Serene Ch. 04

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Serene’s eyes open quickly, as she heard a loud rapping at her door. She grabbed a robe, which she did not realize was see through, as she quickly opened it. In the doorway is was a slave she’s never seen before. The slave did not have a gender that Serene could tell, as their androgyny was the most striking and beautiful thing about them.

“Mistress would like to see you right after breakfast.” They said softly.

“Where’s Ja-” Serene starts to say.

“He had other business to attend to this morning… but told me to inform you he expects you not to be late for breakfast.”

Serene nodded, then they walked away, their ass swaying in their clothing. Her hand slowly moves to her nipples, pinching them lightly as she watches the gorgeous ass walks from her. Forgetting herself, she quickly closes the door, and dresses. She picks out a similar outfit to the day before but finding a more revealing top. Her pink hard nipples and ripe, full tits completely on display for all to see. She wanted them all to see… she needed them all to see…

She suddenly found her own hand in her bloomers, stroking her bald pussy lips. She circles her clit softly, letting out a soft sigh. As the pace of her fingers quicken, she found herself panting, gripping onto her bed post, needing a morning sweet release before breakfast. She silently cries out as she orgasms, her fingers covered in her sweet juice. Serene places her fingers in her mouth, sucking them eagerly, just as she did with James’ cock the night before, letting out soft little moans. Once her heart rate comes back down to a normal level, she looks at herself in the mirror and pinches her nipples, before leaving for breakfast.

Serene bounds down the hallway, twisting and turning throughout the manor, not wanting to be late for James for a second day in a row, especially if she was to see Mistress right after. She finds James easily in the kitchen, as he stands inches above all the other slaves. He hands her an apple, and some tea, as they sit at the table.

“I see you made sure you were here on time.” He says firmly, looking at her over his own cup.

Serene quickly nodded, “I didn’t want to disappoint you again.”

“Good. You’re starting to understand the mindset of your new role.” He says quietly. “Are you ready to see Mistress this morning?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure what for?” She says softly.

James looks intensely into her eyes. “That is for Mistress to know, and for you to know once you’ve arrived. Never question her. Never say no to her. You are there to serve and make sure she is satisfied. Is that understood?”

Serene quickly nods her head. “Yes James. I understand.” She says quietly.

“Good girl.” James answers in a softer tone. “I see you’re getting more comfortable with your own body.” He gestures with his eyes at her incredibly sheer blouse.

“Do you not like it?” She shivers, nervously.

James shakes his head. “That’s not a question you should be asking. It is not for my approval, only for Mistress. And if it is in your closet, then clearly she approves.” He places his cup down. “Now go to Mistress’ quarters. You are going to be late. Be a good girl, do not embarrass me and remember what I told you. All pain leads to pleasure. I will see you at lunch.”

Serene nodded, quickly leaving the table. She quickly walked to Mistress’ wing; she saw other slaves staring at her as she walked in the direction of their divine Mistress. Her breasts bouncing vigorously, as her nipples rubbed sweetly against the fabric. Soon enough, she was at the entrance of Mistress’ quarters. Serene quickly adjusted her outfit, before knocking softly on the door.

“Come in Pet.” She hears from the other side of the door. Mistress’ sultry tones filling Serene’s ears.

Serene opens the door, entering Mistress’ elaborate suite. Sitting on a chaise lounge, was Mistress Katerina. She wears an under bust black corset, and bloomers, with a completely see through robe like the one Serene had in her room. Her beauty took Serene’s breath away, as it did the first night they met. Immediately, Serene gets on all fours and crawls toward her beautiful goddess. Shivering from her excitement and nervousness.

“Welcome back, Pet…” Mistress Katerina looks at Serene up and down. Serene sits on her heels in front of Mistress, hands behind her back, pressing her breasts up. Mistress leans over Serene. “And how is my new little plaything doing? Adjusting well?” She asks, as she caresses Serene’s soft cheek.

Serene nods. “Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress. I feel gratitude to be in your service.”

“MMmm that’s a good girl.” Mistress traces Serene’s lips with her thumb. “Now, I’ve brought you here to make sure you’re ready for the party tomorrow. I will not have a slave disappoint me or my guests. Not even a new one. Understand?” Serene nods again, panting softly. “That’s a good girl. Depending on how today goes, you may even get back your name in time for the party.” Mistress pats Serene’s face, before getting up. “Now. I understand James broke you in a bit our first night, but from what I understand you’re still incredibly tight?”

Serene nods. “Yes Mistress.”

