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I had pushed it too hard. My body ached, my lungs hurt, and my temper, though finally cooled, had won yet again. When Derrick hadn’t shown up for our scheduled racquetball match, after a day where our anticipated date had been the only thing keeping me going, I had decided to take the slot anyway. And viciously pounded the ball, over and over, leaving scuff marks and sweat droplets all over the court. I had paid the price now, and was so sore I could barely hobble out of the court and into the shower, rinsing off before heading to the sauna where I planned to let that steamy heat soak into my aching bones.

With a groan I pushed my hair back out of my face, feeling the warm-ish water slide down over me. The vanilla-sugar scent of my bodywash wafted through the air, comforting me. Derrick used this same scent, which was why I had splurged and bought a bottle of it recently. Just opening the bottle made me think of Derrick’s smile, his laughter, and that scent unique to him, which I could pick out with my eyes closed in a room full of people. A slight smile passed my lips before trembling away, and I bit back a sob of frustration.

Thinking of Derrick now made me lonely, achy and depressed. I had so needed him tonight, needed to talk with him, take comfort in just being with him, lose my soul in those big brown eyes. To the world we were close friends. To each other we were so much more – confidante, cohort in crime, best friend. There was a wealth of sexual chemistry between us, but we’d never acted on it, more than some mild flirtation. We’d always found ourselves in relationships at a time when the other was free, and had never managed to hook up. Over the years we had gotten scared to, I think, for fear that the sizzle of chemistry would burn up our friendship and leave it smoldering in the dust.

Turning off the water, I hung my head for a moment, taking a deep breath, feeling my eyelids tremble at the weight of the tears there. I refused to cry though. No matter what my day entailed, I would not let it get the best of me. I was stronger than that. Smarter than that. More capable than that. But oh, how I longed for Derrick’s shoulder, his soothing voice, his ability to make me laugh it all off.

Wiping my eyes, I headed for the sauna, towels wrapped around me as I slipped into this co-ed steambox. Luckily it was deserted. Deciding that I could handle still more punishment, I slopped a scoop of water on the glowing rocks, inhaling the steam that roiled up and filled the small, square room. Knowing that the chances of being interrupted were slim, due to the lateness of the hour, I decided to hell with it, and got daringly comfortable. I unwrapped the towel tied at my chest and spread it out on the ledge where I had been sitting. I pulled the other towel from my hair. After giving my long, wet locks a quick fingercomb, I laid facedown on the towel-softened wood and spread the other towel over my naked butt, for modesty’s sake, although I knew that if I got caught in the state of undress I was already in, that I would face punishment by the gym. Considering the day I’d had, my decision to flaunt the rules was almost a dare.

I pulled my hair to the side, letting it dangle along the ledge, tendrils curling in the heat. The water sizzled and danced on the stones, lulling me into a dreamlike state. The steam itself softened my aching muscles, the heavy, metallic taste of it calming me, making me languorous and sensitized in a way I’d never felt before.

With a quiet groan, I rolled over, once again almost daring my day to get worse. I kept the towel around my hips, but left my breasts exposed. My nipples tightened in the steamy, heated air as the heaviness of my full breasts flattened them out on my chest. For once not caring at this unattractive fact of life, I simply ran a fingertip down the shallow concavity between those white orbs, collecting the sweat and mist mingled there. I shivered at my own temerity and shamelessness even while my pussy tingled.

My fingertip slick with moisture, my eyes closed, and my breathing becoming labored, I circled it around first one nipple, then the other, feeling them get harder and harder. My back arched as I pushed into my own caress, a gasp shivering from between my slightly parted lips. I felt wanton, erotic, decidedly sensuous—things I was not used to feeling. Again and again my mind kept jumping back to the fact that I was touching myself in a very public place, and could be busted at any minute. My pussy trembled at this same thought.

My mind slipped into thoughts of Derrick, with his hard, dark body and sexy grin. My nipples throbbed. It had been ages since my last boyfriend, and my body ached for the feel of a man’s touch on my skin, his lips on mine, his fingers holding my wrists over my head as he alternately fucked me and made love to me, making me gush all over him. Images of Derrick streaked through my tired mind, his touch being what I now craved, his darkness contrasting with my pale skin. This was new, thinking of Derrick this bursa escort bayan completely, craving his touch, his voice, his scent. My mind was too tired to maintain the barriers that our friendship necessitated, and my body was taking full advantage of the fact that my best friend was the sexiest man I’d ever known. I imagined Derrick between my legs, spreading my knees, pressing intimately against me. My hips rocked.

