Natalie’s Games Ch. 01

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My girlfriend, Natalie, lets out a sigh. I’ve heard it countless time before but each new time feels like the first. Her blonde hair looks perfect, each hair in its rightful place. Everything about her looks as if it’s in its rightful place. I know better though. I know better because at this very moment, she’s fully impaled on her lover’s cock. Chad’s cock. She looks over at me, sitting in the corner, and gives me a knowing look. A look of defiance and dominance mixed in with pity. Her eyes, slightly clouded over, but looking straight at me. Her lips pursed tightly, betraying a concentration on the object of her pleasure.

She turns away from me and looks down at her lover. Shivering slightly, she close her eyes and closes her lips tighter. Chad groans as her flat stomach ripples. I want to cry. Chad is feeling something I’ve never felt. He is lying still with his penis embedded inside her while she is milking him. Natalie is in that minority of women that can milk a man’s penis with her vaginal muscles. She’s a natural; from what her endowed lovers have told me, she starts at the base of your cock, then squeezes higher and higher in a rippling motion. It’s like a silk encased handjob, culminating in her squeezing and massaging the very tip of your glans. She can make most lovers come at will with this technique.

Not Chad, though. He’s usually able to hold out, and he holds out this time. He smiles at Natalie, “damn, Nat, you do that again and I’ll pop”. Immediately, he groans as she begins her magic on him again.

“Oh no you don’t, I want this to last” says Chad, as he twists underneath her, trying manisa escort to push the last few inches of his cock up into her. Nat’s eyes pop open briefly and she screams out before closing them again, shaking all the meanwhile. I’ve seen this scene many times before. Chad’s superior cock is long enough to reach deep inside Nat, to massage her A-spot on demand. When he does, she comes almost immediately. And she can come multiple times within minutes. She’s coming right now. He’s making her come in a way I can’t manage with my short 4-incher. He’s not only feeling something I’ll never feel but he’s making her feel better than I ever could. All this with only a slight motion of his cock, not even a real fucking.

They both lie still for a few minutes while Nat comes down from her high. She’s still sitting on him and I am impressed by Chad’s patience in not thrusting further. Nat smiles at Chad, then looks over at me again. She’s got a haughty look on her face, a look of utter superiority.

“Sean, come over here”. Oh, I guess it’s time for one of her games. When Nat’s feeling particularly devilish, or just particularly horny, she often incorporates me into their lovemaking. She’s admitted to me that my submission to her and her lovers turns her on and leads to her best cums. My humiliation adds a layer to her sex she can’t describe, but she enjoys. She’s tried to explain it before in numbers — something like it makes sex 10% better. She makes sure to be clear that her lover is 90% of her pleasure, I’m only 10%. That her lover is so much more important. She knows that I live to see her satisfied and that I can’t do it for her. She takes full advantage of this, forcing me to submit to her every desire and my every humiliation, all in the name of her pleasure.

“I want you to stroke your little weewee in time with me. I want you to feel what Chad’s feeling, in some little way. Lets see who lasts longer!” Oh, it’s this game. At least she’s being merciful. I get to cum in this game. She’s worried about my pleasure!

She slowly rises off of Chad’s cock, taking about 5 seconds to do so. I stroke my much smaller cock, but since his is more than twice as long as mine, I have to move my hand much more slowly. Nat yells, “Good job, Sean!” and slowly drops back down before rising back up, her legs nearly fully extended, Chad’s cock-head just partially encased by her pussy. I follow in time to her motion. “Good, see if you can keep up”. She starts a rhytmic motion that I try to keep pace with. At first, it’s pretty slow and I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m not going to cum. At this pace, I’m going too slow to cum, though I do feel pressure building on my balls. I know Chad has good control, but his penis is bigger and has more nerves than mine, right? And it’s in Nat’s pussy, which is heavean on earth!

Nat increases her pace, lifting up to the tip, then dropping down quickly. I can’t help but look at their union. Her shaved, blonde pubic hair starts to glisten with her exertion. His cock is rigid, long, and impossibly thick. By this time the pressure is really starting to build and I’m going to come soon. I look over at Chad who has his eyes closed. His hands are massaging Nat’s perfect breasts. Shit, I’m going to come. Nat looks over at me and smiles that devilish smile. “Uhh, his cock, uhhh, uhh” she says between pants, “is sooo good. uhh. you can never make me…feel this way.” With that she stops on Chad. Chad opens his eyes with a questioning look. I keep stroking away at her previous pace.

Nat looks over at me, “Sean, that’s not how the game is played. You have to stop”. I look at her pleadingly, continuing to stroke. “Sean, STOP! Or else.”, she yells. Oh god, I’m so close, I can’t stop. Chad looks over at me and back at Nat. Nat twists on Chad, reaches over to me and slaps me in the face.

Shocked, I stop stroking. So close, my balls blue with need.

Nat breaks the silence. “Sean, I’m disappointed in you. Go over to your corner and sit down. Turn around, don’t watch us, and don’t you dare touch your weiner.”

My fight gone, I do as she says, mope over to the corner, turn the chair around and sit down. My balls hurt like they’ve never hurt before. She can’t be this cruel, can she?

I get my answer. I hear her start to pant again, this time with a greater urgency. Then a shriek. Chad must’ve thrust up deep into her again and she’s coming. I can only hear the result but can see everything happening in my mind’s eye. Then, I hear a rustling of sheets, followed by a deep intake of breath, and Nat beginning to groan. Chad’s fucking her hard and the headboard begins to slam. He really picks up the pace, her screams get louder, and I lose count of the number of times she cums. After about 20 minutes, or so I think, Chad groans. His monstrous cock, deep inside of the woman I love, is releasing its seed, while I sit here in my corner, blue balled, staring at the wall.

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