Sex with Best Friends? Pt. 01

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Alright, my name is Avalyn, Ava for short. I just turned eighteen this past weekend, which I am totally excited about. It’s my last year in high school this year at McKinley and I actually love it. I guess I’m kind of a girl-next-door type of chick. I’m quite short, a little under average for a woman – 5’3. I have naturally, super curly dark-brown hair, with faint freckles across my nose and full beige lips. My body is nice, in my opinion at least; I have a c-cup, which I think is a great size, and same goes for my ass. It’s not too small, not too big. In other words, I’m curvy with a somewhat flat stomach, and I’d like to thank my mom for that. I’m bi-racial. My mom, Bonnie, is from Guyana, and my dad, Max, is as white as can be.

I’m still a virgin, which is absolutely okay, but it’s also hard because I sometimes find myself horny as hell – sometimes at the wrong time too. It’s exhausting. I mean, one minute I’m fine and then the next, I’m soaked. I can’t help it. My best friend, Alexus, she is not a virgin by the slightest, and she always tells me her experiences with boys she’s been with. Sometimes, when she tells me her stories, I pretend I’m her and all of those things are happening to me…

Enough day-dreaming though, I have to get ready school.


As I’m getting in my car, I get a get a call from the one and only, Alexus.

“Hey Ava, I have a super important question,” Alexus asked.

“Yes Alex? What do you need? A ride?” I assume before she can explain.

“That is exactly what I need! Dustin is back at the house, but you know how my mom can be. Gives everything to Dustin,” she says sarcastically, “so, I’ll be waiting for you!,” And she hangs up.

As I pull into Alex’s drive, I text her to let her know I’m outside. From the corner of my eye, I see one of the upstairs window curtains move, assuming it was Dustin because he quickly moved when he saw I looked up. He’s so childish sometimes.

Opening the front door, walking out casually is Alex. She is by far, one of the most gorgeous girls in our school. She’s 18 too, and taller than me, 5’7, with her jet-black hair that goes down her back. Nice tight legs, do to her playing sports, volleyball, and has a flat stomach with breasts that fit her perfectly. Today she’s wearing a denim pencil skirt with a black t-shirt, with an intentional “v” shape she cut herself. I don’t even think she’s wearing a bra today either because her nipples are poking out underneath her shirt.

I bite my bottom lip and watch her get into the car.

“Thank you, thank you Ava for picking me up,” Alex quickly exclaims while setting her backpack in between her feet and sliding the seat belt across her chest.

“You already know it’s not a big deal Alex. Whenever you need something, I’m here for you,” I say back to her. “So, Dustin is back from Europe already,” I ask.

Alex, already on her phone texting some athlete jock, no doubt, responds, “Yeah, it’s been the full six-months,” fully concentrated on her phone, and I nod silently. I haven’t even noticed it’s been that long since I last saw Dustin. I wonder if he’s changed since then.

I pull into my same parking spot since sophomore year, with an empty one right next to mine, do to Alex’s car being occupied for God knows how long. As Alex and I get out of the car, she is quickly summoned by Zach, a starter from our basketball team. She asks if I wanted to go with her before she ran off, but I shook my head, and headed to our oversized, half-glass built school.

Today, this school day is flying by thankfully. It’s my last period of the day, and then off to my house, because I luckily have senior privilege. It’s my Holocaust class and also my favorite because of Mr. Rhian Ladrach.

Mr. Ladrach starts class and tells everyone to pull out our assignments that were due today.

Shit! I forgot my book and paper at home on my dresser. This is the third time.

Just as he’s about to start walking through the rows to check off those who did and didn’t do the assignment, comes Alex entering class late – Again.

“How nice of you to join us today Alexus. Do you have a pass with you?” Ladrach announces.

“Uhh, no. Sorry Mr. Ladrach. My locker was jammed,” she lies casually. I know exactly where she was and it definitely was not stuck at her locker. We exchange looks and she sits down.

Ladrach finally ends up at my desk with a clipboard checking off names prior to me and asks, “Do you have the assignment Ava?”

“Um, no. Not with me. I did finish it, I… I swear, but I accidently left it on my dresser back at home.”

Ladrach writes something on his paper and then looks straight at me, “Stay behind after class Ava. I need to have a word with you.”

I can literally feel everyone else staring at me after he said that, but the feelings not like how I’m feeling right now. Ladrach staring right into my eyes. Green eyes meeting his hazel. It’s so hot and I quickly reply, “Okay,” and look away, biting my bottom lip.

