My Sister’s Wedding

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Turning into the drive leading to Granby Hall, I could not fail to be impressed by the magnificent, wrought-iron gates that separated the opulence of the Hall in its landscaped gardens, from the outside world. The sign on the drive proclaimed Granby Hall to be the premier venue for wedding receptions. I drove slowly along the winding drive, obeying the 10mph speed restriction. This allowed me time to take in the herd of deer in the parkland and my first sight of Granby Hall on the rising ground beyond.

Granby Hall had, at one time had been the home of Lord and Lady Granby. In the First World War it became a convalescent home for wounded soldiers and after the war the building became a maternity home. In recent times it was purchased by developers and transformed into a luxury hotel and wedding venue.

My sister, Tasmin, was getting married and she had chosen the venue for the wedding to her fiancé, Maxwell. As Tasmin’s brother I had been booked into one of the premier rooms in the hotel. I was quite glad that Maxwell was footing the bill because Granby Hall was way out of my budget. I should explain that money is no object to Maxwell. He has made millions dealing in bonds on the stock exchange. Call me a cynic if you like, but I can’t help thinking that it is Maxwell’s millions that led Tasmin to fall for him. They are like chalk and cheese. Tasmin has always had a wicked sense of humour. We have shared many laughs together over the years. Maxwell is a dour soul who hardly ever smiles and jokes are wasted on him. Tasmin has a very open personality, sharing her thoughts and feelings with her friends, while Maxwell is secretive and gives nothing away.

Tasmin and I have always been very close. At 23 years old she is my senior by almost eighteen months. Our ages were close enough to allow us to be good friends and confidantes as we grew up. In the absence of other siblings, Tasmin and I shared all our thoughts and adventures with each other. When we were old enough to embark on sexual activity, my experiences were clumsy and relatively infrequent. On the other hand, Tasmin was more confident and sure-footed, engaging in numerous trysts. I am not sure when Tasmin lost her virginity but I knew that she enjoyed heavy petting sessions with eager young men.

When I began my first carnal fumblings, Tasmin was always ready to offer advice, drawing on her own experiences.

“Jack,” she would enquire, “did you manage to get past first base with that girl, what’s her name?”

“Penny. Her name is Penny, short for Penelope, Tasmin. I managed to feel her tits under her bra. I tried to have a feel up her skirt, but she stopped me before my hand reached her knickers.”

Tasmin would shake her head sadly. “So, you still haven’t managed to finger her cunt. You must be doing something wrong. I know for a fact that most of the lads in the village have had their hands down her pants.”

“What about you, Tasmin? How’s your new boyfriend shaping up?”

“Oh, Peter’s lovely. He hasn’t shagged me yet. I know he’s desperate to get his cock inside me and, to be honest I am ready for a good seeing to. But I want to spin it out a bit yet. It is fun getting him so worked up. I have him eating out of my hand. Trouble is, Jack, he has no staying power. He gets so excited he spunks up nearly as soon as I touch his prick. I need to slow him down a bit, otherwise when he does fuck me, he will cum too quickly. What they call premature ejaculation.

“So, Jack my lad, when Alanya Suriyeli Escort you finally get your cock inside Penny, make sure that she gets off before you do. Nothing pisses a girl off more than premature ejaculation.”

As you will gather from the forgoing conversation, which was fairly typical, my sister and I pulled no punches and were always totally frank and unashamed in our exchanges. I found our sex talk informative and exciting. I think Tamsin enjoyed the secret intimacy of our chats too. But, and I must emphasise this point, there was never, ever any sexual activity between us. We both talked about our sexual escapades with others but never thought to experiment with each other. The taboo of incest was a powerful deterrent to even thinking of such a thing.

On the other hand, if I’m totally truthful, I did spy on my sister on several occasions when the opportunity arose. I recall breathlessly peeping through a crack in a carelessly closed bathroom or bedroom door. My sister would often curl up on the sofa, headphones on, oblivious to the world and unaware that her skirt had rode up, revealing an expanse of thigh, or even panties. But none of these harmless activities led to anything serious.

