Seducing Jennifer Pt. 29

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Tommy and I were finishing our congealed plates of scrambled eggs and home fries when Jennifer and Mary Louise came out of the princess bedroom, holding hands and sneaking secretive glances at each other.

“Breakfast kind of got cold,” I apologized, rising from my chair to seat Jennifer. Tommy stood up and helped Mary Louise into a chair also, taking advantage of the situation to cop a feel as he did so. “I’ll just reheat some of this…unless you would like me to fry some fresh eggs?”

“No, no, this will be just fine,” Jennifer said, smiling at me. Her blue eyes were sparkling and I couldn’t help noticing that her small nipples were prominent under her tee-shirt. “And after…maybe a little study session.”

“Oh God,” I groaned. “Couldn’t we just…”

“It’s the weekend,” Tommy said. “Time to put up the books and get out the—”

“Oh, there’s no textbook for this subject,” Jennifer smiled. “At least not at our school. So we’re just going to have to improvise.” She looked over at Mary Louise who blushed and looked down at her lap.

“What subject is that?” Tommy asked suspiciously. “Gym? Or lunch?”

“You just never mind now,” Jennifer said, picking up her glass of juice. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Does this have anything to do with what you two were doing in the bedroom for so long?” I teased. Jennifer and Mary Louise both turned red.

“Oh…My…God…” Mary Louise moaned. “Please tell me you didn’t…”

“We didn’t mean to,” Tommy said. “But you were gone so long we got worried. And then there were these strange noises, so…”

“How much did you see?” Jennifer asked. “Because you might have gotten the wrong idea, you know?”

“Enough to get the right idea,” I said. “And enough to want to join in.”

“Oh, Tommy, please don’t hate me for this,” Mary Louise said shakily. “But if you’re disgusted and want to walk away I guess I understand.”

Tommy took her hand and placed it in his lap. “Does this feel disgusted to you?”

“Not hardly,” Mary Louise murmured, stifling a nervous giggle. “So you’re OK with it?”

“More than OK, Red. Feel free to do it whenever you like. But I would appreciate an invitation next time.”

“That’s fair, Mary Louise,” I said earnestly. “Jennifer and I made a rule that we don’t, uh, play with ourselves unless the other one is present. We want to share that experience with each other. And I would think that the same kind of rule would apply here. So any time the two of you want to…play girly games, we’ll be happy to just sit back and watch, if that’s what you want. Am I right, Tommy?”

“Amen, Chief.”

Mary Louise poked at her congealed eggs with a fork. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine…”

“I did,” Tommy said slyly, “But the real thing was better than the dream. At least that particular dream.”

When the girls were finished eating Tommy and I cleaned up the kitchen while they retreated to the dressing room for a teacher’s conference. When they came out we were sitting at opposite ends of the couch, waiting impatiently. They were wearing their bathing suits from the day before, and had mischievous looks on their pretty faces. Tommy and I started to get up off the couch, but Jennifer made shooing motions with her hands.

“Stay right where you are, guys! Well, actually, as long as you’re already UP, so to speak, you might as well take off your clothes. We’ve all seen it before, right?”

Tommy and I stripped ourselves with trembling hands, studiously looking in opposite directions to avoid watching the other undress. And the very hard cocks under our pants. Dumb, I know. But old habits die hard sometimes.

“Now, Mary Louise,” Jennifer began in a teacher voice, “when I want to really get Jack’s attention, I sit on his lap like this.” She crawled into my lap, her slender thighs astride mine. “So do it, Mary Louise. But don’t let him touch you! I’ll explain later.”

Red-faced Mary Louise awkwardly straddled Tommy’s muscular thighs, then snatched his wrists as he reached for her ample breasts.

“Good! Nothing frustrates them more than seeing what they want and not being able to grab it. Now, we kiss them like this.” She showered my forehead with pecks so feather-light as to be almost undetectable. I felt sweat starting to pop out at my hairline. “And still no touching…” she grabbed my wrist as I tried to stroke the curve of her hip. “And more kissing, all over, but no lips yet…and bursa escort then to the ear.” She licked around the ridges and whorls of my right ear delicately. “And just the tip of your tongue for a second…” I felt her wet, hot tongue swirl around my ear canal, then dart inside and wiggle a few times. I groaned and sweat began to trickle down my forehead.