“Good. I would like to keep you that way for as long as possible. I know that you slaves get up to some nightly activities sometimes… However, for you, sweet little one, I need you to be wary of how many big cocks you are taking. All of my male slaves, and some of my androgynous ones, have exceptionally large members. I would like for you to be my little slut I get to show off at parties. And with that, comes an expectation of your tight holes. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That’s my good girl.” Mistress sits on her large bed. “James informed me that your lessons went well yesterday. Tell me, what part did you enjoy most.” Pointing at the spot below her feet for Serene to kneel.

“Well Mistress, all of it was exciting, because I knew it was all in service of you…” Serene trails off, staring at Mistress’ breasts. “But when you make me gush in the music room, that was incredibly exciting, and learning how to suck cock was incredibly fulfilling.” Serene says, as she feels her pussy start to get hot.

Mistress takes out a crop, lightly hitting Serene’s ripe tits. “Up up, don’t forget your posture slave.” Serene pushes up her breasts for Mistress. “That’s a girl.” Mistress lightly pinches Serene’s nipples. As she does, Serene lets out a low, soft moan. “As you know, you are never to deny me… However, when you are played with, and if something hurts too much to where you think you are in permeant danger, your safe word is ‘Red’. Can you remember that?”

Serene moans softly as Mistress pulls and pinches her sensitive nipples. “Yes Mistress.” She says panting.

Mistress smiles at her new fuck pet. “That is my good, sweet girl. Get undressed for me and get on the bed.”

Serene quickly gets up, sliding off my clothing, folding them and placing them gently on a chair in the corner of the room. She climbs up onto the bed, with her gorgeous Mistress, awaiting instruction.

“Come here.” Mistress pulls Serene’s face close to hers, gently kissing her. She had taken off her robe, and Serene could feel the heat from Mistress’ gorgeous tits. Their soft lips perfectly fitting with one another. “Show me what you remember from our time the other night.” Serene nods, slowly kissing down Mistress’ chest, lightly nibbling her nipples. Mistress Katerina throws back her long red hair, as her pet licks and nibbles her pale pink nipples. “Good girl. You have permission to keep going.” Serene moves her head down toward Mistress’ trimmed slit. She softly gives her kisses along her outer lips, slowly spreading apart Mistress’ pussy with her slender fingers. Serene finds Mistress’ sweet clit, eagerly starting to lap at it, sucking it, licking it. Serene finds her little bud, sucking it in between her teeth, gently biting it as she suckles. Mistress lets out a soft moan, grabbing Serene’s hair, pushing her deeper into her pussy. “That’s a good girl… there you go. Oh fuck… yes. Good girl!” She bucks her pussy into Serene’s mouth. Mistress’ legs start to spasm as she cums hard on her new slave’s face. Serene keeps licking her Mistress’ juices up, until commanded to stop. She looks up at Mistress, with love in her eyes.

Mistress lays back, panting. “Good girl… good girl. You certainly will be fine for serving women tomorrow. You still have much to learn… but this is a great start.” Mistress strokes Serene’s hair softly. “You were definitely worth the money.”

“Thank you, Mistress. It means a great deal to hear you say that.”

Mistress Katerina smiles softly, gazing into Serene’s eyes. “Now for the main event.” Mistress rings a bell. As she does, a side door opens, one that Serene did not notice before. In walks in the hazel eyed slave. Her long chestnut brown wavy hair falls down her back, flowing as she walks. She’s already naked, and Serene could not stop looking at her light brown nipples. She’s wearing some clamps with a chain attached to them on her nipples, which she seems to be slightly wincing with each step. She comes to the edge of the bed, kneeling before Mistress and Serene.

“Pet, have you been introduced to Hazel?” Mistress Katerina says to Serene, guiding her back down on her knees at the edge of the bed.

Serene shakes her head. “Not formally, Mistress.” Her eyes gaze up at Mistress, not wanting to gawk at Hazel’s chains.

Mistress smiles. “Hazel is one of my most favorite pets. She is obedient, always goes above and beyond and is such a good girl. Isn’t that right, Hazel?”

“Yes Mistress.” Hazel responds as she shakes her tits at Mistress Katerina.

Mistress Katerina smirks. “But, one of her faults is that she’s a showoff and she likes to purposefully disobey sometimes, don’t you Hazel?”

Hazel nods and softly says “Yes Mistress.”

“Pet, I see you staring at the chains attached to Hazel’s nipples.”

Serene nods. “Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress.”

Mistress Katerina smiles softly. “It’s alright to be curious, especially as a new, young slave. Why don’t you lightly pull on those chains and watch Hazel’s reaction.”

