Nancy Meets Monte

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Looking in the mirror of the ladies washroom at the airport, I fix my hair and make-up, I was glad I decided to wear my hair up in a pony tail, it made me look cuter, I wore my black mini skirt a white blouse with smart lace surrounding my breasts, I wore white pantyhose and my 3 inch black heels, I turned back and forth in the mirror, thinking to myself, its been 4 years since I met Monte on-line. He knew I was a crossdresser on hormones and here I was ready to board the plane to see him.

I hear the final call for my plane and I hurry out, trying to run to my gate in my heels. I see all the guys watching me as my tits jiggle under my blouse. I made it to the gate and show my pass, as the Stewart looks me up and down, undressing me with his eyes. I reach over and took my pass and just smile as I rush to the plane. Looking down the isle, I see how crowded it is, I make my way down and notice my seat is in the middle of two huge handsome men.

I reach up to put my bag in the compartment above, I am having trouble when the guy next to the isle stands up and helps me. I thank him and smile as I move by him and sit down in my seat. I feel so tiny between these guys, I’m sure they are footballs players or should be anyways.They introduce themselves, the guy at the isle seat is Andy and the one at the window is Dave. I tell them my name and again thank Andy for helping with my bag, he says he always likes to help a pretty lady in distress,,,I giggle a little as I lean back against my chair, waiting for the plane to take off.

As we began to move down the runway, I began to get nervous, Dave and Andy both laugh and told me if I needed to I could hold their hands as we took off. Not being the brave sort, I reach down and held their hands, we finally made it in the air, I felt so relieved. I unbuckle my seatbelt and started to relax. I picked up a magazine and was thumbing through it. as I was reading the mag,,my eyes drifted down to Dave’s lap, he was hung,,,I turned my head towards Andy, he was just smiling at me,

“You like what you see there sweetheart?”

I blushed and stammered a bit, he then leaned over and whispered to me,

“I am bigger, you want to see?”

I smiled and only nodded yes,

Andy looked for the Stewart,” Could we please have a blanket? the little lady is a little chilly”

I just smiled as the Stewart opened a compartment and handed Andy the blanket…He spread the blanket over are laps and told me to unzip him, I leaned into him a little as I slipped my hand under the blanket to his zipper. I slowly pulled down his zipper and reached inside his pants. I couldn’t believe the thickness and length of his cock, I circled my fingers around his shaft and started to stroke him. He just laid back and let out a little sigh as I jerked his cock.I could feel him getting harder and bigger. I moved my other hand under the blanket and slid them to his balls; I rubbed them as I stroked him. Andy let out a small moan and told me he was going to cum, I covered the head of his cock while I continued to slide my fingers up and down his shaft. I felt his cum shoot into my hand; I sort of cupped it so I could catch most of it. I couldn’t believe how much he was pumping in my hand. After he shot his last load, I slowly moved my hand away from his cock…I lifted the blanket a little and looked at his cum in my hand,, he must of came a small glass full,, he looked at me, told me not to waste it,, I was still holding on his cock as I lifted my hand to my mouth,, I first dipped my tongue to get a taste,, I felt his cock twitch. I looked at him once more and licked my whole palm, swallowing all of his cum, I licked my lips and smiled and told Andy thank-you very much. He just smiled. As we came in for a landing, I was getting nervous; I knew Monte was going to meet me.

Walking out of the plane and to the lobby, I looked around nervously, “Nancy?” I turned and looked, there was Monte, holding a small boutique of roses,

“Monte?”…I sort of rushed to him and put my arms around him and hugged him so tight…”Oh Monte”, I had tears in my eyes, I kissed him on the lips, he put his arms around me and gave me a strong hug,,

“Hi Lamb”,” How was your flight?”…

It was wonderful Monte, but I’m glad I’m here now, I said…

“Well my car is outside, lets go”, we walked holding hands out of the airport. Walking up to his car, Monte opened the door for me, I said thank-you as I slid in. shutting the door, Monte walked to the drivers side and got in behind the wheel,,,he just looked at me for a few seconds,,

“Your so pretty Nancy”,,,I smile as he turned the key…”I have a nice motel room for you Nancy, just down the street from where I live, I wish I could take you home but you know how it is”,,

That is fine Monte, that’s more than I need, I’m just glad you and I are together finally…

We pull up to a nice motel,” Here we are Nancy”, I looked around, the place was very nice,

Thank-you Monte, you’re so kind to me.

