Newfound Love Ch. 05

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Octavia rose steadily, wondering if she was ready for whatever Marcus had to give her. The look in his eyes told her that he would give her more than she bargained for and she couldn’t wait to experience it.

Marcus rested his hands on her hips and guided Octavia back towards the door. He leaned in once again and pressed a kiss to her lips before traveling downward. Octavia sighed as Marcus nipped at her neck, his tongue caressing the dip in her collarbone before moving on. She loved the way he made her feel. She sucked in a breath as Marcus’ lips teased her nipple. She felt as if he was trying to memorize her body with his tongue. Every bump and ridge of her nipple was subject to his probing and when he finished with one, he moved onto the other, gripping it between his lips as his tongue moved swiftly, repeatedly across it.

Octavia’s hands tightened in the long strands of Marcus’ hair. She couldn’t decide if she should press him closer to her breast or if she should pull him away, the sensations he was creating were becoming too much, but at the same time, it was not enough.

He left her nipples, his mouth covering the ground between it and her belly button. With a quick mischievous mile, Marcus dipped his tongue into her navel and followed up blowing a raspberry on the side of Octavia’s belly. Octavia giggled and squirmed away from his mouth.

Marcus unzipped her jeans and quickly rid her of them. A quick pause and a slow breath were all that stood between him and revealing the thing that he had been fantasizing about since he first laid eyes on Octavia. Marcus chuckled to himself, he never thought he would be in this position, but he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. He was going to enjoy this gift.

With a finger on each side, Marcus pulled down her green lacy panties with all the reverence he could muster at the moment. He watched as her pussy, wet and glistening, was uncovered. He let go of a breath that he had held since the moment his finger hooked into the waistband of Octavia’s panties. She was beautiful, laid bare before him, as if she was inviting him to come and play in her treasures.

For a moment, he was speechless. He let her underwear drop to the floor and when his eyes met hers, he knew exactly what to say.

“Octavia, may I?”

Marcus almost laughed out loud. It wasn’t really his nature to ask before taking, but Octavia made him want to make their sexual encounter about her and her pleasure, not just about him and what he wanted. He wanted to analyze the feeling more, to compare it to how he felt about his ex-wife when he was making love to her, but he didn’t want to cheapen his experience with Octavia. He would focus on her now, making sure to give her enough pleasure to keep her coming back. There would be plenty of time in the future to think about how she surpassed his ex-wife in every way.

“Please, Marcus. I need you,” Octavia answered, her chest heaving. Her breathing became heavier the closer Marcus came to her pussy. Octaiva found herself hoping that he would bury his face in there. She was afraid that she would die of anticipation if he didn’t do it sometime soon.

Marcus took another moment to gaze upon her folds, taking in the way that they glistened with Octavia’s nectar. He enjoyed the shades of color that were present. From the brown that matched her skin tone to the deep red of her clit, it seemed like a visual paradise to him and he couldn’t wait to make an oral exploration of his own personal Shangri-la.

Octavia could feel his breath caressing her clit. She wanted to grab his head and grind it into her dripping wet cunt, but she waited for him to make his move, because he had waited for her. She made a mental note to thank her sister for convincing her to come over to Marcus’ room to talk, although talking didn’t seem to be high on either of their list of priorities right then.

Octavia was jolted out of her thoughts as Marcus’ tongue made contact with her pussy. Manavgat Escort ‘Oh my gosh, did my knees just buckle? Thank goodness I’m propped up against this door. I’d hate to be in a puddle on Marcus’ floor,’ Octavia thought before turning her attention back to what was going on between her legs.

Marcus was busy trying to taste every inch of her. His tongue probed and his teeth gently nipped as he tried to find the most sensitive spots. He wanted to know how to leave his princess quaking, he wanted to find ways to reduce her to nothing more than a quivering mass in his arms and he would, through exploring her and gaging her reactions. He felt a swelling of male pride when Octavia let loose a long moan before burying her hands in his hair and pressing him into her pussy. Marcus found himself loving the fact that she was so responsive and that she wasn’t afraid to be vocal. He had worried that she might be inhibited in the bedroom, but he was finding that she was everything that he wanted and more.

“That’s it, baby, show me where you want it,” Marcus growled before burying his head between her thighs once more.

Octavia guided him with the clumps of hair that she held until he touched the spot that made her want to jump. She pulled him closer before crying out, “Right there, Marcus. Please. Right there.”

Marcus obliged her, homing in on the area with his tongue until he felt her climbing closer to her climax and eased off. He wanted hear her beg some more. It was time for him to move to her hole, tracing it before plunging in. Octavia literally squealed as he tongue fucked her.