“Do you like that, Tommy?” Mary Louise asked after thoroughly washing his left ear with her kitten-like tongue. “Does it make you want to do things to my chubby little virgin body? NO! No hands!” She wrestled his arms back to the couch before he could seize her about the waist.

“Damn it, Woman!” Tommy groaned. “You better put on a good funeral for me. Because I think I just died and went to heaven.”

Jennifer giggled. “Don’t go calling on Saint Peter just yet, Tommy. We’re just getting started here.” She went after my other ear. “And don’t forget, anything he has two of, like ears, or eyes…” she kissed my eyelids gently, “you have to give them equal time or one gets jealous.”

“Okay,” Mary Louise said, imitating Jennifer’s kissing floor-plan, “then what?”

“You can’t do this according to a formula,” Jennifer said severely. “Or they will get bored with it. So improvise, mix up the order, just follow your instincts, but remember: delay, delay, delay. And it’s best to keep up the hands-off policy as long as possible. They have ways of distracting us, you know. And they’re not afraid to use them.”

“Now about this time,” Jennifer said, “I can’t resist the lips any longer.” She brushed butterfly-kisses across my lips, then took my lower lip between her teeth and nibbled briefly before slipping her tongue into my mouth. Mary Louise imitated her while watching Jennifer out of one eye. “And here you have to be careful that you don’t lose your resolve and just let him take over. You’ll be flat on your back with your legs apart before you know what happened.” She kissed me deeply and thoroughly and we both began breathing heavily. “You’d like to throw me down and fuck me now, right in front of everybody, wouldn’t you Jacky? Well, it’s not going to happen. Not today, anyway.”

“Say it, Mary Louise,” Jennifer ordered. “You have to say it.”

“Do you want to…make love to me, Tommy?” Mary Louise whispered.

“No!” Jennifer snapped. “You have to say ‘fuck.’ Let him know how nasty you can be.”

“Do you want to fuck me, Tommy?” Mary Louise said faintly, her blazing face and red hair almost a perfect match in color. “Because I’m not going to let you.”

“Good,” Jennifer said. “And if he starts to get too wild, you can distract him like this.” She pinched my nipples sharply, and electrical shocks darted from my nipples to the head of my leaking prick. “Then we kiss until my panties get soaking wet…” After several delightful minutes Jennifer broke the kiss and leaned back. “And then I start working my way toward what I really want…” She began kissing down my jawline to my neck. I took advantage of the situation to hook the top of her swimsuit with a finger and pull it down to release her firm, young breasts. “Jack!” she scolded. “Hands off! Follow the rules or I will quit right now.” She started to adjust the top of her swim suit, hesitated, and reached behind her back to unsnap it. “But since you enjoy looking at them so much, maybe I’ll let you do that for a while. But NO TOUCHING!”

Mary Louise unbuttoned the neck-strap of her one-piece and pulled it down to expose her lush breasts. Her nipples were bright pink and fully erect. “Look, Tommy,” she said, “But keep your hands to yourself.” Tommy was quick, however, and had one nipple in his mouth before she finished speaking. Mary Louise moaned and arched her back, pushing her breast to Tommy’s face. “Don’t do that,” she said faintly, even as she cupped her other breast in her hand.

“Mary Louise!” Jennifer warned. “You’re losing control! Snap out of it!”

Mary Louise sat back and her wet nipple popped out of Tommy’s mouth. “Sorry, but I have to do as Teacher says,” she pouted. “But remember where you were and we’ll come back to it later.”

“Okay, then,” Jennifer continued. “Now his neck is very sensitive, like yours. So be nice to it. It’s OK to take a little bite and suck it, sometimes. I don’t think we have to worry about hickeys with these guys. But don’t make him look like a conger eel went after him either.” She nibbled and sucked at my neck, generating more electric currents bursa escort that went straight to my dick.