We çanakkale escort got out of the car and walked to the door and Monte opened it up…

“After you Nancy”,

I walked in,,,there were flowers all over the room,,pink,yellow,white,red,,carnations,roses..I turn to Monte, tears coming to my eyes again,

“Monte,,,you shouldn’t have, I mean,,,this must of cost you lots of money…Monte walked to me and held me in his arms,,,I looked up at him, he leaned down and kissed me softly on my lips, looking at me,,,

“Its ok Lamb, this is your special holiday”…

I held him tight and kissed him again,,,this time I let my tongue linger along his lips till his came out to meet mine,,,I took his tongue in my mouth and sucked on it like a little cock as his hands fell to my sides ,to my ass,,he squeeze my cheeks as he pulled me in tighter to him, I felt his cock pressing against my tummy,,,as I was kissing him I let my hands fall to his belt and I unbuckled it, unsnapping his pants, letting them slide to the floor, I knelt down ,,I kissed his cock through his briefs,,,I heard Monte moan a little as he ran his fingers through my hair,,,I pulled his briefs down and as I did his beautiful cock sprang up and slapped me lightly in the nose,,,I giggled and took hold of his cock in my hand,,,I kissed the tip ,,I notice there was a little dew forming on the head so I licked it off before putting his cock in my mouth,

Looking up at him, I moaned and purred as I took him deep in my mouth,,,I felt so wonderful knowing I had Monte’s cock in my mouth,,,I wiggled my tongue along his shaft as I moved my head back and forth on his cock,,,I popped his cock out of my mouth and held it tight against his stomach with my hand as I slid my tongue down his shaft to his balls. kissing and licking his balls, my fingers toyed with the head of his cock,,, I stuck my tongue out and lifted his balls,,, bouncing them softly on my tongue, I sucked each one in my mouth before I let my tongue slide up his shaft, licking one side then the other, I popped his cock back in my mouth,,, I started to suck him faster and faster,,, I held onto his cock at the base, letting my fingers lightly jerk him as I sucked his cock..My eyes were still looking up at Monte, his eyes were half shut, and his breathing was a faster. I felt him clutch my ponytail in his hand and clench it tight,,, His first shot hit the back of my throat,,, I coughed a little as another shot with the same force, Monte pulled my head tight against his stomach, his cock buried deep I my mouth as he unloaded his cum in my mouth,,,, I moaned and gasped as I Monte ground his cock in my mouth, I swallowed everything Monte gave me. I felt his grip on my head relax, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and licked the entire length, watching it respond to my wet tongue, Monte opened his eyes and smiled down at me,

“That was wonderful Nancy”….I stood up, I gave Monte a hug…

“Well Nancy, I guess I leave you to get unpacked and relax a little and take a shower, I will drop by later about 8:00, is that ok?”….

That would be fine Monte…thank-you…

I watched Monte leave in his car, waving good-bye; I closed the curtains and started to take my clothes off. I walked to the bathroom and got into the shower, it felt so wonderful, I shaved my legs and touched up the heart shape patch of hair around my boyclit.I used a fragrant body wash over my body, I was so soft and smooth as I got out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my hair and wrapped one around my body as I walked out to the bed and proceeded to paint my toe and finger nails. I wanted to look especially nice for Monte tonight. I got up and sat at the vanity and took the towel of my hair, I took out my curling iron and started to work on my hair. I chose to have my hair sit on top of my head except for a few long curls hanging down each side of my face. I put my make-up on, taking extra care on my eyes and lips witch I wanted to look fuller

Looking in the mirror, I knew Monte would be pleased. I stood up and went to my suitcase. I lifted out my dress I wanted to wear. It was a beautiful darkish green satin strapless dress. I hung it up and pulled out my panties, garter and nylons. I put them on and slipped the dress over me. Standing in front of the mirror, I smoothed out my dress, turning this way and that, I was pleased with what I saw and hope Monte loved it as well. It seem forever for 8:00 to come around, I heard Monte’s car pull up, I opened the door as he walked up.

“Nancy?…..You look beautiful…”…

Thank-you Monte I said, I was hoping you would like it, he ran his hand along my dress to my ass,

“Satin…mmmmmm….nice touch Nancy”, I just smiled…”well…let’s get going Nancy, I have reservations at a restaurant at 10, I figure we would stop for a drink before we eat”…

That would be fine Monte, I took his hand as he walked me out to his car, again he opened the door for me,,, I felt like a girl on her first date, I slid in his car and scooted to the middle of the seat …when Monte got in, I sat tightly next to him as he put his arm around my shoulder, caressing them as he drove. I placed my hand on his lap and just lightly ran my fingernail along his bulge as we drove. I felt it twitch a couple of times but I just kept it there.

