Sampling Some Italian Ch. 02-03 Redux

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Chapter 2

Thomas made sure to ram Claudia once again after he painted, and she did her best to take as much as his cum as possible this time around. He partly did it because he enjoyed her, but also partly because he didn’t want to rush home and catch Marilyn in flagrante delicto with her own lover. That was not a confrontation that he wished to expedite by any means. On the contrary, he preferred to delay it as much as possible.

Despite his best efforts, however, he still found them in bed together, which meant that he had to take note of it. He had even eaten supper with Claudia, as planned, but it didn’t prevent him from seeing them in the act. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought that Marilyn had deliberately prolonged the tryst to ensure that she was caught this time. Then again, she might just have gotten off on the risk.

Thomas cleared his throat, so that they would see him and not think that they were alone. Marilyn had the good grace to be embarrassed, of course. She was a lady of high station, after all. Jacob just coolly smoked a cigarette while waiting for an altercation to occur between his lover and her husband.

“Tom, I will not insult you by saying that it’s not what it looks like. You deserve that much, at least,” she finally spoke up, “I actually do care about you, more than I let on. In fact, while I started this as a marriage of convenience, to have someone to father my children and be a partner to improve both of our standings, I’m growing more attached to you, as strange as that may seem right now.”

“Is that a fact? And you, Jacob, my neighbor? What do you have to say to this? I take it that by now you know of my affair with your daughter, just as I have known about you and Marilyn thanks to her. She was my revenge affair, if you will. The subsequent ones have been just to enjoy the benefits of an open marriage, since it has been opened, not that I was a party to discussing it. By the way, Marilyn, if you had just come to me from the outset and proposed an open marriage, I would have gladly agreed to one. You didn’t have to lie and cheat, to go behind my back,” Thomas asserted.

“Yes, I knew. I didn’t confront you because, well, I had no moral high ground. I can’t very well go after my daughter for having consensual relationships, not even with a married man, in this day and age, and I certainly can’t go after that married man when his wife is my lover. By the way, Marilyn and I have been lovers since before my own wife, Theresa, passed away. This is a very long standing affair,” Jacob admitted with some awkwardness over his double adultery.

“I appreciate your honesty and your sense of fair play, not going after me over your daughter. She wanted it as much as I did, but it is over, unlike this. It was mutual. She has moved on and so have I. I wanted to hurt you and she wanted to hurt Marilyn. I think that she had….an incestuous crush on her own father and she has gotten over it, at least for now,” Thomas continued.

“In any case, I wish that I had come forward with you, but I didn’t know how you would feel about it. It has been only Jacob and you. In fact, that’s all it’s ever been. I’ve never slept with or had sex with any other men but you two. I’m not a round-heeled slut, I promise, and I’m sorry if I’ve been a hypocrite, but to be fair, I haven’t exactly questioned you about your comings and goings. I’ve suspected that you had affairs, and yes, I knew at least about Ruth.

“You weren’t very discreet about that, at least. I didn’t have to search hard for your motivations without that one, and yes, it kind of stung that you would want vengeance that much. But then again, you’re Scots-Irish, so that makes a degree of sense,” Marilyn said as she lit a cigarette, in the process letting the cover slip and expose her delightful breasts.

In spite of himself, Thomas still got a hard-on, seeing those wonderful tits of his wife’s, though the context was one that would ruin it for some men. He had just been very intimate with Claudia not long before this, and yet, here he was, stiff as could be over the sight of his wife’s bare bosom. Marilyn noticed his bulge and winked at him, licking her lips at the sight of the outline of her husband’s cock through his pants.

“Look, honey….I should have been candid with you from the beginning, but I was a coward, okay? I wanted both of you, though I wasn’t in love with you at first. I am falling in love with you now, for what it’s worth, and yes, I’m still in love with Jacob. I was such a coward, so afraid. I have no excuse. I really don’t. But if I could keep you…..and him, I would give anything else in my power to have that. It’s not about money. It never was. Why do you think that I angrily rejected the prenup? I saw a partner in you, a man who could share that part of my life, the part that my family wouldn’t let Jacob share, and yes, I was very into you. And…,” Marilyn trailed off.

“And there are limits to my sexual prowess, Escort bayan is what she’s trying to say. I could never satisfy her entirely on my own. At first, it was because I had a wife of my own, who wanted sex right up until the end, but later it was because of my declining health. I do my best, with the help of Viagra, but I have….only so much, Tom. May I still call you Tom?” Jacob finished his lover’s words.

