Just Like Dad

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My dad and I were not really what you’d call close. Since mom and dad got divorced, I spent most of the time at moms and the occasional weekend at dads. They still seemed to be attracted to each other but had their own new friends and lovers as well. At the ripe old age of eighteen, I am still a couple of years away from that magic age when mom says I can start banging some girls. I already go to the chat rooms and, hell, all I have to do is go online and my Messenger Service fills up with chicks from school who can’t wait to get their hands on my six foot frame and 7 inch dick. But mom says I have to wait. At least she doesn’t try to block me from the cool sites with the naked babes and erotic stories; of course, it wouldn’t do her any good to try-I’d figure a way around anything she could put in my way.

Last weekend, however, things finally got interesting around the old house. My dad was over helping to patch mom’s roof and he promised to take me out to a local beach to cruise the babes. The beaches in this part of Florida are filled during Spring Break with honeys of all kinds. There are young teens getting their first taste of Florida Sun, old broads wrinkling under their beach umbrellas and everything in between. As we walked around the pier we literally stumbled upon a mother/daughter in matching bikinis and with nearly matching bodies.

Both were tall and lean, about 5’9” and about 130 lbs. The tight yellow elastic clung to their every curve and their nipples were already hard from the combination of sun, stares and dreams. I noticed them first and dad was just a second or two behind me, although he wasn’t watching where he was going, and when he stepped onto a shell on the edge of their blanket, he went crashing down onto the edge of their little staked-out area like a ton of bricks. He made some silly excuse and smiled at the girls who seemed to be amused that he had been so distracted that he didn’t even notice them.

We all got to chat and discovered that the mom was also recently divorced and the daughter went to the same high school I did. She was even in one of my classes. One thing led to another and soon the girls offered to walk us back to our car and put a Band-Aid on my dad’s (slightly) cut foot. I couldn’t help but notice that the elder Sue (also the daughter’s name) seemed to be steadying one hand pretty far up my dad’s thigh as the other cleaned off his foot. The bulge in Big Rick’s trunks said that he must have noticed too.

Since it was several miles to dad’s house and only a couple of minutes to my mom’s I asked the girls if they would like to come on over to “my” place for something to eat. It seemed like the least we could do bursa escort to repay them for their nursing and attention. They agreed and, since mom was out to the store, I let us in and made everybody comfortable in the Living Room. Well, we had barely gotten in the front door when “little” Sue brushed her hand across the front of my tight trunks and asked me quietly if there was someplace we could go to get away from the old folks. “How about my bedroom?” I asked innocently.

“That sounds great!” was all she had to say and we slipped off to my room and closed the door. The door had barely closed and I turned around to see that both of her high beams were shining at me while her bikini-top was lying in the corner of my room.

“Wanna play?” she asked. Quickly checking that the old folks were still engaged in conversation at the other end of the house, I came back to my room and found little Sue lying seductively on my bed with one foot curled under the other. Her bottom had joined the top scrap in the corner and she had nothing on but a smile. “Bring that sexy bod of yours over here” she demanded. “Show me what you’re made of.” It sounded kind of like a challenge. I had never been known to back down from a good challenge so I whipped off my trunks to reveal my rapidly hardening member.

She seemed impressed enough and reached over to me and grabbed it with both hands and started to fondle me. Well I may have been 7 inches yesterday (I measured) but I had to be eight inches now. Her eyes kind of bugged out a little and like a flash she had her lips around my dick head and was swirling her tongue up and down the length. It was my first ever blow job and I could feel my nuts getting ready to explode so I asked her to slow down a bit. Rather than slow down she backed off and pulled me down onto her. It took about another three seconds for me to finds that sweet sensitive spot between her legs and about two seconds more for me to impale her with my still growing hard-on. Now her eyes were really bugging out. She was no virgin but had never had anything quite as big as me down there before. A few soft strokes and then one hard one and I was balls-deep in her sweet wet pussy. Her legs automatically popped straight up and wrapped around my back pulling me in with each thrust.

Her titties mashed up against me and I just hoped the bedsprings were not squeaking loudly enough to give us away. A few more thrusts and I was cumming like a racehorse. I filled her up and felt the sperm splashing around and then dribbling out of her wet hole. Her mouth was open and formed in a big circle but she wasn’t making a sound. I’m guessing she was pretty happy with my first performance.