Serene nods again, doing as she is commanded. She delicately grabs the chain connecting the clamps and pulls it slightly, barely tugging on it. Hazel does not react.

“You can do better than that, Pet. Pull harder. Watch Hazels eyes.”

Serene gulps as she pulls harder on the chains, watching Hazels eyes roll back, with what seemed pleasure. Serene looked down, staring at Hazel’s nipples as they stretch. “OH!” Serene softly gasps and let’s go of the chain suddenly.

Mistress quickly swats at Serene’s right breast as she disobeys. “Do it again. And don’t let go unless told to.”

Serene yelps as her breast is swatted at. It hurt, but not too badly, however it left a red mark and made her nipple stand at attention. Serene quickly takes the chain again, pulling harder on it. Hazel lets out a deep, soft moan. Serene pulls a bit more, before Hazel lets out a sharp gasp and her brow furrows.

“Good Pet. Drop it.” Mistress commands. Serene immediately let’s go of the chain, watching as the clamps continue to stretch out Hazel’s nipples. Hazel gasps as she looks up at Mistress. “Are you going to show the new pet how to take some pain and spanks, Hazel?” Mistress whispers into Hazel’s ear.

Hazel nods, panting almost. “Yes Mistress. Anything for you.”

“That’s my good girl.” Mistress kisses Hazel softly as she pulls on the heavy chain, so hard in fact that the clamps are pulled off Hazels soft brown nipples. Hazel lets out a loud yelp, but it’s quickly replaced with moans of pleasure as Mistress lightly rubs her left nipple. “You love your sweet pain, don’t you?” Mistress murmurs against Hazel’s lips. Hazel just nods, moaning softly.

Serene is completely enthralled with the display in front of her. She cannot take her eyes off them. Suddenly, she feels her pussy dripping onto the ground. Serene blushes as Mistress gazes at Serene, beckoning her forward.

“Hazel, would you please apply the clamps to the new fuck Pet? It seems she wants to try.”

Hazel nods, grabbing the clamps from off the floor. She kneels in front of Serene, her eyes level with hers. She lightly touches Serene’s right nipple, feeling it harden immediately. Hazel slowly opens the clamp and attaches it to the young slave’s pink nipple. Serene lets out a sharp gasp, surprised at the slight pleasure she feels with the pain. Hazel smirks softly before lightly touching her left nipple, then attaching the second one. Serene sighs softly at the pleasure she gets from her nipples being stimulated.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Serene whispers softly, looking away from Hazel, and up at Mistress Katerina.

Mistress nods, knowingly. She takes a seemingly heavier set of chains from the beside table, attaching them to Hazel’s erect nipples. She smiles, caressing Hazel’s face. “Hazel. Get into position one.” Mistress suddenly has a cat of nine tails whip in her hand. “Show this Pet what is expected of her.”

Hazel whispers. “Yes Mistress.” As she quickly leans over the side of the bed. Her chest pressed against the soft fabric, as her hands hold open her ass cheeks. Her legs are far enough apart where Serene can see her pink clit.

“Pet, put that chain in your mouth and pull as much as you can handle. I want those nipples red by the time we are done.” Serene quickly puts the chain in her mouth, gently pulling, moaning softly. “That’s a good girl.” Mistress says softly, as she rears back and whips Hazel’s tight ass. Hazel lets out a soft moan, thanking Mistress after every stroke that hits her. Serene eyes grow large as she watches Hazel’s ass get pinker with every whip from Mistress. She suddenly found herself pulling on the nipple clamps harder while her pussy gets wetter, whimpering a little bit.

‘All pain leads to pleasure. All pain leads to pleasure.’ Serene says to herself over and over in her head, as she pulls harder on the chain, moaning in pain and pleasure. She continues to watch Hazel get whipped with the cat of nine tails, her firm ass a hot pink at this point.

Mistress puts down the whip and grabs a leather crop. “Pet, watch closely as Hazel responds to this crop.” Mistress lightly places it on Hazel’s pink clit. Hazel immediately starts to moan louder, grinding against the flat of the crop. Her pink cunt dripping on it, making it shine in the sunlight. Mistress laughs lightly. “Is this what you want, Hazel? Hmmm? Do you want to be a good pet for my pleasure?”

“Yes Mistress… PLEASE! I want to feel the hot pleasure from the crop on my clit. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU!” Hazel starts to scream out, her body shaking uncontrollably.

Mistress Katerina smiles softly. “You see, Pet. Hazel craves the pain, because she knows that it always leads to pleasure.” She says as she lightly starts to pat Hazels clit, leading to Hazel letting out small moans. Hazel’s nipples continuing to be stretched by the heavy chain. “Her body… well her body feels pleasure intensely with the pain. So, she craves it more than others. Isn’t that right Hazel? You’re my little pain slut. My little bondage pet.”