For the remainder of the class, we were assigned to take Kumköy escort notes on the next chapter. This meant I could look at Ladrach when he wasn’t looking, taking him all in.

Ladrach is in his mid-twenties and has only been here since my sophomore year. He has to be like 5’11 or 6′ but I’m not one-hundred percent sure. What I am sure about is that he is overly attractive to be a school teacher, and muscular as hell. I guess he played college football. He has short brown hair that is obvious he takes good care of. His lips are full, his bottom more full than the top – great to look at. He has broad shoulders, and his arms are huge, and what makes it even better is that he has a sleeve of tattoos on his right arm. He’ll sometimes pull the sleeves up from his button-up shirt to his elbows and expose his tats and I swear all of the girls, and some guys, go crazy. To top it off, for me atleast, is the way his butt pokes in those tight business pants he wears. I love it. He is a big muscular nerd anyway I guess. These white boys will literally be the death of me.

At last, the bell rings and everyone gathers their stuff and leaves the classroom, making quick last glances in my direction and then to Ladrach. As the last student leaves the classroom, Ladrach gets up from his desk and heads towards me. I quickly turn in my desk, sitting sideways and Ladrach sits in a desk next to me and faces me.

“Ava,” Ladrach starts.

I cannot help but stare at his lips while he’s talking to me. I want to launch myself onto him and kiss them, bite them. Anything. I am legal now anyway. Ooh, the things I would do to this man, if I could.

Ladrach clears his throat, “Hey, did you hear me?”

I quickly realize, I’m biting my lip again staring right at him. Shit. Now I’m getting hot from embarrassment and something else…

“Uh, no. Sorry,” I plead. “What did you say again?”

“I said, or more-so asked what’s been going on with you? You’ve been ‘forgetting’ your work for literally three days in a row now. What’s up?” he prompts.

“Nothing Mr. Ladrach,” and he grimaces at my response. “I mean, it won’t happen again. I promise,” I ramble.

“Okay Avalyn. I will hold you to that,” he says looking right into my again. I have to look away and he continues, “So, i’ll see you tomorrow with your homework and assignments turned in tomorrow. Right?” I nod and look down, “Yeah, Mr. Ladrach.”

“Okay then. Have a good day, Avalyn,” And i’m off towards the door. “Also Avalyn, happy belated birthday.”

Confused yet pleased that he knew that or even acknowledged that, I quickly wave and turn back at the door and leaves.

God, I don’t know if it was me or not, but the air was getting thick as hell in there. But, at least I can go home and relax. As I head to my car, I hear a high pitched scream coming towards me. I turn a 180 just to see it was Alex running in my direction with her breasts bouncing every-which-way uncontrollably. She finally reaches me and fixes her hair.

“So, what did Daddy Ladrach want with you?” she asks excitedly.

“Um, he just asked if there was a reason why I haven’t turn in any of my work three days in a row,” I explain to her.

“Really? That’s boring! I was really hoping for some kind of sexy teacher student affair.”

“Yeah… probably not.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. You’re too good for that anyway. Still pure,” she laughs and I give her a fake smile, hoping it’ll pass. If only she knew how un-pure my thoughts are and the real reason why I haven’t gotten my work done. Even just looking at her isn’t good for me right now.

“Speaking of assignments and all that boring stuff, can you see if Bonnie will let you stay the night to help me with my work?”

“Sure. I’m sure she’ll say yes but I’ll drop you off at your house first and then head back to my house to get my stuff.”


As I pull into Alexus’ drive, I notice her parent’s cars aren’t at the house. I pull down the driver’s mirror and put on my lip balm and rub it in my bottom lip and then i’m off towards Alex’s door. I knock on the door and there isn’t an answer. I know she’s here. Then I hear a deep voice calling from the other side of the big brown wooden door, “Hold on!”, then comes open the door.

It’s Dustin and man… he looks yum. He’s six foot something. I’m not exactly sure but I do know all of the Tuckers are tall. His jet-black hair, just like Alexus’, has grown to his shoulders since I last saw him. His nose is long and defined, his lips aren’t as full as Alexus’ but they’re there. His eyes are a beautiful hazel color, like mine, and I miss looking into them. He’s just wearing a plaid button up, but it’s open with nothing underneath and all I can see are muscles that were not there before he left and his lovely happy trail. What the hell was he doing in Europe?

“Ah, Avalyn,” he says, smiling as he steps back to open the door for me, “It’s been too long.” His smile is literally brilliant. White teeth and all. I smile back, “Hey Dust, how have you been?”

