Seven Days of Lust Ch. 07

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Kay and Dan had managed to surprise each other constantly over the past week. Each one in turn taking the other to a new level of arousal and fantasy fulfillment. It was now time for the final evening before their anniversary. Dan had half a day for their erotic teasing and Kay had the other. While to most people this would seem excessive, this was the way they had celebrated for many years.

Dan had decided that for his half of the day he would take in the latter half and give his wife the final fantasy he knew she rightly deserved and longed for every day. He had arranged everything with a local pub manager, renting the venue for a few hours before their major evening rush for their privacy. Luckily right next door was a hotel that had a penthouse sweet reserved for them for the evening as well.

Kay knew that Dan had a true event planned for his half of the evening and she wasn’t about to be outdone. She had gone to some great lengths to give him a perfect morning of just what he would enjoy, something that he had received often before they were married but once they had gotten engaged he had tossed aside. She knew his passion for going to the oriental massage parlors and getting a massage with a little something extra on the side and as much as he wished to even just get the massage he no longer went into those shops; he now went to a professional male masseuse that did just as good a job without the perks.

Kay had called all the shops in their area and traveled to each to inspect the willing female participant. It had taken her about three or four days to go through all the women to find the perfect one but in the end she had found a petite Asian girl that was well endowed in her breast area and she also had long, raven hair that went down the length of her back. She was willing to put it up in pigtails and come in wearing a pleated plaid mini skirt and white see through blouse. She was going to come in any moment now delivering breakfast and have hot oils prepared for Dan. Kay of course was going to be present as this went on and she was also going to participate as well when and if it went further.

As the clock downstairs chimed 9:15 am she heard the door downstairs open and shut quietly, had she not been listening for it she would have missed it completely. A few moments later she heard little feet padding down the hallway and suddenly there she was in the doorway. Their own petite little Asian doll for the morning. As she slipped quietly across the floor she glanced at Kay and upon catching her eye gave a soft little bow and then looked up smiling. In her arms was a large tray with oils and breakfast just as had been arranged. The girl was beautiful and made up like a schoolgirl, even though Kay had provided that fantasy already this week this would send Dan into overdrive she figured.

The girl sat her tray down on the floor next to the bed and then slid onto the foot of the bed on her knees, pulling back the sheet she exposed both Kay and Dan’s body down to their knees. She lingered over each of their bodies with looks of longing but she was here for a job and must proceed as she was requested. Sliding her way up the bed she straddled Dan’s naked legs as Side Escort he lay on his chest. The girl looked down and smiled at Kay as she pointed to Dan’s tight muscular ass and smiled. She started to slowly massage his back lightly without the oils just waking him in little steps. Her lithe little fingers sliding up and down and as she bent them she rubbed her knuckles deep into the muscles on Dan’s back.

Dan stirred as he felt the fingers working on his muscles, he knew that the hands on him certainly didn’t feel like his wife’s. He slowly opened his eyes and rolled over and looked up to see the little oriental girl above him dressed in a little schoolgirl outfit. Her eyes were the soft color of jade and her long hair was draped down her back in two ponytails. As he watched she opened her blouse button by button. He looked over to glance at Kay, he wanted to make sure this wasn’t just a really vivid dream and that whatever was about to happen was Kay’s idea.

The girl then open the blouse fully and tossed it to the floor, her breast hung bare before him and he couldn’t help but lift his hands to touch the soft porcelain like skin, he watched as his wife sat up and leaned towards the girl and her mouth captured her nipple. The girl as she sat astride Dan slowly rocked back and forth on his lap. She could feel his engorged member pressing up against her tiny derriere as she ground her hips into him.

“Happy anniversary honey,” Kay said with a smile to her husband, “Lie back and just relax, you’re going to get a full massage and then breakfast.”

Dan put his hands above his head and locked his fingers there as the girl reached for the hot oils. She tip the first vial of jasmine scented oil and let it run down his chest. As she sat it to the side on the night table she slid her hands down his chest working the oil in. Dan could feel the slight burn and then suddenly it felt as if his pores were opening up and his muscles were relaxing on their own. The girl was wasting no time at all as she kneaded the muscles in his chest and then slowly down his abdomen. Slow circles on each muscle group were squeezed and massaged as she worked lower until she was at the little hairs below his belly button.

“You roll over now big sir,” the girl told him in her faux broken English.

Dan rolled over as the girl lifted up and stretched out as she started to dribble long trails of more oil down his back and across his muscular ass. Kay watched all of this with some lewd anticipation as well. She wanted to progress right now to the threesome that had been arranged but she would let the girl complete her massaging until she pounced on her. But as a thought she decided that the girl needed to shed her skirt now as well and rub her shaven pussy against her husband’s body. She reached over and unzipped the skirt and helped the girl remove it as she lifted up off her husband.

The girl was now leaning over Dan and running her swaying breasts against his back as her hands massaged his shoulders. Dan could feel every inch of the girl’s skin on his own as she leaned down pressing her flesh harder against him. Her nipples were growing erect and she was hitting a heightened Side Escort bayan state of arousal, enough so that it was making her staying focused on his massage nearly impossible. She trailed her fingers down his well oiled back and slowly kneaded the flesh there until she came to rest right above his bum. She leaned down and bit softly on each cheek before sliding her tongue between his ass cheeks. He gave a little startled jump but came to relax just as quickly again. Suddenly her hands slipped down between his legs and she rolled his balls between her oiled fingers as she slid her wet pussy up and down the back of his thigh.