As I booked in at Reception, I spotted Tasmin chatting animatedly with a group of her girlfriends. I gave her a wave and she waved back as the receptionist handed me my key.

“Catch you later,” I mouthed as I made my way to the lift.

What on earth was Tasmin thinking of getting hitched to a prat like Maxwell? OK, he is a millionaire, but I still think Tasmin is too good for him. Tasmin was awarded a good degree in economics at The University of Warwick and got an internship at JP Morgan, where Maxwell traded bonds. Tasmin was excited by the white-hot atmosphere of the trading floor and a romance soon began to blossom.

I hung my suit up to prevent it getting creased before the big day and unpacked my other things before getting a shower. I had only just got dried and made myself decent before there was a knock on my door. I opened it to my sister, Tasmin.

“Welcome Bro,” she greeted and flung her arms around me. We embraced and Tasmin sat herself down in the chair while I sat on the edge of the bed. After we had exchanged greetings, I remarked “Your big day tomorrow, Sis.”

Tasmin smiled. “Right on Bro!”

“It’s not too late to change your mind, Tasmin.”

The smile left my sister’s face. I heeded the warning signal that I was treading on dangerous ground and quickly changed tack.

“How did the Hen Party go?” Tasmin had sensibly had her hen party the day prior to the eve of the wedding to allow time for everyone to recover before the wedding day.

The smile returned. “It was terrific. A real laugh from start to finish. There was some totally outrageous and rude behaviour from normally sensible and respectable young ladies. It is amazing the sort of stuff women get up to at those parties.”

I had a feeling that Tasmin was about to recount an interesting story.

“Such as?”

Tasmin thought for a moment. “Do you remember Melanie Henderson? She lived with her mum and dad in Beechnut Avenue.”

I searched through my memory. “Wasn’t she that very quiet, shy girl who wouldn’t say boo to a goose?”

“That’s the one, Jack. Well she came right of her shell at the party and surprised us all.”

My interest was piqued. “So, what happened?”

“Well there was a male Alanya Türbanlı Escort stripper. Of courses there was. He was cavorting round in a tiny thong that barely concealed the family jewels. At some point the thong came off. To tell the truth, I’m not sure whether he took it off himself or whether one of the girls ripped it off. Whatever, suddenly he was prancing around with his cock swinging free. The girls tittered and laughed. A few even grabbed at his exposed penis and the stripper pretended to be shocked at the girls’ actions, but it was all part of his act. Then he picked up an aerosol can of cream and sprayed a glob of whipped cream on his knob. He presented his tasty treat to each of the girls as he pranced around the room, but there were no takers until…”

“Don’t tell me..”

“Yes, Jack. You’ve guessed. Melanie took his cream covered cock into her mouth. The big shock was that it was Melanie who took the bait.”

“Wow! Who would have thought it? Melanie Henderson sucking the stripper’s cock!”

“Yes, and after Melanie finally gave up the treat, everyone else wanted to suck the cock, which was now as stiff as a poker.”

“Did you suck it, Tamsin?”

Tasmin blushed. “No, Jack. I didn’t. Too risky for all sorts of reasons, but mainly I would be too worried about the story leaking out. You see, Maxwell loves me and he is kind and generous, but he has one fault. He is very possessive and jealous. He would go crazy if he suspected I was playing away.

“It made me realise that I will never be able to experience the feeling of being penetrated by another man’s cock. That is unless…”

I felt my sister’s penetrating gaze bore into me.

“That is unless I could be sure that my lover could never, ever betray me by telling anyone about our liaisons.” My sister continued to stare at me.

“You don’t mean…”. I stammered. “No, it wouldn’t be right. I couldn’t.” I protested.

“Think about it Jack. We’ve always been close, shared secrets that we would never discuss with anyone else and I know you have spied on me. I know incest is not allowed for very good reason, but this would be a one-off. I am using the pill so there is no risk and most importantly, we have both good reason to be discreet.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you, Tasmin?”

“Never more so. I want you to fuck me, Jack.”

I swallowed hard and I could feel my heart thumping. I was scared at the thought, but my penis, devoid of morals and scruples, told another story as it strained for release.

“OK, Sis,” I heard myself saying.