Hazel nods, softly answering. “Yes Mistress. I am your pain slut. Your bondage pet.” Mistress lightly pats her pink glistening clit a few times then hits her clit hard with the crop, making a loud, wet slap sound. Hazel trembles and moans. “THANK YOU MISTRESS!” Hazel uses her tongue to get the chain into her mouth, pulling on it, whimpering. Serene continues to watch the display, Mistress toying with Hazel, making her beg, giving her what she wants, Hazel pulling on her nipple clamps, then toying with her again, and so on for what seems like eons.

Suddenly, Mistress starts to continuously smack Hazel’s clit, causing Hazel to buck and moan like an animal. “PLEASE MISTRESS, MAY THIS PAIN WHORE CUM? PLEASE!?” Hazel shakes and strains to not cum until given the command to. Her chin covered in drool from holding the chain and the sub space that she is in. Serene feels her own chin covered in drool and her pussy dripping onto the ground as she pulls the chains hanging from her tits.

Mistress smiles back at her sweet slave, nodding toward Hazel. “What did I tell you Pet? She’s a good pain slut.” Mistress spanks Hazel’s ass as she slaps her pain slut’s clit repeatedly, until Hazel is screaming with pain and pleasure.

“MISTRESS PLEASE!” Hazel grips the bed as her head tilts back.

“Cum my little pain slut. CUM NOW!” Mistress Katerina commands.

Hazel screams out as her bright red cunt squirts onto the crop and the floor. “THANK YOU, MISTRESS!” She screams out and her legs give out from under her. Mistress Katerina catches Hazel in her arms, pulling her onto the bed and cradling her favorite pet.

“Shhh… shhh… you are such a good girl… such a good girl.” Mistress kisses the top of Hazel’s head, caressing her face and head, as Hazel begins to come down from her intense climax. “Pet, come here.” She gestures toward Serene, beckoning her toward them on the bed. Serene crawls towards them, climbing up on the bed. Hazel lays in Mistress’ lap, as Mistress lightly caresses Serene’s ripe breasts, gently playing with the clamps. “Do you like having these on, Pet?”

Serene gasps softly as Mistress plays with the clamps. “Yes Mistress.”

“Mmm I know you did by the mess you made on the floor. That’s a good girl.” Mistress praises her as she slowly takes them off her new slave. Serene gasps, as her eyes roll back. Mistress lightly holds Serene’s right breast in cup of her hand, while rubbing her sensitive nipple. Serene bites her lip, chanting her mantra in her head. Mistress Katerina leans in, lightly licking Serene’s bright red nipple. Serene almost gushes from the touch but can only just control herself. “Do you feel how even more sensitive they are, Pet? How good it feels?”

“Yes Mistress,” Serene whispers, eyes locked with her owner.

“That’s my good girl.” Her hand reaching down to Serene’s hot wetness between her legs. Hazel’s eyes are closed, as she breathes deeply in her Mistress’ lap. Mistress rubs hot, firm circles around Serene’s little clit. “Do you wish to explore what Hazel experienced today?”

Serene lets out a small moan, and nods. “More than anything, Mistress. If it pleases you.” Serene pants harder, her body shaking from pleasure. “Mistress… May I…mmmmmm… May I cum?” She says between moans.

Mistress Katerina licks Serene’s right nipple. “You may, Pet.”

Serene lets out a sudden small gasp, her pussy throbbing as she cums. Mistress Katerina smiles, slowing her circles on her little pet’s clit. Then she gives her a hard smack on her cunt, just as she had done with Hazel’s clit with the crop. Serene yelps in barely no pain, only pleasure. Mistress Katerina smiles in approval, giving Serene a kiss on the lips.

“MMm good. Run along to lunch, sweet one. I am sure you’re hungry.” Mistress says.

Serene smiles softly. “Shall I take Hazel with me, Mistress?”

Mistress Katerina shakes her head. “No Pet. Hazel will stay with me for the time being. I will attend to her for the rest of the afternoon.” Mistress gives Hazel a soft kiss on her forehead. She looks at Serene. “What are you waiting for? Run along, Pet.”

Without another word, Serene quickly gets up, dressing quickly and leaves her owner’s chamber. Serene is completely aware of her sore nipples now. Her ripe tits bounce as she walks down the hall, and the sweet painful rubbing from her shirt against her tender nipples fills her with pride. She smiles to herself as she remembers her Mistress’ words of praise towards her, happy she was able to serve her well.

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