Kay had waited all she could and now she had to take advantage of the sexual play was initiated. She leaned forward and started rubbing the girl’s thighs with tender little circular motions. Her fingers could feel the heat emanating from between the girl’s legs. She let her fingers work their way into the fleshy folds of her pussy and then slipped two fingers inside. The girl gave a soft moan and reached under Dan even more and wrapped her little hand around his cock and started stroking his cock.

“Dan roll over,” Kay instructed.

Dan rolled over and as he did he felt his cock enveloped in the girl’s warm mouth as her lips pursed and plunged over his helmet. Slowly she worked up and down and started to slurp and lick his shaft with intense deep motions. Dan could feel the head of his cock slipping deeper into her mouth as she bobbed more vigorously on his rod. Kay was between the girl’s legs sucking her pussy lips into her mouth and running her tongue over the girl’s clit. She could smell the girl’s fragrant scent as she tasted the sweet pussy in front of her.

Dan wanted to enjoy this threesome to the fullest so he pulled the girl up slowly by her pigtails and then slid up on his knees on the bed. The girl took the hint and flipped herself onto her back and sucked Dan’s swollen nuts into her mouth as Kay continued to eat her pussy. In the next instant Dan was lowering his head to join Kay’s between the girl’s legs, the girl in turn had pulled his cock down and started sliding her mouth back up and down his shaft. Dan focused his attention on the little oriental girl’s clit while Kay was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy with audible squishing sounds from all the juices flowing inside her.

Kay ran her tongue up and down the girls inner thighs before sliding her tongue against the puckered anal opening that was barely visible in this position. The girl’s immediate reaction was to start writhing and her body twitched as Kay continued. While her body squirmed, the girl worked her mouth up and down Dan’s shaft, her fingers fondled his scrotum as she helped relieve the tension in this area. She was after all a great masseuse.

Dan could stand it no longer if his wife had provided this treat for him he was about to fully enjoy it and pound the little geisha girl. He enjoyed the feeling of her mouth on his cock but he wanted to slam her pussy with his full length and see what his fucking her would do to his wife. He knew she had enjoyed watching him slide his cock into her friends and now the test would be Escort Side to see if she could handle him fucking his anniversary treat.

Dan pulled away from the girl and heard her whimper as his cock slid out of her mouth. He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips before rolling her nipples between his fingers making them rock hard. As soon as they were standing at attention he locked his lips around them and sucked hard. His teeth clamped lightly around one nipple while he worked the other with his hand, he tugged gently with both teeth and fingers bringing more moans from the girl.

The masseuse needed to feel this man’s rigid shaft between her legs, she wanted to feel him pounding in her full throttle and holding nothing back. She watched as Dan nudged his wife and she slid out of the way and he proceeded to slide his beefy cock against her tight opening. It took a few efforts in their aroused state for him to get lined up perfectly and work his cock inside. Once he did though they both could feel the snug fit inside her pussy as he started to work in and out of her.

Kay not to be left out slid up over the girl’s face and lowered her snatch down. Her fingers took up where Dan’s had left off and she thumbed and rubbed the nipples as the girl licked her pussy as Dan pounded her wet opening. Kay couldn’t believe how much it aroused her to watch her husband fuck another woman, but it did and she had arranged it and she thought she may indeed invite her friends over again soon for another little orgy evening.

Dan was pounding in and out of the girl watching his wife grind her pussy onto the girl’s tongue. He looked into his wife’s eyes and could see the lust as she kept glancing down and watching his cock slide in and out of the girl. He felt his cum nearly boiling and begging to be released and he was about to shoot an enormous load all over the two women in his bed. He had thought that far ahead as soon as he had started fucking the little oriental gift beneath him.

Dan slammed into her harder as he rubbed her clit with his fingers and as soon as she started her muffled cries from beneath Kay he stroked inside her faster and harder and knew that he was about to cum. He pulled out and straddled her chest and aimed his jerking cock at Kay’s pussy and the girl’s open mouth. Not to be left out and not wanting his cum to just hit her Kay hopped up from her position and leaned down and started kissing the girl just a few seconds before turning and opening her mouth. Dan stroked his throbbing shaft faster and faster aiming right for the two mouths as his shot his first few blasts of cum. The girls both leaned closer and their tongues protruded from their mouths as they tried to catch his cum in before the other one could get any.

Dan watched as his cock blasted both girls in the face and in their mouths before he finally felt his member starting to deflate a little. The girls looked into his eyes and lapped the cum from each others face before turning to swap a cum filled kiss.

They repeated the scene once more only this time with Kay being the one to get fucked by her husband before letting the girl go with a huge tip. “Well happy anniversary honey,” Kay said to Dan as she closed the door behind the exiting girl.

“Now I suppose we should go shower and get dressed dear, we have dinner reservations in a couple of hours and I want to take you shopping first,” Dan replied.

Stay tuned for the last chapter.

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