It seemed like we drove for a long time, the area he was driving was sort of run down but I just figured we were taking a short cut when Monte pull into a driveway. I looked at the lounge we were going into, it didn’t look to bad, but I think I was a little overdressed.

“Get out here Nancy and go in, I’m going to park the car and will be right in”…

I gave Monte a quick kiss on the cheek and got out of the car, pulling down my dress hem a little, I walked to the door, I looked at Monte and he sort of nodded to go a head and go in, I smiled and walked in…It took a while for my eyes to adjust; I just stood there trying to focus,

“Well are you going to just stand there or are you coming in for a drink lady?”…I looked over from where the voice was and stared to walk in further,

“Well ,,,well,,,well,,,,,look what we have here”. The voice said again,

I started to see in the room,,,I looked around and just saw about 12 guys some shooting pool ,,some watching t.v,some staring at me, the place smelled of stale beer and smoke. I walked to a table and sat down, crossing my legs, waiting and hoping for Monte to come in the lounge…

“What will you have lady?” I looked up and saw some old black guy that looked disgusting,,

“Oh,,, um…I’m just waiting for someone to come in, he should be here in a minute, then we will order.”…

All the guys laughed out loud…”Well missy,,,I don’t think your friend is coming, he just called and said he had to go home for a emergency and will be back later”..

My mouth fell open,,,I couldn’t believe Monte would do this to me….I stood up,,”Well could you phone me a cab then please, I want to go back to my motel,,,I will wait there..

All of a sudden 3 guys walked up to me,” Your not going anywhere sissy”, the largest of them all said to me..

My thought scrabbled in my mind,,,how did they know I wasn’t really a girl, they walked around me, one reached and flicked my curl running at the side of my face,,,”My aren’t you a pretty sissy faggot…..

Please, I tried to push by them to leave but 2 of them grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me,,,The big guy walked up to me and reached out and pulled the top of my dress down,,,my tits bounce free as he wet his finger and traced my nipples. My nipples became hard,

“Look at the little sissy; I think she is enjoying this”.

I struggled to get free,,,,A hard slap shocked me and made me stand still,,,I looked at the big guy,,,

“Now, your going to be are little toy for the next few hours aren’t you slut?”….

I didn’t know what to say, I just stood there, my arms held tight behind me and my dress bunched around my waist…Another hard slap across the face, I felt my cheek stinging,,,

“I want you to ask for it bitch”…Between sobbing,,, I looked towards the floor,

“I want it”….I felt him grab my hair tight in his fist,,, he pulled my head back,,, I thought my hair was being pulled out,

“Look at me whore when you talk to me and say sir!”…..

My lips quivered a little as I said” I want it sir”…

“You want what slut?”….

I blushed, I want it sir, he brought his face close to mine, I smelt beer and cigs on his breath,

“What is it you exactly want sissy?”…

I knew what he wanted me to say, I felt the two twisting my arms a little more,

“I want to be your toy tonight sir”….he released my hair,,,, and smiled,,,

“Ok slut, how about you do a little sucking and I will see if you’re deserving of any more”…..

The 2 guys let go of my arms,,, I slowly went to my knees,

“Hurry up slut,,, we don’t have all night” he said as he opened his pants and out flopped a cock about 7 inches soft,,,

I reached up and lifted his cock,,,it felt so heavy in my hand,,,I just ran my palm under it watching it grow to about 10inches,,

“Go a head bitch,,, suck my cock”,,,,

I moved my head forward and licked the tip of his cock,, it pulse a bit as my tongue circle around the rim of his cock head,,,, the others started to walk over as I took a couple of inches in my mouth,,, I tighten my lips around his cock and started to move my head up and down,, taking a little more of his cock in my mouth each time,

“That’s it slut,,, suck my cock”,,,,

I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth,,, he looked down at me gleaming,

“You suck pretty good bitch,,, I can see you do this often”,

I blushed as I kept sucking him,,,I could taste him leaking in my mouth,,,,I flatten my tongue against the bottom of his cock as it slid back and forth in my mouth,,,he reached down and pulled on my head which made me fall forward a bit, I was now on my knees and hands ,,I felt someone get behind me and lift my dress over my ass,,,I couldn’t see who it was, but he ran his cock up and down the crack of my ass,,,I felt his wetness smear my cheeks, he opened my ass cheeks a little and nestled his cock at my hole,,,,I couldn’t help but to push back against his cock,,

“Look!!…the whore wants me to fuck her ass!!”