Octavia couldn’t manage to be embarrassed by the noises that she was making. It was hard enough just trying to stand upright, let alone control the words and sounds coming out of her mouth. She wriggled in his grasp, trying to get away and trying to fuck his face at the same time. “Marcus, please…”

What was she even begging for? Octavia didn’t know, but she hoped Marcus did. “Please. Please…I need…I don’t know. I don’t know,” were the words that she could make out before she lapsed into intelligible utterances that made no kind of sense.

Marcus pulled away from her and looked up. Octavia’s head was thrown back against the door, her eyes closed tight, and her bottom lip being chewed on. It was one of the most beautiful things he had seen in a long time, but he needed more. She was close, but now he wanted to see how she looked as she came apart in his arms.

He slid a finger inside of her and pulled it out slowly, adding another on the return trip into Octavia’s body. The speed of his fingers quickens and Octavia’s eyes snapped open, but they are unfocused, glazed over with a pleasure-induced haze. Marcus chuckled and lowers his mouth back onto her clit. He sucked, licked, and nibbled her clit until he heard her high-pitched scream and felt her pussy pulsating against his fingers. His mouth moved quickly to lap up the cream that dripped from her center.

After taking his fill and licking his fingers clean, Marcus watched as Octavia slowly came back to earth.

“I don’t think I can move,” Octavia panted, still trying to catch her breath.

“That’s fine. I’m about to do all the moving for you,” Marcus stated matter-of-factly as he stood.

Octavia lifted a brow before wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “And where are you moving me to?”

“Who said we were going anywhere?”

Octavia gasped as Marcus spun her around, pressing her up against his hotel room door. Marcus briefly wondered if he should move her to the bed, but decided that their next coupling would be slow and romantic. Right now, he needed to be inside her, hard and fast. But, then his conscience chimed in and asked him what Octavia wanted. If she wanted his hard cock in her, he would continue, but he would at least give her the option to slow down.

Marcus paused and rested his forehead against Octavia’s back. “Are you sure about this?”

Octavia took a deep breath. She closed her eyes briefly and when she opened them again, she responded, “Yes. I want you…inside Escort Manavgat of me. Please, move for me.”

Marcus chuckled and aimed his aching dick at the entrance to her hot tunnel. He pressed forward, feeling Octavia’s pussy opening for him, and knew then that he was hooked. His cock was soon sheathed in tight warmth and he fought for control.

“Mmm, princess you feel so good around my cock. Now let me show you what it means to move on this cock.”

Marcus began thrusting, slowly building up speed as he felt Octavia pressing back towards him. Each thrust was accentuated by the sound of skin slapping, moans and screams. Octavia’s mewls of pleasure grew in volume as he sped up. He could feel her pulsating against his cock, a sign that she had cum for him. He could feel the increased wetness that helped him hammer home, his cock continuing to hit Octavia’s spot.

He watched as her fingers scrambled to find purchase against the door. He couldn’t get enough of Octavia writhing so sweetly on his cock. But, he could feel his end nearing and he wanted to see her face as she came apart for him once again.

Marcus pulled out, drawing a disappointed groan from Octavia. Turning her around, he lifted her up and pressed her back against the door. Octavia once again put her arms around his neck and pulled herself close.

Octavia couldn’t believe how amazing the sex between them was. She knew that Marcus would be good, she just hadn’t thought that it would feel that great. She didn’t know that she could even produce the sounds that he drew from her lips. She moaned and let her head drop to his shoulder as he slid into her again. It felt as if he was stretching her to the limit, she had never felt as full.

Marcus sped up. He could feel her hips moving to meet his and it only spurred him on closer to the finish. When he felt her bite down on his shoulder, squealing as another orgasm took her, he lost it. He meant to pull out before he came, but his seed flew up into Octavia, pulse after pulse coating her insides.


Octavia opened her eyes and took in the room that had been witness to the most amazing time of her life. She luxuriated in the feel of Marcus’ arms wrapped around her, the way his body pressed against hers and gave her a sense of security and safety. They had moved to the bed soon after their first coupling and the fun had continued from there. She couldn’t remember feeling so content, though certain parts were complaining from overuse.

Marcus had been a demanding lover, but he assured her that he would only do the things that she wanted him to do. Marcus had tapped into a part of her that she didn’t know existed. She found herself willing to do pretty much everything he had suggested and it wasn’t just because she wanted to please him. Oh, she wanted to please him, no doubt. But, there was something else that drove her as well. She found the things that he suggested turned her on, despite the fact that she had never thought about them in regards to herself.

