Joan Takes Charge Ch. 14

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[This is a chapter in a series; it will make more sense if you read the earlier chapters first, but you need not do that to enjoy it. This story does involve both bodily excretory functions and some significant disciplining, so if any of that bothers you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]


Janet found that the week her 18-year-old son Ralph and she had spent with Andrea and the family with which she lived had helped Ralph to mature significantly. She had been afraid that her having sex with him would end any chance she had of disciplining him effectively once they returned home, but the opposite had occurred.

Ralph was no longer embarrassed about being spanked because he had seen it happening so often during the week away that he took it for granted as normal and also associated it with his initial sexual experiences with Andrea’s future sister-in-law Emily and with Janet herself.

All the women who had disciplined him, including Joan herself, were older than he was, so Ralph now associated sex with discipline and with older women. Janet decided that she needed to do something to bring him back to being interested in girls either his own age or younger.

She invited his sister Kay’s daughter Molly over. Molly was also 18 but seemed especially pretty for her age and seemed to have a real ability to exercise control over boys her age, who included Ralph. She was sitting in the kitchen conversing with Janet when Ralph came home from school.

“So, did you get into trouble looking up the teacher’s skirt today?” Molly asked Ralph in a rather sarcastic vein, knowing that in the past Ralph had been punished at school for this particular offense. Ralph’s face colored, because he didn’t like to be reminded of these past troubles which he had decided were part of his immature past. Now he had had sex with grown women, and he could assume the role of the experienced man.

Ralph was now unsure of how to respond to his cousin, whom he also noticed had become far more attractive since he had last seen her. She clearly sported a decent rack in front and had a cute little bottom. Yes, he would enjoy getting into her pants.

“Don’t think I’m going to let you into my pants the way you sweet-talked Aunt Janet here,” Molly blurted out. Janet’s face reddened and she told Molly that that remark had earned her a spanking. “You don’t come over here and speak rudely like that to me if you know what’s good for you,” Janet said briskly. “If I have to tell your mother about this, you know the whipping you would get.”

Molly knew Janet was right and she feared her mother’s wrath. She started to apologize, and Ralph watched in amazement as Janet told her to stand up and come beside her. As if in a trance, the diminutive blonde Molly rose from her seat and walked round to where her aunt Janet was sitting.

Janet did not hesitate to lift Molly’s cute little flared skirt as Ralph looked out with his mouth open. Then she put her thumbs in the waistband of Molly’s little white panties and rucked them right down.

“Aunt Janet, pleeeze…not in front of HIM,” Molly cried.

“It serves you right that Ralph gets to see your naughty pussy,” Janet cracked right back. She had learned how to scare girls like Molly from listening to Joan: “If you keep this up, that’s exactly where you’ll be whipped!”

Now Molly was truly frightened that her aunt might actually punish her between her legs. She pleaded, “Please, Aunt Janet, I’ll be good, I’ll be good. Don’t whip my coochie!”

Ralph chuckled at her pleading with his mother to let her off this time. He knew that Janet was unlikely to allow Molly to talk her way out of her punishment. He also was surprised to hear Molly call her lady parts her coochie. It sounded juvenile to him as it did to Janet who responded to Molly’s plea.

“I’d be a little more careful with the way you speak when your panties are down and your cunt is on display,” Janet lectured.

Molly apologized and said that her friends used the word coochie these days and then added, “My mum spanks me if I use that other word you used, Aunt Janet.”

“Well, that’s as may be, my dear,” Janet said rather summarily, “now it’s time for you to receive a good, old-fashioned spanking on your bare bottom.”

Molly decided she’d better keep quiet now as she had gotten herself into trouble with her previous comments. Ralph was both amazed and amused at the direction this get-together had taken. He realized that he had never seen Molly bared below the waist; it was worth the wait, he decided, as he noticed that she sported light hair above her pussy that matched her head’s blonde tresses.

Now Janet began to spank Molly on alternate cheeks and left red marks where her hand hit hard. She reached in her handbag for the little rod Andrea had given her and began to apply that to Molly’s bottom, eliciting anguished cries from Molly.

