Cee Cee Ch. 6

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Cee Cee and I got home at about midnight. I carried her into the house and put her in my son’s bed. It had been a wonderful night at the drive in…

* * * * *

We all slept in the next morning. Coming downstairs around noon I found my son busy icing down a few cases of beer out by the pool in preparation for Cee Cee’s 20th birthday party. “You look busy,” I said sipping a much-needed cup of coffee. “When do your friends get here?”

Jerry looked up at me; “Larry, Michelle and Lynn should be here any time. They’re driving up from school. I told the locals to be here by 3.” He then went back to work, ignoring me. Taking the hint I went back inside, got another cup of coffee and made myself something to eat. About 30 minutes later I heard a car pull into the drive and muffled voices coming from the backyard.

A few minutes later my son and his friends burst thru the door. I recognized Larry as he had been to the house a few times, but I had never met the girls. Larry spotted me and said hello then introduced the girls. Michelle was close to 6′ tall, a redhead with a quick smile. Lynn was a brunette about a foot shorter than Michelle. Both were nice looking girls, both were on the thin side with small tits and both were wearing thong bikinis.

Jerry went to the refrigerator and pulled out a small box that held about a half dozen water filled balloons. “Everybody grab a couple,” se said “Time to wake up Cee Cee for her birthday party.” They grabbed the water balloons and headed up stairs. I followed, not wanting to miss the fun. As we got to my son’s room Jerry held his fingers to his lips, opened the door slowly and poked his head inside. He then waved us all in. The kids surrounded Jerry’s old waterbed. I assumed the lump under the covers was Cee Cee. “On three,” Jerry whispered as he grabbed the covers and prepared to pull them off the bed.

“One….. Two….. THREE!” Jerry yanked the covers away and 6 very cold water-balloons hit Cee Cee almost simultaneously. She rocketed out of the bed screaming at the top of her lungs. No one seemed to care that she was completely naked, they were all laughing their heads off. As soon as Cee Cee figured out what balıkesir escort hit her, she changed from screams to a torrent of cuss words that would make any Marine Corps gunny proud.

“What the hell is going on!” Cee Cee sputtered as she stared at Jerry who was now on the floor laughing. “Are you fucking nuts?” she screamed. Then looking around she saw the rest of us and started to settle down, although she made no effort to cover herself. “Happy birthday Cee.” Jerry finally got out between giggles. We all broke into an off key cores of happy birthday. By the time we were done Cee Cee had settled down and was laughing with the rest of us.

“That was a nasty trick and I’ll get even with all of you!” she said as she hugged Jerry and gave him a lingering kiss. I was next to get a hug and a long kiss during which our tongues played tag with each other. Larry was next, then Lynn and Michelle. I noticed that we all got the same passionate kiss, which started me wondering if Cee Cee was as passionate with her girlfriends as she was with her boyfriends. Cee Cee was by now out of bed laughing and talking with her friends. Jerry suggested they all head toward the pool. I headed for my den to try to get some work done.

I had been working steadily for a couple hours and needed a break. Standing and stretch I headed for the kitchen to get a beer. Crossing the living room I looked thru the picture window toward the pool and stopped dead in my tracks. From where I stood all I could see were arms and legs, as the kids appeared to be a single mass. Cee Cee as the ‘guest of honor’ was being fucked from behind by my son while she sucked on Larry’s cock. Lynn had her head between Cee Cee’s legs apparently alternating between licking Jerry’s cock and Cee Cee’s cunt. Michelle had her mouth buried in Lynn’s cunt while Larry had his fingers sawing away at her hot cunt.

It was an amazing sight. My dick turned into a solid mass of flesh. I don’t consciously remember walking out to the pool. The next thing I knew I as standing behind Michelle with my dick in my hand. Larry looked up at me, smiled and pulled his fingers from her cunt. I immediately tried to balikesirmetroturizm.com shove my cock as deep into that hot box as I could. About half of my cock disappeared into Michelle’s cunt but it was so incredibly tight I had to stop.