With a groan of pure frustration, I sat up. I couldn’t do this. Not only was I pissed at Derrick for not showing up, but I couldn’t afford to lose the best friend I’d ever had. Not every guy would willingly pull back your hair as you puked all over his shoes, but mine would – and had. He’d listened to me whine about my job, and had given me advice about men. He’d celebrated my promotions and let me take out my aggressions with life on the racquetball court with him, all without question. Shaking my hair out of my eyes, I stepped over to the grate and poured another dipperful of water over the coals. Realizing the decadence and daring of standing there, completely naked, in full view of the door, I shivered, rubbing my hands over my arms, feeling the goosebumps along my arms and shoulders, my hardened nipples tightening even more. The tug of tightness there, on my sensitive nipples, made my pussy throb, the soft, smooth lips rubbing together in damp slickness.

Returning to my towel, I reclined against the ledge behind me, propping one foot up on the ledge on which I sat. This caused my slick pussy lips to part, and the soft blast of heat against that sensitive skin made me shiver in delight. Decadent, dangerous, this display, even though no one else was around, was driving me mad. I almost wanted someone to see me, someone to touch me, someone to appreciate this naked, warm body so blatantly displayed. My mind kept saying ‘someone.’ But my heart kept saying ‘Derrick.’

I took a quick sip from my bottle of water, and shivered as a drop of the cool liquid splashed from the bottom of the bottle onto my exposed breast. Giving in to the urge, I traced the path of the innocent droplet down along my quivery skin, trailing it over the deep curve of my breast, across my trembling stomach, and into the crease of my pussy. The feeling of that cooled droplet against my aroused clitoris was exquisite.

With a devious smile, I tipped my water bottle up against my neck and let the liquid gurgle over my pale skin, feeling it caress and tease me as it coursed the length of my flushed, heated body. My nipples ached with desire, my pussy pulsed with need. Moaning, gasping, I tipped the bottle up again and again, splashes of water cascading over me, soaking into the towel beneath me, along with the cream from my aching pussy. I had never felt so deliriously wanton, so deliciously bad. Reaching down, I opened my wet, swollen pussy lips and poured the last of my water directly over my throbbing clit, jumping at the temperature difference, spraying my cum everywhere as I orgasmed, loudly. My shrieks and moans echoed around the little room, but I was too far gone to care.

Laying back on the ledge, I slid my fingers down to my pussy, inserting one finger, two, three. Still my pussy ached, begged to be filled, craved being stretched. I spread my legs wide, one up on the ledge above me, the other dangling, toes brushing against the floor. My back arched sharply, pushing my breasts into prominence. My hair flowed around me, a tangled, chaotic mass of dark auburn strands, the humidity emphasizing their curl. My lips opened, gasping for air as my hips rocked hard against the wooden ledge beneath me.

I inserted another finger, and another, the awkward angle of my fingers lessening their depth, but enhancing the width. This wouldn’t do. I needed something in me, something long and thick. I curled my thumb over my clit and buried the rest of my hand deep in my sloppy wet cunt. My legs spread even further apart, and a wail hovered on my trembling lips. A wail of lust, of passion, of frenzied need – which subsided into Derrick’s name, chanted over and over in a mindless, abandoned plea for my best friend’s touch, his kiss, his cum.

Thighs trembling, chest heaving and mind spiraling out of control, I rested, hot, sweaty and shaken. My fingers stayed inside me, gently squeezed in the aftereffects of my orgasm, my thumb barely skimming the sensitized bud of my clit. I whimpered in anguished embarrassment, unsure why I had so strongly craved my best friend’s touch, but knowing that it had given me the best orgasm of my life. It was only when I heard the soft swoosh of the door opening that I remembered my blatant state of undress. With a yelp, I scrambled to wrap my towels around me.

The steam gyrated on invisible currents of air as the door closed, and I felt as much as saw a form standing near me. Head bent to the task of tucking my towel ends into a toga (short thought it may be), I hoped my flushed cheeks would be taken as a sign of the heat and not guilt. I kept my head down, planning bursa evi olan escort a quick escape, but before I could gather my wits to rise from the bench, a deep velvet voice slid over my skin, effortlessly holding me pinned in place.