Finally, Janet completed the spanking and warned Molly that she had better Escort Pendik behave if she didn’t want her mother apprised of her behavior. Molly affected a very proper face and promised her aunt that she would not cause her any trouble. As a result of this encounter with Janet, Molly surprisingly welcomed Ralph’s invitation to join him upstairs in his room.

They went into his room and shut the door. Janet figured that Molly had been so disparaging of Ralph that there was nothing to fear in terms of the two engaging in the kind of late sex play that parents were so afraid of having happen.

Janet, of course, had sized things up incorrectly. Molly wanted to get it on with Ralph because she figured he had friends who would be good dates for her, even if Ralph showed little interest in socializing with girls in his classes. Molly smiled at Ralph and said she was sorry for being so unkind in criticizing him earlier in front of his mother.

“Oh, that’s ok,” Ralph said with a grin, “we get along all right these days.” He decided it would not be a good idea for Molly to get any sense that Janet had sexually initiated her son. “You probably go out a lot with the guys in your school,” he observed to her, and she smiled back and said she had been asked out a few times. Her mother was very strict in limiting her dating, though, she said.

“I tried not to stare, well, not too much, when mum was spanking you,” Ralph said, seeking to warm her up.

“It’s tough at my age for adults to pull my panties down and spank me, when everyone can see my privates now,” Molly complained.

“Well, at least she didn’t expose your chest,” Ralph commented and Molly’s face blushed. “You’re really attractive, cousin, so take it from me: if you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

Molly laughed but was pleased that Ralph seemed to think she was pretty.

“I do get asked out by nice-looking guys a lot,” she said. “I really have trouble deciding whether to go, though, because if girls don’t put out, the guys badmouth them.”

“You know, Mom left just now to go to a get-together at her friend’s and will be gone for a couple of hours,” Ralph noted. “We’re both 18 now so maybe you’d like to do a little you-show-me-yours?”

Molly giggled and said she figured Ralph had already seen her lady parts and she remembered seeing his when Janet had put him in diapers and changed him in front of Molly and her mum, Aunt Kay.

“Then we already have passed that point, Moll,” Ralph said calmly, not wanting to do anything that would make her not want to play.

But Molly was turned on, maybe by her sore bottom. She chuckled and unbuttoned her blouse and managed to remove it while unhooking her bra and showing Ralph her perky 34B tits.

Seeing that she wanted to be admired, Ralph carefully touched her boobs lightly and played with the nipples as they puffed up and rose higher and pointier.

“They’re really nice, Molly,” he said, “you should really be proud.”

Molly felt even warmer hearing him compliment her. After all, she had seen him in very embarrassing circumstances, when her aunt had put him in panties, and he had seen her with her panties pulled down and taken across both Janet’s and Kay’s laps for spankings.

Ralph took her hand and invited her to unzip his fly. She did that and proceeded to unbuckle his belt and watch his trousers fall. Then she put her fingers in the waistband of his Y-fronts and slowly pulled them down as his large cock popped out, already partly erect.

“Ooh,” she gushed, “he’s ready and willing, isn’t he?”

He nodded his agreement and welcomed her to take his penis in her hand. Then she surprised him by kneeling and wow, opening her mouth and moving it right onto his cock. He felt Molly’s tongue licking his cock and he felt he would cum long before he wanted to. But then he relaxed and let it happen and he was stupefied when she swallowed all of it!

“I really liked that,” she smiled up at him and he couldn’t have agreed more. He told her how wonderful that had been.

Molly sat back on the bed and pushed her little skirt up. Ralph was surprised yet again—she had no panties on. He saw her incredibly pretty tight little pussy grinning at him.

“So, will you do for me what I just did?” she asked with yet another smile.

Ralph knelt just as Molly had. He approached her split with his nose and his tongue. He found that her pussy was enticing in its look and yes, its smell. He couldn’t get enough of it as he used his tongue on her labia as they puffed up under his attention. Then he insinuated his tongue into her tight slit, into her vagina. He also dabbed at the tip of her fun button, her now erect clit, her little man in the boat, her cock equivalent.

She handed him a condom. He had never used one before. His two partners had obviously been on the pill.

“Is this your first time?” he asked incredulously.

“Sorry, buster,” she confided, “but this girl has had some fun and when she kisses or does other things, she doesn’t tell.”