“I suppose. We were friends for a long time before this. Not sure if we can be friends again, what with all of this, but perhaps we should try to restore that friendship. We share a woman. We’ve been sharing a woman, in fact. And now everything is out in the open. I’m not one of the ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ crowd, believing in retribution as I do, in justice and fair play, but I’ve taken my revenge. The moral balance sheet is now even, the score settled.

“I think that sometimes, people who refuse vengeance do so in the belief that being a martyr gives them some kind of moral superiority, and that they like more than vengeance. Not me. I don’t like passive aggressive bullshit. I hate playing a victim. I’d rather take my revenge, and so I have. It’s more satisfying and once it’s done, if the punished person has any measure of decency, perhaps there is a chance of repairing the relationship,” Thomas related to Jacob, who nodded.

“I can understand that. The rabbis don’t feel comfortable with talk of vengeance, yet it’s a common theme in the Tanakh, in the Torah. I’m a piss-poor excuse for a Jew, haven’t been to temple in ages, I’m definitely not kosher, I smoke like a chimney, and hell, I’m an adulterer to boot, but I do embrace some concepts from my faith, I guess.

“My daughter’s a better Jew than I am, of course, at least in terms of observing the high holy days, going to temple, etc. She’s not kosher, either, and she has slept with a married man, at least in your case. But she’s a lot better Jew than I am, yes. But she also gets the revenge thing, honestly, it would seem. My wife was a lot better than both of us, I think, but that’s my cross to bear, if you’ll pardon my borrowing of Christian terminology,” Jacob acknowledged Thomas’s points.

“Hey, I’m a rotten Christian, too. A horrible one. I’m bisexual, it seems, judging from my recent behavior, and I’ve fucked more than few of the nude models that I’ve used. I’m having an affair with one as we speak, in fact. I sometimes even sodomize my assistant… male assistant, who’s gay and evidently in love with me, or at least has a crush on me. I don’t even believe in half of the stuff that the minister preaches in his sermons these days. Seems that we’re all living in glass houses these days. Truce?” Thomas offered a handshake, but Jacob held off for a second.

“Truce, I agree, but I don’t know if you’d want to shake THAT hand. It’s been up your wife’s ass, one of my ways of satisfying her without getting it up all the time. She’s a little kinkier lately than she used to be, mostly to help me stretch my ability to gratify her. We’ve….had to be creative to deal with that problem. Sometimes, I still have trouble, even with the Viagra, as I said. I definitely don’t have other women, not these days with such trouble pleasing your wife. I was a lothario back in my day, but my days are….fading,” Jacob said as he washed his hand, and then shook Thomas’s.

“I see…, a truce all around, I should hope. One between you and me, Marilyn?” Thomas offered his wife, bringing real relief to her face.

“So….no divorce, then? Open marriage? And Jacob, if you ever want another woman, I’m not going to keep up the hypocrisy and deny you her affections. Just keep satisfying me the best you can and I will be….very understanding about your indiscretions. In fact, you should remarry. That would be the best solution. I can’t marry you, Jacob. I missed my chance for that. But you should remarry. A woman who understands your needs and your limitations, that is.

“Besides, it was even more enjoyable bedding you back when you were a married man, not that you’re less than satisfying even now. The taboo added to the fun. Trust me, babe. What I enjoy most about our affair is your sweetness, your affection toward me, your pampering, though that definitely includes the sex. Maybe you could marry Tom’s mistress, if she’s agreeable to that. It’s a thought, anyway. You’re a widower, after all. That’s no barrier in most religions and to most people in general,” Marilyn encouraged the two men in her life.

“But would it be fair to you, with my limitations and all?” Jacob worried.

“Oh, don’t be silly, dear. A young woman going into such a marriage, especially a young, nude model, is going to be enough of a woman of the world to know your upsides and downsides. It wouldn’t be a love match, at least not at first, but you could have a woman to warm your bed when I’m not around, she would have a sweet, loving hubby to dote on her when her lover’s not around, Bayan escort and everyone wins. If that’s not an issue to Tom, that is. You’d both be putting horns on each other, so the horns cancel each other out. It’s just an idea. Not sure if it would work, but it’s a thought,” Marilyn asked, “anyway, no divorce, then? Open marriage?”

