Staycation Ch. 03

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I woke up the next morning fully erect, with my wife Tina hovering over me, my cock in her mouth. Before I opened my eyes, I imagined it was Michelle sucking me off instead.

Does that make me a bad person? I’d only had my cock in Michelle’s mouth for a few seconds the night before, and it was over before I really knew what was happening. Before that, our half-naked neighbor had been grinding her pussy against my lap until she came twice and I almost came in my pants. Also something that had taken me by surprise.

Tina and Michelle had been full of surprises last night, and we’d all gone from being close friends to as close as you can get to sex without actual penetration.

Not that I’m complaining — even though I’d never expected I’d be be okay with Jim kissing Tina, groping her bare breasts, and making her cum.

Thinking about all this, especially Michelle’s big, hard, aroused nipples, made me even harder, and I quickly came in Tina’s mouth.

“That was nice,” I said softly.

“Well,” she said, “we’re swimming with Jim and Michelle after breakfast, and you wouldn’t have fit in your suit if I didn’t do something about that boner of yours.”


When Jim and Michelle got to our house around ten, we’d already been sitting poolside for about half an hour. I’d wanted to talk to Tina about last night — whether she thought things would be weird with Jim and Michelle after what we’d all seen and done together — but I avoided the topic, because discussing it might force us to take it all too seriously, and that could mean the end of… whatever was going on here.

Just to be clear here: as hot as Michelle was last night, however much I enjoyed playing with her little titties and the feel of her mouth on my cock, I was plenty satisfied with Tina sexually. Right now, she looked stunning in a white bikini, beautifully setting off her olive skin, fitting snugly over her incredible breasts. Still, though…

Our neighbors put down their bags next to the other pair of padded loungers. Jim was wearing board shorts as swimwear, so he just had to Alanya escort kick off his deck shoes and pull off his t-shirt to be pool-ready. Michelle took off her sneakers and wriggled out of a pair of shorts, revealing a bikini bottom that told me she must be clean shaven. I hadn’t really seen her pussy last night, other than with Jim’s face buried in it.

She pulled off her t-shirt, and at first I thought she’d accidentally grabbed her bikini top along with it, because she was naked underneath. “Missing something?” I asked her with a smile.

She stretched out on the lounger. “Didn’t bother with a top today,” she said. “You don’t mind, do you Bob? I mean come on, it’s nothing you haven’t seen, and fondled, already.”

“No problems here,” I said, and Tina demonstrated her agreement by untying her own bikini top. Jim had a big, idiot grin on his face, and I’m sure mine looked the same.

Michelle stretched out on the lounger, on her front, to get some sun. “Hey, no fair,” I joked, as her breasts disappeared from my view.

Michelle said, “Do me a favor Bob, okay, grab the sunscreen from my bag and do my back?” I looked over at Jim, for approval, but he had no problem with this. I’m sure he was hoping Tina would need some creme as well.

I squeezed some of the creme into my hands, and discovered the only downside of her small breasts: on the occasions when Tina unties her bikini top and has me sunscreen her back (though of course she’d never actually taken it off before), a good amount of breast always peeks out from the sides of her body and I can run my hands along the sides of them. Tina’s stayed hidden under her body.

Still, it was pretty hot running my hands up and down a new woman’s back.

After I did her back, I started on her legs, working my way slowly up from her feet to the edge of her bikini bottoms. She spread her legs just a bit, to give me better access to her inner thighs.

I traced the edge of the fabric with my fingers, and pushed it up just a bit, so I could reach a little more of her lower ass. As I rubbed more Alanya escort bayan sunscreen on her, I saw that pushing up her bikini bottoms had also caused them to bunch up toward the middle of her crotch. They were barely covering more than her pussy now, so I rubbed creme on the area newly exposed. She began to squirm, and I noticed some wetness on the sides of her bikini bottoms that hadn’t come from the sunscreen.

I slipped my right index finger, which didn’t have any sunscreen on it, inside the panties, and brushed against her clit before reaching her wet pussy. She pushed her body back toward me, making it easy for my finger to penetrate her. I looked over and saw Jim and Tina watching us. They both seemed surprised, but either of them seemed bothered.

I put my finger in my mouth to taste Michelle’s pussy juices for the first time, than slid her bikini bottoms off before going back to finger-fucking her. Jim picked up the sunscreen, slathered it onto his hands, and stood behind Tina, reaching around her body to massage it into her large breasts as they both watched us. By the way Tina was grinding her ass into Jim, I was pretty sure his cock was pushing against her pussy.

Michelle groaned loudly as she came

I loved what I was doing — but Michelle was getting finger-fucked, and Jim and Tina were dry-humping, while my cock was straining against my shorts in frustration. I began rubbing Michelle’s clit with my right hand, while easing my own bathing suit off with my left. Then, holding my cock with my right hand, I began rubbing it against Michelle’s clit. She moaned at the feel of my cock not realizing at first (she later told me) that my cock had replaced my finger, aware only that her clit was being massaged by something fatter and harder than before.

She pushed back at me, and the head of my cock slipped into her wet pussy. I put my hands on her thighs, ready to push my cock deeply into her. But I hesitated a moment just to make sure she didn’t have any second thoughts.

Unfortunately, she did. She abruptly pulled away from Escort Alanya me and said “We have to go.” She pulled on her t-shirt and shorts over her otherwise naked body, grabbed her bikini bottoms and stuffed it into her bag, and just like that they were gone.

I sat down on the lounger and said to Tina, “I really fucked up. You must want to kill me, and I ruined our friendship with Jim and Michelle.”

Tina sat down next to me and leaned into my body, pressing her bare breasts against my chest. “No you didn’t, and I don’t. Michelle and I have been teasing you guys mercilessly all week, and we’ve done everything but switch partners and fuck you both. We weren’t going to let it go that far but honestly, if Michelle hadn’t pulled away from you, I’m sure Jim would have tried fucking me as well.”


“And I would have let him.” She was silent for a moment, then she said, “Poor Bob.”

“Poor me?”

“Last night Michelle took your cock in her mouth and gave you one good suck and then let you go; and then today you got your cock in her pussy for just a second or two, and then she left. You can’t catch a break.”

“Are you kidding?” I asked. “I did fine: I may have had my cock in her mouth for only a few seconds, but a moment later you and I were on the floor and you were sucking my cock and I was eating out your pussy. I have no complaints.”

She smiled. “Good answer.”

“And as for just now, I may have been in Michelle’s pussy for just a moment, but…” I grabbed one of the large towels, spread it out on the grass, pulled Tina down to the towel with me, pulled off her bikini bottoms and my own bathing suit, and thrust my cock into her already-wet pussy. I fucked her hard for about ten minutes and she came twice; then I rolled over on my back and she lowered her pussy onto my cock and fucked me for ten minutes more, and I watched the sun shine on her beautiful breasts. I came so hard it made me dizzy, and she came yet again when she felt my cum filling her up.

“‘Poor Bob’ my ass,” I thought. Twenty-four hours ago, the most exciting thing I could think of was fucking my wife out by the pool in the middle of the day. Since then we’d both done of a lot of things we never thought we’d do… and here I was fucking my wife out by the pool in the middle of the day.

I was a happy man.

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