My Sis and I… Ch. 04

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Before writing out this story I would love to take a moment to reply to some of my well wishers! Those of you that take the time to reply and wish me and “Julie” well are what keep me coming back for more. I have had a few people ask if I were making a movie! Unfortunately, no, I will not be. I do not have that kind of money, nor do I have that kind of time. There is a lot of work involved in making a movie and I truly do not have any experience in that field.

Secondly to my “Haters!” You know who you are. Claiming I was never in the military, that I know nothing of honor, that I have no skill as an author… I do not mind criticism when done correctly. I have asked a million times for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. That means comments that are meant to help build my skill set, not demean me.

With all this said I truly hope you enjoy this little segment!


Chapter 4:

Working out the moving pains!

I awoke to the all to familiar feeling of having the heaviness of my sister’s head on my stomach. I take a moment to study the way her hair lays on my stomach right below my sternum. I see her head lightly rise and fall with my breathing. The highlights in her hair, the way it is layered gently, the fullness of her hair. The way even when she is sleeping and doing absolutely nothing to fix it up for me.

I start to study her shoulders and back. Years of marching band has given her very strong shoulders. Her back is very well toned. If I didn’t know better I’d say that she had done a lot of competitive swimming. Her figure is still toned after not doing marching band for the past year.

After just watching her sleep I decide its time for my morning ritual. Gently pulling her up off of me and laying her back on the bed so that she doesn’t wake. Unlike me she is a very heavy sleeper. I make it to the bathroom and begin my day. Even though I don’t shave daily anymore I notice the stubble is too long for even my liking and decide that a “Three day beard” is too much even for me.

I take my time enjoying the feeling of warm water and shaving cream lathered on my face. I can feel the stubble being cut from my face with every scrape of the blade and decide that later on I am going to go out and buy a new razor. Little trivial things like this really don’t matter all that much in most people’s minds but to me this is a major deal as I don’t go out too much seeing as I have developed a bit of a complex about the scar above my eye. It isn’t really noticeable but I always fear someone will see it and judge me for it. I never have had confidence issues regarding my face and I don’t know why I do now. I decide that it’s just me settling into my new skin even though it’s been months since “That day!”

I finish shaving and take a moment to use the bathroom before showering. Alanya Anal Escort After finishing my ritual I climb out of the shower and wipe down the mirror with a warm washrag. I am still half awake and the image I see scares me to being overly alert in half a second. After screaming out of shock I turn and notice it’s just my love standing behind me.

“Damnit Julie, if I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to finish what my instructors started!” I laugh and give her a hug and kiss.

“Mmmm good morning to you too jerk!” She smiles and wraps her arms around me. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“Figured you needed a bit more sleep after last night.” I reply nonchalantly. “Want to go out to the store with me later on? I need to pick up some razors and such.”

“Your going out?” She says with a note of surprise.

I normally wouldn’t go out thanks to my little reminder of my military service.

“Yeah, I suppose I can’t be a complete shut in for the rest of my days. Won’t do me any good would it?” I laugh and close my eyes, “Besides how would it look you picking up my razors without me being there? People would think you’ve found yourself a man!”

We share a small laugh and I notice something on her face. It’s not the normal happy go lucky face she normally sports.

“Whats wrong hun?” I ask immediately. We’ve been together long enough that I know that look more than well enough.

“What you said…”

“About being with a guy?” I start to feel a bit down. We haven’t had this talk and I knew it would be coming. I knew she would want to go out or something so it wouldn’t look weird her never seeing anyone or me never seeing anyone. “I’ve told you, if you want to go out to keep up the appearance go ahead, I don’t mind and I trust you enough to make good decisions.”

“Mike, I’m going to college. They have on campus living for couples and I would love it if you would come with me. No one would know us there and it would be good for you! Besides we look differently enough no one would ever guess!” She sounds so excited at this news.

“Well… we need to figure out how we are going to get it all past mom. I’ll have to find a job down there.” I feel so hesitant after hearing all she wants. I know it’s selfish but I like my hometown. It’s quiet. Slow moving and just perfect for me.

The college she mentioned going to is in the middle of a metropolitan area and not my cup of tea at ALL. I hate big city life and all of it’s inconveniences. No living space or any place quiet to just relax. Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting big cities from time to time. I just prefer to have my own space.

“Mikey, you could get on at any police department. Besides with dorm living I wouldn’t get to see you very often.” She starts sounding more Alanya Çıtır Escort and more down.