“Hey, boo.”

I gulped, the sound easily audible in the thick air. Derrick’s finger slipped under my chin, lifting my face up. His thumb stroked my cheek, sending shivers down my spine, and visibly hardening my nipples. Still panting from the power of my mind-blowing orgasm just moments before, Derrick’s skin on mine was sending me into overdrive, each nerve ending screaming to life as the man I had just fantasized about touched me in real life.

“You ok? You feel awful hot,” inquired Derrick, ever solicitous. I groaned, frantically searching for an excuse out of this stifling-hot room with its cum-scented steam. A flash of horror crawled over me as I wondered how much, if any, of my nude body he had seen when he walked in the sauna—and even worse, how much he may have heard.

Struggling to maintain my dignity, preserve my pride and keep our friendship intact, I stood up, gasping as the swirling steam made me misjudge the distance and I pressed against him. I scrambled backward, but not before a low moan escaped my lips at the contact of skin against skin. A thousand volts of electricity surged through me as my body responded to my mind’s images. A pool of fresh wetness gathered between my thighs, and I quivered with the force of my desire.

“Sorry I’m late,” he murmured, that low, sexy voice making my pussy ache. “Was late leaving work, then got a flat. Tried to call,” he whispered, his words floating through the swampy air and caressing my skin. In a trance, I felt his hand slip from my cheek to my neck and across my shoulder. His touch electrified me as his fingertips slid down my arm, raising goosebumps in their wake. His fingers tangled with mine, and he raised my hand to his lips, gently kissing th back of my fingers in a courtly, chivalrous gesture that made me melt inside. Shivers tightened my nipples and pressed them against the abrasive texture of my towel, merely heightening my arousal. I began to shake, tremors of need coursing through me, the needs of my aroused body overriding my mind’s assertion that friends don’t fuck. I pressed slightly against him, feeling his bare chest against the knot in my towel and swells of my breasts just above.

“Sorry I missed our court time,” whispered Derrick, “but I knew you’d be in here.” He stepped closer, pressing against me, sending my pulse racing. “I couldn’t believe it when I looked in,” he continued. “You looked so good, just laying there, all open and eager, so damn sexy.”

The mesmerizing fog of his voice and scent dissipated instantly at the realization that he had obviously seen me as I pleasured myself. I whimpered in humiliation and tried to push past him, intent on escape. He let me go as far as our clasped hands would allow, then reeled me back into his embrace, easily catching me as I stumbled against him.

“No, boo. It was good. Sexy,” he reiterated, the soft brush of his words against my ear making me gasp in pleasure. Blindly I turned my big blue eyes to his dark brown ones, a thousand emotions churning through me, a thousand questions playing on my mind. Before I could ask any of them, his lips descended, finding a perfect fit in the curve of my own, feeling for all the world as if my lips had been made for just this moment in time, just this man’s touch. I gasped in startled pleasure, then groaned as his tongue took advantage of that opening and slipped between my lips to ravage my mouth. Just a flicker at first, my soft noises encouraged him and he pushed further, deeper into me, pressing harder against me at the same time, his hands copping and caressing me now, holding me to him.

Feeling his fingers sliding along the edge of my towel, reality came crashing back.

“Derrick,” I murmured, pushing my hands against his shoulders. I lost my train of thought for a moment, riveted by the sight and touch of my best friend’s sexy upper body, a body I had bumped against countless time in games of basketball and flag football, but never really appreciated fully until now. I groaned in despair, wondering how many times I’d laid my head against these same shoulders when he pulled me close for a hug, seeing them only for their strength and comfort and not for their sex appeal, as I was seeing them now.

With a quick shake of my head, I continued. “Derrick,” I whispered. “We can’t do this. We’ve been friends too long to do this.”

Derrick’s fingers slipped along the bottom edge of my short towel, caressing the curve of my butt before skimming up my back. His long fingers tangled in my hair, and I smelled the faint tang of grease where he hadn’t been able to scrub it all off after working on cars all day. My heart thudded harder as pure lust zipped through me at this olfactory attack. Many of my most private fantasies revolved around bursa otele gelen escort a mechanic who used me roughly, the grease from his hands transferring to my white skin, leaving streaks and smears as a potent reminder of my fantasy lover’s control over me. Little had Derrick known, all these years, that his job was one of my biggest turn-ons.