The bursa türbanlı escort whole thing had lasted maybe 5 minutes but they were the best five minutes of my life up until now. I was planning on checking back in with the goings on in the other room now but I heard moaning coming from the other bedroom instead. I peeked in the cracked-open door just as my dad was sliding all 8 inches into big Sue’s wide-open mouth. Boy could that lady suck cock! All of dad’s favorite tool slipped into her mouth and pushed on into her throat. I had never watched my dad fuck anyone before and I was a little fascinated with the scene in front of me.

Little Sue had followed behind me and pressed her still naked body against my back while she tried to sneak a peek too. Dad was now flipping big Sue over onto her belly and was lining up her pussy with his engorged tool. Mom would be mad as hell, I figured that we were using her new house for our carnal lust but that wasn’t going to stop either one of us now. In and out he plowed until with a loud smack he pushed it all the way in and seemed to be burying it ever deeper into her deepest recesses. He pushed against the bed poles and was obviously cumming quite copiously since it was already leaking out onto the bed and forming a wet spot where they were joined.

At this point the door creaked a little and we tumbled into the room. Little Sue had been staring so intently that she had pushed us both into the room. Instead of the furious anger that I expected, the next words I heard were an invitation from big Sue to join us on the bed. My dad shrugged his shoulders and with a wry smile nodded his agreement. “I see your son is almost as well endowed as you are, Rick.,” she said. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” was his clever retort.

Then little Sue really surprised me by approaching my dad’s still dripping wet cock and engulfing it almost as well as I had just seen her mom do with her pretty young mouth. Dad wasn’t ready for this but he wasn’t exactly pushing her off either. Most of his cock disappeared from view as little Sue got him hard again. “Ever fuck a ladies ass before?” big Sue asked me. ”Uh, no.” was all I could muster. And then, while little Sue continued to suck my dad, big Sue spread wide her ass cheeks and winked over her shoulder at me. I scrambled onto the bed and placed the head of my dick at the rosy opening that was staring at me. “Be gentle now, big boy.”

But gentle was not in my vocabulary right now. I pushed my bulbous head about an inch into the tightest opening I had ever even imagined. She clamped down on it immediately and gasped a sigh kestel escort that was between ecstasy and agony. I grabbed both cheeks with my hands and slowly wriggled forward. “OWWW” she moaned. That feels so good.” I didn’t need any more encouragement. I pushed forward with a few slow strokes and was about halfway in. I checked over next to me and found little Sue now attempting to sit down on my dad’s enormous cock.

With a practiced effort my dad’s entire favorite pleasure toy disappeared in her pussy. Looking back down at her 30 something mom I made sure that my own toy also would disappear in her backside. She let out a loud scream as I plunged in to the hilt. I don’t know who came next but I know I came almost immediately. My dad was in heaven next to me with a cute young ‘un riding him for all she was worth. Big Sue was spasming as I plunged in, pulled half way out and then plunged in again.

The bed was getting slimy at this point from a combination of sweat and cum. My dad had a wild look in his eye as he dismounted little Sue and returned his attentions to her mom. “Let me have a little of that, son.” He demanded as he pulled me to the side. Then with one quick thrust he buried himself deep in big Sue’s anus, stretching her an inch or so more than she had just been stretched. In and out he plowed for several minutes until he withdrew with a pop and stroked his cock a few times till he squirted onto her ass and lower back. Right about then I heard the front door open and saw my mom come in and make a bee-line for the bedroom. Little Sue saw her too but the other two were still lost in the throes of passion. “Looks like I missed out on all the fun!” my mom said.

Dad quickly turned around and said: “Not if you’re as horny now as I remember you being.” He then sprang up from the bed and easily pulled my mom into the room and then onto the bed. With very little resistance he whipped off my mom’s dress and placed her face down on the bed next to the two Sues. “Watch and learn son.” And with that he alternated between my mom and the two Sues, fucking a pussy here, an asshole there, a butt crack over yonder. “Don’t be shy son; come and get some of this for yourself.” he demanded.

I had never thought of my mom as a sex-toy but….pretty soon I had joined him plunging into a warm wet spot that my dad had just vacated-between my mom’s legs. She was a little bit looser that the two women I had just experienced but not half bad. And the idea of actually fucking my mom WAS pretty damn hot! But she wanted more Daddy Dick, so she pushed me out and dad climbed back in while I went and took a few more turns with the Sues. After everybody had done all that they were capable of doing, my mom grabbed first my dad and then me and told us that it was time that the boys lived together again shoved us out to my dad’s car. We never saw the Sues again but I figured the next few years were going to be everything I could have imagined and then some.

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