“Agreed. As to marriage between Claudia and Jacob, let’s play that one by ear. Hard to say how it would go, but it’s something to take under advisement. Maybe they’d hit it off, maybe not. But open marriage and open relationships all around. I know that Claudia’s not the sort to be tied down to one man, and I can respect that about her. She’s been forthright with me about her overall attitude about sex and love and all that jazz. She’s certainly never asked me to leave you, that much is clear,” Thomas conceded, his boner very stiff as he walked toward his wife.

“You want some of this, don’t you, dear? You want a buttered bun! Sloppy seconds? You want to fuck your freshly fucked, adulterous wife, while her paramour is lying right next to her, in the marriage bed?” Marilyn teased Thomas, not to humiliate him, but to encourage his lust.

“Bareback, too, since he’s not been with other women. We can hazard that. Threesome, babe? What do you guys say?” Thomas said as he kissed and made out with Marilyn and she grew very wet at that thought.

“Oh, God, yes! Please….both of you…..take me and use me!” Marilyn pleaded with both men, neither of which could refuse her overtures.

Thomas had been in a threesome earlier that day, of course, with John and Claudia, but this was one that included his own wife and her paramour. Before too long, he was inside her pussy, pushing past any squicks over the other man’s cum on his dick from her twat to fuck her while she sucked her lover’s cock. He knew the significance, of course. By fucking her in the same bed where she had screwed another man, he tacitly condoned her adultery. He didn’t care. He had Claudia and John on the side. His ego was not as frail as it used to be. He wasn’t going to give up his lovers and neither was Marilyn going to give up the man that she loved so much for so many years.

Pretty soon, in fact, Marilyn was sandwiched between the two men, their cocks alternating in fucking her, Jacob showing a surprising recovery now. Marilyn now rode Jacob while Thomas lubed up her ass and found it already quite prepared by Jacob’s hand, as he indicated before. Far from resisting her husband’s invasion of her bottom, Marilyn pushed back at him with enthusiasm. Getting Thomas’s dick from behind, pounding her butt, while Jacob used her twat with his typical passion, Marilyn was in her own personal Paradise. She didn’t know if this would ever happen again, but while her first DP happened, she was going to (quite literally here) milk it for all that she could get from it.

Thomas was shocked at how just excited he really was by this action, but he didn’t care for too long. He put it behind him and realized that it really was very erotic, very sensual, to butt-fuck his own wife at last while she mounted another man and took him balls deep in her pussy. So, Marilyn was a little wilder than any of the three of them first thought….that was a good thing, right? They crossed a boundary now, had made their peace with each other now, even between Jacob and him. There was no attraction toward each other, but they had a mutual interest in Marilyn and that was good enough for both of them right then and there.

“Oh…..fuck me!” Marilyn shouted, even as she curled her toes and turned her pale skin very dark pink.

Jacob came quickly after that, unable to resist her hip movements and the warm wetness of her twat, after which Thomas spilled his own load in her ass. Wow, they all thought, but for reasons of their own. Marilyn kissed Jacob tenderly on the lips, and then gave him a great amount of tongue to top it off. Then she turned her head and gave Thomas a heated French kiss as well. After that, she knelt and took both men’s dicks into her mouth in turns, eager to taste herself from both holes on both men. She had fantasized about moments like this, but never dared to believe that she would get to do it for real.

“So…..late night snack? Maybe some wine to celebrate our new…..arrangement? Tom, may Jacob spend the night with us, tonight at least? I don’t want to send him back to his own house in the cold night and all, not at his age. By the way, did you notice that I cleaned out my ass first? Not a hint of anything dirty on it, trust me. I wouldn’t have sucked it if it had been dirty and all that. And I gave my ass to Tom, my anal cherry, since Jacob got my other one years ago. That was my plan of late, to give up the booty to my husband, let him have a cherry of mine,” Marilyn pleaded with Tom.

“So, you are a slut, but you’re OUR slut, then,” Jacob surmised.

“Yes, your slut and Tom’s. Both of you guys. I belong to both of you. Any Escort sex act that you two wish, gang-bangs, whatever, I’ll be a round-heeled slut if you wish. I’m willing to try out Tom’s mistress, too, if he’d ever like a threesome of that sort. He’s tried the ‘devil’s threesome’ now, after all. Same for you, dear Jacob. If you ever get married and want me to go down on the wife, I’m right there. I adore both of you men and I’ll never forget this night…..even if it never happens again. I will never forget this night. You let me live out a serious fantasy that I won’t forget…..ever,” Marilyn urged her two men.