“Okay, well, let’s look into what the campus housing looks like then and see what we can do. What do we have to do to prove we are a couple. Do we have to have a marriage license or anything?”

“No, our ID’s have the same last name so that will be enough. I already have all the info for you. Here come in the living room. They already accepted me into the uni so it isn’t like I have to do anything more. Just prove that you want to come stay with me while I go to school.”

I look though all the information they gave her and it looks straightforward enough. I call the office and ask how soon we can move in. It’s still June and I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I find out we can move in the first week of August. This gives me plenty of time to decide where I want to work and whether or not I want to stay in the police force. I know my Chief would gladly sign any letter of recommendation I give him and it would be nothing to get me to a new department that is looking for a new analyst or adviser.

I settle on just going to the precinct downtown and applying there.

After a series of interviews they have me set up to start working with them pending a letter from my chief the second week of August.

Time flies by and we are packing our bags. We move to the college campus, get packed into our apartment. After just a few hours of hard work we get everything moved in and start setting up.

I lay back on the couch after we get it all done and she asks what I want for supper.

“We still have those steaks?” I ask quietly.

“Yeah, want those?” She says with a bit of a hop in her voice. I don’t know why she seems so happy today. I guess it’s her going to college has gotten her happier than I knew.

“Sure, medium-rare please!” I walk into the kitchen and pull a beer from the fridge, after popping the top and throwing it in the trash bin I head out on the patio.

One thing I have to give the place is it does have a helluva view of the football stadium. This will be a perk.

I immediately start day dreaming of game day parties that I will get to relax and enjoy. I know that the fun will be short lived but I don’t mind dreaming while I can. I sit out on the patio and listen to our steaks cook. I can practically taste the juicy goodness that is about to entertain my taste buds for the next few hours.

I head back inside to see why she must have been so happy. She’s wearing her new apron. Nothing else just her apron.

I never knew there could be anything so sexy that it would make me drop a beer. She changed me that day. Knowing I would be able to see that for the rest of my life! I distinctly remember hearing a bottle Alanya Elit Escort break but I don’t know where from. I remember picking her up and carrying her into the room.

I don’t know how long her apron stayed on but it couldn’t have been long. I pushed her legs up over her head and crawled down till my face was right against her inner thigh. I let my tongue flick out and taste her clit. I flick it over and around her tiny little bud. Knowing that this was probably her biggest turn on drove me even more mad. I could taste her juices running back and into my throat. I could smell that sweet smell of her tiny little cunt. I spread her lips and pushed two fingers inside. I could feel her hips bucking against my fingers.

“Ungghhh yea Mikey, mmm fuck eat me baby, eat me!” I hear her moaning.

I suck her clit into my mouth while finger fucking her pussy. I slide my fingers further and further inside her. Feeling her shuddering and bucking against me.

“Harder, mmmm fuck harder Mikeeeyyyyy!!!”

I feel her pussy tighten up on my fingers and then the release of what feels like gallons of her cum.

I stand beside her on the bed and undo my pants. She’s still in her post orgasmic comatose state until I slide the head of my dick inside her. I push her legs down to one side and start thrusting hard and deep inside her.

Her eyes pop open and she starts moaning louder and harder than I had ever heard from her before. I had yet to fuck her with her legs pushed together and I knew immediately why she was having this kind of reaction. With as tight as this made her tiny little cunt I was almost ready to cum as soon as I started thrusting in and out of her. I felt her start climaxing and clenching down harder on me a second time. I moaned out and let loose with everything my balls had to offer. I felt a small trickle of my cum slide out of her and collapsed beside her on the bed.

We laid there for a few moments wordless and breathless before she went to the bathroom to clean up after our little fuck session.

“Mikey!?” I heard her call.

“Yes hun?”

“I love you. Dinner will be ready in five!” She yelled back to me from the kitchen.

I grunted something about thanks and crawled out of bed. I cleaned up a bit then headed into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

“Not so fast…”


“Bottle, clean it up Mike!” She said laughing.

“Oh yeah… I knew I was forgetting something.” We laughed knowing exactly who had caused that. I cleaned up the mess and mopped the floor. Making sure not to miss any pieces of broken bottle my toes might find for me later on.

After mopping the floor I picked another beer out of the fridge and sat at the table. I popped the top and tossed it in the trash and we had our first meal in our new apartment. After working out the initial moving pains I knew that we were up for a great few years here in this apartment!


Hopefully you guys enjoyed this story as much as I did writing it. I hope that any and all feedback is constructive or at the very least respectful!!! Thanks again guys!

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