After making slow love to her on the bed, Marcus had mentioned taking her after tying her hands to various surfaces, like the bed or the desk that stood against the wall, and Octavia felt wetness flood her pussy. She had eagerly agreed, giving herself to him in the most intimate of ways. He took her on as many surfaces of the room as he could manage and she couldn’t seem to care. Marcus only had to look at her and she felt the urge to spread her legs or bend over and offer herself to him. Apparently, she was a closet nympho and Marcus was bringing her out into the light of day.

She had only been with one other man and it had been more fumbling than anything. Her first was a man named Joseph Duvall. Octavia and Joseph had dated for a while before she agreed to sleep with him. Though he was very sweet and made sure that she wasn’t in too much pain after he breached her hymen, the experience of sex with him wasn’t what she thought it would be. It was, for lack of a better description, just ok. She was his first as well, and though they slept together a few more times, it hadn’t gotten Manavgat Escort bayan any better and they had begun to grow apart. They parted amicably after realizing that they made better friends than lovers. That was around the time that Octavia decided to focus on school and not on boys. Joseph had graduated the year before she did, and she hadn’t really bothered to keep in contact with him. She often found herself wondering what he was doing and she wished him well.

Octavia giggled to herself. If Joe had taken her like Marcus had, she probably wouldn’t have given up men, but then again, she might not have been in the position she was when she got to the conference and then she wouldn’t have ended up in any of the positions that Marcus had fucked her in. He was a thorough lover and she couldn’t imagine wanting to be with anyone else at that moment. He had opened himself up to her and she wanted to be with him, to help him heal the hurts that were left by his ex-wife.

But, it remained to be seen if she was even going to be able to be in his life after this day. Octavia sighed and waited for Marcus to wake up. They needed to talk.

Marcus opened his eyes and found himself starting at a smooth brown shoulder and hair that was softly draped across the pillow he shared with the woman that he had spent a better part of the night getting to know, in more ways than one. He couldn’t help the smile that curled his lips. Octavia may have been inexperienced, but she was very willing to try anything he had proposed. She was a great lover, responsive, willing and delicious.

Marcus planted a soft kiss on her shoulder and hugged her closer to his body. He hated the fact that he was going to have to let her go later that day. He wanted the chance to explore the bond he felt with his princess.

“Octavia, are you awake?”

Octavia turned her head in order to look at him. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to look at him just yet. “Mmm-hmm. I’m up.”

Marcus chuckled, thinking about what else was up, now that he was aware of just how much of Octavia was pressed up against him. “What time are you scheduled to leave?”

He could feel Octavia’s body slump as she thought about leaving. It was obvious that she was feeling the same way he was.

“My flight leaves at 5:30, but I’ll have to be at the airport around 3:30.”

Marcus noted the defeated tone of her voice. “My plane doesn’t leave until 8, but I don’t mind going to the airport and sitting with you until your plane leaves.”

Octavia nodded. “What about after my plane leaves, Marcus? What then?”

Marcus squeezed her in his arms, trying to reassure her. “What happens then is I’ll spend the next two and a half hours thinking about you. I’ll board my plane and as soon as I’m home, I’ll go to work to check my schedule. As soon as I can manage some vacation time, I’ll be on my way to you.”

Marcus took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles. He watched as she repositioned herself so that she could face him.

“You mean it? You want to see me again?” Octavia fought a smile.

“Of course I want to see you again, princess. I have never been as randy as I am with you. There’s something about you that makes me get hard over and over again. You also know how to make me laugh and you listen. You have yet to judge me, though I’m sure many others would have by now. You’re something special and I’d have to be crazy to let you go…and I’ll have you know I’m not crazy. I would know, since I am a certified psychiatrist.”

Octavia gave him a wry smile. “Oh yeah? And here I thought that being nuts was a requirement for being a psychiatrist. Don’t you need to be crazy so you recognize when people are about to nut up?”

Marcus chuckled. “I work with the people who have already…nutted up. I can get by without being crazy myself.”

Octavia let a giggle escape. She couldn’t help but feel happy at the prospect of staying in Marcus’ life. ‘And,’ she thought with a smile, ‘if things work out…well, the possibilities are endless.’

Octavia glanced at the clock. It was almost noon. There were only a few more hours before she would have to part ways with Marcus, but she had hope that things would continue to progress between them. It might not go exactly the way she wanted it to, but she was willing to take what she could get from the man that had given her more than she had ever dreamed of.

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