“And then down the shoulders, and when you get to the armpit, breathe deep. You’ve got him sweating now, and although it makes him nervous because he’s afraid you’ll be disgusted by the smell, go ahead and enjoy it. Just smelling his fresh sweat makes my pussy tingle…” She thrust her button nose into my armpit and inhaled deeply. “And of course the other side too…” She nuzzled at my other armpit, extended her tongue and lapped up a droplet that was sliding toward my waist. “Then we go across the chest, pausing at each nipple. Don’t suck too hard or it doesn’t feel good. It’s not the same as it is for a girl. But you can use a little teeth if he likes it.” My cock twitched and for a second I thought I was going to come. Jennifer giggled. “First time we did this, Jacky came in his pants. Didn’t you, Honey? You thought I didn’t notice, but I did.”

“Arggghhh,” I moaned. “That could happen again if you’re not careful. And I don’t even have any pants on.”

“Well you just go ahead and let go, Jacky,” Jennifer told me. “If you really want to. But I was kind of hoping you would wait a little while so you could come in my mouth.”

Mary Louise was nursing at one of Tommy’s black nipples, and he had his head thrown back against the couch, fists clenched at his sides.

“Now is a good time to let him know that you really are planning to suck his cock,” Jennifer said. “He’s been hoping, ever since you started, but he hasn’t been sure. So give him more than a hint. It will make the wait even more exciting for him. Go ahead, Mary Louise: tell him what you’re planning to do to him if he can behave long enough for you to get there.”

Mary Louise kept her gaze fixed on Tommy’s gloriously erect tool as she whispered, “I’m really going to suck your cock, Tommy. I can’t wait to taste it. And…I want you to come in my mouth this time. I wanted it last night too, but I was ashamed to tell you…”

“Get your sweet ass in that bedroom, Woman!” Tommy growled. “I can’t take any more of this!”

“Shut up, Tommy,” Jennifer broke in. “You’re not in charge here. Teacher will have to paddle you if you don’t behave.”

“Gawwwwwwd,” Tommy moaned. But he remained seated and kept his hands on the couch.

“Now he knows, or he’s pretty sure, that he’s going to get something special real soon,” Jennifer continued. “So again, you want to delay, delay, delay. So slide down slowly, between his knees, and kiss all the way down to his hips. Stay away from that thing poking out in the middle. We’ll get to that later.”

Jennifer continued her tortuous journey across my quivering abs, down my sides, and into the hollow of my hips. When she had settled onto her knees before me, she took my cock in her hand and examined it critically. “Ok, now he knows it’s really going to happen. But don’t rush into anything. Look it over and think about how it’s going to feel in your mouth. And how it felt the last time it was in your pussy. And how much you’d like to have it there now, but you want to do this all for him this time…”

Mary Louise had Tommy’s thick black shaft clutched in her dimpled hand, the contrast in their skin colors startling. She stroked it a few times, pulling the foreskin back to expose the glistening deep-purple crown.

“This is so much more fun when you can see what you’re doing,” Jennifer explained. “Of course it’s fun in the dark too, but I really like looking at it, and watching his face while I do it. So now I’m going to taste him ever so slightly.” She flicked the tip of my dick with her tongue. “Now you should see a little drop of something sweet here…” she delicately licked a droplet of pre-come off my cock, “and it tastes like what you will get a mouthful of later. Taste it now, so you’re not surprised.”

Mary Louise licked the head of Tommy’s cock as he watched, fascinated. “Mmmmm!” she said, savoring his essence. “I love it!”

“And you can squeeze out more of that too, if you want. But I really can’t wait any longer, so I’m going to—” She engulfed the head of my cock with her hot little mouth, and I fought back the urge to fill it with the hot come boiling in my balls. She backed off before I could erupt. “Now just watch closely, Mary Louise. This isn’t going to take long, and then I’ll lead you through it step by step.”

