirty bastard” It was too much, too liberal, and too exciting hearing herself described that way so freely. Jenny finished the conversation with a blown kiss and putting down the phone looked her straight in the eye. “He’s definitely got the hots for you”

She felt she had to answer her. “Wouldn’t you be jealous?” As it was coming out of her mouth it sounded stupid, and she said so straight away. Jenny smiled and just said, “If it makes you feel better, I can watch.” She needed to get out of there sort her feelings out, get away from this assault on her middle class moralities.

Making some excuse she said thanks and got up to leave. Jenny said “I hope I haven’t upset or shocked you”

The answer came from the heart, “I am a little shocked, but not upset. I’ve just not met anyone like you before.”

Again Jenny smiled. “I hope you will come over again.” She moved to hug Jenny, a middle class informal goodbye, to indicate that she would be stopping by again. Stunned she felt Jenny’s tongue in her mouth and all the strangeness of the morning erupted in her head. Jenny’s tits were pressing into hers as she allowed her to continue the kissing. Within a very few moments she was responding to her and she felt her nipples harden. The pressure of the kiss had pressed her to the kitchen wall and her whole body was feeling sensual. Jenny reached down and began feeling her arse and her movements made her feel completely sensual. The kisses were hotter moving from lips to her neck.

Suddenly the phone rang and cursing Jenny parted from her and apologising went to answer it.

She felt stupid standing there, listening to Jenny talk about work and other stuff as she staring at her with a glint in her eye. The arousal she had experienced was disappearing to be replaced by the uncertainty of mundanity. There was a compulsion to go but a desire to stay to see where this went. Jenny was smiling at her and that was accompanied by a look that, if it were from a man, it would be like mental undressing.

Jenny was clearly trying desperately to get off the phone and every second seemed like an hour, then at last she said goodbye. The phone was put back in its cradle and she was on her like a flash, they were both passionately embracing and Jenny’s expert tongue was everywhere. Soon jenny was feeling inside her clothes and she responded. Soon her top was lifted up and they were on the small sofa in the dining area. The kisses were passionate and soon tops were off and each woman was exploring each other’s breasts.

Her whole body was stimulated by this and Jenny began running her hands down her jeans and into her panties. Her back arched and Jenny used that opportunity to undo the buttons and fly. Pulling her jeans off she started to kiss the top of her legs and lick the outline of her panties. Her pussy was soaking as Jenny’s tongue began to probe underneath the fabric. She murmured and let her continue.

Jenny had her panties off very quickly and her tongue probed her clitoris as her fingers dug into her arse. There were waves of pleasure overwhelming her and she tried hard not to come but it just was too strong a feeling and as it hit her with a stomach tightening lurch she realised that this was the first time she had come for ages. She surrendered to the hammer blows of pleasure and writhed under Jennie’s expert touch. At one point she begged her to stop so she could breathe but Jenny was having none of it.

Wave after wave hit her and at one point she nearly past out, she started to feel incredibly vulnerable and a tear came to her. Jenny began to kiss her hard on the mouth, and she responded. Jenny helped her to get dressed and before she knew it she was in her arms and making her promise to visit later in the day.

As she walked across the road she could feel the dampness from her panties and she ached to experience the ecstasy of another multiple orgasm at the hands of her expert lover.

Susannah sat down and was shaken and distracted. Her panties were soaking and she only had to close her eyes to see Jenny licking her and feel her hands all over her arse. She had demanded her mobile and she gave it without thinking. Eventually she heard it beep and Jenny had left a message.

“Loved feasting on you baby! Call u later”

Susannah was alternately appalled and delighted. This morning she had gone for some exercise and ended up being embraced and brought to an amazing orgasm by a woman. It was half an hour before she could think about anything else and even when she did start doing some housework it was a mechanical. process.

Lunch was eaten with a distracted air and she kept her eye on her phone terrified on the one hand that it would ring and on the other hand scared that it wouldn’t’t. There were so many questions and no real answers and then the text came through.

“Go to your bedroom window”

Mechanically she went, and looked across the road and there she was. Standing in her bedroom, with only a t shirt on was Jenny. However she was not alone, Todd was next to her. They both smiled at her and turning to each other Todd dropped down and she could see the top of his head as he began to go down on her. Her hands were running through his hair and the look of pleasure was infectious. Susannah’s pussy started to tingle and her nipples started to harden. As Todd was moving faster and faster Jenny was showing her pleasure at his expert tongue. Susannah put her hands on her breasts and felt the hardness of her nipples. She undid the button on her jeans and slipped her hand down her panties. The wetness was rich and creamy and her clit was swollen and she began to rub it wishing it was Todd or Jenny doing that. She stared and Jenny was coming and that increased her excitement. Jenny’s orgasm lasted ages and Susannah held on savouring her moment. Then as a bonus for her she saw Todd rise and Jenny began to go down on him. His cock was hard and she worked on it expertly sucking him with skill and holding and licking his balls. He was very aroused and she was expertly stimulating him. Then she withdrew closed her eyes and pumped his cock and Susannah knew and rubbed furiously on her clit and her orgasm came as Jenny’s face was covered in his spunk. The cum was all over her face, just as it was all down Susannah’s legs and on her hands. Her knees buckled just as the phone went. Picking it up she heard jenny laugh. “Come join the party and lick the come off my face”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32