I felt him push into me with one thrust,,,I was already lube up so he popped in me with no problem, he just held his cock deep in me,,,moving his hips, I felt his cock deep in my belly,,

SLAP SLAP SLAP,,, was all I felt on my ass as the guy started to yell at me,

“Fuck me bitch!!!,,, I’m not going to do it!!!”

He slapped my ass once again as I started to move my ass back and forth, the cock felt so good in my ass that I moaned over the cock in my mouth,,,

“She’s really getting off on this guys”,

I rotated my hips and was grinding on the guys cock,,,I was sucking the big cock in my mouth, I was such a slut,,

“Come on guys,,, I’ll be done in a minute “, the guys said that was in my ass,

, I wiggled my ass and pushed back and forth on his cock,,,, he placed both hands on my ass cheeks and squeezed really hard as he shot his hot cum deep in my ass,,, I moaned over the cock as it erupted in my mouth,,, I swallowed as much as I could but there was so much it dripped down my chin,,

“Next!!!” was all I heard,

Another cock was put in my mouth, and another guy stuck his cock in my ass,,,some guys were cheering me on, I looked at them all and they were all stroking their cocks,,,watching me…After the 3rd. guy came in my ass ,,I was told to stand up,,,they pull me up by my nipples,

I was lead to the middle of the room where there was a blanket, they told me to kneel down and then they handed me a large goblet,

“Hold it up to your chin pig”…I held the glass under my chin,

One guy walked up and wrote cum on my fore head and slut under my bottom lip on my chin, I so embarrassed.

I seen the old black guy filming me as I knelt there, the guys started to gather around me ,,jerking their cocks,,,I had 10 cocks, inches away from my face,,,all of a sudden one guy came a little closer and shot his cum right on my nose, it dripped down slowly into the glass, another shot his cum and it went in my hair, and dripped down, more and more the guys would come up and drop their load on my face,,,I had it covering my eyes ,,my mascara was running and make-up smeared from the cum,,I felt so humiliated as they all were laughing and pointing at me,,,

The old black guy just kept walking around me filming. My face was completely cover from cum and my glass was 3/4 full,

“Ok slut …drink it up, you do that and we have a treat for you, then you will be able to go”,

I was so relived knowing that I would be able to leave that I took the glass to my lips and tilted it up and drank it down,,, I felt it slide to my tummy,,,, they told be to wash the glass out with my tongue,,, I licked all around the rim, gathering all of it…I handed the big guy the glass and started to get up..

“Where are you going?”…I looked up at him; you said I could go sir….

“I told you we have a treat for you slut!”……I just looked at him,

In walked the biggest black man I seen, he was at least 6, 8 and 240 lbs, his cock hung down like a black snake, he stood there looking at me, he motioned for me to come to him, I crawled over to where he was standing, he had his hands on his hips, looking down at me, he grabbed me by the hair and moved his black cock all over my face,

“Kiss it bitch”, His eyes widen as he stared down at me.

I kissed his cock, I slid both of my hands around his cock as I put the big head in my mouth, I sucked on the end, my tongue wrapped around his cock,, he started to fuck my mouth, the sides of my mouth were splitting as he jammed his cock deep in my mouth.,, his grip on my head was so strong that I could only sit there as he used my mouth,..Some of the guys brought over a chair, the black guy jammed his cock once more deep in my mouth and then pushed me away,

I was gasping for air as he sat down ,,some of the guys lifted me up to my feet,,,,they turned me around with my back to him, I felt him put his big hands on my waist and pull me down to his lap, he placed his legs between mine and spread them apart, all the guys were watching as he lifted me up a little and put me over his big black cock,,I felt the head at my asshole,,he pushed and pulled me down, I groaned as it slid in me, stretching my ass wide, he pulled me back so that I was laying against him, his hands reached up and pulled on my nipples. he opened his legs wide, splaying me in front of everyone, my hands fell to my side as he started to fuck my ass,, I never felt anything like that before, I felt like a ragged doll as he piston his cock in and out of me,,, his hands were squeezing and pulling my tits,, pinching my nipples, my little clit was hard and bouncing up and down,, the guys were pointing at me,,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32