Michelle let out a moan as she lifted her head from between Lynn’s legs and looked over her shoulder to see me pumping into her. She smiled and dropped her head back to Lynn’s streaming cunt. I continued to pump into her incredibly tight cunt. After only a few strokes I was ready to cum but was startled when I felt a hand grab my cock as it pulled from Michelle. Looking down I saw that Cee Cee had grabbed my cock. Pulling her mouth off Larry’s cock she looked at me and said ” Don’t forget I’m the birthday girl here, that first load is my present.” Turning toward her I shoved my cock down Cee Cee’s throat and blasted a huge load of cum down her throat.

Larry opened his eyes, “Welcome to the party pop. Cee was wondering when you were finally going to get out here.” I didn’t know what to say, smiling at him I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled an apology. About that time Cee Cee pulled her mouth off my cock and immediately shoved Larry’s dick down her throat.

Lynn looked down at the redhead bobbing into her private parts and said, “Michelle, is he everything Cee Cee said he would be?” “Mmmmmm, and more – he’s got the fattest dick I’ve ever felt” said the redhead as she sat up and reached for my now semi erect cock. This seemed to be the queue for everyone to change position.

Looking at Michelle’s cunt I noted that she was a natural redhead and decided I needed to see what a redhead tasted like. As I lowered my head to her overflowing cunt my cock slipped from her grasp. My tongue slid along her outer lips then wormed their way up until I captured her clit between my teeth and began to suck and gently bite her love button. At the same time I felt hands pushing me onto my back and a body sliding over my quickly inflating cock. I stopped for a second to see Lynn settle down onto my cock. Michelle had turned around to face Lynn and once they were facing each other they immediately began to passionately kiss as their hands massaged each other’s tits. I returned to Michelle’s streaming pussy and again began as assault on her cunt. Having just cum I was really enjoying the fucking Lynn was giving me when suddenly Michelle’s legs clamped down on my head and her wet pussy shoved down onto my face. For a second I was afraid I would suffocate but within a few seconds Michelle fell over onto her side gripped in the delights of an orgasm.

I was now able to concentrate on Lynn. Grabbing her waste I started shoving my cock up to meet her downward thrusts. Her cute little tits bounced as we came together. Within a few minutes she too was gasping as an orgasm hit her.

With both girls temporarily out of commission I looked over in Cee Cee’s direction. Larry was on his back with Cee Cee above him, his cock buried to the balls in her pussy. Jerry was on his knees behind her with his cock shoved deep into her ass. Both guys were fucking away like there was no tomorrow. Cee Cee had her eyes closed and was slowly shaking her head from side to side as she enjoyed the intense pleasure.

I rolled over and on wobbly knees positioned myself in front of her. Grabbing Cee Cee by the hair, I lifted her face toward my hard cock. She opened her eyes and seeing my cock in front of her immediately took it into her mouth. The three of us fucked her for the next ten minutes before my son let out a low moan and announced that he was cumming. Larry and I followed suit, filling Cee Cee with our hot sperm.

Exhausted we all lay on the grass. After some time Jerry looked at the clock on the outside of the pool house and announced, “OK guys, into the pool. Suzanne, Patty, Mike and Pete will be getting here in about half an hour.” Slowly everyone got up and slipped into the pool. The water was invigorating and after swimming a few laps I felt a lot better. I got of the pool and began looking for my clothes but noticed that no one else was doing the same.

“Jerry, do I need to bother getting dressed?” I quizzed my son. “Hell no pop, you’d just have to take them off again.” He smiled back at me. This took me a second to comprehend and then with a shrug I grabbed a beer out of the ice chest and sat down in one of the lounge chairs to wait for the rest of the party to show up.

Sitting there I wondered if I would make it thru the summer. Oh well, I mused, at least I’ll die with a smile on my face…

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