“I’m Kumköy escort bayan just glad to be back in the states. I missed home. Most importantly, Momma Natt’s cooking,” he explains while he’s closing the door behind me then faces in my direction.

“What about you? How’s senior year doing for you? You got like what, one semester left?” and I nod at him. “Also, happy birthday… or belated. How do you feel?”

“I feel good,” I say looking up at him, still cheesing.

“You look good,” he says back shrugging admiralty, soon looking away embarrassed.

“You look good too Dustin,” I say looking him up and down. Then it just got awkward and we just look at each other. Then comes Alexus running down the steps,

“Dustin! Why didn’t you tell me Ava was here?” she yells at him.

He lifts his arms as if surrendering, “Calm down. I tried but you were too busy on your phone,” and she glares at him.

“I’ll talk to you later Ava,” Dustin says and then he disappears in the kitchen.

“Come on Ava, lets go upstairs.” and I’m dragged away by Alexus’ pull. When we’re upstairs, I start undressing to change into my sleepwear; Alexus decides to do the same. Before I pull off my shirt, Alexus is already out of her skirt and shirt, her back facing me. She’s wearing a thin black thong and her ass looks so good. Not as big as mine but it fits her and it’s round. Sure enough, when she turns around, there is no bra on and her little pink nipples are looking straight at me. Alexus’ undoubtedly notices me staring and starts laughing.

“Are you going to join me Ava or just stare?” she says still grinning my way as she puts her long hair in a very messy bun at the top of her head and I look away and start laughing too. Off comes my shirt and then my jeans next. I’m wearing a black and red lace matching set. I don’t have a thong on like her, but my bottoms are thin, boy-short looking panties.

“Ava, your body is so nice. I’ve always been somewhat jealous”, and she walks towards me then grabs breasts, cupping them both, “They’re much bigger than mine.”

“You honestly have nothing to be jealous about Alexus,” and she shrugs and responds, “Every girl has her insecurities. Come on, let me see them. You always turn the opposite way when we undress in front of each other.” And then my bra is off and I feel my breasts bounce from no more support.

Alexus, looking straight into my eyes, grabs my breasts again and lifts them then massages them. I can’t help but bite my lip, she’s so gorgeous and sexy looking at me intensely and groping me ontop of that. She looks down and swirls her thumb around my nipples. They’re already hard as hell, I don’t know what else she’s trying to do. And then she’s below my eyesight, with my right nipple in her mouth and her hand groping the other. She’s circling her tongue around my nipple slowly, soon biting it softly right afterwards and looks back up at me. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. My body is hot, my breathing is getting uneven.

“You taste real good Ava. I’m glad I’m the only one to know that. Right?” she says as she stands back up straight and then pulls my arm and walks me towards my bed. Alexus throws me on her bed on my back then climbs in between my legs and starts to kiss my neck. She smells so good, like strawberries. As she kisses my neck, I close my eyes and run my hand up and down her sides and then her mouth is on mine. Her tongue in my mouth and she tastes sweet. She sucks on my bottom lip, pulling it softly and then I feel her hand on my pussy. I’m so wet and I know she is aware of that when she gives me this devilish look and next then I know, she’s sliding her right hand into my panties, her two middle fingers following. I let out a soft moan as she uses her middle finger to massage my clit. Then she stops, pulls her hand out and pops her fingers into my mouth and then hers next.

“Don’t you think you taste good?” Alexus asks quietly.

“Probably not as good as you,” I say back to her and her eyebrows rise in surprise.

“We’ll just have to see, won’t we?” Alexus starts kissing me all over down my body. I look up at the ceiling, breathing unevenly still. What am I about to do? Then my attention is pulled back to Alexus as she pulls of my panties and tosses them off to the side somewhere and spreads my legs and starts to trace her tongue down my thigh. Everywhere but my pussy. Please. I plead to myself, biting my lip again waiting with anticipation.

Alexus spreads my legs wider, with her face in my area and her nice ass tooted up in the air. She spreads my pussy lips open with her fingers and then licks it once from my ass all the way to my clit and i shudder. Oh my god. Then i’m taken over with overwhelm as she wastes no time and wraps her mouth around my clit. She’s sucking on it and massaging it with her tongue and then flicking her tongue on it. I think I’m about to climax. I don’t know, I’ve never done it before but my legs start shaking as she keeps doing magic on my pussy right now. I grab and pull at my nipples letting Escort Kumköy out moans, but with Alex nibbling my clit every time I get too loud. Just when I thought I could not take anymore, Alex looks me dead in the eye and slides a finger inside of me while she’s sucking on my clit faster. I roll my eyes back, biting my lip again as my breathing gets more irregular. Just as I think I’m about to cum, there’s a knock on her. I jump and look down at Alexus, who just shrugs.