He rolled it up his shaft and then as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs and held herself open, he slipped his covered cock into the small opening, guided by her fingers. Even with the condom on, he felt very warm and very good being inside her vagina. Now he began to move slowly in and out of her, increasing his thrust action and feeling her press her muscles on him.

Soon he felt he was reaching a second climax. Molly whispered in his ear that she was almost there. He reached down to tease her clit and he realized she was starting to go off, to explode deep inside so he let himself go, too. It was an incredible feeling and more amazing than when he had done it with Emily and then with Janet. Molly was his age and her mind, he thought, worked more like his. She must have fucked before, but he didn’t think she had done it all that often yet.

After they lay there in a stupor brought on by their sexual connecting, they held each other, and Ralph told Molly she was the best and he was sorry when he had teased her or even maligned her. She said something similar and said she realized she had acted immaturely. They both agreed that they would tell no one about this afternoon and they wanted to do it again under the right conditions of privacy.


Previously, Janet and Ralph had departed for home, both feeling good about their week-long visit courtesy of Andrea to the home where Joan was in charge of her siblings Jill, Ken, and Emily. Janet was both happy about the sex she had enjoyed with Ken and felt the punishments she received for that from both Andrea and Joan as well as Ken were worth it.

Ralph was 18 and had learned a lot about improving his behavior from acting bratty to becoming a real sex partner first for Emily and then his mother, Janet. Janet started to realize that she now had a new kind of problem with Ralph: he was sexually awakened.

She had received a “note home” from his high school English teacher, Miss Merrivale, who informed her that she had disciplined Ralph for constantly peeking up girls’ skirts. Miss Merrivale said she had kept Ralph after school and then taken down his trousers and found that he was wearing panties. She said in her note that when she asked him about this, he said that his mother sometimes punished him by putting him in panties.

Janet wrote back that night and had Ralph deliver her note to Miss Merrivale in a sealed pink envelope. She explained to Miss Merrivale that she had found that shaming Ralph had been productive in improving his behavior and that Miss Merrivale had her support in taking whatever actions she thought might further resolve this problem. She also described the week Ralph and she had spent at Andrea’s home.

Janet did not mention the sex she and Ralph both enjoyed but focused on how he was disciplined. She had telephoned Andrea to ask if she could invite Miss Merrivale to visit with her sometime soon and Andrea had welcomed her bringing the English teacher to come for the next weekend. Janet was pleased that Miss Merrivale had written back to accept the invitation and signed her note, “Affectionately, Catherine (Kitty) Merrivale”—which further encouraged Janet.

Janet then made sure that she had a good talking-to with her son. Ralph confessed that he did tend to look up skirts and Janet told him she would whip him if she received any more such reports. Ralph did not like to be caned or whipped on his bottom, mostly because of the pain but also because it was so demeaning when it made him cry when he felt he was grown up—at 18. He also resented being made to wear panties until Janet told him she would make sure everyone at school learned about his panty-wearing if he didn’t stop peeking under the girls’ skirts.

She then took him in her arms and cuddled and hugged with her son. She did love him and told him she really wanted him to avoid getting into trouble in an increasingly female-oriented world.

She was welcomed on her visit by Andrea who took extra pains to make Kitty Merrivale feel at home. No mention was made of Ralph’s sexual encounters at the house. At dinner, Andrea quickly introduced Kitty to Joan, Jill, Emily, and to Andrea’s fiancé, Ken. When they had adjourned for after-dinner drinks, Kitty quietly told Janet and Andrea that she did prefer relationships and relations with women.

Both smiled and told her that they were bi. They both took Kitty with them to Andrea’s rooms which she shared with her fiancé Ken. Ken, for his part, was spending this time, when the women had taken over his shared rooms, with his sister Joan, who was the head of the household. Joan had been designated in charge by her mother’s will and it meant she really did have total authority over everyone who lived or worked at the house.

She had continued her mother’s practice of having weekly family meetings at which those who misbehaved in her view were disciplined in front of the group. Soon she realized it made more sense for her not to have these meetings and instead to punish anyone who merited it by meeting separately with them. Although she was the youngest sibling, at 24, she was clearly the most powerful.