“Boo, I’ve wanted to be more than your friend for a long time. But you never seemed interested, so I never pushed. Why do you think I kept going through women, having someone for a while, then looking for someone else? They weren’t you. They weren’t what I wanted.”

My heart stopped, waited, then spun out of control.

“Derrick – you want me?” I gazed at him in wonder, sure I was imagining this, that my overworked mind had cracked under the strain of a horrific day, and that I would wake up in the local insane asylum, heartbroken.

Derrick’s chuckle reverberated against my lips as he pulled me close, showing me the truth in his eyes, in his heart. “Boo, I don’t just want you. I love you. I’ve loved you forever. Kept hoping you’d wake up and see me, but you always found someone else. Made me mad a few times, those losers you kept choosing.”

I rested my forehead against his lips, struggling to comprehend this all. My wildest dream, coming true. The thought scared me. Whose dreams ever do come true? No one’s. This couldn’t be real.

“Derrick, why today? Why are you telling me this now?”

A half-laugh shuddered from Derrick’s lips and he pressed my face against his shoulder, his own head tossed back as he took a deep, steadying breath.

“Boo, I started to open the door into this sauna, and heard something that made me freeze. I could see you in here, knew it was you although the steam was so thick you were barely a shape. But I could hear you. That same steam made each noise clear as day, and the sound of you pleasuring yourself and whimpering my name let me know that you have feelings for me, too.”

Smiling, he caressed my hair, soothing me. “Nah, baby, don’t be embarrassed. It as good,” he murmured, correctly interpreting my whimpers of mortification. Pulling my head back, I looked at him, face flaming in the dim light.

“You heard me?” I squeaked.

“Yeah. So sexy, boo. Made me so hard, watching you, hearing you call my name. Wanted to run in here and take you, show you how good it could be between us,” Derrick groaned.

Remembering how deliciously wanton I had felt, caressing myself and imagining it to be the touch of this sexy man, I decided to go with my heart for once, sharply ordering my mind to shut up with its incessant worrying. If I were given a lifetime with this man, I would cherish every day. But if I were only to get an hour, then I shouldn’t waste it with fears of what might never happen, but should rather enjoy the pleasures of what could happen. Filled with the brazen confidence of a skydiver, I leapt off the edge of reason into an abyss of pure pleasure.

My lips searched out Derrick’s shoulder, and I kissed my way along that strong, well-defined curve up into his neck, relishing the scent of soap and sweat that clung to his dark skin. As I nipped along the ropy cords of muscle there, he hissed his pleasure, making my pussy throb in anticipation. I was enjoying this newfound power, and finding pleasure in my best friend’s body in ways I had never thought to imagine, even in my wildest fantasies.

I whispered some of those very same fantasies into Derrick’s ear as I caressed it with the very tip of my tongue. His deep groan wrenched an answering sound out of my own throat. His hands tightened on my back, fingers unconsciously digging into me through my towel. I slid my hands over every inch of his chest, and followed them with my mouth. I loved hearing Derrick’s sounds of pleasure as I stroked and caressed him, pulling out every trick I knew, hoping to make this an experience he would never forget.

When I finally kissed my way up his chest to his cheek, pressing my hips against him and unknotting my towel, Derrick’s rigid control snapped. The man who crushed me to him and devoured my mouth in no way resembled my smooth-talking, easy-going best friend. This man who held me tight and ravaged me was demanding, greedy, and very hungry. Twining his hand through my hair he forced my head back and kissed me, deeper and deeper, until I was gasping for breath, clinging to his shoulders, whimpering in pleasure. Twisting my hair even tighter around his dark fingers, he yanked it back, licking and nipping his way down my neck, making my every nerve burn.

He nuzzled my neck, whispering sexy, naughty thoughts of what he wanted to do to me, things he’d imagined as payback for all my innocent teasing. I tried to protest that I had been unaware of his interest, but his not-so-gentle shake made me quiet back down. I slipped my left hand to the back of his neck instead, urging him on, caught in my own raging inferno of desire and desperate to slake my need. With a growl low in his throat, Derrick snatched my hand from his nape and wrenched it behind my back, making me cry out more in surprise than in pain. My left hand was quickly joined by my right, and still Derrick bent me back, arching me to his pleasure, the awkward angle halting any further struggles I may have attempted.

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