“It’s Dustin. Mom and Dad are home and told me tell you to come downstairs Alex.”

No! No, I don’t want her to stop. She felt so good. Alex saw the alert in my eye and stood up grinning. She grabbed a shirt and shorts, pulled them on real quick and off she went, with me still left on the bed. First, I can’t believe that happened, with Alexus, at that, and secondly, I can’t believe it felt that good.

After about a minute or two, I sit up and pull on a T-shirt and a pair of black spandex. I didn’t bother putting on panties again. I head towards the bathroom which is to the right of Alexus’ room, past Dustin’s room and it’s at the end of the hall. Ugh, I’m so uncomfortable right now and my clit is literally pulsing right now.

When I get to the bathroom, the door is shut. I knock on the door, but nobody said anything, so I open the door. There was Dustin. His nice, muscular back facing me, in nothing but his boxers, as I think he was about to actually pull them off. I clear my throat and he quickly turns around shocked and then calms down when he sees it’s me.

“Oh, it’s just you,” he says.

“Yeah, it’s just me,” I say back as I wrap my arms around my body embarrassed again for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because I know I’m horny as hell and just pretending everything’s okay. After a long second or so he asks, “Oh, d-did you need the bathroom? Because if so, I can leave real quick,” and I shake my head. I don’t even know why I was headed here anyway. Just needed to get out Alexus’ room for a minute.

Nothing else was said for a short time, then I notice Dustin’s eyes were no longer on my face, but at my breasts. My nipples are still hard, poking through this shirt and knowing he’s looking right at them, I can feel my face get red. I sort of don’t mind, but then again I do because this is Dustin. Alexus’s older brother. He’s like 20 and somebody’s I’ve known for some years now because of Alexus. I can’t deny he’s attractive though.

“Okay, well, if you’re not going to use the bathroom, I’ll just get in the shower,” and then his boxers drop to the ground. Woah. Right here in front of me is a dick that I’m seeing in person, for the first the time at that. I’m shocked. It’s big too, and the same peachy color like himself. Then it moves and I jump and look up at Dustin. “What?” he asks, “Never seen a dick before?”, I just stare at him.

“Actually, no, I haven’t.” and then I’m off back to Alexus’ room. When I get back in there, I sit back on her bed. What is going on. First I get ate out for the first time, by my best friend and then see her brother butt naked. Is there sex in the air or something?

As I take deep breaths to calm myself down, I’m wet still and start to reach down in my spandex to finger myself, until I hear Alex’s door knob open, and in she walks.

“Sorry, about that. They wanted nothing important and I told them that you were staying the night with me,” Alex says. “So, do you want to help me with my homework now?”

She’s talks as if what happened like 10 minutes ago didn’t happen at all. But I guess that’s for the best. I mean, she just ate me out for crying out loud. So I respond, “Yeah, sure.” and then we’re off to the rest of the night of going over notes and doing our homework.

It’s about 3 A.M. and I wake up because I’m thirsty as hell. My mouth is dry so I head to the bathroom. While I’m in there, I turn on the faucet to cold and wait until it’s as cold as it’s going to get. I cup my hand and put it under the water and then pull it up to my mouth and drink the water, doing this a couple more times until I’m satisfied. After I’m done, I wipe my hands on the towel hanging up above the sink and look at myself in the mirror. My hair is literally everywhere. I try my best to lay it back down, then pull it up into a bun on the top of my head. It’s a messy bun, but it’ll do. As I turn off the light in the bathroom and head back to Alex’s room, I notice Dustin’s door is cracked open. And of course, I peek.

Dustin doesn’t have a TV in his room. His desk lamp is still on. I open the door slowly and make my way into his room and stop, observing. There’s his king sized bed in the middle of the room, against the wall with windows on both sides of him. Everything else is dim where his little desk lamp doesn’t reach. As I creep closer to him, Dustin is sound asleep, with his lips slightly parted and he silently snores, and I giggle to myself. As I’m about to turn off his light, I notice there’s something poking from his blanket? Then I think back to earlier that night, seeing Dustin butt naked about to get into the shower. How much do you wanna bet he’s sleeping naked right now. Curious, i reach for his blanket but that stops when he breathes out a heavy sigh and turns his head away from me. Good. I wait about a minute or two, just standing there before I start to reach for his blanket again.

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