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I’d made my mind up. I was going to just come out and say it.

I was expecting a package through the post and had prepared myself by wearing a white t-shirt, white boxers and white socks. The thought of what I was going to do made me hot and horny and, yes, hard. I wondered how long I’d have to wait before he showed. Mind you, I didn’t know whether it would be a man or a woman. I had no idea. That was something else that made it so erotic. To be honest, I was having a really hard time keeping my hands off my private parts and wasn’t even sure I’d be able to hold out.

I must, I must, I must. I tried closing my eyes and jumped with a start when the doorbell went.

I leapt up, still rock hard. Good. I adjusted my clothing so that my stimulated status could be in no doubt. With my penis pointing uncompromisingly under my shorts, I went to do the door and opened it. It was a guy.

“Parcel,” he said, without looking up.

He handed me the parcel which I took and placed on the floor behind me. As I stood up and turned back to face him, he saw it: my bulge, my barely concealed hardness, my wanton display. I twitched. He tried to say nothing but let a little “wha…” slip before I took the pad and pencil from him and signed the form.

I handed it back. Now was the time.

“Would you like to come in and pee on me?”


No going back. My bulge bulged once more.

“Would you like to come in and pee on me?”


I couldn’t see whether he wanted to or not but I figured that him not just leaving (the professional response) was a good thing and, in any case, I could wank myself to just this experience for the rest of my life.

“Seriously. If you would like to, I would love for you to come in and pee on me. No-one will know.”

“But I’m not gay.”

“Nor am I, I don’t think. No-one will know. But I would like you to come in and pee on me. I want to know what it’s like.”

The postman let out a little laugh and subconsciously adjusted his trousers. Good sign!

“No-one will know… But I can’t. You’re crazy, though. I gotta go, man.”

With that he turned and left.

Obviously, görükle escort I’d have been staggered if he’d just come in and slashed all over me. Delighted, but surprised. I closed the door after him. I knew exactly what I wanted to do now. If he wasn’t going to pee all over me, I’d have to do it myself. Time for a drink and to try and calm my cock down a bit.

I decided to put the telly on. Daytime telly is enough to remove anyone’s excitement but my mind kept drifting to the complete abandon and sluttishness of asking a complete stranger to pee on me. My erection really didn’t want to go even though I knew I’d need some softness to be able to soak myself. Still, I was getting plenty of fluid down. I was going to get drowned!

I tried to close my eyes and breathe slowly, just letting the words of the television fill my mind. I jumped with a start again when the doorbell went. I adjusted myself and noted with relief that my sex had subsided a bit and I made myself presentable for answering the door.

“No-one will know, right.”

Guess who?

“Right”, I said, “no-one will know.”

“I can’t stop thinking about it, you… you dirty boy. I’m curious, too, now; you’ve stuck this notion into my head and it won’t go.”

I stepped aside. A pause as he looked thoughtfully at the door mat. Then he stepped in and brushed by me. Needless to say, my hard-on was back in full force. I shut the door and led him up to the bathroom. I sat down sideways in the bath with my legs hanging over the side.

“What? You’re gonna keep your clothes on? They’ll get all wet and dirty. I haven’t been, you know, since I started work this morning.”

I thought my organs were going to explode. It is the truth to say that my penis had never been so puffed up, so sensitive, so throbbing, so fucking hard. I spread my legs apart.

“That’s the point. Please pee wherever you want to. My face, my chest, my legs, anywhere.”

Another little laugh. His hands moved down to his zipper.

“I’m not gay, remember… Man, this feels weird, now.”

He unzipped himself and pulled his penis out. He pointed it at me and we waited. He looked down, bursa escort bayan with a look of trying to blank his mind. A few seconds…

No warning! His penis didn’t move or twitch or anything. It just started peeing. His first stream landed down the side of one of my legs before gaining steam and passing through my crotch up to my chest. I could feel the warmth running down my leg and shirt. I could feel the splashing of his smelly golden fluid on to my chin and face.

I closed my eyes slowly. My cock pulsated slowly and deliberately. It felt almost like I was going to ejaculate spontaneously without any stimulation. Well, direct stimulation. I’d never felt so horny, so sexy, so wanton in all my life. My mouth dropped open and I exhaled in ecstasy.

The postman considered that an invitation and adjusted himself and let rip straight into my mouth. That opened my eyes. His pee frothed up and filled my mouth. It sounded like my head was inside a waterfall. The pee spilt over my chin and onto my chest. I smiled, spilling more.

He was beginning to finish. A couple more spurts splashed over me. I looked at his cock, a teardrop of urine at its head. I noticed it was semi-hard. He shook it, but another drop appeared.

“Allow me,” I said, leaning forward.

I put my face close to his privates. Slowly, deliberately, I moved in, stretched out my tongue and took the piss teardrop into my mouth. He didn’t move. My nose filled with the stench of sex and my mouth tasted what I had taken. It was sweet and didn’t feel watery exactly. That was the first time I ever tasted someone’s sexual lubrication, someone’s pre-cum.

I reached out with my tongue once more but this time there was no pretense of cleaning him. I lifted his cock, his lava-hot cock, with my tongue and slowly licked up the entire length of the shaft before letting gravity exercise its control once more. Only gravity doesn’t have much effect on a fully hard cock. I cradled his cock-head in my tongue and looked up. He was looking down.

“I’m not gay.”

I didn’t say a word but took his head in my mouth and started rolling my tongue around. I took my hands bursa escort off the side of the bath and took hold of the back of his legs. His trousers were still up though undone, obviously, and so they kept moving slightly. I kept sucking and pushing my tongue into his penis in my mouth. It felt like my entire head was full of his manhood. It’s not that it was big or anything, that’s just what it felt like.

I kept moving my hands to give me good grip when I felt all resistance in his trousers go and I could let them fall to the ground. My fingers went further around his thighs so that they were on the inside of his leg and I started to stroke and caress him.

This time didn’t catch me by surprise. I could feel when he was manufacturing his semen. I could feel his balls pulsate near my chin. I could feel his cum being pumped through his cock. I could feel his juice through the shaft past my bottom lip. He instinctively jammed his cock further into my head and let rip. Spuuurt, spurt, spurt! I knew it was coming but the volume of it felt unbelievable. It was like someone had jammed a hose down my throat and turned it on full pelt. I didn’t particularly like the taste but, boy, did I like the intimacy and the feeling of sharing a primeval intensity.

I could feel his penis soften almost immediately. He started to withdraw but I sucked his back momentarily so I could make sure he was completely clean. No drips. That would never do.

I leant back in the bath, my legs still splayed; my cock still unbelievably hard. Then I learnt something. You can pee when you’re hard (though I can’t seem to do it on purpose exactly). I started peeing and I quickly pulled my boxers out of the way.

His eyes bulged when saw the fountain of gold shooting into the air, higher than my head and come splashing down, well everywhere. All over the bath, my chest, my hair.


I closed my eyes and made it the freest, wildest, most uninhibited piss ever. It went on for what seemed like an age before my bladder subsided. I was drenched. My clothes were transparent, I could feel them grabbing hold of me, squeezing me. My hair was full of warm wonderfulness, his and mine, clumped together. It felt like there was steam coming off my head.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked straight into his hard, throbbing cock.

“Let’s get you out of those wet things.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32