She took the head of my cock back bursa eskort into her mouth and slowly devoured as much of me as she could manage before I bumped against the back of her throat where she paused, swirled her tongue around me, and began pulling back while sucking gently. She kept one hand firmly clasped around the base of my rod and fondled my balls with the other. I lasted exactly three strokes before I was straining off the couch, my muscles as tense as piano wires. “I’m going to come, Sweetheart!” I gasped. “Please make me come now! I can’t wait—”

Jennifer swallowed more of my dick than she ever had before, and I felt the ring of her throat constrict as I spurted the first searing shot directly down her gullet. She backed off to let the next surges bathe her tongue, maintaining eye contact with me as I filled her mouth with my thick load. When it began to trickle out of the corners of her mouth she pulled off and let the last shot hit her on the chin. “So good,” she purred. She swallowed noisily and licked her lips, then scooped my last emission off her chin and smeared it on my lips. “Taste yourself, Jacky,” she said. “It’s soooo hot.” She watched as I licked the come off my lips, then finished stroking the last of my load out of my cock. She collected the sticky residue in her mouth and climbed back into my lap to kiss me. “Now kiss me and taste the come in my mouth, Jacky. You put that there. And you know how much I love it.”

“Okay then,” Jennifer sighed, allowing me to suckle her nipples without protest. “Your turn, Mary Louise. And with all this teasing, you better be prepared for a gusher. “Now you can start by telling him what you want to happen. You don’t have to let him come in your mouth unless you want him to. But if you think you do want to taste it, let him know so he doesn’t pull out and make a big mess. Sometimes that’s fun too, but if you don’t want to have to clean up and maybe wash your hair after, it’s best to swallow.”

“I’m going to suck your cock, Tommy,” Mary Louise said huskily. “And I really hope I can make you come. Because I want to taste it, and feel it spurt into my mouth.”

“Good. Now for the taste-test…”

My thundering heartbeat was finally slowing, and I watched Mary Louise with one eye while I mouthed Jennifer’s little breasts. She licked tentatively at the end of Tommy’s prick, tasting his pre-come. “Mmmm…” she said as she took his bulbous cock-head into her mouth.

“Polish it with your tongue,” Jennifer encouraged. “And keep those teeth pulled back! He likes the idea of fucking your mouth, but he wants it to feel like a pussy.”

“God in Heaven!” Tommy moaned, as Mary Louise began trying to swallow his massive cock.

“Not too much at first,” Jennifer instructed. “Make sure to keep one hand on his root or you might strangle. Hold his balls with your other hand. Gently! Never squeeze harder than you would squeeze a baby chick. Pull down on his sack. It tightens the skin on his cock and he’ll be able to feel what you’re doing better.”

Mary Louise was apparently following instructions to the letter, because Tommy was gasping for breath and pushing his hips toward her face. “He’s going to come now, Mary Louise! Take as much of it as you can, and don’t forget to swallow!”

With a bellow Tommy jetted his load into Mary Louise’s waiting mouth. Her eyes widened as she felt his hot spunk blast into her mouth, and she pulled back reflexively, coughed, and gasped, his syrupy come dripping from her swollen lips. Another hefty spurt landed in her hair, and the next splattered on her rosy cheek. “Get back on it, Mary Louise!” Jennifer urged. “Suck it all out, or you will be doing it again in about five minutes.”

Mary Louise opened her mouth just in time to take the next spurt onto her tongue. She got back on his cock and sucked noisily as he unloaded his balls into her eager mouth. She licked his slippery staff off thoroughly before climbing into his lap and kissing him. “You came in my mouth, Tommy. And I loved it.”

“You have come in your hair,” Tommy said wonderingly.

“Yes, I do, because you put it there, you naughty boy,” Mary Louise said. “Couldn’t wait for me to get my mouth open. Now I’m going to have to wash my hair. And redo my make-up.”

“Let me rest a few minutes and I’ll help you with that,” Jennifer said. “I need a shower too so we might as well conserve water.”

“I can help her with it,” Tommy offered, “as soon as I can move again.”

“No, you two just rest. Or shower in the guest bathroom. And then we’ll take a nap, OK?” Jennifer said, eyeing me mischievously. “Mary Louise and I will do a little review while we’re in the shower. And then we’ll be all nice and fresh for nap-time.”

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