My sister began to remove her clothes and after a few moments hesitation I followed her example. Soon we were both naked. My eyes were drawn to the neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair that surmounted her pussy, leaving her labia smooth and bare.

“Do you like it, Jack? I had it trimmed professionally for the wedding. Maxwell is OK about eating me out, but he hates getting hair in his mouth and I like to keep some hair down there.”

I remembered the time when I accidentally burst in on Tasmin in the shower. The luxuriant tangle of unruly pubic hair had lingered in my memory.

“It’s very pretty, Tasmin,” I acknowledged.

It was time for action, not talk. I moved toward Tasmin until our bodies touched and entwined. I felt Tasmin’s sharp intake of breath as she felt my hard shaft press against her. We kissed as we fell back onto the bed. It was quite different to our Alanya Ucuz Escort customary brother-sister kiss.

Strangely, I was nervous that my love-making might not please my sister. Over the years she had given me advice on how to please my various lovers. I knew I would hate it if Tasmin was to think that I had not heeded her advice.

As we lay there on the bed, kissing open mouthed, our hands explored each other. I gently caressed her breasts as she enclosed my cock in her hand. Tasmin sucked in her breath when my fingers began to explore the area between her legs. She opened her thighs to allow me to feel her pussy. I ran my fingers around the outside until she thrust her hips forward, pushing herself onto my fingers. The inside of her slit was deliciously moist.

By this time my mouth was on her breasts, sucking on her nipples and I was feeling her with two fingers.

I pushed Tasmin onto her back and moved so that my head was between her spread thighs. I knew from the conversations we had had over the years, that my sister liked oral sex. Her carefully trimmed cunt looked lovely. The point of the triangle of pubic hair was just an inch or so above her clitoris, leaving the area around her slit bald. I worked my tongue all around the outside of her vagina, at first avoiding the tempting slit and her clitoris. Then, sensing the right moment, I ran my tongue along the full length of her slit, starting near her bum and finishing at her clit. Tasmin moaned softly.

I repeated the action and was soon rewarded by her lips opening like the petals of a beautiful flower, revealing the pink folds insides. My tongue immediately took advantage of the opening and tasted the nectar. Tasmin had grabbed my hair, pulling my face into her opening.

Then my tongue found Tasmin’s clitoris and she came noisily and hard, leaving my face wet with her girl cum.

“I want Mr Pinkus,” demanded Tasmin. I couldn’t help but smile as my sister resurrected her old nickname for my penis. I have no idea where she got it from and it was years since I had heard it. As Tasmin took it into her mouth I was happy for her to call it Mr Pinkus, or any other silly name she chose.

It was gorgeous feeing Tasmin suck my cock. She was good. Very good, but I dare not allow her to continue for long for fear of cumming too soon. So, I got her onto her back and knelt between her legs ready to fuck her, missionary style. Tasmin wrapped her arms around me, holding me close. My penis slipped easily into my sister’s moist slit. Tasmin locked her legs behind me pushing herself up to meet my thrusts. It was the most sensational feeling ever. It was as if my penis and Tasmin’s pussy were made for each other.

Our eyes met, shining with lust. We held each other’s lustful gaze, unashamed as we fucked deep and hard.

“I’m cumming,” I sobbed, hoping Tasmin could cum again.

Her hands pressed onto my bottom and she increased the pace of her hip thrusts. “I’m cumming. Oh fuck!”

I pushed deep and hard and felt the first jet of sperm gushing into Tasmin’s sweet hole.

“Oh yes Jack! That’s it. Do it.”

I kept my penis lodged deep in my sister as my full load filled her.

We lay back, breathing hard, arms wrapped around each other. We enjoyed the closeness, not wanting it to end, but eventually we got to our feet and prepared to go down and join the other guests.

“Where did you learn to fuck like that, Jack?”

“Mostly from you Sis. All that advice you gave me over the years.”

“I’m glad you were paying attention, Jack. Well done.”

“The pleasure was all mine Tasmin.”

I smiled to myself as I contemplated the fact that when Maxwell bedded his new bride, the following day, he would have no idea that he had been cuckolded by his brother-in-law.

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