When Janet and Kitty reached Andrea’s rooms, Andrea had had a staff member bring a cold bottle of good champagne for them to celebrate Kitty’s visit. After the women had enjoyed some of it along with excellent hors d’oeuvres, they relaxed on the couch in the drawing room.

Janet told Kitty she was in her debt for taking on the challenge Janet felt she had been facing alone in trying to improve Ralph’s behavior. Kitty said she was pleased that her note to Janet had produced such immediate positive response. Andrea and Janet then described how Ralph had been recently disciplined during his stay at the house with Janet.

“I think he became even more fascinated with women,” Andrea suggested, and Kitty, who was in her early 30s, found herself entranced with the charming Andrea. She looked at her blonde hair and svelte figure with longing and Andrea responded by taking her in her arms and hugging her. This pleased Kitty and Andrea proceeded to let her hands caress the English teacher, who was only a few years older than she was; Janet felt fine and thought that this was Andrea’s opportunity to please Kitty first, since although Janet was quite attractive, she was already in her 50s and the mother of Kitty’s problem student.

Andrea then suggested that they all “get comfortable.” She began to unbutton her lovely beige blouse and unzipping and slipping off her tweed skirt. Janet followed suit by unzipping her dress and pulling it over her head. Both were now in bra and panties, as well as hose and shoes. They assisted Kitty Merrivale in removing her crisp white blouse and formal black skirt.

Now that they were all in their underwear, Andrea invited them into her bedroom. It was decorated in feminine style, even though it had been Ken’s room originally. His fiancée had redecorated it to her preferences, which ran to pink and purple, but restrained. Andrea said she always felt better when she had disrobed so she unhooked her stylish pale blue bralette and then slipped off her matching panties. Janet similarly removed her somewhat less stylish white cotton lingerie.

Kitty, for her part, was wearing a black bra and matching briefs. She smiled as Andrea lovingly unhooked and took off Kitty’s bra and then had her fingers in her panty waistband to slip them down and off. Kitty and Andrea were shaved, and both boasted pretty pudenda, with nice neat slits visible. Janet had a trimmed mons and somewhat thicker protruding labia but was not self-conscious about her less stylish look.

Andrea invited both to join her under the covers. She kissed Kitty on her lips and held her in her arms as she let her fingers caress the teacher’s pleasantly-sized breasts and move down to gently run her fingertips down Kitty’s labia, making the slightest push into her tight vagina and puckered anal opening.

Kitty was already turned on. She much preferred making love with women and being in bed with two whom she already admired made her feel warm and wanted. She had not been able to establish any real relationships because she was deathly afraid of any such liaisons becoming known at her school.

Janet joined in the duo by moving down between Kitty’s spread legs and starting to lavish oral attention on Kitty’s sex. Her tongue invaded Kitty’s tight labia to push into her already warming vagina. At the same time, she let her finger press into Kitty’s anus and gradually moved it past her anal ring. Kitty was now really turned on and started moving her bottom in rhythm with Janet’s tongue and finger motions in her orifices.

It wasn’t long before Kitty burst into a series of orgasms brought on by Janet’s activities between her legs and Andrea’s continued caressing of her now pointed and firm nipples. Kitty’s orgasming was major, as she had not been with anyone sexually in quite some time and she found her being loved here was far more exciting than her solitary life in her apartment with her dildo and other toys.

She was surprisingly exhausted when her orgasming wound down.

“Thank you so much for that, darlings,” she exuded to Andrea and Janet. She wanted to reciprocate and asked Janet if she could play with her anally. Janet grinned and said she loved attention “back there,” so Kitty found herself licking Janet who was lying on her stomach with her bottom raised so that Kitty could get under it. Janet was entranced by Kitty’s ability to stimulate Janet by tonguing her anus while using her fingers to softly rub Janet’s labia and clit.

Janet responded to Kitty’s ministrations and felt her excitement rising. She, like Andrea, was bi; both enjoyed having men inside them, too, but Janet felt she would make a real friend in Kitty that would redound to Ralph’s benefit. Andrea had gotten over Janet’s secret fucking sessions with Andrea’s fiancé, Ken, whom Andrea had disciplined mainly because he had not told her he was fucking Janet.

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