“I’m game for a snack. I’ve used up quite a few calories, between you and Claudia, not to mention John Colmes. I love the way that you think, dear wife. You surprised me, but in a good way this time, not a bad way as before. I surprised myself, just going for a threesome with you and Jacob like that. I never thought that I’d be able to get along well enough with Jacob to do that. It’s time to bury the hatchet, though, and so I have done that, and I hope that he has, too. Some wine sounds nice as well,” Thomas admitted while cupping his wife’s breasts.

“You always did like my tits, didn’t you? Hey, care to call Claudia over tonight? I would love to meet your mistress. Trust me on that. Maybe, just maybe, we can keep the magic going, too,” Marilyn winked at her husband, even as she encouraged him to fondle her boobs.

“Sure, why don’t I? Maybe I should call John, too, if that’s okay. He’s basically my boyfriend now, to be fair to him. He’s made his commitment to me clear to deserve some kind of reward for his loyalty,” Thomas proposed while dialing Claudia’s phone number on his cell.

“Thomas! Oh, God, I wondered when I would hear from you again! I hoped that it would be soon, because that would mean that you miss me already and that’s very flattering that you have!” Claudia answered with her strong Italian accent.

“Yes, babe, I definitely thought of you…..and well, my wife wants to meet you. And her boyfriend wants to meet you, too. I think that we’re….working on some changes to our marriage, and it seems that you’re likely to benefit from them,” Thomas urged his girlfriend.

“Oh, nice! Very adult! Very sophisticated! Very European, really, if you think of it. So, tell me the address and I’ll be there in a hurry. I would love to meet your wife and talk her to death about you, brag on you mostly. But, sweet lover, shouldn’t you invite John, too? He’s your boyfriend now, isn’t he?” Claudia made sure that John wasn’t left out, impressed as she was by his fierce devotion to Thomas.

‘That he is, babe. That he is. Yes, I’m going to do just that. It should be very interesting to see all of us meet. Oh, and there’s going to be snacks and wine, just so that you know. I think that you might want to bring a toothbrush, if you catch my drift. Maybe some nightclothes as well,” Thomas encouraged his mistress.

“Toothbrush, si, but no nightclothes. I sleep in the nude. This could be a nice little orgy, couldn’t it?” Claudia asked him, already wet at the thought of that.

“That it could, my love. That it could,” Thomas told her, getting a kiss over the phone as an answer before she hung up.

A text right afterward told Thomas just how much Claudia wanted him, too, as she sent several heart emojis and a few cuddly bears. When he called John, there was a similar reaction, only in the form of repeated assurances that John would do whatever he asked. John promised again and yet again to do WHATEVER Thomas asked of him, no matter what. He stipulated that repeatedly, explicitly consistently, and emphatically even.

“Good, then you’ll hang up and come over in a rush, okay? Just don’t break any speed limits, but go as quickly as you safely can,” Thomas insisted.

“Yes, boss man! I’m on my way!” John reminded him of their inappropriate workplace relationship, but what else was new.

There were no heart emojis from John, but the tone of his voice was submissive and devoted enough to make his point for him. The guy would move Heaven and Earth to please Thomas. That was exactly the sort of lover that Thomas couldn’t stand to lose. Claudia and Marilyn were rapidly turning into those kinds of lovers, too, but John always had been, and that was a pretty sweet deal for Thomas.

Chapter 3

“So, Claudia, a model, eh? A nude model, no less. My husband knows how to do nudes very well, doesn’t he?” Marilyn engaged her husband’s mistress in light and friendly conversation to break the ice over wine, cheese, crackers, and summer sausage.

“Si, signora. Your husband is a very gifted man. And John here is very helpful, too. What do you do for a living, Jacob?” Claudia made sure to address her lover’s wife’s paramour.

“I’m retired, but I used to be a federal judge. Never got above the district court level, but didn’t care too much. The real backbone of the judiciary is the district court, at least for the federal side of things. Mandatory minimums sucked ass, though. I didn’t want to hand out half of the absurdly draconian sentences to scared kids, but that was my job, so I did what I could to limit the harm.

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